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iOS 9 & Objective-C - Make 20 Applications

A Complete Objective-C, Xcode 7 and iOS 9 Course.
3.8 (114 ratings)
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785 students enrolled
Created by Aaron Caines
Last updated 1/2016
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Do You Want To Create Your Own iPhone and iPad Apps but are not sure where to start? Are you ready to jump right into the exciting world of Objective-C mobile development but have little or no programming experience? Then this is your course!

This Complete IOS 9 Objective-C Guide - Make 20 Applications will give you everything your need to start your new career in IOS 9 development using Xcode 7, The course has been structured to support Objective-C, Teaching you all you need to know from creating your first project in Xcode 7 to Submitting to the AppStore.

Create 20 Real Swift 2 Applications throughout the course from fun and simple games to powerfull utility apps using the native features of IOS 9 devices to help you understand the process of creating applications

Sell Your Objective-C App to Millions of Potential Users and earn extra revenue from Ad networks, Making money has never been so easy!

Not only do you get the best online Objective-C IOS 9 development course for Xcode 7 but You also get first class responsive support by email, Twitter or on the Udemy forums, So you can rest assure you have full guidance in your new career!

Why Choose This Objective-C, iOS 9 & Xcode 7 Course?

Many programmers learning to create there first Objective-C application often learn from a boring 300 paged book or a short online video tutorial and are often left with more questions they they asked! This Objective-C, iOS 9 & Xcode 7 course teaches you from the ground up and i never leave you hanging as i support you through each and every step, i am there to assist you when you run into a problem in Xcode 7 and to offer any advice needed and before you know if you will have created your first Objective-C app and will feel like everything your learned has stuck in your head.

Topics Covered:

  • Understanding Xcode 7, Interface Builder, Simulator and Project Types
  • Objective-C: Get to know the new updated language
  • Create 20 real applications in Objective-C
  • All Objects, Actions and Outlets possible in App Development
  • Social Integration: Facebook, Twitter, SMS, Email and more
  • Storyboards and nib Files
  • Universal Support and Screen Size Support
  • Images and Sounds Integration
  • Full Featured Objective-C Apps
  • Earning Revenue Ad Networks
  • Fun and Simple Objective-C Games
  • Core Data Applications
  • Camera Support Applications
  • App Store Submission and Update Support
Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone who wants to develop apps
  • Anyone who wants to learn how to code
  • Anyone who is looking to freshen up there skills
  • Anyone who is looking to make money from IOS 9 Apps
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What Will I Learn?
Full understanding of Xcode 7 and all it has to offer
Learn how to program for IOS 9 to create your own apps
Be able to support all devices and screen sizes
Full explanation of all objects and functions within IOS 9 development
Develop in Objective-C
Earn revenue from your apps
View Curriculum
  • You will need a Apple Mac computer or laptop
  • You will need the developer software Xcode 7
Curriculum For This Course
Expand All 122 Lectures Collapse All 122 Lectures 15:46:11
1 Lecture 01:18

An introduction to the course

Preview 01:18
Getting To Grips!
13 Lectures 01:09:51
Section 1 introduction
Section 1 introduction

We learn about the benefits of a developer licence and where to purchase one

Purchasing a Developer Licence

We learn how to obtain Xcode and how to install it

Download and Installing Xcode 7

We learn how to create and generate and install our developer certificates

Create, Download and Install Certificates

We learn how to create an application identifier and add it to our projects

Creating an App ID

We learn about the different project templates and what they offer

Project Types, What's Best For Me?

We learn and understand the different classes generated in our projects

What are Classes, InfoPLists and Delegates?

We learn to use the interface builder to design our applications

Using The Interface Builder

We learn how to run our apps on the IOS Simulator

Building on the IOS Simulator

We learn how to build and run our applications on a real world device

Building to a Device

We learn how to create actions and outlets manualy and through the assitant editor

Creating Actions and Outlets

We create our first hello world application and learn how to trigger text to display

App 1: Creating a Hello World Application

We learn how to add constraints to create universal views for our applications

Universal Constraints
Understanding Functions
17 Lectures 02:07:43

Section 2 introduction

Section 2 introduction

We learn how to display user inputted text into our applications

Preview 04:31

We learn how to change the properties of text within the application

Preview 13:14

We learn how to add custom fonts to our project and display them in our application

Preview 04:24

We learn how to dismiss the keyboard from the view

Preview 04:27

We learn how to use NSTimers and create a simple stopwatch

Preview 10:05

We learn how to use NSTimers to display the time and date in our applications

Preview 08:26

We learn how to use if statements in our applications

Preview 07:52

We create a reaction game using NSTimers and if statements

App 2: Reaction Game

We learn how to fade objects in and out

Fading Objects

Learn to to hide and reveal objects in your applications

Hiding Objects

We learn how to enable and disable objects in our application

Enabling and Disabling Objects

We create a tapping game where you must tap as many times within the alloted time limit

