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Learn how to sell on eBay and then build a giant eBay business with this complete, A - Z, beginner to advanced course.
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About This Course

Published 3/2015 English

Course Description

STUDENT REVIEWS For "The Complete eBay Course - Make $1000s On eBay":

"Thanks Dave, enjoyed your class. Just finished putting some of your ideas to work, and my first week, sold almost $1000.00, and had a few small orders come in last night. I enjoy all your classes." - S. Nelson

"I wish there were more stars! The first lectures were enough for me to make a great income. This is perfect. Thank you so much for your complete course that anyone can learn from." - Nancy Ann


A recent Nielsen Research study (done for eBay) revealed that the average household has $3,100 worth of unsold merchandise just laying around the house!

How would you like to turn your common, household items into CASH by selling them on eBay, and then start making some real money by turning eBay into a business that you run from home?

Think it can't be done? Well, guess again!

Over the last 15 years, I've helped over 300,000 people learn how to sell on eBay and I can teach you how to be a successful eBay seller, too!

This course is designed to take you from absolute eBay beginner and turn you into an eBay superstar, by walking you, step-by-step, through several modules.

Section 1 - Let's Get You Selling On eBay - The RIGHT Way

Here's what you get in Section 1 of The Complete Ebay Course

  • How to determine the eBay values of items (live demo)
  • How to list items on eBay (live demo)
  • How to determine whether to list an item in eBay's Auction Format or in eBay's Fixed-Price Format (get this wrong and you will lose money)
  • My "Pyramid Of Value" System, which shows you exactly where to sell your items FAST, (eBay, Amazon, Craigslist, etc.) and for the most profit! (This takes away all the guessing!)
  • Simple ways to find additional products to resell on eBay for BIG profits!
  • How to use your smartphone to make money on eBay / Amazon

Section 2 - How To List An Item On eBay - The RIGHT Way

Here's what you get in Section 2 of The Complete Ebay Course:

  • What are the elements of a perfect eBay listing?
  • Step-by-step demonstration where we actually list an item on eBay in a live demo
  • All about packing and shipping your eBay items
  • Step-by-step demonstration of how to use eBay shipping to print postage from home (live demo)
  • Advanced strategies for more efficient eBay listing

Section 3 - Advanced Listing Strategies - (eBay Hacks BONUS COURSE)

Here's what you get in Section 3 of The Complete Ebay Course:

In this section, you actually get my FULL "Advanced Listing Strategies - eBay Hacks" course as an added bonus!

This course walks you through some of the most advanced eBay listing strategies - these are advanced eBay strategies that will dramatically improve your sales, profits and eBay search engine rankings.

In short, you will be able to easily dominate your competition on eBay with these little-known tips, tricks and strategies. In fact, many of these tricks will be demonstrated for you, step-by-step, right inside eBay, so that you can easily duplicate my results.

You'll discover eBay tricks that even the top eBay Powersellers do not know!

Section 4 - How To Find Killer Deals On eBay, Amazon And The Internet - (eBay Hacks BONUS COURSE)

Here's what you get in Section 4 of The Complete Ebay Course:

In this section, you ALSO get a THIRD complete course, titled: "How To Find Killer Deals On eBay, Amazon And The Internet - eBay Hacks".

This course shows you some of the most amazing ways to find incredible bargains on eBay, Amazon and the Internet.

Revealed in this section:

  • How to buy wholesale from Amazon to resell on eBay (live demo)
  • How to find "UNFINDABLE" deals on eBay (live demo)
  • How to use special searches to find killer bargains on ecommerce sites all over the Internet
  • Newbie eBay sellers make these critical errors all the time - this means incredible opportunities for YOU
  • How to "SPY" on top eBay sellers to uncover their top-selling products (live demo)
  • How to "reverse-engineer" top eBay sellers' top-selling products and easily find those products to emulate their success (live demo)
  • You've heard of "sniping" auctions? Well, let me show you how to snipe "Buy It Nows"!
  • The Amazing NINJA strategy that allows you to just copy / paste your way to eBay success
  • How to sell items on eBay BEFORE YOU BUY THEM so that you invest NO MONEY in merchandise!
  • And much, much more.

