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LinkedIn Lead Generation: Turn Your Connections Into Clients

Learn how to generate endless leads for your business for $0. Easy to follow, straight forward that ANYONE can implement
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1,217 students enrolled
Created by James Cooke
Last updated 11/2015
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What You Will Gain From This Course

In this course I will teach you how to optimise your LinkedIn profile & create a complete LinkedIn lead generation strategy for your business.

This course is perfect for anyone that hates the idea of 'Cold Calling' to generate new leads or would like to learn an alternative way to generate qualified & targeted leads that can be easily integrated with their existing Lead Generation Strategies.

I will show you the exact method that has generated for me for leads, more clients & more revenue with nothing more than a laptop and LinkedIn.

The course is presented in straight forward easy to understand terms:

  • No jargon
  • No fluff
  • Easy to implement
  • Direct & to the point

Course Summary

This comprehensive course will cover:

LinkedIn Profile Optimisation

  • Recommend privacy settings.
  • Choosing the right LinkedIn profile picture.
  • The importance of your headline title.
  • Why having a great LinkedIn public profile will get you found on Google!
  • How making the best use of your contact information can generate business!
  • The importance of keywords on your LinkedIn profile.
  • Creating a client focused profile
  • All things 'skills, endorsements & recommendations'
  • What's better a free LinkedIn account or premium LinkedIn account?

2 Ways How To Create a LinkedIn Lead Generation Funnel

  • The non-exclusive LinkedIn lead generation funnel
  • The exclusive LinkedIn lead generation funnel

Harnessing The Power Of LinkedIn Groups For Your Business

  • Identifying great LinkedIn groups
  • Targeting qualified prospects within groups

The Art Of The LinkedIn Invitation

  • How to invite people to connect with you - the right way!

Getting Your Voice Heard!

  • How to share your content with hundreds of thousands of potential leads at NO cost to you.

Who Should Take This LinkedIn Course?

This LinkedIn profile optimisation & lead generation course is best suited for ANY:

  • Business Owner
  • Executive Manager
  • Line Manager
  • Business Professionals
  • Sales & Lead Generators

That are looking to learn a cost effective (in most situations implementing these strategies will cost ZERO marketing dollars) ways to:

  • Grow their business
  • Increase the level & quality of their leads
  • Increase sales
  • Increase revenue
  • Make better use of their time
  • Be seen as an expert within their chosen field

Course Requirements & Assumptions

  • An active LinkedIn profile is required
  • You have a 100% completed LinkedIn profile & have a 'All Star' status

How Long Will It Take To Complete This LinkedIn Course?

Anyone with a reasonable working knowledge of LinkedIn should be able to complete this LinkedIn course in 2.5 hours

Instructional Level

This LinkedIn course is suitable for people at ALL Levels

Our Guarantee To You!

Be secure in the knowledge that you have:

  1. 30 day money back guarantee
  2. Lifetime access to this course including ALL updates for FREE
  3. Complete unfettered access to James who will be leading you through this course.
Who is the target audience?
  • Business Owner
  • Executive Manager
  • Line Manager
  • Business Professionals
  • Sales & Lead Generators
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What Will I Learn?
You Will Be Taught a Complete LinkedIn Lead Generation Strategy
By The End Of This Course You Will Have The Knowledge How To Drive Target Qualified Leads To Your Website
You Will Learn EVERYTHING From How To Optimise Your LinkedIn Profile Through To Inviting Prospects To Your Lead Generation Funnel
View Curriculum
  • Internet Access
  • LinkedIn Account
  • You Know What Market / Industry You Want To Target
Curriculum For This Course
Expand All 27 Lectures Collapse All 27 Lectures 03:16:56
Linkedin Profile Optimisation
12 Lectures 01:27:29

This is a quick introduction to the course. Again, a massive thank you for taking the time to enroll in this LinkedIn lead generation strategy course - I hope you enjoy it as much as I did creating and sharing it!

Welcome, Assumptions & House Keeping

Before you begin this course, please take the time to connect with me via LinkedIn. I want to get to know you, what you do and why you do it! Now we've got that out of the way let's get on with the good stuff!

Before We Begin

In this lecture I explain some of the recommended privacy settings that can trip people up on LinkedIn. This lecture deals solely with the 'Privacy Controls' ONLY. Most of the other settings on this screen are dealt with indirectly as we go through the course.

Recommended LinkedIn Privacy Settings

In this lecture I will cover the importance of having a great profile picture for your LinkedIn account. What makes a great picture, what doesn't and something that should NEVER be set as your profile picture.

