The Complete Guide To Creating A Successful Life.
4.9 (18 ratings)
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The Complete Guide To Creating A Successful Life.

A step by step plan to achieve what you want out of life.
4.9 (18 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
89 students enrolled
Created by Carl Pullein
Last updated 6/2017
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What Will I Learn?
  • You will learn how to define what a successful life for you is and then put together a plan that will take you on the road the achieving that life.
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In over fifteen years of teaching busy professionals communication skills, I have learnt everyone has the same goal in life. To be happy. The difference of course is in what makes us happy. For some that is having a large network of friends to hang out with, for others is it having the financial means to buy nice cars, houses and clothes. 

Whatever it is that makes you happy and ultimately feel you are successful, the way to get there is is hard and the road to success is littered with others' failure. Very few people ever get close to achieving a successful life for themselves. The list of reasons for this is long, but the most common reason for not achieving any kind of success is because most people get caught up in their day to day busy life, have no plan and never think about what it is they want out of life. They just follow what society and others have told them to follow and hope for the best. 

But life is amazing and full of opportunities and possibilities no matter who you are, where you are from or what your education level is. All you need to tap into these opportunities and possibilities is a vision and a plan. A vision of what you want out of life and the way you want to live and work, and a plan to execute on that vision so it becomes a reality. 

This course is a combination of what I have learnt in over twenty years of reading and learning about success. It is also about what I have learnt from the really successful people I have taught over the last fifteen years. The people who have amazing careers, live their lives full of happiness and have an amazingly positive outlook on life. 

This course will take you on a journey of self-discovery. You will learn things about yourself you never knew and you will put your strengths to work for you so you can achieve the life you desire. You will learn where your weaknesses are conflicting with your strengths and preventing you from achieving your goals, and more importantly, how to change that. You will also learn how to put in place a plan that will take you closer and closer each day towards your ultimate life outcome. An outcome that will bring you success and ultimately the very thing we all strive for - happiness

I am really excited to bring this course to you, it feels like my life's work has gone in to it. I have put everything I have learnt about achieving success and my own personal experience in this course, and I know it works. 

The steps are simple and I have intentionally explained everything in an easy to understand way. If there is anything you feel you need further explanation on, I will always be on hand to help you and guide you. My mission is to help as many people as I can to achieve a successful life for themselves and get the most out of the wonderful opportunities we all have today to make a life worth living.

Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone who wants to achieve happiness and success in their life
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Curriculum For This Course
32 Lectures
2 Lectures 11:21

In this lecture I tell you my story, how by following my own path I achieved a level of happiness I never felt possible until I made the changes necessary and started to live a life I believe is wonderfully successful. 

Preview 07:44
Learning About Yourself
6 Lectures 28:06

This lecture asks you what is it that makes you truly happy. What are you doing when you feel your happiest? 

Once you have completed the lecture, complete the PDF file (either on a separate piece of paper or print out the file)

Preview 04:28

In this lecture we talk about what it is you want to achieve from life and I ask you to complete the worksheet once you have completed the lecture. 

What is your purpose?

Creating a successful life is not going to happen overnight. It take time, a lot of time, and this lecture explains what it will take to create the successful life you desire. 

Understanding the need for patience

Fear is one of the biggest reasons so many people fail to achieve a life of success and joy. In this lecture I explain why you need not worry about your fears and give you strategies for overcoming them.  

Tackling Your Fears

Now you've identified your fears, here what you can do to overcome them. 

Overcoming Your Fears [Part 2]

Completing a personal SWOT analysis on yourself honestly and accurately will really help you to see where you can improve, where your strengths are and of course where your opportunities and threats are 

Don't forget to complete the personal SWOT analysis worksheet before moving on to the next section. 

A Personal SWOT Analysis
The Fundamentals
3 Lectures 07:54

In this lecture, I explain why you will need to prepare yourself to make sacrifices if you want to be successful in anything you do. 

What it takes to be successful PART 1 - Sacrifice

In this second part I explain why maintaining your focus on your goals is such a fundamental part of achieving success. 

What it takes to be successful PART 2 - Focus

Okay, so you're prepared to make sacrifices and you feel confident you will be able to maintain your focus, the final fundamental to really understand is the need to plan. This lecture explains why. 

What it takes to be successful PART 3 - Planning
What Do You Really Want To Achieve?
5 Lectures 32:25

Now it's time to start building your vision of a successful life. Without a vision, a picture, of what you see as a successful life you will never achieve the things you want to achieve. This part of the course will help you to identify these things. 

What's your vision of a successful life?

In this lecture I show you some techniques you can use to help you to really visualise living the life you want to create for yourself. 

You can use the added Apple Music playlist from Above and Beyond to help you get in a relaxed state if you wish.

