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The Complete Deep Web Course: Become An Active Deep Web User

Understand how to navigate the Deep Web safely, and effectively utilizing all of its key features to your advantage.
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3,579 students enrolled
Created by Ravinder Deol
Last updated 5/2016
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What Will I Learn?
Understand how the Deep Web works as part of the Internet, and get involved with it practically as well as learning the theoretical side of the Deep Web.
Undertake your first ever Deep Web Search by learning how to download the Deep Web, which of course we show you in this course.
Realise how anyone can start using the Deep Web safely and effectively, for legal uses, you will be able to start surfing the Deep Web with confidence by absorbing this course.
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  • You don’t need to have any previous knowledge on the Deep Web, none at all. We will take you through everything you need to know. As long as you have a working computer with internet access, we can teach you everything you need to get involved with the Deep Web today.

Looking to start using the Deep Web regularly?

Having trouble understanding the Deep Web terminology?

Maybe you just want to experience all the Deep Web has to offer?

Whatever your motivation to start using the Deep Web, you’ve come to the right place to get started on your Deep Web journey.

The Complete Deep Web Course: Become An Active Deep Web User is the most focussed Deep Web course on the internet focussing on getting you started using the Deep Web safely and effectively.

It’s the one place with everything you need to start using the Deep Web, and more importantly, using it in a safe, effective and legal way without experiencing any issues.

This is an effective and practical course that will take you from zero experience on using the Deep Web, to becoming an active Deep Web user who understands all the terminology.

While there are plenty of theoretical Deep Web guides on the web, it’s hard to find a focussed Deep Web video course like this one, which is instructed by two experienced instructors who have extensive first hand practical and theoretical knowledge of the Deep Web.

Nothing is kept a secret. We reveal everything about how to get started with using the Deep Web safely and effectively. We will also be adding new lectures to this course at no extra cost!

This course is designed for anyone who wants to get started with using the Deep Web in a safe, and effective manner. So if you’re a complete newbie, or someone who has had a little experience with the Deep Web but no extensive use, then you’re in the right place.

Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone who wants to get involved with the Deep Web practically, as well as theoretically and learn further about how the Deep Web works as part of the Internet.
  • As The Deep Web is based online you can use it from any country, be of any age, and of any ability to gain maximum value from this course.
  • This course is targeted towards newbies in the Deep Web field, and those who wish to expand their knowledge further on the Deep Web.
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Curriculum For This Course
Expand All 30 Lectures Collapse All 30 Lectures 01:56:15
Let Me Give You An Introduction To This Course Before We Jump Into The Deep Web
4 Lectures 19:10

Thank you for enrolling on this deep web course, myself and Morgan of the Deep Web Academy will be taking you through this course and ensuring by the end you have a full understanding of the deep web, and enough of an understanding to be able to use it safely.

So that’s the aim of this course, helping you to understand the Deep Web fully and comprehensively, and getting you using it in a safe and effective manner. For legal purposes!

Preview 03:41

It's important to know the history of the Dark Web to be able to understand it correctly.After this module you will have a strong understanding of the Dark Web and Deep Webs history.

Here Is The History Of The Dark and Deep Web As To How It Evolved

Now I just want to reassure you in this lecture that the Dark Web can be used for legal purposes, I’m sure you’ve seen a lot of bad press about how the Dark Web is used for illegal purposes but that’s only the surface of the story, a lot of people use it simply because they value their privacy a lot more than others, not because their doing anything illegal, it’s just the way they are.

Remember That The Deep Web Can Be Used For Legal Purposes
Lets Discuss The Core Aspects Of The Deep Web So You Understand It Fully
3 Lectures 11:57
To Stay Safe On The Deep Web I Advise You Follow These Steps

After this lecture you will have a strong understanding of the differences between the Deep Web, the Dark Web and the Surface Web.

Let Me Explain The Difference Between The Deep Web And Dark Web For You

This lecture will help clear up some misconceptions and misunderstandings you may have about the Dark Web. The Deep Web AKA the Dark Web is often seen as scary or dangerous. See why that is not true.

Let Me Clear Up Seven Common Dark Web Myths For You
TOR Is Crucial To The Deep Web So Lets Now Understand It Fully
9 Lectures 20:16

Tor is the backbone of the Dark Web and Deep Web. After this lecture you will have a better understanding of what Tor is.

Here Is Your Introduction To TOR Which Is Vital Before Moving Forward

When is comes to the Dark Web or Deep Web there are many different terms to describe the same thing. After this lecture you will have a strong understanding of the terms and phrases used to describe the Dark Web and Deep Web.

