Corporate CV Guide: Land Your Dream Corporate Job!
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Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
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Corporate CV Guide: Land Your Dream Corporate Job!

How I Got A Job At Deloitte With A Powerful CV That Stood From All The Rest..You're Unstoppable Once You Learn This.
3.9 (13 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
2,845 students enrolled
Created by Deepak Shukla
Last updated 12/2015
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What Will I Learn?
  • Build The Perfect Corporate CV
  • Witness a Much Higher Conversion rate of CVs > Interview Offers
  • Realise that 95% of the stuff out there is garbage
  • Write compelling descriptions that will get you interviews at Goldman Sachs, Deloitte, Clifford Chance and more
  • Understand how to structure your work experience in a way that will turn heads
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  • Have an understanding of how to build a CV in terms of structure




My Goal Is To Help You Pimp Your CV So Well That Your Application Is Easily Noticed, And Thus Land More Interviews And The Dream Job You Deserve.

If you're interested in getting a Top Corporate Job and you're tired of making application after application and facing rejection then I understand your pain...

Working for one of the world's most prestigious companies has always been a long term ambition of mine. A dream to be able to place myself in a company that is considered a market leader.

The learning, income, prestige and opportunity for financial security it would offer me would really change my life. Rejection after rejection followed whilst I was applying for Corporate Companies in my 2nd year at university.

However all that changed when i landed a job at Deloitte at the height of the Credit Crunch in their London office. Since then I've gone to become a Careers Coach and have helped hundreds of people land corporate jobs at all the top-tier companies.

If you're looking to get a job at The Big 4; a bulge bracket investment bank, a magic circle law firm, or a top consultant; then this is the course for you.

Without a shadow of a doubt. Take all the guess work out of your applications and become a CV GOD today.

If it's Accounting, Banking, Consulting or Law that interests you than this is the course you MUST take.

Buy My Course Today & If You're Not Satisfied With It For Any Reason, We'll Refund You The Whole Price You Paid For It. So, Your Purchase Is Risk-FREE. Enroll Today!

Who is the target audience?
  • Those with a degree education
  • If no degree than 5-7 years of work experience
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Curriculum For This Course
31 Lectures
Providing the Context
2 Lectures 09:41

If you want to understand my roots and where it is that I've built this knowledge of the Corporate CV than this is the video to watch.

It's important you know that my advice is solid and this video explains exactly why it is so!

I'll be running you through my history within the Corporate World beginning with my tender beginnings at Warwick University; moving onto Deloitte and then working as a Careers Coach

Preview 05:03

Deciding you want to work for a top tier corporation in Banking, Law, Consulting, Accounting or otherwise is no easy thing to even aim for.

In this video I discuss what kind of person that you need to be if you have a wish to enter this arena, and the background that will really help you get to that next level.

Who This Course is For
Understand the Basic Components of a Top Top CV
9 Lectures 28:50

This is where we discuss some important things you should be aware of when sending in your CV to Goldman Sachs, Mckinsey and the like.

The pressure that they are under to deliver results is very high - and the pool of applicants for the very same position you are applying for runs deep.

What this means is that at this early, early stage, the recruiters will indeed find any reason to say no to you - so don't fall foul of errors that relate to structure, layout, grammar and more!

In this video I reveal all!

3 Things to Know When Applying to The Corporation

A key video in which we look at then nuances of the relative fields of application in Banking, Law, Accounting and Consulting.

Each of them will have slightly different expectations of what they want from prospective new staff. With this in mind you can really tailor your CV depending upon the sector that you are applying to - in this video all of this is broken down into detail!

If you're applying to Law for example - any evidence of understanding technical documents will help.

Accounting? Well then how good are you number skills - showing evidence of this will only aid your application

Banking? What about very quick decision making, and evidence of any trading you might have done historically?

Consulting? Well have you started your own business? Been able to look at a system or pre-existing problem and demonstrate how you can solve that problem?

All of this and more is discussed in this video!

Considering Your Target Audience

This is an unfortunate area in which many people fall foul - and here I want to make sure that you avoid making the errors that many people do with basic layout, grammar, structure and all.

In this lesson we go through all of that!