Visualising your successful life

This episode from my Working With Work series deals with visualisation and how by seeing the big picture of what you want  can help you to really achieve amazing things. 

Episode 20 From My Working With Work YouTube Series

In this lecture, I explain how you can create you very own dream collage. 

Creating your dream collage

Time to take a breather and review what we have covered so far. I have included a checklist here for you so you can check you have completed all the necessary worksheets before moving on to the next section. 

Review Time
The What, The Why and the How.
4 Lectures 25:05

In this lecture I explain everything you need in order to put in place your very own WHAT, WHY and HOW system, so you can begin the process of building your successful life. 

I have included 3 planning sheets in this lecture for you. 

The What, The Why and the How.

In this lecture I show you how to build a daily task list with your WHAT, WHY, HOW planning system. 

The daily tasks - Actions

In this lecture I explain why you need to develop the right habits and more importantly show you how to do it. 

Developing habits

Now you have completed your  WHAT, WHY and HOW this lecture reinforces why doing this is so important. It's part of the planning stage and you need to complete it before moving on. 

Review of What Why and How
Overcoming The Obstacles
7 Lectures 37:48

One of the biggest mistakes people make when trying to create a successful life is to have goals that do not align. This lecture shows you ways you can identify this problem and how to change them. 

Aligning Your Goals

In this lecture, I explain why self-discipline is so important and give you some tips and tricks you can use to help yourself to become more self-disciplined. 

Self Discipline.

Perfectionism is one of the biggest killers of a successful life. It stops you from achieving so much. This lecture will show you how you can overcome this destructive habit. 

Overcoming Perfectionism

There are some goals that are simply unrealistic (and believe me, that's difficult for an optimist like me to say) and we have to learn to accept and know when a goal is unrealistic. This lecture explains why these types of goals are not good for you. 

Setting Unrealistic goals

Often, the biggest barrier to achieving our goals and creating a successful life for ourselves is the daily busy work that gets thrown at us. This lecture will show you ways you can avoid this happening to you. 

Getting caught up in daily busy work

Sometimes, we get so good at planning, we forget that it really is all about doing. This lecture will show what signs to look for and what to do to over come this issue. 

Over Planning and Under Achieving

It is far too easy to blame others. The government, the economy, your parents, friends, boss etc. NO! They are never to blame. This lectures explains the realities of life so you can have a clear, positive head and truly understand that you are the only one responsible for the success or lack off in your life. 

Take Responsibility For Your Life And Stop Blaming Others.
Continuous Learning And Development
3 Lectures 13:55

So we've covered all there really is to creating the successful life you want. Now some very good news... 

Allow Yourself Some Down Time Each Week

Okay, so how do you find new ways of achieving success? This lecture explains how. 

Read About And Learn From Other Successful People

A 30 day challenge can really turbo- boost your goal achievement. All you need to do is set up one each 30 dy period and you will start achieving massive success very quickly. 

The 30 Days Challenge And Why It Is So Powerful.
A Final Word And Review
2 Lectures 08:59

Basically... START TODAY!

The Time To Start is Now!

Well done. You've reached the end. Here's a final word to send you on your way. 

A Final Word
About the Instructor
Carl Pullein
4.5 Average rating
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1,956 Students
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Personal productivity specialist, presenter and author

I was educated in the United Kingdom, graduating from Leeds Metropolitan University with a Bachelors degree in law. 

After finishing my legal studies I spent a brief time working in a law firm before moving to Korea to teach English to adults in 2002. 

During my time in Korea, I have developed and implemented BCM Language Institute's revolutionary business English Programme, First Class Business.  I have also designed and written numerous courses specifically for the Korean business professional as well as authoring the book "Story Presentation" which was published in Korea in 2011.

Today, I run my own communications company, Fandcorp English Solutions, specialising in international communication through presenting and writing as well as cultural training courses for all business people wishing to do business globally. I am also the founder and owner of Carl Pullein Personal Productivity, a consultancy helping people from around the world to become super productive, less stressed and to focus on the things that are important to them. 

I am also a Visiting Professor of Business Creativity at Kyung Hee University, Seoul where I teach students how to start their own businesses

In those rare moments of free time, I enjoy running in marathons and watching James Bond movies over and over again.  I live in Seoul with my wife and little Yorkshire Terrier, Barney.

Your Digital Life

I am the author of Your Digital Life, a book on getting organised and productive in the twenty-first century. I also present my own YouTube channel dedicated to helping people to use their technology to become more productive in both their professional and personal life and I write every week on topics related to being more productive and less stressed. 

Working With Todoist: The Book

I published the book, Working With Todoist: The Book in January 2017 which hit the Amazon best sellers list for productivity books.