Get Things Done: How To Organize Your Life And Take Action

A Simple, Step-by-Step System For Organizing Your Life, Being More Productive & Achieving Your Dreams
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About This Course

Published 12/2014 English

Course Description

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Introducing The Action Map System - A productivity system that works!

This course on The Action Map System includes:

  • 40 lectures and 3 hours of video content: Everything is explained in crystal clear detail, with lots of examples
  • 1 professionally designed, high-resolution printable workflow chart: Use this to quickly reference how to use any part of the system
  • A ready-to-use Action Map template: To get you up and running with using the system in no time!
  • A sample Action Map, with sample entries: So you can see real-world examples of how to use various elements of the system

The Action Map System is a totally unique productivity and life management system that is built to help you:

1. Manage Your LIFE And Get It Done (The ACTION Part Of The System)

I'm talking everything in your life that demands your time, energy, and resources:

  • What you need to do today
  • What you need to do tomorrow
  • What you want to accomplish next week, next month, this year
  • Those pesky little tasks that need done but take less than 5 minutes to complete
  • Multi-step projects such as creating a product, starting a business, launching a blog, writing a book, planning your anniversary, and so on
  • Decisions, people, and other tasks that you're not prepared to act on today, but need your attention soon
  • Recurring events that you need to take care of weekly, monthly, or yearly
  • Things you learn from books you read, videos you watch, courses you take, and seminars/workshops you attend
  • Lists of actions (processes and checklists) you use on a regular basis to complete a task such as write a blog post, pay your bills, plan a trip, create a video, etc.
  • Dreams you want to acheive in the future
  • More...

2. See And Review All The Elements Of Your Life In A Single Glance (The MAP Part Of The System)

It's been said that life is a journey, which is a really accurate way of looking at it.

In life, there are destinations you want to reach, decisions about which roads you want to take, roadblocks that you have to get around, and even dead-ends that lead to nowhere.

And what's the best tool for navigating any journey - whether you're traveling in car or traveling through life?

In either case, it's a map!


Because a map is a tool that is designed to give you incredible clarity - it enables you, at a glance, to see the entire path from where you are now to where you want to go (the big-picture), so you can quickly and easily:

  • Take the best, most efficient route to reach your destination
  • See and navigate around roadblocks and obstacles that sometimes get in the way
  • Avoid dead-ends that take you nowhere and waste your time, energy, and resources

This is exactly what The Action MAP System does for your life. At a glance, it gives you a unique visual overview of your life, so you see exactly where you're headed and how to take the best path to get there.

This level of clarity means you move through life with a sense of freedom and forward motion similar to driving on the open road with the 'top down' and 'the pedal to the metal.'

The Secret To The Action Map System's Simplicity, Power And Functionality...

In a nutshell: The Action Map System is built on the framework of one of the best organizational tools known to man - a single mind map.

If you're currently a mind map user, you can appreciate the potential of using a system built this way.

If you're not a mind map user, just realize that there's a reason why virtually all Fortune 500 companies use mind mapping in one form or another - it's works amazingly well at helping you plan, organize, and take action!

Because of the way it's built, the entire system scales beautifully, which means that whether you're single, retired, and living on your own private island, or you manage a family and successful business (or multiple businesses), The Action Map System will work for you!


Q: What makes The Action Map System different and unique from other systems?

A: Not only does this system help you manage virtually every element of your life (see list above), but it structures everything visually, and in context, meaning your life becomes like a map - you see your destinations, how you will navigate to them, and where things exist in relationship to each other - which is a very powerful perspective for planning and taking action.

Q: I'm someone who needs to manage both my personal life and a business - can the Action Map handle both?

A: Yes, all in a single map!

Q: What if I don't know how to mind map right now?

A: No problem! I show you where you can grab free mind mapping tools, and I demonstrate the basics of using them - everything you need to use the system I teach in this course.

Become An Action Mapper Today!

If you're ready to toss your paper to-do list or smartphone productivity apps for a real system that helps you get life done, then join us today!

This course comes with a 30-day, money-back guarantee, so try it out, you have nothing to lose!

Be amazing!


What are the requirements?

  • Mind map tool of your choice (MindManager, MindMeister, FreeMind, etc.) - although I share with you several free options
  • A basic knowledge of mind mapping is good, but not required because it's so easy to learn

What am I going to get from this course?

