How Brilliant People Live Their Purpose and How You Can Too

From Rock Stars to NASA legends to NY Times Best Selling Authors: Find Your Passion and Transform It Into Reality
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About This Course

Published 10/2014 English

Course Description

How do you find your purpose and live your dreams in today's world of exponential change?

This seems to be the question of the century and the problem that most of us face at this very moment. Frustration, stress, depression, low self-esteem, addiction problems, all of these have the same root cause - a loss of meaning in life. Is this the best we can do today?

I know for sure that it’s not and I brought in this course some of the most brilliant minds in the world to show us how we can do better.

You will study directly with:

• Gregg Braden - New York Times Bestselling Author

• Steve Vai - Grammy award winning musician

• Dr. Charles Pellerin - NASA legend, Charlie built Hubble Space Telescope

• Dr. Ed Hoffman - NASA Chief Knowledge Officer, Ed developed thousands of top leaders

• Peter Vesterbacka - Peter made Angry Birds into the global brand it is today

Dr. Robert Richards - Co-Founder Singularity University

Because it's never the extraordinary people who do the extraordinary. It's the ordinary people like you and me who decide to step out and take the journey. Because they complete the journey, ordinary people become extraordinary.

A few years ago I gave up on everything in life to make The Amazing You film, to empower people to make their most cherished dream a reality, even if they start with very little. In this course you also get the internationally acclaimed movie THE AMAZING YOU.

Facts about THE AMAZING YOU:

• UNESCO OFFICIAL SELECTION for the global youth forums, Washington 2015

• Nominated in TOP 10 MOVIES THAT CAN CHANGE THE WORLD, Los Angeles, 2014

• GLOBAL AWARD FOR EDUCATION & Social Change, Los Angeles 2014

• Available in 19 languages (translated by volunteers)

• Requested by the audiences to be included in all schools in the US and Europe

I want you to have access to all my work. You get the movie and 60 extra videos that show you how to discover your passion and how to make it a reality.

My goal with this course is to empower people to find their purpose and transform it into reality even if they start with almost nothing.

JOIN this top-rated course and let’s make the journey together!

What are the requirements?

  • You only require a pen and paper and pay great attention to each video.
  • Each video contains years of leadership savvy, career wisdom and life experience.
  • Listen carefully, several times if you need to, but take it as a course not as some nice videos to watch.
  • Take notes, answer all the questions, be commited and start doing the work!

What am I going to get from this course?

  • How to start with almost nothing, find meaning in life and transform your purpose into reality
  • Reduce stress and frustration that arise from not knowing what you really want to do
  • Proven strategies of NASA leaders and Silicon Valley entrepreneurs that drive your success
  • Greatly strengthen your courage to work on your dreams
  • Transcend your worries, fears and limitations through rational, logical and critical thinking
  • Discover how to become super-credible with your ideas and attract important people to support you

Who is the target audience?

  • If you can’t seem to find your place in this world and you are just aimlessly going day by day
  • If you are familiar with the pain of having a dream and not knowing yet how to make it a reality
  • If you ever tried something for a few times and then gave up on because it didn't work
  • If you feel unfulfilled in your job and are looking for a way to set yourself free
  • If you don't know what your passion is in life, this course is for you

What you get with this course?

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30 day money back guarantee.

Forever yours.
Lifetime access.

Learn on the go.
Desktop, iOS and Android.

Get rewarded.
Certificate of completion.


Section 1: Introduction

Welcome to the most credible, reality-focused, award winning self development program in the world.

NASA legends that put man on the moon, Stanford visionaries that sent robots to Mars, astronauts, award winning entrepreneurs that changed the social paradigms with their business savvy, rock stars and New York Times bestselling authors share with you ONLY HERE the fundamental wisdom for living a fulfilled and meaningful life.

THE FIRST 12 LECTURES contain only video and give you the basic information. Take your time to watch the videos over and over because every sentence in this course contains a wealth of wisdom and modern discoveries about the human potential. These lectures are available for download at the end in THE AMAZING YOU movie.

