The Best SEO Certificate Course to Skyrocket Website Traffic
4.6 (28 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
154 students enrolled
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The Best SEO Certificate Course to Skyrocket Website Traffic

Complete WordPress SEO 2017 Training-Keyword Research, Content Writing, Backlinks, Website speed etc to Rank 1 on Google
4.6 (28 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
154 students enrolled
Created by Sivakumar Kannan
Last updated 9/2017
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What Will I Learn?
  • At the end of the course, students will be able to handle SEO issues with deft, whether it is optimizing their own website or clients’ websites.
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  • Basic Knowledge of understanding English Language, Basic computer operation with an internet connection and a WordPress website to test everything hands on and implement SEO on the website.

Course Description

SEO or search engine optimization is probably one of the most misinterpreted or misunderstood subject in the field of marketing.

Unfortunately, many false claims from unscrupulous online marketers, projecting SEO as a Magic Solution to achieve overnight success in getting traffic and leads and the subsequent failure to achieve it has caused businesses to devalue its importance as a part of their marketing strategy.

This is highly unfortunate because, if applied correctly, SEO can bring in qualified leads and customers to any business. It can help to achieve much better ROI than many of the traditional marketing techniques like print advertisements and TV commercials.

Why This Course

This is a comprehensive Course that covers all the Important aspects of SEO. Upon Completion of this course, Students will not only get a Certificate, but would have gained an important marketing skill that will tremendously boost their chances of becoming successful in their business / career.

Content and Overview

SEO Basics

We cover the meaning of SEO, search engine algorithm, google business model and on page and off page SEO meaning and examples.

Keyword Research

In this section, several Important questions related to keyword research like Why keyword research is important, Customer journey in the process of search, Different categories of keywords, How keywords are targeted and ranked in a website, Free and paid tools to generate large amount of keywords, How to find keyword difficulty, What are LSI or Latent Semantic Index keywords, How to use LSI Keywords and How to Generate more content Ideas to write blog posts and Articles. 

This section shows a A step by step process to conduct Keyword research using free and paid tools.

Optimizing Content

Content marketing is intertwined with SEO. Talking about SEO without writing great content is as good as a human body without the soul. So In this section, we talk about writing and optimizing great content.

Several On Page and Off Page SEO factors are covered here. Specifically, Crafting great titles and sub headings, Writing best meta descriptions, Matching search intent and using only appropriate keywords, Keyword positioning, Prominence and Proximity, Using Alt texts and Captions for Images, Types of content to use, Examples of words that can boost SEO, Active vs Passive writing style, Freshness of the content, Choosing topics for writing, Internal and External links, Ethical practices while writing and sharing content, Being mindful of plagiarism, Spell checking, Proof reading, Word counting, Usefulness of swipe files, Placing Call to Actions (CTA) at appropriate places, Using click triggers, Outsourcing blog writing, Inbound marketing tips, Leveraging Influencers, Best SEO content writing style, Using Anchor Text, Creating link baits, Encouraging social shares, Including SEO case studies, Using video transcriptions and many more.

All in all, this section covers everything about How to create great SEO content, market the same and tools that can help to do that. 

Link Profile & Link Building

This section covers the meaning of a good link profile, Importance of anchor text, Relevancy and Freshness factors, Diversity of linked Pages, Number and Quality of Links etc.

This section also covers several practical ways to Build Quality Links to your Website.

Web Page Speed Factor

Web Page Loading speed is an Important SEO factor confirmed by google. This section covers meaning of web page speed and various ways to make your webpage loading superfast.

Dwell Time

Dwell Time is a clear user experience factor that influences SEO. This section covers the components of dwell time and practical tips to improve the same

Responsive Web Design and Layout

This section covers how to make your website Mobile responsive and various ways and tools to make it happen.

Social Signals

In this section, we cover how social signals and shares affect SEO.

Other Factors

All the factors that are not covered above are covered here. Most of these factors are moderate to lesser important ones when it comes to SEO.

Who is the target audience?
  • This Course is meant for people who are new to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and want to learn every important thing about it in just one course. Students can be from the marketing field who want to sharpen their online marketing skills or bootstrap entrepreneurs who want to learn SEO and optimize their own website or SEO professionals who want to advise clients on SEO matters. This is a comprehensive, all-in-one SEO course that covers everything you need to know to become an expert at this field.
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Curriculum For This Course
67 Lectures
A Complete SEO 2017 Course - Introduction
1 Lecture 05:44

SEO or search engine optimization is probably the most misinterpreted or misunderstood subject in the field of marketing.

