The Confidence Blueprint
4.4 (61 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
472 students enrolled
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The Confidence Blueprint

How to Unlock Your Inner Confidence And Self Esteem
4.4 (61 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
472 students enrolled
Last updated 3/2017
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What Will I Learn?
  • Stand your ground with difficult people without creating conflict.
  • Break the pattern of feeling intimidated.
  • Say ‘no’ gracefully to unreasonable demands.
  • Contribute your ideas in groups or meetings with confidence.
  • Feel comfortable being yourself in social situations.
  • Rely on confidence that won't let you down.
  • Have the confidence to live life YOUR way without feeling guilty.
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  • No prior knowledge of experience is needed.

Learn to feel good about yourself and unlock your authentic confidence with proven strategies and techniques

Now includes new 63 page downloadable ebook.

Discover How To Stand Your Ground Confidently Without Creating Conflict or Jeopardizing Relationships.

Learn to Silence Your Inner Critic

Find Out How To Stand Up To Difficult People Without Creating Conflict

Learn To Say ‘No’ Gracefully To Unreasonable Demands

Become Your Own Best Friend

Let the real, authentic YOU step forward with confidence

This course is designed to lead you, step by step, to develop healthy self-esteem because lasting confidence comes from feeling good about yourself. In every step of the way, the focus is on easy, practical exercises you can do to become your own best friend and step forward with confidence.

You’ll learn how to say ‘no’ gracefully. In fact, you’ll get a FREE ebook on ways to say ‘no’ without causing conflict or offense. Most importantly, you’ll learn how to silence your harsh inner critic and, instead, treat yourself with love and kindness.

The lectures are designed to give you the maximum results in the minimum time without being overwhelmed. If you want to go into more depth, there are downloadable pdfs and a free 63 page ebook that provide real world examples. This way you choose how much time you want to commit and how deeply you want to go.


After the introductory lecture, Section 1 is all about how to be assertive without creating conflict. You’ll learn how to communicate what you want without feeling guilty. You’ll learn how to say ‘no’ skillfully at work or with friends and family.  Most importantly, you’ll learn a little-known technique to assert yourself calmly if someone is trying to bully or manipulate you.

The focus of Section 2 is on developing healthy self-esteem, the root of authentic confidence.

You’ll find out how healthy self-esteem and confidence depend on each other. And I’ll introduce you to the Goodlife Self-Esteem Quiz which will reveal to you exactly how to uncover your authentic confidence. I’ll guide you through the results so that you can use the quiz as a powerful self-development tool.

Section 3 is about is on how to feel good about yourself. You’ll learn how to deal with perfectionism if you feel you are never good enough. Two uplifting loving-kindness exercises will warm your heart and allow you to become your own best friend.

In Section 4, you’ll learn the secret of avoiding conflict. A key piece of this part is the Values Checklist which I'll help you to fill out. The results of your Values Checklist will immediately suggest ways of minimizing conflict.

Section 6 is about how to silence your inner critic. You’ll learn the Gremlin Technique to stop beating yourself up.

In Section 7, you’ll  find  your Confidence Toolbox. You’ll find out how to use confidence rituals, dynamic affirmations, and anchoring techniques. And you’ll also learn how to employ your Emotional First-Aid Kit.

At the end of every section, you’ll find a downloadable wrap-up lecture so that you can easily remember the key teachings and exercises.

Who is the target audience?
  • The ideal student desires a profound change in their life and is committed to taking action to become the truly confident person they want to be.
  • The target student knows the basics of confidence but wants to work on building authentic confidence
  • Wants to be assertive without being aggressive
  • Wants to learn to say "no" without damaging relationships or creating conflict
Curriculum For This Course
43 Lectures
1 Lecture 03:09

In this lecture, you’ll get an overview of what you will learn and what improvements you can expect from this course. 

Preview 03:09
How to be Assertive Without Jeopardizing Relationships
11 Lectures 30:54
How to Communicate Skillfully

EXERCISE: Your Conversation Grab-Bag - How to Start, Maintain and Finish

EXERCISE: How to Talk Confidently to People Who Intimidate You

EXERCISE: How to Overcome Awkward Social Situations

How to Be Assertive Without Creating Conflict

EXERCISE - How to Say ‘No’ Skilfully

Learning to say no is one of the key skills you need to be truly confident. This free ebook will show you how to do just that without guilt or conflict.

FREE 63 page ebook:Say No without guilt or conflict inc. word for word scripts

EXERCISE - How to Assert Yourself Calmly With the ‘Broken Record’ Technique

Your Conflict Issue Alert System

What to do About Feeling Guilty

Section Wrap-Up
Self-Esteem, The Root Of Authentic Confidence
6 Lectures 15:19

In this lecture, I will give you some important background information about self-esteem and why it is the root of authentic confidence.

Preview 02:32

What's the difference between self-esteem and confidence? Find out (and discover why it matters) in this lecture.

Preview 02:11

In this lecture, I’ll prepare you for the upcoming Goodlife Self-Esteem Quiz and talk through some of the quiz questions. You'll also be able to download the quiz.

EXERCISE - Take the Goodlife Self-Esteem Quiz

In this lecture, I’ll take you through possible results to make sure you get the most out of the quiz.

How to Interpret the Quiz Results

In this lecture, you’ll learn to recognize and avoid common ‘confidence killers’.

EXERCISE - How to Handle Confidence Killers

Section Wrap-Up
How to Become Your Own Best Friend
4 Lectures 09:56

 In this lecture, you’ll learn what to do when nothing you do feels ‘good enough’.

Striving For 'Good Enough' Instead of 'Perfect'

The second loving-kindness exercise which you will learn in this lecture can change your life.

