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iOS 8 course: Learn In-app purchase with SWIFT & Objective C

How to make free apps with SWIFT & Objective C, reach Top Grossing Charts on iTunes app store, earn fame+clients+money!
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Created by Nirav Bhatt
Last updated 2/2015
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Are you an iOS Developer?

Do you want to learn how to sell free iphone apps on itunes app store and reach Apple top grossing charts?

This is the #1 video course in history of Game making to address age-old troubleshooting problem - in-app purchases - using both SWIFT & Objective C.

The Problem:

  • In-app purchase is the so far the Best Monetization strategy for any app / game.
  • In-app purchase consumes maximum troubleshooting time.
  • Slow implementation affects not only your revenue targets but also your momentum and motivation.
  • Due to the difficulty in implementing IAP, small studios and indie developers find it extremely challenging to make decent income despite having outstanding iOS apps and games.

This course is for:

iOS Developers, Indie devs, small apps & game studios, and startups who are keen to develop great apps & games using Objective C & SWIFT, but find it challenging to leverage the best app store monetization technique of in-app purchases.

This course is:

  • First ever comprehensive iOS in-app purchase video tutorial.
  • First in an upcoming series of Udemy courses that aims to teach you how you can earn extraordinary income from your app store sales. Forthcoming courses will build your revenue momentum on top of what you learn as part of this course - and assist you reach Apple top grossing charts on iTunes App Store.

What will you be able to accomplish AT THE END?

  • Easily integrate bestselling IAP architecture in your app under 1 hour of time - using Sample XCode Projects for Objective C & SWIFT.
  • Once learned, it's extremely easy to multiply your revenue on iTunes App Store using ad-monetization, ASO and cross-promotions which I aim to cover in forthcoming courses.
  • Maintain a bug free IAP code inside your app for years to come.
  • Master IAP model, deliver great value to your client projects & gain long-lasting reputation as an outstanding app studio
Who is the target audience?
  • This course is for iOS Developers wanting to integrate in-app purchases into their apps / games using SWIFT / Objective C.
  • The course is for all indie developers who want to make decent money from their iOS apps on Apple Store
  • This course is also for small iPhone app studios & mobile startups who have great apps / games in the app store, but do not earn enough with existing monetization, and cannot afford to spend money to integrate In-app purchase architecture.
  • This course is not for someone who doesn’t understand basics of how to create an iOS app.
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What Will I Learn?
master in app purchase in iOS using SWIFT or Objective C
make money from Apple App store
Establish credibility with your clients & gain more projects
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  • Active Apple Developer's Program Membership
  • Knowledge of basic Objective C / SWIFT, Knowledge of XCode
Curriculum For This Course
Expand All 30 Lectures Collapse All 30 Lectures 01:13:23
Take this quiz to know what you must know before diving into the course
0 Lectures 00:00

Your answers to these questions will tell you if:

- You know enough Objective C, iOS Frameworks and XCode to take off.

- You will be able to fully comprehend the course content

- You will be able to use the free Objective C sample project to integrate IAP inside your app / game.

Take this quiz to know what you must know before diving into the course
5 questions
Introduction to iOS - ways to get paid
7 Lectures 10:28

Not all iOS app developers are equal. Some of them have a disproportionately larger pie of the revenue. This lecture will show you

  • who belong to Apple's Top Grossing Charts.
  • how this course can help you propel towards that goal.
  • what it covers, what it doesn't, and why.
Preview 02:52

Even a child knows, that both Free and Paid app makers have their own ways of making money.

Apple Store Popular sales models - ways to get paid

Angry Birds got Hundreds of Millions of Downloads, because they appeared in top 10 - not in one, but in both Apple Top Free and Apple Top Paid Charts.

Reason? Lite Version.

Combination of Free & Paid app sales models

Freemium accompanies prospective buyers by solving their basic problem of- laziness. If you can get it all within (in your app / game), why go out (to browse the app store)?

The entire Apple Top grossing chart is a live testimony to the fact that users are always willing to pay for a great product if they get seamless experience in return.

The best app sales model of all - why Freemium?

In contrast with bigger & richer app studios, fewer independent developers take advantage of Freemium model. The reason behind this is the amount of technical expertise needed to incorporate Freemium.

This course is aimed at teaching you end-to-end how Freemium can be successfully integrated into your apps and games. It deals with all the technical complexities involved.

If you are a studio, this course helps you avoid hiring an extra resource just for the sake of in-app purchase integration. If you are indie dev, the resources attached reduce your effort to as much as 4 hours.

Preview 00:56

Just have a look at the attached file to know if you would truly benefit from buying this course.

If you do not fit, don't bother spending your savings!

Preview 00:35

This course covers entire IAP workflow used with most common IAP scenarios that can make your app successful. However it is not possible to cover to all scenarios within the scope of a single course.

See attached file to know what's inside, what's not there, what's upcoming.

Preview 00:34
How In-app purchase works - a high level design overview
4 Lectures 08:37

How user buys content through in-app purchase

What happens when an in-app purchase is made on an iOS Device

Robust, secure, attractive, easy? An IAP architecture that's minimal yet scaleable lays foundation to your app store success.

What makes a "good" IAP architecture?

From a developers perspective, there are 3 distinct steps involved in IAP.

These 3 are Essential & Sufficient Steps for your app to get approved on Apple Store, sell your IAP content and getting paid - provided you have all your Program membership and Contracts right.

  1. Requesting The Products
  2. Adding Payment to the Payment Queue
  3. Monitoring the Transaction Queue

See them in detail from Section 3 Onwards.