This is mainly because of a few unscrupulous marketers who tried to project SEO as a magic solution to receive large traffic to the websites and game the system to achieve those results.

Because of this, many businesses devalue its importance as a part of their marketing strategy.

But such questionable tactics will not work in the long run. Eventually those who apply them will get penalized by search engines and disappear from the web.

On the other hand, high quality content with best SEO practices provides credibility to your business.

It can put you on top of search results and therefore you will be considered an authority in your field or industry and can stay there on a long haul.

Large traffic to your website is the natural outcome of it.

Moreover, SEO can give much better return on your Investment than any other traditional marketing Techniques you can think of like banner ads, TV commercials and the like.

So as a business owner, if you want to establish your business as authority in your industry, SEO is your best bet.

This course covers everything from creating and marketing the best content to earning backlinks and many other factors that influence search engines to rank your content on top of search results.

Newbies to SEO are requested to go through the contents of this course in the same order as it is given. SEO Veterans may skip some of the sections if you feel they are too basic.

Otherwise, I have taken care the course provides massive value to my students

Now, let me share with you what I’m going to cover in this course.

I’ll start with the fundamentals of SEO. In this you’ll learn basic knowledge about google, search engines algorithms, keywords and keyword research and the meaning of On page and Off page SEO.

Then we move on to dig a bit deeper into Keyword Research. I’ll explain how to choose keywords before you start writing content.

Then I’ll show you some free but fundamental tools you need to install so that your SEO implementation and monitoring becomes easy and effective.

We all know content is king. So we’ll dive deeper into best tips to content creation and optimizing it for SEO.

Once you have awesome content, you need to build backlinks. Backlinks are like votes by third parties and one of the major ranking factor. We’ll cover how to get backlinks.

Website speed is another key ranking factor. Then we move on to see some of the speed optimization tips to improve website speed.

Then I’ll cover some of the site architecture issues that needs to be taken care for better ranking.

Structured data mark-up is an important topic for some specific business types. Evidence is very clear that marked up content ranks well. We’ll cover that.

Dwell time is a user experience signal that’s super important for ranking well in search engines. We’ll cover how to improve your site dwell time.

Then comes mobile SEO. Another super important topic for 2017 and beyond. We’ll cover what you need to do to create a mobile friendly website.

SEO is like an ocean. And it’s expanding everyday as the technology grows. So I’ll keep updating the course as we see new developments.

I’m putting in lot of hard work to create and compile all the data and presenting it to you in a nice format so that the course adds tons of value.

So if you like it, I would appreciate you rate and review the course well.

And don’t hesitate to reach out to me for any clarification you need on the subject matter.

Now it’s time we jump into the course!

Preview 05:44
SEO 2017 - Fundamentals
4 Lectures 13:30

This lecture covers the definition of SEO.

What is SEO?

Keywords and SEO

This section covers the role of keywords in SEO, definition of keywords, how keywords and your reputation in the market place is connected.

This also covers how to choose keywords and optimize your website and how important SEO is for an overall better user experience.

SEO 2017 - Keywords and SEO

Search Engine Algorithm and SEO

Google search engine is like a robot. It’s also called a crawler because it crawls websites. It’s programmed based on an algorithm.

This algorithm is like a secret formula. No one knows clearly how it works. In fact, that’s for good.

Because, if that secret gets out, unscrupulous marketers will game the search engines and artificially inflate their rankings.

Since it’s kept as a secret, marketers figure things out, through trial and error, as to what works and what is not. Then google changes the algorithm to shake things up.

So as I said earlier, no one knows how google algorithm works. But based on certain core principles and experience, we can optimize our websites.

Now, as far as google is concerned, it is not merely a search engine company. Google is a media company that sells ads and works on a freemium business model. The model works like this.

Google has a powerful search engine that’s available to people on the internet. Those who want to find solutions to their queries can come to google and find it for FREE.

Now, Google also sells online ads to businesses. It shows the ads purchased by sellers of products and services on the SERP. Buyers are among the people who search using search engine. So in short, google is an online ad selling company.

When people are searching google for a solution and if they find the ads and click on it, google charges sellers. Those who clicked on ads may buy the products from sellers who advertised in google.

Now, let’s see how the search engine and search results are important to you as a business owner. It depends upon the kind of your product / service you deal with.