How to avoid basic errors in your CV

This is a basic requirement of the CV - to make sure that you have the layout perfect!

No secrets with this one - it's about executing the simple things very well - to then be able to build the complex structures on top it.

The layout of your resume follows a fairly distinct order that is quite well known - and yet there are still one or two things that candidates still seem to get wrong.

Find out all the important things that you need to know here!

The Layout of Your CV

Once layout is fixed -this is where we move to the part that truly differentiates you - content.

Ultimately, recruiters WILL still be looking at hundred's of CV's to move a candidate forward with the coveted few places that they have on offer.

With all resume's beginning to look the same in terms of structure, it's truly how you write the things that you have done that will make all the difference to whether you progress with your application or not.

Heed my words here :)

Why Content in Your Resume is Truly King

Something that I still see people STILL getting wrong.

Putting skills in your resume or CV is something that is championed by many many recruiters and across blog posts that you see. However, in the world of the elite - in which you are interested in going into - there is little place for simply listing skills by themselves.

In this video I go into the detail of what's required when considering skills in your resume/cv!

Dealing with Skills


The age old question that many of us still ponder over. Where and when should you be using the 1 or the 2 page CV.

In the Corporate world you will find the norm is the 1 page CV - and this is the case amongst many top-tier employers across multiple industries as a way of forcing candidates to focus on delivering extreme value as succinctly as they can.

You will discover this and a few more things in this lecture!

Preview 03:31

Haha. Can a CV really be read in 7 seconds?

What is a 7 second CV? How will this ever help me write the ultimate resume? Well in this lecture I'll explain why being able to read a CV - or scan read a CV in 7 seconds could transform your ability to get that job you've been looking for!

The 7 Second CV

Being a former Literature Graduate myself - eloquence and having a silver tongue is something that is very much considered an MOP (minimum operating standard) within the world of art.

This doesn't translate into the world of CV writing and this is something that I've had to learn through my own failures - that brevity will always win over eloquence. Come to your point as quickly and as precisely as you can.

In this you will discover an all new kind of eloquence. :)

Watch the lecture to find out more!

Brevity Vs Eloquence

Test your knowledge and see how much you truly know about building a solid CV

Section 2 Quiz
4 questions
Putting flesh to bone - Go from Good to Great
9 Lectures 37:47

The dreaded applicant tracking system (ATS) is the bane of many a person - and in this lecture I discuss the most effective ways of making the actual ATS work for you.

Not approaching this correctly could mean that your application doesn't even make the first cut - which happens electronically and without any kind of human intervention.

There are lots of keywords you need to be thinking about and sources to get them from - in this lecture we discuss how

Beating the Applicant Tracking System

The awesome power of three is something that is CRUCIAL to the development of your CV - and in this lecture we take a historical view of it by looking at where it abounds in literature.

Indeed the power of three can be found in traditional story writing, movies, speeches and even more. Knowing it's history is crucial to understanding why a CV should be structured in a certain way to make them more memorable.

Watch this lecture and discover how this translates into your CV as well as hearing of just some of the examples that you will find in literature and life of the power of three!

The Power of Three within Literature

Your CV - and how to incorporate the power of three within it - it is one of the building blocks of creating the perfect Corporate Resume.

You simply cannot succeed as consistently as I have seen many candidates do without the aid of this powerful tool.

In this lecture I explain more

The Power of Three within your CV

We begin - going through the specific structure of the Power of Three - and what is actually required to deliver all sections of your work experience in a way that makes it impressive and meaningful to the reader.

First we must look to what the company actually does - and this is something that people forever seem to overlook - when in fact it's incredibly important. NEVER assume that the reader knows what the company does - and even if they do - what about the specific department that you worked in?

In this lecture we tackle this tricky task!

What Does the Company Do?

So. The second section of the power of three relates to what it is YOU did at the company?

Often you will see that a whole section of work experience can be taken up JUST by listing a series of simple tasks that don't really get underneath WHAT you are actually doing.

In this lecture I share some insider secrets upon how to manage this section of your CV to ensure that the recruiter has a crystal clear understanding of what it is you have been doing at the company you were working for.


What did you do at the company?

The single most important part of your CV arguably - is what did you do to improve the company?