Preview 03:00

In this lecture I'm going to show you one of the core features to the LinkedIn lead generation strategy & this is to ensure that you have a headline title that catches the eyes of your target market. I'll explain about: The VALUE & BENEFIT you provide. What makes a great headline title What doesn't & what to avoid A slightly different approach that might resonate better with your target market
Preview 10:55

In this lecture I will show you how we can be smarter with our LinkedIn profiles, I'll explain how: 1) To obtain a customised LinkedIn URL address. 2) To leverage the power of Google to increase your organic search rankings for your type of products or service.
Customising Your Public Profile & URL Address

In this lecture I'll explain how with just a couple of tweaks to your contact information can drive more targeted traffic to your website.
Preview 06:47

If you haven't already gotten use to keywords, now is definitely the time! In this lecture I'll show you how targeted keywords will get you found by your prospects on LinkedIn. This is critical to get right, so you really need to know

1) What your high traffic, high volume keywords are?

2) What is your target audience?

Keywords on LinkedIn are MASSIVE but they are just ONE component to this LinkedIn strategy so don't put all your eggs in one basket!

Using Keywords To Increase Your Visibility On LinkedIn

In this lecture I'll explain in detail why people continue to make the same mistakes on LinkedIn: 1) How to avoid it 2) What you need to do to create the perfect profile. Remember the golden rule 'Value & Benefit'
Creating a Client Focused Profile

In this lecture I will teach you the fundamentals of how to add media content to your LinkedIn Profile. If you are serious about increasing your profile on LinkedIn, especially if you want to use LinkedIn as a lead generation tool then this is the perfect opportunity to showcase your products / services and show everyone just how great you are, whilst maintaining a client focused profile!
Adding Media Content to Your LinkedIn Profile

If there has been anything that has split the LinkedIn community in two, it has to be LinkedIn 'skills & endorsements'. In this lecture I'll be sharing my views on this feature as well as how to increase your ability to source excellent quality LinkedIn recommendations for your existing connections that will give meaning,value & benefit to your potential prospects.

LinkedIn Skills, Endorsements & Recommendations

Is a premium LinkedIn account really worth it, is there enough value and benefit? I'm going to share my personal thoughts, feelings and recommendations on what might be best the best option for you & hopefully save you some money!

LinkedIn Accounts Paid Vs Free - What's Best?
Two Ways To Create Your Lead Generation Funnels - Time To Build Your Money Maker
3 Lectures 38:08
In this lecture I'll introduce to you how I generate my leads by creating a 'non-exclusive' lead generation funnel. I'll explain more about the term 'non-exclusive' in the video. But this is by far the quickest and easiest method & the chances are that are 1/2 way there and didn't even realise it!
How To Create a 'Non-Exclusive' Lead Generation Funnel - It's Quick & Easy!

In this lecture I'll be showing you how to create an 'exclusive' lead generation funnel, now this method takes A LOT more time, effort and energy but the rewards are worth it! This needs to be part of your long term lead generation strategy plan on LinkedIn.
How To Create Your 'Exclusive' Lead Generation Funnel

So, now that you have created your brand new sparkly fishing pond,now what?

In this lecture I'll go through the settings and framework to help you decided how you want to manage your LinkedIn Group. Once your happy with the set up of your Group, take some time to explore other groups (covered in section 3)

  • What makes a good group?
  • How we can really drill down on LinkedIn groups to find our best prospects.
Please note: Sections 3 & 4 are critical components to your exclusive lead generation funnel, and how you are going to stock it with your best prospects - so please don't skip anything!!
Establishing Your 'Exclusive' Lead Generation Framework
How To Leverage The Power Of LinkedIn Groups To Find Your Potential Clients
3 Lectures 22:22
An Introduction Into The Diamond Mine!

In this lecture I'm going to show you what makes a great LinkedIn group to prospect. What the biggest mistake that people make with LinkedIn groups and how you are going to avoid them.

Finding The Right LinkedIn Diamonds For Your Business!

In this lecture I'm going to teach you how we go prospecting for your ideal clients, this will really open your eyes to limitless opportunities you can achieve on LinkedIn
Drilling Down & Mining Your Diamonds!
The Lost Art Of The LinkedIn Invitation Request
3 Lectures 15:34

The mythical art of the LinkedIn Invitation - so simple, yet so misunderstood! I'm going to teach you my two pronged approach to connecting with my targeted prospects that achieves for me on average a 70% success rate in connections requests being accepted.

My Two Stage Approach For Sending Personalised LinkedIn Connection Requests

In this lecture I'm going to show you how you can finally send personalised LinkedIn connection requests with mobile devices.
How To Send Customised Connection Requests Via Mobile Devices

It's been a while since LinkedIn removed the ability to connect with someone if you shared the same group as them.

This great work around still allows you to connect with those prospects but it also negates the need for you to purchase those annoying LinkedIn In-Mails.

Save yourself some money and try this instead!

Connecting With Prospects Without Needing LinkedIn In-Mails!
How To Get YOUR Message In The Face Of THOUSANDS For FREE!
2 Lectures 10:54

How good would it be if you could share your great content to not just a couple of potential clients, not even hundreds, but thousands, hundreds of thousands - maybe even millions? Sounds a little far fetched doesn't it!

Well pay close attention because in this lecture I'm going to show you exactly how you can do it......for FREE and it won't take you more than a couple of minutes to do it!