THE ADVANCED LECTURES contain both video and text. Take your time to think about the fragments of wisdom you receive, answer the questions and see how you can immediately apply in your life what the speakers tell you. This is the beginning of a new journey in your life, make sure you invest your time properly and take action on what you learn. At the end of this course you can download THE AMAZING YOU movie and THE AMAZING YOU soundtrack.

Section 2: Basic Course 01 - What You, Sherlock Holmes and Carl Sagan Have in Common?

The only way you will solve the problems you face in your life is to do something that is very unnatural for people to do. You have to define and accept uncomfortable reality. Accept the problems and deal with them head on. Most people either lie to themselves about the problems they have, or make them much worse than they actually are and lose the power to make a change. Addressing uncomfortable reality is hard because fear creeps in. But remember, the cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek, as Joseph Campbell once said. Until you accept your fears you cannot overcome them and until you embrace your demons you cannot heal them. You don’t run from fear, you go through fear. When you address and acknowledge unpleasant reality, creativity begins to soar and you come up with apparently magical solutions to problems. Optimistic, reality-based visions can create the impossible.

The first step in creating a life filled with passion, excitement and purpose, the first step in solving any problem is: Define and accept reality! Don’t make it worse because you then loose your power to take action, don’t ignore it and don’t lie about it. If you pretend it doesn’t exist, there’s nothing you can do about it. Decide what you want to do, accept the boundaries, the limits and the box you find yourself inside and start building with the limited resources you have available. And if the reality is that you have nothing, start building with your bare hands because others will join you and support you once you start.

Section 3: Basic Course 02 - Discover The Amazing You

Most people accept living unhappy lives because it is the only way they know how to live, they refuse to be open to the new emerging possibilities and refuse to make positive changes. Because they are afraid of being outside of their own comfort zone and don’t risk anything, they live lives that are far less than what they could actually have. And the greatest inner struggle begins when they try to answer these personal and profound questions:

  • Who am I?
  • Am I the one that I really want to be?
  • Am I all that I could be?
  • Do I know who I want to be in life?
  • Do I know what I really want in life?
  • What’s my purpose in life?
  • What am I becoming?

You discover the answer to these questions beyond the field of opinions, social pressures and external influence.


Leadership always begins with you. The most important thing about leadership is the understanding that you are the leader of your life. You cannot outsource to other people what is fundamentally important to you. You have the full responsibility as well as the complete benefits. In this lecture you will discover the two most important things in your life - what nobody can take away from you.

Section 4: Basic Course 03 - Embrace Your Life's Purpose and Step Into The Future

Authentic success goes beyond goals, it goes much deeper within you, it's about finding and staying on purpose. Purpose changes and you begin to navigate through life in different ways that lead to different purposes in different times in your life, but you simply need to follow what’s honestly important to you. Ask yourself – what is it that you care about so much in the world? What are the problems that you want to solve? You can't be excited about life, you have to excited about something that you want to change about life. The huge problems we are facing in the world right now are actually opportunities for you to make a difference. It's a major responsibility to be honest with yourself and have the courage to speak your truth.

Section 5: Basic Course 04 - The Secret to Authentic Success from NASA Visionaries

Success is a mental state and is the result of you connecting to your purpose in every moment of your life. You have to move to the beat of your own inspiration and follow your intuition. If you can identify with what's very natural to you, with what brings you happiness and a sense of fulfillment, and engage in it with great joy, you're achieving your purpose in every moment of your life. If you are always looking for your purpose in the future, you are in trouble because you will never find it.


Life is hard. For that reason, from a very practical perspective, you need to become authentic and align your thoughts, your feelings and your actions. The projects you take on must be aligned with what you feel and they have to take you closer to your meaning. It’s that little voice in your mind that says "you can't do that for a living, you can't do the thing that's most natural and brings you joy because that's not how the world works" - that's your greatest challenge. Money is not important enough to let it drive your life. - don't let money drive you. If you can forget about money and think about what it's really important for you, what would you do if money didn't matter?