  • 40 lectures and 3 hours of content
  • 1 high-resolution printable reference chart of the entire Action Map System workflow
  • Take action on what needs done today - THIS is what it's all about!
  • Learn a simple daily routine for mapping out tomorrow to achieve success
  • Discover how to visually map out your tasks, projects, and goals for the next week to 6 months
  • Create, plan, and complete multi-action projects (writing a book, creating a website, planning an anniversary) easily and efficiently
  • Learn how to use the Action Map to capture and do small, but important tasks (check email, check Twitter, order that new watch, make appointments, etc.)
  • Learn how to track and follow up on the people, decisions, and tasks that you're not prepared to act on right now
  • Manage and run your errands in the most efficient way possible (works great in households and businesses, too)
  • Discover how to use Triggers to take action on the recurring tasks in your life (cleaning & maintaining your car or home, paying bills, posting to your blog, etc.)
  • Master using Domains - a section of your Action Map for capturing and managing knowledge, checklists, processes, dreams, templates, documents, and more!
  • Learn how to use timeboxing to consistently take action and get things done
  • Discover the motivating effect of using Action Words on your map
  • Learn a simple process that keeps you life and dreams consistently moving forward
  • Experience the clarity and motivating force of seeing the structure of your entire life in a single glance - it's awesome!
  • Master a productivity system that makes sense and REALLY works!

Who is the target audience?

  • People who are being buried alive by the tasks and demands that life continues to pile on top of them
  • Anyone who is sick and tired of the inefficiency of to-do lists
  • Smartphone users who realize that a phone app is no place to manage an extraordinary life
  • Life/productivity coaches looking for a solid productivity system to share with their clients/students
  • Writers, teachers, business owners, or anyone who regularly creates, brainstorms, and manages ideas, people, and tasks
  • Anyone who understands and loves the power of mind mapping
  • The overwhelmed, stressed, disorganized, and burned out

What you get with this course?

Not for you? No problem.
30 day money back guarantee.

Forever yours.
Lifetime access.

Learn on the go.
Desktop, iOS and Android.

Get rewarded.
Certificate of completion.


Section 1: Introduction

Discover what in the world is creating the chaos in your life, and what can you do about it!


Here's what The Action Map System can do that other systems can't.


You don't write 5 bestselling computer training books (3300 pages of content), as well as launch over a dozen other online projects/products - all as a one-man business - without learning ways to maximize what you're able to do.

This is a brief overview of what inspired the creation of this unique life management system.


I'll teach you everything you need to know about using the system to make it your own and customize it to fit your needs.


Let's destroy one of the biggest roadblocks that stand in the way of getting great results in life: How to deal with the short-term pain that often comes with adopting a new system, or way of doing things.


Learn why you have to be all in with using this system in order for it to transform your life.

Yes, it's time to give up the mindset of trying to manage your life on the nearest scrap of paper available to you at the moment!


If you like a no-fluff, no nonsense approach to learning, and you find a lot of practical examples helpful in your learning process, then you'll like my teaching style.


The Action Map System is a simple system to use, but it does require several (free tools) to make it all work. In this video I explain exactly what they are and where to get them.


This is the first step to transforming how you manage your life using The Action Map System.

You'll be introduced to The Action Map template - which is a blank canvas for you to begin using - and I'll explain how to use it from a operational standpoint (how to add elements, hide elements, move elements, add links, etc.).


This is a brief look at the additional mind maps you'll receive to help make your learning experience even better.


This video answers the following questions:

  • What exactly was The Action Map System designed to handle in your life?
  • What's the framework for how the whole thing works?
  • What are the individual elements of the system, and what's their purpose?

This is your first look at the 3 main elements of the system:

  • Actions
  • Triggers
  • Domains

This video explains, in detail, how to use a calendar with system.

You'll see what types of events to add, how to add them, what details to include, as well as how to manage them properly.


This is a recap of the Introduction to the system, as well as a list of next actions to complete before moving on to the next section, including:

  • Choosing a mind map tool
  • Opening and getting familiar with the Action Map template
  • Setting up your calendar
Section 2: Actions

This video teaches you the most important part of the system - Actions Today, which is the area of the map that helps you get today done.

You'll learn:

  • What items go here
  • How items end up here
  • Why and how to add time and specificity to each item
  • Simple strategies for taking action on the items and getting them done

Life is full of small, pesky tasks that need to be taken care of (checking social media, ordering something online, etc.), but it's hard to schedule time to do them.

This video shows you a simple strategy for dealing with these kinds of tasks.


What you do at the end of today plays an important part in how successful you will be at accomplishing what you do tomorrow.

This video is a short introduction what it means to plan tomorrow, today (it gets explained in greater detail later).


Actions in Focus are tasks that don't need done today, but need done sometime between tomorrow and the next 6 months - these don't have your attention today, but they're on your 'radar.'

This video explains:

  • How items end up here
  • How to categorize Actions in Focus to make them more manageable
  • The difference between single actions and projects
  • How to add single actions
  • How to add and manage projects
  • When and how to move action items from Actions in Focus to Actions Today
  • You just delegated a task to someone and you have to wait for them to complete it
  • You're not sure you want to go on vacation with your parents until you discuss it with your spouse
  • You mailed in a rebate request and now have to wait for a check

These types of 'tasks-in-waiting' are called Follow Ups in The Action Map System.

This video explains how to add them to the map and manage them so they get taken care of.