Laser Targeted Delivery of Your Content

I want to show you just how simple this is! From the live update in the last lecture I will show you how a new lead came straight into my LinkedIn Inbox within 24 hours and converted into a paying client within a week!

Seriously ladies & gents it's that simple!

Preview 05:15
More LinkedIn Tips To Help Your Business GROW
3 Lectures 21:53

As we all know LinkedIn is quite restrictive when it comes to formatting text. A great way to help distinguish your LinkedIn profile from your potential competitors is the cunning use of symbols.

Strategically and well thought out placement of symbols can really help with the visibility of your LinkedIn profile .

This video will show you a great Wikipedia page that will give you access to hundreds of free symbols!

Adding Symbols To Your LinkedIn Profile Gets You Noticed!

I've always stayed away from 3rd party 'addons' especially for LinkedIn from some of the horror stories I've heard & seen!

However, we've stumbled across an application that actually conforms to LinkedIn's terms & conditions for 3rd part applications and this one is a little beauty!

In this lecture I'm going to introduce to you 'Autopilot For LinkedIn' and now this simple tool can:

  1. Dramatically Increase your visibility on LinkedIn.
  2. Create leads from doing very little (Yup, I didn't believe it either until I started using it).


I have never met or talked to the creators of this program, the closest was me sending a LinkedIn connection request which I'm still waiting on them to accept!

However there is an affiliate link to the program if you wish to use it:

You can get a 14 day free trial with no credit card required their website is:

I'm not endorsing this product - I'm showing you the possibilities of what you could achieve from it - if used wisely!

How To Get Bigger & Better Profile Views To Your LinkedIn Account

Something that is becoming more commonly used by people on LinkedIn is exporting their connections and importing them into a email distribution list like MailChimp for example.

This can be a great way of getting your marketing message out to your potential clients, but you need to be careful that you are not breaking any spam laws that might be relevant to where you are in the world.

I'll show you in this lecture, how simple it is to export your LinkedIn connections, but please remember don't spam your connections and use this method of communication constructively.

Creating a Mailing List Using Your LinkedIn Connections
It's a Wrap!
1 Lecture 00:36

Well, as the title says "Thank You" - thank you for being part of this course and thank you once again for investing your time, effort and money into this course. Good luck and stay in touch!

Thank You!
About the Instructor
4.3 Average rating
275 Reviews
14,340 Students
3 Courses
Business Consultant | LinkedIn Specialist | Debt Collector

James has two sides to his business which his colleagues refer to as his ‘Light Side’ & ‘Dark Side’.


James has been fortunate enough have had a successful career as a trouble shooter, specifically in the area of ‘Debt collection Management’.

For over 20 years he has helped many multimillion dollar businesses in the UK & Australia turning around lacklustre collections departments from ‘debt collection hell’ into lean process driven environments.

James is a licenced Mercantile Master Agent & holds a Commercial and Private Inquiry Agents licence.

Ok, how does that involve LinkedIn you might ask?


James has been a user of LinkedIn since 2006 and like most people using LinkedIn he never really bothered to understand the benefits of this business platform, until that is when James left his last corporate job and dived head first into the world of becoming self employed.

James wanted to teach business owners that there was a much better way of collecting money and to show how to become more self sufficient in collecting their own outstanding debts and to rely less on using a typical ‘Debt Collection Agency’.

James, however learnt very quickly that this was a small niche market and he struggled to get his ‘message’ out.

Large corporations didn’t care because their pockets were deep enough to absorb bad debts and small business owners just didn’t have the time to listen to him when he was trying traditional lead generation methods like ‘Cold Calling’.

James had spent thousands of his hard earned dollars into perfecting the right cold calling script but the return on investment was bad....really bad. So for this fledgling business to survive he had to find a better way of getting his message across to his target market.

He then refocused his attention to LinkedIn, the dusty cogs of his brain started to fire up and slowly but surely he begun to understand the benefits of how this platform could be:

1. Something he enjoyed using

2. Used to control how he conveyed his messages to potential prospects

3. Used to locate targeted prospects

4. Used only to deal with decision makers & bypass ‘gate keepers’

5. Cost effective versus other forms of lead generation

So, through trial and error James formulated his own LinkedIn lead generation strategy that was producing targeted & qualified leads on a daily basis.

This is what gave birth to LinkedIn Success. James now teaches his LinkedIn strategy to everyone from business owners, executives through to high school and college students how to leverage LinkedIn for their own needs.

Over the past 7 months James’ training has helped over 5 thousand people how to use LinkedIn whether that is for:

  • Lead Generation
  • Getting more business exposure
  • Positioning yourself to find a better job, or
  • Transitioning from student to first time jobseeker

James is no marketing or sales expert – and that’s the beauty of his strategy, you don’t need to be!

Thank you for taking the time to read a little about James & the courses he offers. If you have any questions either about his 'Dark side' or his 'Light side' please don't hesitate to get in contact with him....he doesn't bite....well much anyway ;-)

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