We live in an era of accelerated transformations where modern technologies have fueled our minds to work at super speeds. On a superficial level we demand instant gratification for our thoughts, ideas and desires. On a more profound level however, our minds and our hearts constantly push the boundaries of creation, of imagination and human potential. Our most cherished visions for the future require time, patience and persistence to grow into reality. This lecture presents the story of the first woman astronaut and commander of the NASA Space Shuttle. How did she do it and what it means to you?

Section 6: Basic Course 05 - How to Turn Ideas into Reality and Passions Into Products

The only way to be rewarded in life is by virtue of your contribution to the world - there's nothing more important than contributing to the process of life. The way you make a contribution opens the door to new possibilities not limited to what your degree is in, what your training is in, or how much money you have. Contribute to the world with what's important and meaningful to you - what you value about yourself and what you want so much to put out into the world. Contribute with something that you care so much about that you're willing to dedicate your life to it. And this decision has to come from the heart, it’s always emotional commitment. ­­

Section 7: Basic Course 06 - The Inner Technology for Success and Fulfillment

When you begin to live life through the intelligence of your heart, the mind might come in trying to rationalize inspiring ideas away. The mind might come up with all the reasons why you can't do what you want to do – “You don't have enough money, your degree is not suitable, you are not trained, people will laugh at you” - that's not the heart because the heart by-passes the fears of the mind. In this lecture you will learn how to discover the powerful voice of your heart. How do you listen to your inner voice? Just be still and know. Spend some time in silence. Shake the other voices talking in your head and only listen to the little silent voice arising from within your heart. Get secure within yourself, learn to make your choices with more discrimination from the heart, consistently put your heart into things. In this way, the mind becomes an instrument, instead of a prison.


The key parameter that allows successful people to reach incredible goals and live happy and truly fulfilled lives - whether they are NASA leaders who put man on the moon, built spaceships and sent robots to Mars, business executives who change the lives of millions of people daily through their ideas and innovations, or authors and musicians who inspired generations – is authenticity. Know who you are deep in your heart and be who you are deep in your heart. Being an authentic person means aligning what you think with what you feel and what you do. When you align your thoughts, your feelings and your actions, in that moment you say to the mountain “mountain, move away”, and you will have the inner power to climb it all the way to the top.


Heart intelligence is the marriage between the potential of our minds and the power of our feelings, the union between thought and emotion, between reasoning and feeling, the integration of the two modes through which we make decisions and perceive reality – our thoughts and our emotions. It’s the new bandwidth of intelligence that’s coming into the world today. The best science of today demonstrates what our most cherished spiritual traditions have told us since thousands of years ago – listen to the wisdom of the heart. Focus on what your heart is telling you with each moment because it integrates both the advanced, reasoning capabilities of your mind and your emotional intelligence in the process. The intelligence of the heart has direct, measurable impacts on thinking, superior cognitive processes, decision-making ability, productivity, innovative problem solving, our actions and the overall quality of our lives. Science is now bringing accurate proof on how the heart intelligence can drive achievement and success. As you learn to tune in to the intelligence of your heart you move into new states of awareness, of intuition, that give you greater ability to have intuitive insights, to activate creativity and really move beyond your own limitations.

Section 8: Basic Course 07 - The Amazing You Conclusions
The Amazing You - Transform Your Purpose into a Brilliant Career
Section 9: Advanced Course 01 - Vision

Everything in the world was at first and for a while a dream. To dream the impossible dream really is your first step. Your dream has to be possible enough so you can show how you will make it real and impossible enough so it’s worth pursuing it. Any worthy idea initially seemed crazy and you will find yourself at this tension between the possible and the impossible – in that moment you are truly growing and pushing your boundaries.