EXERCISE - The Benefits of the Loving-Kindness Exercise

In this section wrap-up, you’ll find downloadble instructions for the two loving-kindness exercises.

Section Wrap-Up
The Secret of Your Personal Rulebook
7 Lectures 14:11

In this lecture, we’ll take a look at values and how they make up your personal ‘rulebook.'

What is Your Personal Rule Book?

It’s important to understand how and why conflict arises. This is what you’ll learn in this lecture. 

How to Understand Other People's Rulebook

In this lecture, you’ll learn how to avoid conflict while still staying faithful to your values. 

The Secret of Avoiding Conflict

The upcoming Values Checklist is a great self-knowledge tool. In this lecture, you’ll be able to download the checklist. 

How to Make the Value's Checklist Work for You

In this lecture, I’ll talk you through how to fill out the Values Checklist. 

EXERCISE - How to Complete the Values Checklist

As we talk through your results of the Values Checklist, you’ll learn how they will help you to grow your self-esteem and confidence.

What Your Results of the Values Checklist Reveal

The section wrap-up will include a downloadable PDF.

Section Wrap-up
How to Silence the Inner Critic
5 Lectures 11:43

In this lecture, you’ll learn about the difference between healthy self-reflection and the destructive inner critic.

The Problem of the Inner Critic and How to Overcome it

In this lecture, I’ll introduce you to simple mindfulness techniques which will help you to recognize habitual thoughts.

EXERCISE - How to Become Aware of Your Thoughts

You’ll learn how to pinpoint the source of your negative self-talk in this lecture. 

Finding the Source of Critical Thoughts

In this lecture, I’ll show you the Gremlin Technique which is a fun and powerful way to silence the inner critic. 

EXERCISE - How to Use the Gremlin Technique to Stop Beating Yourself Up

In this section wrap-up, I’ll review what you learned, and you’ll be able to download a PDF.

Section Wrap-Up
Tools and Techniques That Increase Confidence and Good Self-Esteem
7 Lectures 20:43

In this lecture, I want to show you some of the tools you can assemble in your Confidence Toolkit. 

Introducing Your Confidence Toolbox

In this lecture, I’ll introduce you to the power of dynamic affirmations.

EXERCISE - How to Train Your Mind With Dynamic Affirmations

Anchoring is an extremely useful psychological strategy to heighten confidence. In this lecture, you’ll learn how to us this technique.

EXERCISE - How to Employ Anchoring Techniques

Learn the confidence rituals champions use. In this lecture, you’ll learn all about confident rituals.

EXERCISE - How to Help Yourself With Confidence Rituals

In this lecture, you’ll learn the first of the two techniques in your Emotional First-Aid Kit which you’ll find useful when your mind is in turmoil and everything falls apart.

EXERCISE - Your Emotional First Aid Kit (Part 1)

The second technique in your Emotional First-Aid Kit will calm you down when you are agitated, highly anxious, or panicky.

EXERCISE - Your Emotional First Aid Kit (Part 2)

The section wrap-up contains a quick reminder of what you learned, as well as a downloadable PDF. 

Section Wrap-Up
2 Lectures 03:29

In this last lecture, we’ll do a fly-over of the course to remind you of everything you learned. You’ll also be able to download a completion PDF. 

EXERCISE - Your Confidence Audit

Practical Confidence Hacks To Deal With Awkward Social Situation
About the Instructor
Mary Jaksch
4.4 Average rating
61 Reviews
472 Students
1 Course
Zen Master and Psychotherapist

As a psychotherapist and authorized Zen Master, Mary Jaksch is passionate about helping people lead happier and more meaningful lives. She was born in England, grew up in Germany, and now lives in New Zealand. After starting professional life as a classical flutist, Mary then became a psychotherapy and was later appointed as a Zen Master. 

She is the founder of two popular websites, GoodlifeZEN and WritetoDone with over a million followers. Mary is also a mother, and a 5th Degree Karate Black Belt in active training. 

The most important values for her are love and kindness. That is, being loving and kind with yourself, as well as being kind and compassionate with others. 

Mark Tong
4.4 Average rating
61 Reviews
472 Students
1 Course
Blogger and author on confidence, positivity and happiness.

Mark Tong is a former world record holder and musician turned blogger and author. Mark's writings are regularly published on top  blogs including  Huffington Post and Tiny Buddha.
Mark studies awesome people from around the world to bring to light the habits and actions that allow them to lead happy, confident lives and stay positive when life gets tough. Everything he learns he then shares in his books, blog and courses to help you shortcut your way to a more confident, positive and happy life.

Along with his partner, Laura, Mark founded PositivelyHappy.Me.

Laura Tong
4.4 Average rating
61 Reviews
472 Students
1 Course
Author & Blogger. Part of The Unstoppable Writer Team

Laura Tong is Editor at Write To Done, one of the largest and most influential writing blogs on the Web. Laura’s writing is regularly featured on such top blogs as Huffington Post, Tiny Buddha and Goodlife ZEN.

Her articles have been read and shared by thousands (and even translated into Serbian and Burmese). Hundreds of students have taken her Udemy courses - The Confidence Blueprint.

She’s a published author (traditional and indie) and has written books as diverse as luxury travel, surreal fiction, autobiographical and personal development.

Laura is also Assistant Editor at Goodlife ZEN and runs her own blog at Positively Happy Me. She also  co-hosts the interview series Re-write The Rules.

Laura’s other passions include painting, renovating her house in France and building everything from Ozark float boats to hovercraft. When she's not writing, she also loves traveling, adventuring and discovering just how awesome people are the world over.