App 3: Tapping Game

We learn how to create a random number generator

Creating a Random Number Generator

We learn how to create a random word generator

Creating a Random Word Generator

We learn how to create a random Plist generator

Random PList Generator

We learn from the random generators to build own own joke generator application

App 4: Joke Generator
Creating Actions
10 Lectures 01:19:51

Section 3 introduction

Section 3 introduction

We undertsand how a switch performs two simple tasks


We understand how to perform differnet actions with a segment control


We learn how to control values with a UISlider

Controlling UISliders

We take what we learnt from UISlider and create a simple temperature calculator application

App 5: Temperature Calculator

We learn how to trigger an action by shaking the device

Detecting Shake Gestures

We use what we learnt in the previous lecture to create a shake me game

App 6: Shake Me Game

We learn how to send data to different parts of our device with URL links

Creating URL Links

We learn how to delay a triggered action

Using Delayed Actions

We create a full featured calculation application

App 7: Calculator App
Getting A Good View!
15 Lectures 01:58:49

Section 4 introduction

Section 4 introduction

We learn how to display extra content within UIViews


We learn how to control and extend views with scroll views

Controlling UIScrollViews

We learn how to send messages to our users throught alert views

Displaying UIAlertViews

We learn how to populate a UIPickerView and trigger actions on the selected row

Using UIPickerViews

We learn how to display full HTML websites in our applications

Using UIWebViews

We learn how to add web view controls

Controlling UIWebViews

We learn hoe to display activity on the screen

Activity Indicator

We take what we created in our web view lectures to create a simple web browser application

App 8: Browser Application

We learn how to display maps in our applications

Using UIMapViews

We learn how to control map views and display user locations

Controlling UIMapViews & Displaying Location

We take what we learnt in our map view lectures to create a full featured app application

App 9: Maps Application

We learn how to switch to a new view in storyboards

Switching Views in Storyboards

We learn how to switch to an XIB view

Switching to a XIB View

We learn how to remove the status bar from our application

Removing The Status Bar
Making An App Look Good
17 Lectures 01:57:30
Section 5 introduction
Section 5 introduction

We learn how to correctly import files into our projects

Importing Files

We learn how to display image files

Displaying Images

We learn how to display retina images for higher resolution screens

Displaying Retina Images

We learn how to change image files in your application

Changing Images

We learn how to add image files to buttons

Adding Images To Buttons

We learn to load external content into our applications to display images

Displaying Images From URL'S

We create a snap image game

App 10: Snap Game

We learn how to display and interact with a PDF file

Displaying PDF'S

We learn how to change the background colour in our application

Changing the Background Colour

We learn how to display an array of images to create an animation

Creating Animations

We learn how to style objects in our views

Object Styling

We learn how to add images to the loading screens

Adding Loading Screens/Launch Images

We learn how to create universal loading screens

Universal Launch Screen

We learn how to add and display application icons in our projects

Adding App Icons

We learn how to take screenshots of the app within the app

Taking Screenshots Programatically

We create a full featured camera application

App 11: Camera Application
Coming In Loud And Clear
5 Lectures 37:42

Section 6 introduction

Section 6 introduction

We learn how to play sound files in your applications

Playing Audio Files

We create a simple drum kit sound board application

App 12: Soundboard Application

We create an application that plays youtube videos

App 13: YouTube Videos

We learn how to vibrate the device

Vibrating the Device
Creating A Tab Bar Application
3 Lectures 26:48
Section 7 introduction
Section 7 introduction

We learn how to create and setup a tab bar application

App 14: Tab Bar Application - Set Up Part 1

We learn how to style a tab bar apllication

App 14: Tab Bar Application - Customising Part 2
Creating A Table View Application
6 Lectures 59:27
Section 8 introduction
Section 8 introduction

We create a sky scraper information application

App 15: Table View - Populating a Table View Part 1

We learn how to push to a detail table view controller

App 15: Table View - Pushing to a Detail View Part 2

We learn how to populate a detail table view controller

App 15: Table View - Populating a Detail View Part 3

We learn how to customise a table view

App 15: Table View - Customising a Table View Part 4

We learn how to add table view headers

App 15: Table View - Adding Table View Headers Part 5
Saving And Loading Stuff!
3 Lectures 16:54

Section 9 introduction

Section 9 introduction

We learn how to save and load text

Saving and Loading Text

We learn how to create save points in our applications

Saving and Loading Data
5 More Sections
About the Instructor
4.5 Average rating
915 Reviews
8,242 Students
11 Courses
iOS 10, Swift 3, Objective-C & Xcode 8 Developer

Aaron Caines is the founder of Geeky Lemon Development, Aaron started programming at a young age experimenting with HTML and website design which lead him to study Graphic Design to further his ability, He has been programming full time for the past 7 Years, Creating a vast amount of apps for iOS 10 with many more in development.

Since Late 2010 Aaron started to create online video tutorials teaching the art of iOS 10 development for beginners to experts and feels the same satisfaction as he does when making his own iOS Apps.

Aaron's expertise come in Photoshop, Xcode, HTML, Objective-C, Swift 3 and C+.

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