Certain products are consistently searched online before making a purchase like mobile phones, flat screen TVs, laptops etc. The more considered your purchase is, more important searches are. However if your purchases are impulsive like buying snacks and soft drinks, searches may not be very important for your business. So Algorithm keeps changing. Those who try to game the system by breaking the rules, writing only for search engines, not for humans, publishing duplicate or irrelevant content etc. (AKA Blackhat SEO) to make some quick buck, they will be penalized by google by banning their sites. They cannot be there to build a sustainable business that lasts for a long time. The other way to do it is to go by the rules, like creating awesome content for human users, creating better user experience, earning backlinks in a proper manner and the like (AKA White hat SEO) to earn our place in search engines. There is no need to mention here that, in this course, you’ll learn only about how to do white hat SEO.

Google Search Algorithm and Business Model

On Page and Off Page SEO - Meaning and Examples

In this section, you'll learn the meaning of On Page SEO and Off Page SEO and the difference between the two with a metaphor. A few examples from both types of SEO are covered..

SEO-2017 - On Page and Off Page SEO - Meaning and Examples
SEO 2017 - Keyword Research
8 Lectures 35:34

Keyword Research Basics - 1

In this section, the basics of keyword research with some examples are covered. The factors to be met before choosing a keyword for writing content is listed out.

The different categories of keywords and customer journey while doing keyword research is also explained in this section.

SEO 2017 - Keyword Research Basics-1

Keyword Research Basics-2

Keyword Categories are explained in detail with examples. The Importance of Long Tail Keywords is also covered. 

SEO 2017 - Keyword Research Basics-2

Site Structure and Keyword Targeting

How keywords are targeted within a site structure is explained with a keyword map example. Also how to create content with chosen keyword so that more link juice is passed on to key pages is covered.

SEO 2017 - Site Structure and Keyword Targeting

keyword research step by step

This is a screen cast video that covers how to generate tons and tons of keywords using free and paid tools to conduct keyword research.

SEO 2017 - Keyword research step by step

Learn why keyword relevancy is very important for the ranking of a page.

SEO 2017 - Keyword Relevancy

How to find keyword difficulty

This is a screen cast video that shows how to find keyword difficulty for the chosen keywords using 2 reliable tools available in the market. This also covers how to manually check to find weaknesses on the first page of SERP or Search Engine Results Page.

SEO 2017 - How to find keyword difficulty

Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) Keywords

Meaning and Examples of LSI keywords are explained in this video. Also how to find LSI keywords to include them suitably in the content is shown in this screen cast video.

Preview 04:57

Content Ideas based on Seed Keywords

Finding plenty of awesome content ideas is key before writing content. This section uncovers some of the sources on the internet where content ideas can be found based on Industry specific seed keywords.

SEO 2017 - Content Ideas based on Seed Keywords

This Quiz will test your basic knowledge of SEO based on the lessons already completed in this course.

SEO 2017 - Basics
7 questions
Competitive Analysis
1 Lecture 06:35
Competitive Analysis and SEO
SEO 2017 - Plugin Installation in WordPress
4 Lectures 28:43

SEO plugin Installation

Word press is a fantastic SEO friendly CMS that hosts several leading websites on the web. One of the major strengths of word press is its vibrant community supporters and hundreds and thousands of free plugins.

In this section, let's see how to Install and configure a free SEO plugin that can help to rank your content high in search engines.

SEO 2017 - Plugin Installation-1

This is a continuation of the lecture related to SEO Plugin Installation.

SEO 2017 - plugin Installation-2

This is a continuation of the lecture related to SEO Plugin Installation.

SEO 2017 - Plugin Installation-3

This is a continuation of the lecture related to SEO Plugin Installation.

SEO 2017 - Plugin Installation-4
SEO 2017 - Google Search Console
2 Lectures 26:54

Learn how to use Google search console in detail to find errors and status and make informed decisions to improve the SEO of your website - Part 1

SEO 2017 - Google Search Console-Part 1

Learn how to use Google search console in detail to find errors and status and make informed decisions to improve the SEO of your website - Part 2

SEO 2017- Google Search Console-Part 2
SEO 2017 - Google Analytics Setup
3 Lectures 12:50

Learn google analytics initial setup and some of the features and benefits of the analytics tool.

SEO 2017 - Google analytics setup

Learn how to link google analytics to your website.

SEO 2017 - Google Analytics Tracking Code

Learn the benefits of linking google analytics and search console and how to do it.

SEO 2017 - Linking Analytics and Search Console

This Quiz will test you knowledge gained on the functionalities to tools like Yoast SEO, Search console and Google analytics.