The bottom line is, if you want to learn how to sell on eBay, this is the FIRST and LAST eBay course you'll ever need because it is taught by a Nationally-Recognized eBay expert and is broken down, step-by-step, complete with live demonstrations on the eBay site itself!

Remember, you not only get the eBay Apprentice Program, but you also get two bonus courses (you can look them up on Udemy) INCLUDED inside this course!

You also get access to me by initiating discussions inside the course and can always reach me if you have any questions.

I've helped over 300,000 people, just like you, to make money on eBay, (with lots of 6-figure success stories) and I look forward to helping you!

Be sure to scroll down and review some of the free preview lectures and then, make the decision to change your life with this groundbreaking course!

Your enrollment is backed by Udemy's 100%, no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee, so enroll today with confidence.

What are the requirements?

  • Access to a computer with an internet connection.
  • A willingness to learn through step-by-step demonstrations and then put that learning into action to achieve success.
  • An understanding that you are learning from an eBay "master" who can guide you to success fast!

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Easily sell your household items on eBay and then graduate to having a full-blown eBay business!
  • Learn how to do eBay the RIGHT way for maximum sales, profits and income.
  • Discover tons of insider tips, tricks and strategies that will help you be super-successful on eBay.
  • Learn little-known eBay "hacks" from a proven instructor who has helped 300,000 people learn how to sell on eBay - with several 6-figure income success stories.

Who is the target audience?

  • Anyone who wants to learn how to sell on eBay, the RIGHT way.
  • Anyone who wants simple, proven and profitable shortcuts to massive success on eBay.
  • Anyone who wants to learn how to make money on eBay in the most profitable ways and who wants legitimate and proven shortcuts to success.

What you get with this course?

Not for you? No problem.
30 day money back guarantee.

Forever yours.
Lifetime access.

Learn on the go.
Desktop, iOS and Android.

Get rewarded.
Certificate of completion.


Section 1: Welcome To The eBay Apprentice Program!

Discover the 4 modules of the eBay Apprentice Program. You'll learn how to make your initial thousands by just sellng items from around your home and then move into bigger incomes by using the added bonus courses!


In this lecture, I walk you through a demonstration of Pre-Sale Research. This allows you to easily determine how much your items are worth, before you go to sell them!

By knowing this valuable information, you will know how to best list your item and how to price your items for future resale.

Understanding how to value items is at the core of everything else you will do when making money on eBay, so we are beginning with this valuable skill right off the bat!


Just a quick note to let you know that you can download the PDF version of these slides so you can click on the links inside, print them out and take notes on them, or save them for future reference.

Section 2: Auction Listing Format VS. Fixed-Price Listing Format

In this lecture, you'll know the difference between the auction format and the fixed-price, "Buy It Now" format.

Knowing this difference and know when to use each listing format can make a huge difference in your profits and in your income.

You will also learn how supply and demand come into play in this lecture, as well!


In this lecture, you'll discover the prime conditions for using an auction format listing.

We get into details as to the types of products and types of situations that would make the most sense for using an auction listing.


In this lecture, you'll discover the prime conditions for using a "Buy It Now" format listing.

We get into details as to the types of products and types of situations that would make the most sense for using an auction listing.

We will also discuss when you should use the "Best Offer" feature.

Section 3: Dave's Pyramid Of Value Strategy

In this lecture, you are introduced to my "Value Pyramid" strategy, which shows you exactly where to sell each item for maximum profits and speed of return.


In this lecture, we walkthrough the Value Pyramid and I show you exactly which types of items sell best in which marketplaces so that you can make the most money, the fastest.


Enjoying this course?

This video walks you through the simple steps to posting a review for this course.

Your review will be seen by future students and it is where you get to tell future students what you thought about this course.

Your honest reviews are appreciated!

Section 4: Product Sourcing - Basic Places To Source Additional Products For Resale

In this lecture, you'll discover additional ways to source products for resale.

We'll be discussing a variety of different ways to source products. In this lecture, we begin by talking about sourcing high-profit products at Flea Markets.


In this lecture, you'll discover some of the best strategies for finding and negotiating incredible deals at flea markets!