IAP Flow - an iOS Developer's Perspective

This lecture will show you how you can create your IAP product record inside Apple Store (


1 - Your credentials for iTunesConnect must be working - this will only work if your Apple Developer Program is valid.

2 - You should have all user contracts (Free app, Paid app etc.) signed up inside itunesconnect portal.

Please refer to the link in "External Resources" section.

3 - Your app's record must be created within iTunesConnect portal using the same app ID as described in your XCode Project. This lecture will use ProductPurchaseApp (com.IphoneGameZone.ProductPurchaseApp) set up in iTunesConnect (also given as sample code).

Please refer to link in "External Resources" section.

4 - You must have itunesConnect Sandbox user accounts to test IAP inside device sandbox environment. These must be registered with email addresses (Apple IDs) that are NOT real app store users.

Please refer to link in "External Resources" section.

Preview 03:28
IAP Part 1 - Requesting the Product
4 Lectures 12:42

Which classes and protocols play key role in helping your IAP handler instance during requesting the store products set up in previous step.

Requesting the Product(s) - Introduction

Logical flow of Requesting the IAP Store Products

Requesting the Product(s) - Logical Flow

Step by step Code Walkthrough of each Objective C method that is part of the step - Requesting the Product(s).

Requesting the Product(s) - Code Walkthrough

What things you should keep in mind while presenting your IAP Store to the user

Requesting the Product(s) - Best Practices
IAP Part 2 - Adding Payment to Payment Queue
4 Lectures 05:44

Which classes and protocols play key role in helping your IAP handler instance in Adding payment to Payment Queue.

Adding Payment to Payment Queue - Introduction

Logical flow of user issuing payment request for IAP Product to iTunes Store

Adding Payment to Payment Queue - Logical Flow

Step by step Code Walkthrough of each Objective C method that is part of the step - Adding Payment to Payment Queue.

Adding Payment to Payment Queue - Code Walkthrough

List of things you should consider while adding payment to the iTunes Store Payment Queue

Adding Payment to Payment Queue - Best Practices
IAP Part 3 - Monitor the Transaction Queue
4 Lectures 17:21

Which classes and protocols play key role in helping your IAP handler instance in Monitoring the Transaction Queue.

Monitor the Transaction Queue - Introduction

Block Diagram of Monitoring the Apple Store Transaction Queue for status updates.

Monitor the Transaction Queue - Logical Flow

Step by step Code Walkthrough of each Objective C method that is part of the step - Monitor the Transaction Queue.

Monitor the Transaction Queue - Code Walkthrough

List of things you should consider while monitoring the transaction queue for transaction status updates.

Monitor the Transaction Queue - Best Practices
Restoring Transactions
4 Lectures 11:50

Any iOS app must implement Restore Purchases when it has even one non-consumable IAP item. This is an Apple Store Submission requirement.

Restoring Transactions - When and Why?

Block Diagram of what happens when user presses restore button within your iOS app

Restoring Transactions - Restore Button Logical Flow

Block Diagram of what happens when user presses Buy button for an already purchased Non-Consumable IAP item.

Restoring Transactions - Duplicate Purchase Logical Flow

Step by step Code Walkthrough of each Objective C method that is part of Restoring Transactions.

Restoring Transactions - Code Walkthrough
Free Code Sample, Bonus Material, Forthcoming Content, and Best Wishes...
3 Lectures 05:05

Congratulations! You have now mastered iOS in-app purchases - one of the most complex iOS topics that only an expert iOS Developer can claim to have mastered!

So, the bonus:

How you design your game around your IAP product offering can make or break your iOS game. This lecture will give you few tips that you can consider even before you have coded your first line. Forthcoming courses will elaborate on techniques mentioned here.

Parting ways (not for long!):

  • If you face issues understanding any concepts (past lectures), or have trouble implementing free code sample (next lecture) - feel free to raise it in Discussions - I will be eager to resolve your queries as soon as I can.
  • If you think this course could be much better than what it is - help me improve by leaving your much valuable feedback.
  • If you think this course helped you strengthen your iOS concepts, feel free to reflect your joy in the reviews too - I am eager to hear from you!

We still have much more to cover - into the depths & breadths of in-app purchases. The last lecture sums it up all for you.

Till then, stay tuned, good luck, and thank you very much for being along so far in the journey....

Congratulations! And bonus tips that you won’t find in the rulebook!

With Free Sample Code for In-app purchase, any iOS Developer can integrate IAP inside her app within 1 hour of time (barring itunesconnect setup described earlier, and premium content delivery, off course, which depends upon your app / game mechanics).

Follow these 3 easy steps:

  1. Download the source code zip file & unzip it - depending upon your language: SWIFT / Objective C.
  2. Use the 6-step instructions given along with this lecture.
  3. Enjoy the ultimate IAP success!
SWIFT + Objective C: Free Code Sample & How to use it the best way

About the Instructor
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Indie iOS Dev with popular apps in Apple Store

I am indie iOS Dev by choice, enjoying developing apps and games for myself as well as my clients. I have 3 live apps on Apple store, 1 game under development, and many more on behalf of my clients.

Through seamless learning and endless experimentation, I have unlocked tremendous revenue potential with Apple Store, and I have decided to share it worldwide.

Udemy is my maiden platform among many for online training, and I am committed to provide my students with the best.


"We hired Nirav Bhatt for from Core Development phase. He implemented the first version of in-app purchase in our app - right from store UI to Apple Store Receipt Validation phase. His design and implementation formed the foundation for IAP across all our products.

Complimenting our dedicated marketing efforts, his IAP implementation remarkably assisted illustrate-Video Dictionary reaching top-10 spot in Reference Category in India App Store."

- Gomathi Sankar, Founder of Mocept, Top iOS Educational app "Illustrate"

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