Everything starts with a dream. However, in order to transform the dream into reality you need to turn your vision into a beautiful story that excites other people so they will offer you their full support. You need to bring people on your side, make them believe in you and help you. You need to learn how to tell a great, super-credible story.


In this lecture Dr. Ed Hoffman speaks about turning dreams into reality. What were his dreams when he was a Ph.D. student, what inspired him to join NASA and how he contributed to the advancement of leadership at NASA. In this inspirational lecture, he explains how he developed frameworks for developing successful leaders and teams.


Our entire educational system is focused on training you to get a job and serve the ideas of somebody else. The world of entrepreneurship is counterintuitive to the educational systems, but in this world you are free and anything is possible. In this lecture Dr. Richards reveals the opportunities you have as entrepreneur, as well as the drawbacks and the most incredible rewards you get when your vision comes to life. This is worth all your years of hard work, persistence and dedication.

Section 10: Advanced Course 02 - From Vision to Reality

Everything you can imagine is possible, and so is everything you can't. Your imagination sets you apart from everything else in the universe. Any idea that has a high potential of becoming wildly successful initially appears absurd or ridiculous – it was this way with all the great discoveries. If your idea initially seems absurd, similar to something from sci-fi movies, you may be on a great path! When a compelling idea arises, it takes precedence over everything else, even over your fears and insecurities and you have take full responsibility for it. Imagination turns into reality through your actions, but it all starts with an idea.


You need to be a practical visionary to move from imagination to implementation. You need to learn how to analyze the practical aspects of it - the science, the engineering, the management - and to decide on the feasibility of the idea. You need learn how to adapt your mindset from the beginning to the end of the execution of your idea.


You need to think through your idea in every possible detail, option and possibility, and demonstrate how it could be done to the people who can support you. You need to learn to shift their idea from "it cannot be done" to "here's how it might be done".


Everybody can have a great idea, there are millions of great ideas that never see the light of day. How you executive on that idea is fundamentally important. If you drop below the line of credibility, you don't stand a chance. If you go above the line of supercredibility, maybe you have a chance. How you position yourself is critical to your success.


Dr. Charles Pellerin is the leader that led NASA's Hubble Space Telescope Repair Mission - a space flight that required astronauts to go out of the space Shuttle and replace the broken parts of Hubble - all that at 27,000 km/h spinning around the Earth. People use to say to Charlie that putting the Hubble mission together must have been really hard for him. His answer always is: "Actually, it was the easiest thing that I have ever done. All the trauma and strife supported me in 100 percent commitment to fixing the telescope. My 100 percent commitment caused solutions to appear naturally and magically". The way you get what you want is by becoming 100% committed. If you notice you are taking bold, apparently crazy actions, you are probably already 100 percent committed. Your success is near, keep on going!


You need to learn how to sort your ideas to be able to take them from imagination, to implementation, to reality.

Section 11: Advanced Course 03 - Attitude is Critical For Your Success

In this lecture, Dr. Hoffman reveals the three critical things that can boost or end your career. No matter how brilliant or talented you are, if you don't cover these three dimensions, you will fail.


People who are successful go beyond the technical knowledge. Everything is coming down to multidisciplinary expertise. You need to work with engineers, scientists, budgeting people, financial people, marketing people - you are going to be working for the rest of your life with people who don't think like you, people who haven't been schooled the same way, who have different ideas and different values - and if you're successful working with them, you will be very successful. 30 years ago the social skills were less important. Now the multidisciplinary demands of a project, a programme, a mission supersede everything. Nowadays you need to be able to work the people dimension - you need to master the social risk.


The first step to transform your life in a meaningful way, the first step to create a life filled with passion, excitement and purpose, the first step in solving any problem in your life, in your family and in your projects is to do something that is very uncomfortable and uncommon for most people – define and accept reality as it is. Don’t make it worse because you then loose your power to take action, don’t ignore it and don’t lie about it. If you pretend it doesn't exist, there's nothing you can do about it. In this extended lecture, Dr. Pellerin speaks about the power of addressing reality.

