The 50 Craziest Ab Exercises You've Ever Seen

The outrageous way to get ripped six-pack abs fast.
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About This Course

Published 3/2015 English

Course Description

Who wants great abs, a solid core, perfect balance and fun? We all do, but we have to work at it. What are the best abs exercises to get the results you want? And what about abs exercises without eqiupment?

Well, with the 50 Craziest Ab Exercises You've Ever Seen, you will have answers to those questions, simply by performing them. In this course, there are a load of great ab exercises and they are all (well, mostly) fun! Wild, crazy moves that challenge even the best fitness gurus around.

  • Video is used to introduce and explain each exercise
  • A pdf workout sheet is included with suggested workouts
  • You use bodyweight, stability ball, small ball, furniture sliders, and the gym for these workouts
  • The length of this course is up to you - since these are recommended exercises to use anytime.
To get a flat stomach, you need diet and exercise. The targeted ab workouts in this course will help you get results fast. There isn't simply a top 10 abs workout, there are hundreds of workouts that you could make-up on your own with these 50 exercises.

What are the requirements?

  • Though optional, the following recommendations will make this course more complete for the student:
  • Students will need furniture sliders
  • Students will need access to a gym
  • Students will need a stability ball
  • Students will need a small exercise ball

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Choose from a large variety of ab exercises to craft their own workout program.
  • Apply these exercises in the gym or at home.

Who is the target audience?

  • The 50 Craziest Ab Exercises course is meant for individuals with an intermediate or advanced level of fitness
  • This is also the perfect follow-up course to my 28-Day Amazing Abs course.

What you get with this course?

Not for you? No problem.
30 day money back guarantee.

Forever yours.
Lifetime access.

Learn on the go.
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Get rewarded.
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Section 1: The 50 Craziest Ab Exercises You've Ever Seen introduction

Here is a welcome video for the 50 Craziest Ab Exercises You've Ever Seen course.

1 page

Here is a brief intro to maxmizing the benefits of this abs course.

Section 2: Stability Ball Exercises

The Stability Ball truly lives up to its name in this section. Core, core, core work is what you will be doing.


How far can you reach out while lying across a stability ball? This exercise will test your balance on both sides of your body and will work your core as well.


The Stability Ball Extender is a classic ball exercise that has you leaning in (back and forth) while balancing on your knees.


This final stability ball exercise has you doing a full-armed plank while holding onto the ball. Challenging indeed!

Stability Ball Quiz
1 question
Section 3: Crunches

You've learned to love crunches in the 28-Day Amazing Abs course. Now, here are 11 crunch exercises that will push you and make you firm.


Angel Wings is based on snow angels that you did as a kid, only no snow and your head and legs elevated.


This is the first exercise that uses a small ball to aid in the routine. Think of yourself inside a large clock and you are doing pike-ups at each hand.


Here is a seated position that takes concenation as you move your hands and arms one way and your knees and feet another.


In the course, 28-Day Amazing Abs, students learned basic leg lifts as a way to exercise your core. In this class, we ramp-up that exercise.


This exercise is based on one that was featured in the workout program Insanity. In a seated position, with your hands forward, you will lift your legs straight up and down for 20 reps.


This exercise is similar to Angel Wings, but you wil be pulsing your straight arms and legs. Great core work!


One of the more challenging exercises in this course, Row Rope Crunches combines the Rowmaster and the Rope Climb exercises from 28-Day Amazing Abs class.


Do you know the classic bicycle crunch exercise? Try it with straight legs!


This is a static hold exercise where you emulate the sculpture The Thinker while crunching your abs.


You will be on your back with your knees bent and you will slide your palms up your thighs and back down (20 times!).


Here is a very fun exercise using a small ball while in a seated position near a wall. You will be playing catch by yourself.

1 question

A check to see if you are correctly doing your crunches.

Section 4: Free-standing core work

The free-standing section allows students to use themselves for their workout and no equipment.


In the Power Set exercise in 28-Day Amazing Abs, students learned mountain climbers. In this course, you get to do the mountain climbers against a wall.