The lesson shows you:

  • How to maintain a simple errands list (even one that is used by your entire household)
  • When to schedule the doing of your errands

This is a recap of how to use the Actions section of the system, as well as a list of next actions to complete before moving on to the next section, including:

  • Planning tomorrow, today
  • Identifying and setting up Break Away Session items
  • Setting up the Actions in Focus area of your map
  • Identifying and entering your current follow ups
  • Creating an errands list
Section 3: Triggers

How do you remember all the things you have to do on a regular basis? That's the job of the Triggers section of the map.

This lesson explains:

  • The difference between a trigger and a calendar event
  • The importance of Day of the Week triggers
  • How to use triggers in your everyday life
  • The unique association between the Triggers and Domains sections of the map

This is a recap of how to use the Triggers section of the system, as well as a list of next actions to complete before moving on to the next section, including:

  • Identifying and setting up your daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly triggers
Section 4: Domains

In this video lesson, you learn about one of the major elements of The Action Map System that separates it from your run-of-the-mill to-do list managers - Domains.

You'll discover:

  • What types of items in your life that domains are used for managing
  • The benefits of using domains
  • How to set up the domains in your map to fit your specific needs
  • How domains are structured and used

This lesson shows you how to use domains to manage:

  • Lists
  • Ideas
  • Templates
  • Notes
  • Knowledge
  • Any other kind of content you may want to reference in the future

The Action section of each domain on your map is used for holding and managing any kind of action-oriented knowledge that has value or meaning to you. This is knowledge that you use to complete tasks.

This could include:

  • Checklists
  • Step-by-step directions for completing a task

This lesson explains why capturing and organizing this kind of information in the Domains section of your map is incredibly useful for getting life done, and you'll see a number of practical examples of how to use it in your everyday life.


In this video, we discuss the 'bucket list' area of the Action Map - where you capture all the things you want to accomplish someday.


Domain items can be a variety of different things:

  • Simple lists
  • Extensive plans
  • Templates
  • PDF documents
  • Graphics
  • Bookmarks
  • Folders of content on your computer

This lesson shows you when to use what, where to keep it, and how to find it later.


One of the most powerful and useful aspects to Domains is how they are used in conjunction with the Actions and Triggers areas of your Action Map.

Here you'll see how all the pieces tie together to help you become a productivity machine!


This is a recap of how to use the Domains section of the system, as well as a list of next actions to complete before moving on to the next section, including:

  • Creating domain categories based on your needs
  • Filling up and organizing each domain with Reference, Action, and Someday content, based on the guidelines we discussed in this section of the course
  • After your Domains are set up, reviewing the Actions and Triggers areas of your map to decide whether any elements there could benefit from anything within your domains
  • Refining and using your domains
Section 5: Reviews

Occasionally, you need to stop doing, long enough to do some reviewing. :-)

This lesson discusses two important benefits that come from regularly looking at your map with a mindset of examining what's there, what needs taken care of, and what might need changed or removed.


The brief video explains the basics of doing both a Daily and Weekly review.


This lesson discusses:

  • When to do a daily review
  • How long it should take
  • What's involved in doing a daily review
  • The goal of doing a daily review

This lesson discusses:

  • When to do a weekly review
  • How long it should take
  • What's involved in doing a weekly review - step-by-step and in detail
  • The goal of doing a weekly review
  • How to set up a trigger to remember to do it

What you learn in this video lesson keeps the entire 'machine' of your Action Map running smoothly.


This is a recap of how to do both Daily and Weekly reviews, as well as a list of next actions to complete before moving on to the next section, including:

  • Deciding when you want to do your daily review - morning or afternoon
  • Doing a daily review
  • Picking a day when to do your weekly review and create a Day of the Week trigger for it.
  • Doing a weekly review
Section 6: Wrap Up

Now that you've learned all the elements of The Action Map System and how they work, this lesson helps you understand how to deal with, and process, all the items that flow into your life on a daily basis. - in other words, where they belong on the map and how to get them done!


This lesson shows you how to use The Action Map System when you're mobile, or not in front of your main computer.


This video contains some very simple strategies for capturing actions, follow ups, ideas, somedays, and other map items when all you have is your smartphone.


Getting life done isn't only about having a beautiful system that helps you do the right things, it's also about eliminating bad things that create resistance, clutter, and stress.

In this video, you'll learn strategies for identifying and destroying 3 common habits that contribute to information overload.


In this video, I share some encouragement with you to go out there and do something amazing with your new, improved, productive, action-filled life! :-)

Section 7: Printable Reference Sheets For The Action Map System
1 page

This is a high-resolution PDF infographic/chart of the entire Action Map System that you should print and either place on your desk or hang on your wall, so you can easily reference how to use any part of the system with a quick review.

1 page

This is a low-resolution, preview version of the Action Map System chart, so potential students can get a better feel for what's offered in the course.

1 page

This is a high-resolution PDF infographic/chart that demonstrates how to use The Action Map System to manage all of the flow (to-dos, appointments, projects, decisions, goals, and ideas) that enters your life. You can print this chart up and either place on your desk or hang on your wall.

Section 8: And Finally...
Bonus Lecture: What's Next For You?

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