The first step towards success is defining reality - Dr. Ed Hoffman

Leadership is key and it happens at any level. Anyone can be a leader. However, you need to be able to clearly define reality, know your strengths, know your weaknesses and answer this question: "why should anyone be led by me?"


Character is everything and your future success springs from your character. The key skill you need to master is attitude. In this lecture you will discover the four dimensions of successful leadership and the behaviors you need to master to join the top 30% successful leaders in the world.

"I've seen more careers end because people got the reputation that they cannot work with others. And no matter how brilliant and talented you are, if you cannot work with people, you will fail. Attitude is the first thing"

- Dr. Ed Hoffman, NASA Chief Knowledge Officer

Section 12: Advanced Course 04 - Bridging Fear, Failure, Wisdom and Achievement

Most people in today’s society follow what is called event-driven behavior, a short-term focus approach to life, looking for immediate gratification and results. In contrast, living a fulfilled life requires purpose-driven behavior, under which you hold the big picture in focus all the time and manage appropriate activities that will lead you to the realization of your vision. You must have an action plan with clear executable steps that will move you above the life of supercredibility and have a chance to succeed.


The world we live in is more complex than ever before. We are only now beginning to understand the unlimited possibilities created by technology and communications. Only now are able to catch a glimpse of the complex world we find ourselves in the process of creating. But this new world that’s emerging in front of eyes comes with very a high price. The amount of information, the knowledge and instruments available are overwhelming and we barely keep up with the speed of society and technology. We feel trapped in a daily routine and struggle to find more purpose in our lives. However, a new human being is emerging in this process, a new human being that doesn't fear the future, that allows anxiety and worry to stay in the past, a human being that walks in faith and bliss towards her dreams. In this lesson you learn how to become this human of the future.


In this short lecture, Peter - the Chief Marketing Officer behind the huge success of Angry Birds - explains why it is important to constantly take action and focus more on solutions rather than on problems. If you spend too much time thinking, you end up spending too little time doing, and action is the only way you can advance in the direction of your dreams. "Start by doing what's necessary; then do what's possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible." - St. Francis of Assisi


Our minds are biologically attracted to select the bad news and we tend to focus more on the negative than on the positive in life. Unfortunately, the media is growing their business by feeding off our weakness for fear. The rule of the optimist says that the world is actually far better than you think. People are fundamentally good, the universe we live in is balanced towards our evolution. You need to shift your mind and understand that we are moving towards a future of abundance.


Fear is an ancient response to threat. But our nervous system responds in the same way to imagined fears as it does to real fears. When you fear the unknown - more accurately when you fear of what you imagine to be lurking in the unknown, simply ask yourself this question: "what would I do if I had no fear". And do it.


What doesn't kill you makes you stronger. How many times have you heard this saying? It's true. If you try and you fail, what is the worst thing that can happen? And if it happens, then what? And then what? If you keep asking this question, you will see that in the end, no matter how bad you might fail, you will be fine. Isn't this a most empowering thought?


In this lecture, Dr. Ed Hoffman explains what is the right time to take action towards the fulfillment of your vision. He shares the most important reason why some leaders are incredibly successful.


In this lecture, Dr. Scott Hubbard explains the reason why we need to fail, and why you will get in serious trouble if you don't fail. The reality is that the dream isn’t going to come easy. It can fall apart at so many levels. There are so many things that could go wrong, there are so many things that can stop us and persistence is a necessity. But failure is part of the journey, so as long as you are failing, you are still going in the right direction. Stay the course.


In this lecture Dr. Ed Hoffman shares from his vast experience at NASA the two opportunities of a failure. Obviously you already know that a failure gives you the opportunity to learn. But what is the other one?

Section 13: Advanced Course 05 - Perseverance Is The Most Important Part of Genius

Persistence usually fades away in the face of all the challenges we encounter. With consistent access to the heart, we align our thoughts with our emotions. Thoughts have little power until they have emotional support underneath them. When we have the emotional support, that's when we can sustain things - the emotional support gives us the ability to keep going, and that comes only by following a purpose from the heart.


