The 3 Step Prep System for Voice
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The 3 Step Prep System for Voice

Instant Vocal Preparation System for Singers, Speakers, and Teachers
5.0 (3 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
6 students enrolled
Created by Beth Lawrence
Last updated 12/2016
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What Will I Learn?
  • Instantly prepare for singing or speaking presentations
  • Build a strong vocal foundation
  • Breathe correctly for maximum vocal support
  • Engage the diaphragm for vocal power
  • Release the voice on the breath without pushing
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  • No prior voice work is needed.
  • All materials are contained in the course.
  • You WILL want to practice the exercises

Get ready to use your voice!  This quick, simple system gives you the tools for having a powerful, healthy voice each and every time you speak or sing.  You'll learn how to protect and prepare your voice with 'conscious' breathing techniques; a voice fully supported by the diaphragm and body; and the ability to release the voice with ease, not damaging force.  And it only takes an instant to do all this!

Anyone who uses their voice for their career needs to safeguard their voice against vocal fatigue and occupational injury.  Whether you're a singer, speaker or teach for a living, the 3 Step Prep System for Voice will help you keep your voice healthy and vibrant!

Who is the target audience?
  • Singers, Speakers, Teachers, Trainers and those who depend on their voice for their work
  • Those in danger of losing their voice because they push it too hard; overuse it; or have to speak or sing for a living.
  • Singers and Speakers who want a more powerful voice
  • Teachers and Trainers who overuse and overdrive their voices
  • Those who want to avoid Occupational Vocal Injury
  • Professional or Amateur Singers, Speakers and Teachers
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Curriculum For This Course
Welcome to the 3 Step Prep System for Voice!
3 Lectures 07:24

Welcome to the 3 Step Prep System for Voice!  This quick and easy  system will help you prepare your voice in an INSTANT, each and every time you speak or sing.  Glad you're here!

Preview 01:34

If you use your voice for your career it's important to keep it healthy!  Learning this natural, instantly effective 3 Step Prep System for Voice has many immediate benefits that will help you have, and keep a healthy, powerful voice for life.

Preview 02:22

The 3 Steps are:  INHALE.  ENGAGE.  RELEASE.  You're going to learn how to inhale vital energy; correctly use the diaphragm and body to support your powerful voice; and how to effortlessly release the sound without overly pushing the voice.

Preview 03:28
Step #1 - "INHALE"
1 Lecture 07:24

The #1 Step is INHALE.  Visualizing breath as vital energy will give you an edge over other singers and speakers.  You need energy to get your message across to your listener.  Most people don't breath correctly, and in this video you'll learn exactly what you have to do, and how you have to do it, to maximize the oxygen that you bring in to power your voice.

Preview 07:24

Let's see what you've learned about Step #1 "Inhale".

Are You Breathing Correctly?
4 questions
Step #2 - "ENGAGE"
1 Lecture 07:42

Step # 2 is ENGAGE.  If you want a dynamic voice, the diaphragm is the powerhouse engine that gives you maximum control and volume.  Your throat is never the engine.  Learn how to harness the power of your body, and become aware of how to use proper, conscious breathing to engage the diaphragm for a strong, reliable speaking and singing voice.

Engage the Diaphragm

Let's see what you've learned about using the body as your vocal Engine!

Are You Engaging The Diaphragm?
3 questions
Step #3 - "RELEASE"
2 Lectures 14:02

Step #3 is RELEASE.  In order to get volume, many people 'push' their voices, putting too much force on the vocal cords.  This is not good, and can cause vocal damage over time, not to mention a chronically hoarse throat.

In Step #3 you're going to learn the big difference between 'pushing' and 'releasing' the voice.  When you begin to feel and hear the difference in those two, and finally 'let the voice go' you will discover how easy it is to produce a solid, powerful sound without strain or effort!  When you 'release' the voice you've come full circle with the 3 Step Prep System for Voice. 

Release the Voice on the Breath

What have you learned about Releasing the voice?

Are You Releasing the Voice?
3 questions

Without even knowing it, you may be 'holding your breath' - causing constriction and tension when you speak or sing.  This video will help you become aware of the difference between 'holding' and 'releasing' - and you've got to understand the importance of releasing the voice on the breath.  Your audience will thank you for it because they subliminally pick up on all your tension, as well as everything you are feeling!

Don't Hold Your Breath!

Let's see what you know about 'holding your breath'!

Are You Holding Your Breath?
3 questions
Vocalizing Exercise & Body/Mind Connection
1 Lecture 02:36

We'll continue doing the Vocalizing Exercise so that you get more practice with it.  Then I'll review the 3 Steps - Inhale, Engage, and Release.  Now that you have the 3 Step Prep System for Voice in place, all you have to do is  practice it until it's completely natural, then get out their and share your presentation with the world!

Vocalizing and Review
BONUS! Vocal Exercise 'Yah Yeh Yee'
2 Lectures 05:39

Now that you understand the elements of the 3 Step Prep System for Voice, let's USE it!  We're going to do a Vocal Exercise that will help you practice all the Steps together, so that you get used to putting the System into real-time action.

Let's Practice the 3 Step Prep System!


Vocal Exercise 'Yah Yeh Yee'
About the Instructor
Beth  Lawrence
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Helping you have a Healthy Voice for Life

Beth Lawrence is the author of From Shower To Stage…7 Easy Steps for Singing Like A Pro!, a book about healthy singing for Life. Based on the concepts of Bel Canto Singing, the Lawrence Vocal System, developed by Beth Lawrence, takes a holistic approach to vocal rehabilitation and confident communicating skills. As a result of suffering from vocal nodules early in her career, Beth Lawrence found a lasting solution to her own vocal problems, and now helps others have a healthy voice for Life.

As a singer, music producer, and songwriter, Beth Lawrence has composed for Broadway, Film, the U.S. Olympic Committee, and has won awards from Billboard Magazine; The American Song Festival; Parents Magazine, the National Parenting Publications Gold Award; and L.A. Jazz Scene Magazine.

Beth Lawrence believes in the transformative power of music and loves developing the brilliance in others. Her own life was changed with the help of Giuseppe Balestrieri, the vocal mentor who saved her voice and singing career.

Offering private, group, and online programs for those seeking solutions to their vocal crisis, Beth Lawrence helps people communicate with confidence, clarity, and charisma.