Drawing from many years of experience as both a buyer and a seller at flea markets, I will show you little-known tips and strategies for getting amazing bargains that you can flip for high profits.


Take these negotiating strategies with you - whether you go to a flea market, a craigslist deal or anywhere where you are going to be face to face with a seller and get incredible bargains.


In this lecture, we discuss how to find profitable items at your local thrift stores.

We also discuss how you can use your cell phone to scan the bar codes on items and get an instant price check and supply / demand check so you can make great buying decisions, on the spot!


In this lecture, we discuss how to find great items on Craigslist and we get into some excellent tools that will allow you to do even broader Craigslist searches for ever more profits.


This lecture contains several exciting ways to find additional merchandise to resell.

You'll learn about:

  • Advertising strategies
  • Consignment strategies
  • How to set up drop shipping arrangements
  • And more!
Section 5: How To Create A Fantastic eBay Listing!

In this lecture, I introduce you to some of the best strategies for successfully listing items on eBay for maximum profits.


In this lecture, we go into detail, showing you some of the best listing strategies that will get your listings more views, more bids and more sales.


In this lecture, I actually walk you, step-by-step, through the process of listing an item on eBay.

You'll see this in real time, as I do it on the eBay website.

I also give you pointers all along the way.

Section 6: Correct Packing And Shipping For Excellent Customer Service

Discover simple ways to pack and ship your items. You'll also learn how to get your shipping supplies for free or cheap.


In this lecture, we are going to actually ship an item using eBay shipping.

I will walk you through the process, from within one of my own eBay accounts and show you how to create and print out a pre-paid shipping label.

This process will save you tons of time and hassle. In fact, you can even get the Postal Service to pick up your packages from your home!


In this lecture, we cover some of the best strategies for efficient listing and how to get your processes working better so you get more done in less time.

Section 7: Advanced eBay Listing Strategies - eBay Hacks

In this lecture, you'll be introduced to the concept of advanced listing techniques that can help you crush the competition on eBay.

Section 8: Advanced eBay Titles And Keyword Techniques

Discover the key elements that make an eBay listing sell.

From the title, to the description, images and feedback, we begin looking at all the elements.


There is a secret to creating a winning eBay listing title.

In this lecture we talk about using the correct keywords as well as the correct "sizzle" words in your title so that you get the best results.


In this lecture, you'll discover how to do simple keyword research to find the best keywords to use in your titles.


In this lecture, we talk about GoofBid, which contains a great keyword tool you can use to identify keyword ideas.

This lecture also includes a warning about keyword spam and why you should avoid doing this in your eBay listings.


In this lecture, discover a little-known keyword hack that will improve the traffic to your listings as well as improve your sales.

You'll also learn about my "Keyword Hierarchy" strategy, which shows you which keyword to use in your titles, and when.

Section 9: Special Image And Merchandising Hacks To Make Your Listings Get Attention!

Your eBay images can make a HUGE different in how well your items sell on eBay.

In this lecture, I show you how to optimize your image, making them POP and how this simple hack can dramatically improve your sales and your profits!


The concept of Merchandising is really quite simple. It means displaying your products in their best possible light.

In this lecture, I show you simple ways to dramatically improve your buyers' perception of your items (and dramatically increase how much they'll pay for your items) by using these quick merchandising tips.


Amazon requires that your product images have clean, white backgrounds. (eBay is moving toward this standard, as well)

In this lecture, I show you a super-easy tool that will turn the backgrounds on your images into clean, white backgrounds.


A great way to stand out from your competition is to do something they aren't doing.

One of the best ways to sizzle your product is to add product images inside your description itself.

(as opposed to having eBay show the images in a constrained format at the top of the listing)

This has a powerful effect on buyers because it removes one of several steps they must take on eBay if they want to better see your product and evaluate it.

By adding photos inside your description, you are also showing that you are a pro-level seller and gaining credibility points, as well, all of which lead to more sales and higher profits for you and not your compeition.

Section 10: How To Determine The Amount That A "Best Offer" Item Sold For

In this lecture, you'll learn how to determine how much a competing seller accepted in a "Best Offer" situation.