Angry Birds is the bestselling mobile game in history. In 2014 they had over 2 Billion downloads. But what is the real story behind Angry Birds? How many times they have tried and failed? How many times have you tried and failed? How many years have you spent working towards you dream? Maybe success is just around the corner. Don't stop now.


Thinking of an idea is easy. Turning that idea into reality is the most difficult part. You can have a team working with you, you can ask people to support you, but in the end, you are solely responsible for your dream.


In this lecture you will learn the answer to one of the most difficult questions many entrepreneurs have to answer: how do you tell the difference between an idea that will fail and you need to abandon, and an idea in which you need to invest another week, month or year of effort and will surely work. Enthuziasm without wisdom will defeat itself.


You need to learn to go from where you are to where you want to be. If you knew how to get there, you would have better there already. But this is the beauty and the mystery of life. Faith will take you there, but keep learning and enjoy the unfoldment of your dream, every step of the way.


You need to have competence and passion. One without the other will defeat you. You need to believe in what you are doing and if you have the passion, you are not going to give up when it will get very hard.


You need to eliminate luck from your life by learning, analyzing, understanding and taking the actions that lead to success. The probability of luck increases with persistence and learning.

Section 14: Advanced Course 06 - Social Contexts, Mentors and Other Key Influences

The people you surround yourself with are fundamental to your success. Success leaves a trail and if you want to accelerate your way to your success, you need to surround yourself with the people you most respect and admire. Pick what’s best from the people you admire, learn from them but keep your most important part – your authenticity.


In the past, early explorers had to face incredible dangers during their expeditions into the unknown. They have gone through serious challenges and difficulties, met painful and sometimes tragic failures, only to come back stronger and eventually succeed. Sir Edmund Hilary went back three years in a row to conquer Mount Everest and opened the way for thousands of people to follow him. No matter where you want to go, it is highly likely that somebody has been there before you, or at least has tried and will try again. Your journey will be smoother, faster and more joyful if you have a guide. Mentors are fundamental for your success.


Mentors are people who pass on to you a hundred previous generations of experience, as Colin Powell explained. They are the people that are doing what you want to do, the people that have the experience that you want to have, the people who have traveled the road before you. On this journey, it will be impossible for you to travel alone. You will do most of your learning through the relationships you have with other people and the most powerful learning is often provided by the mentor-mentee relationship, which provides both task learning and social and emotional learning.

Developing a trustworthy relationship with a mentor will enable you to avoid problems, to find better strategies for going around obstacles and to take the shortcut to success. By having them as guides, you will reshape your thinking and analyze problems and situations from a higher perspective, from where they will be much easier to solve. Your confidence will grow as you achieve small goals that lead you to your dream. Your sense of worth and perception of power will increase, as you will learn and work together with your mentor.


The most important important relationship you have in life is with yourself. In this lecture you will learn how to take full responsibility for your relationships and full power over your life.


You need to develop a nose for knowledge, study the people who have the skills you want to acquire, the success you want to achieve. Find the people you truly admire, people you deeply respect and you want to learn from, and tell them. Most of the times, they will be happy to join you on your journey and guide you because, by helping you grow, they also grow. The joy of sharing with others their experiences and expertise is immense, especially if you follow their advice and succeed.


In this lecture, Dr. Robert Richards explains how you select the right people to work with, reveals the optimum number of people to have on the team and the most important quality of these people - all these before you even get to the business realities of cash-flow and operations.


When you have a dream, a vision or a big new goal you are obviously in doubt, you are not sure if you can do it, how to do it, what choices you need to make, what steps to take next. So you automatically look for the social proof - what are your peers saying about this? Do they support me or they oppose my vision? Unfortunately most of the times, people around you will not want you to succeed or will be overprotective and will try to stop you. If you become aware of how the social environment impacts your decisions, you can change the social context into one that's supportive.