With this cardio move, High Knees lets you get ab work while burning calories.


This exercise uses a small weight to aid in the challenge of core and obliques work, by alternately stepping forward and moving the weight at arms-length away.


Combine a body-straight Superman and Boat exercise, and your have the Lying Outstretched Twist.


While simple, the March & Hold works on your balance. Hold your knees as high as possible to get the greatest ab work possible.


A fun exercise, Squat Stance Fight allows you to let loose your aggression against the invisible forces of the world!


Another simple, but effective exercise. Standing Push Press has you stand, lean down, push off the floor and press your hands in the air - all at a stepped-up pace. Crunch when you go down.


Probably the craziest exercise in the program - the Straitjacket has you simulate your inner Harry Houdini to ultimately break-free!


This is the most difficult balance poses in this course. Tree Crunches combines the yoga Tree Pose with standard crunches. Your goal is 20 (10 on each side) - it is something to build-up to.


We are shaking things up with Mountain Climbers - in this exercise, you will do them upside down and against a wall - crazy!


You get to release your inner donkey with this move. Rapidly kick at a wall 20 times, while holding yourself up.

1 question

This question fits perfectly with the free-standing ab exercise section.

Section 5: At the Gym

If you are a member of a gym, use the machines and devices that are there to get some solid ab work done. Below, are some of the craziest ones that you can do.


If you have access to a gym and they have a pull-up bar, this is a great exercise for you. You will hang on the bar, tuck your knees up and twist side to side - 20 times!


The second pull-up bar exercise is the Bar Tuck Extend. This is the same as the exercise above, only you wil tuck your knees up and extend your legs out and back - again, 20 times.


Here is a classic gym ab exercise. It targets the abs and serratus muscles.


Using a cable machine can really help you target all parts of your abs. This exercise targets your obliques.


The cable twist challenges your entire core and is a great one for strength-training as well.


The Factory Robot Raises is a fun exercise that lets you act the part of a machine!


One of the more challenging exercises in this set - these decline crunches let you go without support. Safety is key with this exercise.


Here is a new way to use a Smith machine that will work your entire core.


Like to moon-walk while holding yourself upside down? Well, this is the exercise for you!

1 question

This quiz takes a look at what the purpose of gym devices are related to ab exercises.

Section 6: Obliques

Obliques are your "love-handles," and some people just can't stand 'em. These exercises target those "handles" specifically.


With 007 Obliques, think of James Bond in the middle of a gunfight after having been knocked to the floor.


Like baseball? Then Homer Obliques is perfect for you. Batting practice, anyone?


The Salmon Swim exercise lets you wiggle your way to fitness - side-to-side.


The Twist & Extend uses a small ball to work your entire core. A very challenging exercise.

1 question

This simple quiz asks about the physiology of oblique muscles.

Section 7: Planks

Plank exercises are one of fitness's greatest inventions. Kinda funny how holding yourself in one place for a long time can work your core so well.


Move your full body in a circle, while in a plank. And back. Whoa!


Very similar to Circle Plank I, this exercise has you go in a circle with your feets - several times around.


How far can you reach and hold while in plank?


You may know Spider-man Planks, but how about rapid ones?


This exercise challenges your balance and your core. These are quick moves - be careful.


This is plank exercise that helps you build strength because there are multiple muscle groups involved at the same time. Good luck!


A really fun plank exercise, borrowed from a really famous workout program.


How low can you go? How small can you concentrate your planks?

Section 8: Sliders

Furniture sliders make a great supplement for ab work. Who knew?


Can you do a crawl motion on the floor with sliders? This exercise is for you.


The Slider Extender exercise lets you try and stretch your way to good abs.


Similar to the previous exercise, the Pull-In goes in reverse with sliders using your legs.


The Karate Kid meets The 50 Craziest Ab Exercises You've Ever Seen, (better than a Godzilla movie!)

Section 9: The Workouts
1 page

Here is the entire list of all 50 Craziest Ab Exercises inside their categories.

3 pages

Here is a list of music song title workouts from different bands, along with non-music workout suggestions.

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