This can help you determine how much of an offer you will make for that item.

It can also help you better determine the value of items and therefore helps you determine how to price your items.

Section 11: Product Description And Additional Powerful Marketing Hacks

When it comes to making more money with eBay, how you write your product description is critical to your success!

In this lecture, we cover how to properly write a product description that will sizzle the product so that people buy from you and no one else.

We will also discuss a very cool feedback hack - how to add screen shots of your positive feedback inside your product description to help build social proof and increase your sales!


Social proof is a powerful element in marketing.

You can increase the social proof of your product by showing your customers that other people have bought your product and have been happy with the transaction.

In this lecture, I demonstrate how to take a screen shot of your positive feedback and then how to add that screen shot to your product description area for better sales results.


When you are in a competitive niche market on eBay, it is sometimes difficult to compete on price alone.

In this lecture, I show you a variety of ways to add value to your product listing rather than lower your prices.

By adding value in this way, you differentiate yourself from the competition and stand ahead of them in eBay search.


Cross selling is a powerful way to drive more traffic to all your listings.

In this lecture, I demonstrate how to add this to each of your listings for greater sales results overall.

You'll experience higher auction bids and faster fixed-price sales.


In this lecture, we cover the overall philosophy of the eBay Hacks strategies - the principle of Slight Edge


This lecture concludes this section. Please move on to the next section!

Section 12: How To Find Killer Deals On eBay, Amazon And The Internet

In this lecture, we're covering some fundamentals about how to buy low and sell high.

This lecture introduces you to Deal-Getting Hacks - little tips and tricks that will help you find amazing deals online that you can either keep for yourself, or flip for big profits!


Discover how to easily determine the demand for an item by following the steps in this lecture.

Section 13: How To Make Money From "Newbie Errors" That Exist All Over eBay

In this lecture, I introduce you to the concept of finding mis-listed products.


In this lecture, I walk you through a variety of ways to find mis-listed items - these are items that the seller incorrectly listed, thus making it virtually "unfindable" by just about anyone on eBay! (unless you know these special tricks)


Using this special tool, you'll be able to find tons of mis-listed items and get amazing deals on eBay.

Section 14: Emulating The Top eBay Sellers As A Way To Explode Your Business

In this eBay Hack, you'll discover how you can easily spy on top eBay sellers so that you can find out what their top-selling products are.

In coming lectures, I'll walk you through how to then find these seller's product sources so you can duplicate their success.


In this lecture, you'll discover simple ways to take your "spy" information and use it to improve your own eBay listings.

We also begin talking about reverse-engineering these top sellers' listings.

Section 15: How To Make Great Money By Sniping "Buy It Nows"

Discover how to grab "mis-listed" or "error" listings (fixed price) as soon as they are listed on the eBay site.

You'll also learn how to get notified so that you are one of the first people to see and snag these bargains on eBay!

Section 16: Cool Alert Tools That Tell You When Amazing Deals Are Available

Use this tool and never miss an amazing deal on your items again!


In this lecture, we discuss another great tool that will help you find deals, when you use it this way.

Section 17: Advanced Online Arbitrage / Dropshipping "Copy & Paste" Strategy!

This is the strategy that inspired the eBay Hacks courses and it is powerful.

Use this strategy to find deals all over the internet, not just on eBay!

Do not miss this lecture!

Section 18: Conclusion

This lecture continues the Amazing Ninja Strategy and also concludes this course.

If you enjoyed this course, please leave a review - I would really appreciate it!

Section 19: Supplementary Materials - Download The Slides In PDF Format Here
83 pages

Get the slides to this presentation so you can take notes on the slides or just read in your own time!

The links are also clickable in this PDF.

You can download it by clicking the "Resources" tab in the upper right corner of this lecture and then a download arrow will appear on the right side column!

51 pages

Get the slides to this "eBay Hacks" section of the course presentation so you can take notes on the slides or just read in your own time!

The links are also clickable in this PDF.

You can download it by clicking the "Get Resources" tab in the upper right corner of this lecture and then a download arrow will appear on the right side column!

Get The "Deal Getting" Hacks Downloadable PDF For This Section!
82 pages

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