SEO 2017 - Tools and Tracking
5 questions
SEO 2017 - Content Writing
16 Lectures 53:12

This lecture gives a brief Introduction to copyrighting and about knowing your customers before writing.

Content SEO - An Introduction

Page Title with a Keyword

Page Title is one of the key On Page SEO factor that influence Ranking. This video covers what is Page title, where can this be found and how to set keywords within page title.

Page Title with a Keyword for SEO

This video provides tips to craft magnetic titles and free tools available in the market that can help to do this job.

Craft Magnetic Titles for better CTR - SEO

Dont know how to write case sensitive titles that will look is a simple tool that helps.

Title Case

This Video shows on screen how to set your focus keyword in a word press website.

Setting Focus Keyword for SEO

Learn how to write meta descriptions, why it is very important user Experience signal and hence can improve your SEO. An example of a good and bad meta description is included.

Meta Description and SEO

This video shows how to set sub heads within a word press post page.

Using Subheads and SEO

Learn about the importance of including LSI Keywords in your content for SEO and how it helps Google to identify and categorize different types of content based on the context.

LSI Keywords for SEO

Learn how long form content can help boost your SEO with an example.

Long Form Content

Learn how freshness factor and covering trending topics help boost your SEO.

Fresh and Trending Topics

Learn how to find and apply the font you like the most and at the same time thay are web safe and compatible.

This will better the user experience and hence will help to boost SEO.

Web Safe Fonts

Learn how to optimize Alt Text for Images on your site.

Alt Attributes for Images

Learn how videos can help to improve SEO and how to include them.

Video Content

Learn how video transcriptions can help with your SEO. 

Also learn about certain types of content like case studies and expert roundups can improve content quality and hence your SEO.

Learn how to create information sandwich when writing blog posts and articles.

Video Transcriptions, Case Studies and Creating Information Sandwich

Learn how links and content curation can be used effectively to improve SEO. Also how plagiarism affects your SEO and find a powerful free tool to check plagiarism.

Links, Curation and Plagiarism

Learn how to make your copy a high quality one by proof reading with a powerful tool.

Also learn some tips to increase social sharing and hence increase engagement and link building.

Proof Reading and Social Sharing

SEO 2017 - Content SEO
6 questions
SEO 2017 - Backlink Building
6 Lectures 29:17

Learn what are backlinks and how they work for SEO. Some of the basics of Backlink Building are covered in this video.

Preview 03:09

Learn a powerful link building technique 

A Powerful Backlink Technique

Learn how to earn backlinks via guest posting.

Links via Guest Blogging

Learn some strategies for earning high authority .edu backlinks to take your SEO to the next level.

.edu backlinks

Learn to do this popular link building technique in a proper way.

Broken Link Building

Learn how to create anchor text to build an excellent link profile, which is a major ranking factor of google search engine algorithm.

Proper Anchor Text for Excellent Link Profile

Backlinks and Link Profile
5 questions
SEO 2017 - Website Speed
13 Lectures 45:03

Learn how your website hosting plays a key role in determining the speed of your website.

Preview 01:44

Learn how selecting a theme is important for a website speed and how to implement data base management.

Theme Selection for Better Speed

Database Management

Learn why CDN and Caching of your website are important for website speed and how to implement them.

CDN and Cache

Learn how gZip compression can improve website speed and how to do gZip compression.

Add the code given below to your .htaccess file to do gzip manually.

# compress text, html, javascript, css, xml:
AddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE text/plain
AddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE text/html
AddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE text/xml
AddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE text/css
AddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE application/xml
AddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE application/xhtml+xml
AddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE application/rss+xml
AddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE application/javascript
AddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE application/x-javascript
AddType x-font/otf .otf
AddType x-font/ttf .ttf
AddType x-font/eot .eot
AddType x-font/woff .woff
AddType image/x-icon .ico
AddType image/png .png

gZip Compression

Learn about Accelerated mobile pages, how it can improve website speed and how to implement it on a website.

AMP Implementation

Learn to optimize images to improve website loading speed.

Image Optimization

Learn why lazy loading can improve website speed and how to implement it on a website.

Lazy loading

Revision control

Learn the meaning of minification and how to do it to speed up your website.


Learn how to disable ping backs and track backs to improve website speed.

Disable Pingbacks and Trackbacks

Learn about the usage of plugins and how to see which plugin is contributing to the slowdown of a website.

Plugin Usage and Performance profiler

Security of your website from malware and virus attacks is a top priority. In this lecture, learn how you can protect your website by installing a free word press plugin.

Wordpress Security

Page Loading Speed
5 questions
5 More Sections
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