Lets Now Discuss The Terminology

By the end of this lecture you should have a good understanding of how Networks work on the internet.

Lets Now Move On to Discussing The Networks

After this lecture you will have a better understanding of how Tor Networks actually function.

Here Are The TOR Networks You Should Be Aware Of

Onion Encryption is the protocol that runs Tor. By the end of this lecture you should have a strong understanding of how connecting to the Dark Web and Deep Web keeps you secure.

I Want Go Cover The Core Concept, Onion Encryption Here With You

By the end of this lecture you will understand how PGP encryption works and how it keeps your communication over the Dark Web and Deep Web secure.

Lets Now Go Over The Core Concept, PGP Encryption

Bitcoin is the preferred form of payments on the Dark Web. After this lecture you should understand why.

Bitcoin Is A Widely Used Currency So Let’s Discuss That Core Concept

By the end of this lecture you will have a far better understanding of Tails and why you would use it with the Deep Web/Dark Web.

Here We Have The Core Concept Of TAILS I’d Like To Discuss With You

This lecture will help show you how VPN work and why you shouldn't use them with the Dark Web/ Deep Web.

Now We Have Final Core Concept Of VPN So let’s Discuss That

Testing the entire Section 1 knowledge to see if you're paying attention.

Dark Web Quiz
8 questions
Lets Now Get Fully Understand TOR And Use Of All Of Its Features
7 Lectures 49:41

After this module you will have Tor setup and running on your computer. Tor is used to access the Deep Web and the Dark Web.

Lets Now Get You Setup And Using TOR Safely

This module will help you get a better understanding of Tor's security features. Tor is used to access the Deep Web.

I Want To Make Sure You’re Aware Of TOR Security Before Going Further

These Are The Common Setup Issues You Must Be Aware Of

After this lecture you will have a strong understanding of how to browse with Tor and use the Dark Web and Deep Web.

Lets Start Browsing TOR And Experience Everything It Has To Offer

After this module you will have a strong understanding of registering for marketplaces on the Dark Web and Deep Web.

Here I’ll Show You How To Register And Get Using Marketplaces Safely

These Are Some Of The Most Popular Dark Web Sites That May Interest You

Let Me Discuss Purchasing On Dark Net Markets Before Moving On

Test your knowledge of the Tor Browser Bundle and Marketplaces.

Tor Knowledge
4 questions
Here I Want To Discuss The Key Terminology For The Deep Web With You
5 Lectures 10:39

After this lecture you will be comfortable with all the information you need to be comfortable with when talking about the Dark Web and Deep Web.

Lets Now Discuss Terminology II So You Fully Understand It

This lecture is used to provide you with the information needed to understand how to talk about the Dark Web and Deep Web.

Let Me Now Go Over Acronyms Helping You Understand It

This lecture will help you understand the Best Practices of using the Deep Web and Dark Web.

Here Are My Best Practices That I Advise You Follow

This lecture will help give you a good understanding of the Safest setup to use the Deep Web/Dark Web.

This Is The Safest Possible Way To Get Setup, I Advise You Do This

Disclaimer about the Deep Web and Dark Web.

I Need To Discuss The Disclaimer With You In This Lecture As It’s Needed

Testing your knowledge and familiarity with the terms used throughout this course.

Terminology II
4 questions
Let Us Now Give You A Complete Conclusion To This Course
2 Lectures 04:33

Well done on reaching this part of this course, if the Deep Web was something completely new to you I hope you’re now reassured on how to use it, and more importantly use it safely.

So in this lecture I just want to give you a re-cap of the key points that were covered in each section, that way if you do need to go back to any specific section you know exactly which section it is.

Let Me Give You A Complete Roundup To The Course Now

So that’s everything for this course, we’ve covered everything you need to use the Deep Web safely, and get the most out of it, as there is so much there to explore, safely.

What we’re really interested in is how you get on using the Deep Web, and what makes you want to use it over a traditional browser, so if you want to share this with us we’d be extremely interested to learn more about why you are keen to use it. So just post a message in the course discussion board and let us know, we’d love to share our experiences with you further, and listen to your experiences.

We Want To Hear How You Get On In The Deep Web So Keep Us Updated
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Initially I started out by teaching live classes which then lead to the creation of B21 Block, where along with a team of co-instructors the goal is to bring high quality, engaging and practical Cryptocurrency and Blockchain education online.

So whatever stage you’re at on your Cryptocurrency and Blockchain journey, let me be your helpful guide to navigate Cryptocurrencies and the Blockchain successfully.

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