Section 15: Advanced Course 07 - Heart Intelligence & The Science of Who You Really Are

Heart intelligence is the marriage between the potential of our minds and the power of our feelings, the union between thought and emotion, between reasoning and feeling, the integration of the two modes through which we make decisions and perceive reality – our thoughts and our emotions. It’s the new bandwidth of intelligence that’s coming into the world today. The best science of today demonstrates what our most cherished spiritual traditions have told us thousands of years ago – listen to the wisdom of your heart. Focus on what your heart is telling you with each moment because it integrates both the advanced, reasoning capabilities of your mind and your emotional intelligence in the process.


Logic and thinking are less that half of what your life is all about. In this lecture Dr. Charles Pellerin reveals the four fundamental human needs, and the way you meet them to live a meaningful life.


Heart intelligence gives us the ability to regulate our emotions. Suppressing your emotions is incredibly dangerous for your health and for your mental well-being. In this lecture, Howard Martin explains how emotions actually drive our thinking processes. Regulating emotions is one of the key skills we need to learn to be highly productive in today's world.


There is a special relationship between the brain and the heart called coherence. Coherence is an inner state of well-being, when the brain and the heart function simultaneously and communicate perfectly between each other. At this point, our bodies release life-affirming chemicals and our brains operate at maximum power. The state of coherence is triggered and sustained, as research shows, by feelings of appreciation, gratitude, compassion, love and understanding. Coherence gives us access to our full thinking potential, we can differentiate things more clearly, we can see the bigger picture, we begin to see into solutions and we access our full creativity.


Heart-brain coherence allows you to better understand and activate your practical intuition - the new bandwidth of intelligence emerging in the world today.


When you begin to imagine the possibilities of your life from a place of heart-brain coherence, you discover that you are no longer bound by your limitations of what you believe to be true and you are no longer locked in by your fears. If you truly want to open the doors to the potential of you in this big universe, heart-based coherence is the place to begin.


In this lecture Dr. Charles Pellerin explains how you discover and listen to your inner voice. Until now, you have accumulated a lot of voices in your mind and beliefs from your parents, spouses, relatives, society. If you want to live a full and meaningful life, you need to let those voices fade away, and focus only on your own voice.


Flashes of creativity are beautiful. But in today's world, you simply do not have the time to wait for them. You need to learn how to create the creativity. You simply don't have the time to not feel creative days in a row. In this lecture, Howard Martin explains how you can go deeper within yourself and find ways to create the creativity that you need.


In this lecture, Gregg Braden explains how you directly communicate with the fields of energy around us. There are new discoveries that reveal the great power we carry within us, but those discoveries are not being shared in the media. How can we solve the biggest problems we have in our lives if we are not being honest about ourselves and about what science tells us about our relationship with the world?


This is the most beautiful lecture of the entire course. Gregg Braden briefly shares the false assumptions of science and then he reveals one of the most powerful questions and ideas that literally can change our lives.

Section 16: The Amazing You Audio Track Download

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Instructor Biography

Dr. Dragos B., Make your dream a reality even if you start with nothing

Dr. Dragos is an award winning scientist, international speaker and filmmaker. Dragos holds a Ph.D. Magna Cum Laude from the Center for Sensor Systems in Germany. He started from a humble beginning in Eastern Europe where he lived as a student with $100 a month for five years. Today he travels the world and empowers thousands of people to make their dreams a reality even if they start with almost nothing. At 24 years old and fresh out of university, Dragos started from nothing, organized and traveled alone on two expeditions to the North and the South Pole.

In the summer of 2015, Google and Singularity University selected a few people from around the world to be part of an entrepreneurial venture at NASA AMES in Silicon Valley.  Forbes Magazine later named his team among “ the smartest people in the world”. Dragos was one of them and received an important financial grant from Google for this program. 

His work has been translated in 20 languages. 

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