The Blueprint of Self-Awareness
4.5 (1 rating)
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The Blueprint of Self-Awareness

Have a clear perception of your strengths, weaknesses and how to powerfully adjust thoughts / actions n live stressfree
4.5 (1 rating)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
3 students enrolled
Created by Anke Otto-Wolf
Last updated 8/2015
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  • 34 mins on-demand video
  • 11 mins on-demand audio
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What Will I Learn?
  • reduce stress and frustration on a daily basis
  • Conquer guilt, shame, blame
  • Recognize the value of elimination of ego
  • Create soul balance / spiritual awakening for a calmer Self
  • Manifest skills to overcome feelings of inadequacy
  • Transform Life with Introspection and practical Life skills
  • Enhance self-image and self-empowerment
  • Improve relationships (personal, work)
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  • Personal PC or lap top with audio / video software, Printer (optional) AND the mindset to transform her/his life

Are you tired of being 'stuck' and with no direction in Life? Are you searching for the purpose in your life? Ever wondered why relationships are such difficult, energy draining undertaking?

Should you answer yes, then- you are at the right place. In this course, you will learn in short, yet intensive sessions how to overcome self-doubt, inadequacy, and lack of self-esteem. Moreover, together we unearth your unique, innate power to enhance self-image and self-empowerment for a healthier life style, and reduce stress and frustration.

You can take as much time as you need, start over and repeat as often as you like to or need to. Remember, expanding our knowledge about ourselves never ends; so give yourself time and have patience with SELF! See you inside!

Worksheets and guidelines as well as video instruction and explanation will guide you through the course assisting you in unearthing your own inner strength.

Who is the target audience?
  • This Course has been designed for those individuals who are serious about transforming their Life,
  • Parents whose kids are grown and have 'empty nest syndrome'
  • Individuals who are dissatisfied with the job
  • Teachers who seek more tranquility in their classrooms
  • People who have no direction in life and feel lost
  • This course IS NOT for people who are NOT willing to take a good look at SELF
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Curriculum For This Course
Introduction to Reducing, Accepting, Releasing those things that ARE
5 Lectures 45:10

Hello, let's start with our ability to recognize. To recognize what, you might ask. Well, recognizing how we react in certain situations, how we respond, how we feel, how we internalize something- good or bad.

You see, the moment we recognize we become 'aware'. Aware of what? Of urselves, of our reactions, of how we feel and so on. At times, we don't like those outcomes or reactions, right? That means we have got to do something about it!

When we begin to recognize our own strength and potentials resulting in awareness of needing change means newness, looking at things from a different angle, creating and feeling new thoughts about the same topic, and forcing oneself to do a 'make-over'- even within ourselves; moreover, it leads to improving the appearance or usefulness of that what needs to be changed. Change also means that our nature-given energy can be renewed and adjusted, and therefore, put to better use.

So, let's transform the old and unwanted into the new most wanted and effective one. Go for it! This course will enable you to manifest your beautiful wants.

Preview 05:24

Hello again, no no- accepting does not mean to give up! However it does mean that there are things we just can't change and by accepting them we stop fighting them and, at the same time, we reduce our stress load. Moreover, it opens the door to many new choices.

Let's look at these examples here: Accept the fact that you are going to be unemployed by the end of the months. Horrible thought with all accompanying negative feelings. What do we usually do? We focus on all the negative possibilities including depression. Stop. Turn it around. Accept the fact. And now- focus on the time you suddenly have on your hands! Wasn't there something you always wanted to learn, do, find out, longed for, etc? Go for it! At least plan it in your mind and begin the process while you're looking for a new job. That's THE opportunity to discover your purpose in life.

In this example you are struggling with the behavior and attitude of a friend. Can you change him/her? No. All you can change is how YOU react and proceed. So, now it's your turn, YOU have the choice, either you remove yourself from this friendship or you stop complaining. Period.

You see becoming aware of our Self includes being able to make many more choices than before. Most of all, it means that you are aware how to protect your feelings, ergo reduce stress.

Therefore, recognizing certain situations/things lead to a powerful awareness of Self and opens up inner strength and power not known before. Be aware of your own awareness and enjoy the journey!

Preview 14:19

Hello dear Student, this is tough! Because we're supposed to let go of something we've harbored for so long, right? Well, at times it is difficult to let go after we have recognized and / or even accepted something.