In whatever field you go into - recruiters will look for patterns of excellence in your background that demonstrate how you go into environments and improve, excel, and outperform others.

This needs to be made explicit on your CV to ensure that you stand a fighting chance of making it all the way to interview.

Learn exactly how to formulate this here.

How did you improve the Company?

Your prospective employers are very time poor and don't want to have to 'work' for anything during the process.

If you 'speak' in their language you are that much more likely to be successful as your CV will be in their language rather than yours.

How to Write about your actions in a way your employer will understand

Numbers numbers numbers.

Without the power of being able to measure everything - there is no definitive way to demonstrate what the value you bring actually is.

Look at the data driven world that we live in today - everything is measured, analysed and given as many data points as possible.

So why not apply the same thinking to your CV? Furthermore this is exactly how those recruiters looking at your CV expect to read things when studying quarterly earnings reports, market analysis documents and more.

So. Quantify all that you do - and to understand exactly how this works in practice - watch this lecture now!

Preview 05:18

This is a place where some people suffer - showing what else that it is you do on your CV outside of work.

Playing coy, or undervaluing some of the skills you have learned or experiences you have had outside of the work arena is going to be incredibly valuable.

For all of the technical aspects - humans hire from humans and they will be looking for things of interest as well as areas of identification - if you can provide both than even better.

For those of you who are struggling to come up with anything - I offer you some exclusive insights as to how to manage that issue away as well!

Achievements Outside of Work

Building out the parts of your CV that make all the difference to actually getting that interview - what do you remember?

Section 3 Quiz
3 questions
Over the Shoulder - Building the CV From Start to Finish
5 Lectures 19:52

Here I provide you with an over the shoulder look or exactly how your CV should look in practice.

You will see what is exactly meant by simple structure and how keeping things simple really can enhance the power of your CV

The Layout of Your CV - Over the Shoulder

Again I go bare bones and show you just how important it is to explain what the company does - and provide you with the visual examples that you need to demonstrate who you are working for.

What The Company Does - Over the Shoulder

Demonstrating what you did whilst at the company - I provide you with three examples all showing slightly different examples of how to write this section out.

If you're struggling with the actual writing of the resume or rather your job role - than these 'Over the Shoulder' Lectures will really help you!

What did you do whilst at the company? Over the Shoulder

Yet further strong and varied examples to demonstrate how you can convey what it is you did to actually improve the company.

We have multiple examples in store for you reflecting how you can show slightly different things across each work experience that you've had.

What Did You Do to Improve the Company?

How do you practically layout and construct your achievements in an easy to consume format that doesn't underplay the strength of your achievements?

This lecture shows you how to do that on your CV, and also underlines some of the things you can include that you were not even thinking about as achievements - see all here!

Demonstrating Your Achievements - Over the Shoulder

Section 4 quiz
3 questions
Bonus Section: Going Beyond Your CV
6 Lectures 11:33

Exclusive Bonus:

So this is what you get for purchasing the course - some quick fire tips on how to build the perfect cover letter :)

The reality is - this is a crucial part of your application so it definitely deserves some time and thinking as to how to build it properly - here I give you some fast but CRUCIAL tips upon how to do this!

Bonus: The Killer Cover Letter

Have you ever considered making these? Do you know that there is a hidden job market with so many offers just left there lying on the table because they 'aren't online'.

This definitely doesn't mean with your brand spanking new CV that you shouldn't be making applications to jobs across the board - here I explain how

Bonus: Speculative Job Applications

Bonus: Offer to Work for Free

The power of your network is a under utilised and fine thing to take advantage of.

You are already sitting upon a network that you have likely not made full use of - and by doing so you can find work probably quickest as referrals are still the fastest way of landing a job offer.

Bonus: Using Your Network

Whilst in other areas candidates make use of agencies continually - in the top-tier sector this is simply not done enough and it's a great way of accelerating your job search.

Reach out to agencies and getting them onside is a great way of accelerating your job search, so listen to this audio to find out exactly how you can do that.

Bonus: Recruitment Agencies and How They Can Help You

Here I share with you some exclusive offers to my other courses to help you continue on your journey to become a successful executive!

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