You see each of those steps recognizing and accepting lead to releasing. Just think about it how painful it was for you to find out that you will lose the job! Yet, in shifting your attitude you began to discover your inner strength and began to revisit a few thoughts, talents and wishes from way back then. Right? Yeahh- that's what I am talking about!

And in that transformation you'll find the courage to release. Release what, you're asking? Most of all it's about those paralyzing, destructive thoughts of pain, anger, frustration and also helplessness. Let GO!

Yes, release those negative thoughts of the world coming to an end because no job, no money, no nothing- Release and you'll feel free!

Release the judging about your friend's behavior (can't change it anyhow) and you WILL feel liberated. Release it.

Sounds complicated? Just think of the end result: recognize the situation of job loss, accept the situation with all its ups and downs, and release detrimental thoughts. Become aware of your abilities and transform into a powerful liberated person.

Recognize your friends attitude, accept that you can't change it but your own situation you can, and release the frustration, anger and also sadness over it. You calm your soul, pump your blood for newness, affect your thoughts and creativity. All in your power!

Thank you for your Trust.

I am here for you.

Releasing what cannot be changed, ‘it is what it is’ (Video Lecture 3)

Isn't a meditation like a prayer? Aren't we seeking peace and stillness and tranquility in Prayer? Yes, so do we in meditation. And stillness has answers. When we begin to listen to our own stillness within, the answers to so many questions arise. Are we to busy to listen? Are we listening to our kids? To anyone who is talking? Do we hear what they say?

Let's meditate an initiate listening to ourselves. Start with a gentle piece of music providing your senses with a new level of energy vibration, calming you. Don't think, just listen to the music. Maybe concentrate on a single instrument. Take it in for what it is: energy sound vibration enhancing your stillness. Your soul will be thankful.

A meditation will assist you in recognizing your SELF, accepting what cannot be changed, and releasing the unwanted.

Love and light,


A Meditation- Stillness in the Flower Field

In the summation, I touch on the topics of Recognizing, Accepting and Releasing which are actually only the very beginning of a self-discovery journey to emotional freedom, independence, and liberation of oppression of any kind which is especially pertinent for women.

Dear Student, congratulations! I am proud of you. You have diligently powered through a very difficult point: the first look at awareness of SELF. Believe me, from now on it's easy and eye-opening, just keep on going on this Spiritual Path!

Allow me to share a few words from a student in Hong Kong:

"I am so glad that, by divine's arrangement, I came into the world of Anke and she was available to fit my tight schedule. I booked a 3 hour session with her. .... I was really impressed by Anke's compassion and love of humanity. She is crystal clear in her vision and attunes to my deep yearnings. I got important insights from our conversation from the heart. These insights are coupled with take- home lessons and tools for personal growth.
Hence it is not only sweet words but practical action plans for me to follow to further advance myself. She also gave me and signed a copy of her book which is so full of words of wisdom!"

See you in the next course, another building block on this journey/

Love an light,


Summation - Blueprint of Self-Awareness
4 pages
About the Instructor
Anke Otto-Wolf
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Transformational Life & Business Coach

Anke Buffalo Feather Otto-Wolf, Educator, award-winning Author, Motivational Speaker; Jack Canfield trained Trainer/Life Coach additionally trained with international experts and spiritual growth teachers like Michael Beckwith, Hal Dowskin of Sedona Method, Rod Bear Cloud of Sedona, and many others.

For 25 years she has been practicing and teaching the subject of “Reach the Soul, Change a Life" in local community, national school systems, internationally and on-line.

Individuals, Life Coaches, Trainers, Educators, Corporate and Counselors are seeking Anke's expertise to enhance their professional Self, improve relationships and manifest higher productivity.

Anke's profound connection to her children, Mother Nature, and the ancestors has taken her to the deepest levels of her own Self-discovery. She now shares her wisdom of healing the soul as foundation to Wholeness and Self-Love.

“Reach the Soul, Change a Life"- is now available not only for tourists visiting Sedona, but for everyone world-wide who is seeking a change or transformation in life.

Anke's Sedona Soul Balance reaches around the globe through these Udemy online courses, and carries Sedona's vortex energies and Anke's metaphysical, spiritual approach to living, far beyond Arizona.