The 21st Century Guide to Overcoming Procrastination
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The 21st Century Guide to Overcoming Procrastination

Taking ACTION to achieve less of what you don't want and more of what you do.
4.2 (3 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
56 students enrolled
Created by Youshaa Motan
Last updated 5/2017
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What Will I Learn?
  • At the courses conclusion, the student will understand where procrastination originates from. From a theoretical and practical viewpoint, understand and implement systems to counter the inaction and mental paralysis which dogs their actions and ultimately achieve action and success through daily, productive processes and actionable mental and physical processes.
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  • Students need only come with a dedication to implement the teachings to overcome procrastination which paralyses them from achieving action.
  • Course includes:
  • Easy to apply-step-by-step lecture format.
  • Professional Advice.
  • 24/7 Support.
  • Lifetime access to downloadable lectures.

About this Value-Packed course:

Procrastination is something that most people have at least a little experience with. No matter how well-organized and committed you are, chances are that you have found yourself frittering away hours on trivial pursuits (watching TV, updating your Facebook status, shopping online) when you should have been spending that time on work or school-related projects. 

Whether you're putting off finishing a project for work, avoiding homework assignments, or ignoring household chores, procrastination can have a major impact on your job, your grades, and your life

Welcome to The 21st Century Guide to Overcoming Procrastination!

This class is suitable for beginners, intermediate and more experiences learners.

This high quality-course has 3 sections: 

  1. Psychology Background of Procrastination for a fundamental understanding.
  2. Self-Assessment section to assess the status and level of your procrastination.
  3. Solutions section providing you with comprehensive, holistic tools and strategies to combat procrastination and take action.

In the upcoming videos we will:

  • Uncover why you procrastinate, followed by
  • The negative impact procrastination injects into your personal and professional life.
  • We will cover the many reasons behind why you procrastinate and leave things for later instead of handling them right now in the present moment and finally,
  • How procrastinators differ from non-procrastinators.

In this class we will also cover 10 questions you must ask yourself with kindness to determine just how bad your procrastination is.

  • Download the 10 question survey answer sheet at the end of this video which includes a PDF questionnaire of 10 questions and an answer sheet and results table or Grab a pen and a piece of paper to jot your responses down for each Question and then score yourself at the bottom of the page. The questions are covered step by step and 1 by 1 with you, as I walk you through the quiz.
  • In this module we have categorised 3 basic types of zombie-like time-wasters, and solutions for them too.

    Included is a flowchart and full explanation to help you identify the types of procrastinator there are:

    After identifying the type of procrastinator you are, you can then introduce into your personal and professional life productivity systems to intervene for more success in daily and goal-setting routines.


Distraction and running from tasks aren’t useful habits. Let’s learn to overcome them and find focus.

  • Learn the 4 fears of Procrastination and how to deal with them.
  • Achieve an understanding of a counter-procrastination method of productivity which you can achieve in 5-10 minutes a time.
  • Find your focus through mindful awareness.

In this value-packed class you will also learn:

Meditation and mental intentional focus is possible.

This is trainable just like when you hit the gym.

In this class is a meditation exercise which Builds Mental Muscle and Cures Procrastination, you will learn it, understand it and then implement it in your daily systems to overcome procrastination and grow your mental muscle.

You will achieve mastery over the understanding of the science of Procrastination and its mechanisms.

Discover right now:

  • 10 Hard-hitting truths you must know to stop procrastination.
  • The single, biggest reason people procrastinate.
  • How & why systems work best.
  • You will learn the key to beating procrastination.

In the latter videos you will learn the antidote for Procrastination in terms of psychology and philosophy. The strategies are simple to implement daily with focused intent and practice. The methods are big on simplicity and are made simple for you to apply in your life. Just copy and paste them to your daily circumstances. They yield great results instantly with concerted and consistent effort and everything is explained to you, step by step as I walk you through it all.

You will achieve mastery over the mental muscle building meditation which will overcome procrastination, one step at a time.

More about the class:

The class is practical and easy to grasp. The teachings are universal and the methods are easily implementable.

The teaching methods yield predictably great results instantly for you to take action using the 10 question quiz and the 3 categories flowchart you can diagnose, understand and manage the procrastination and then take action!

In this quality class you will gain a fundamental understanding of the origins of Procrastination to snatch back control and gain a foothold in leveraging mental muscle to overcome this psychological disease of illusion, excuses and sloth, prepping you for success and attracting and accumulating win after win after win every single day forward!

Who is the target audience?
  • The target student is anyone who has in the past or is presently struggling with taking action and thus levelling-up their productivity to become the better version of themselves.
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The 21st Century Guide to Overcoming Procrastination-Introductory Video
1 Lecture 02:29
Understanding Procrastination - The science and psychology
19 Lectures 37:07

Why do we procrastinate - Part 2

Introduction to Neuroscience of resistance

Introducing the Know Blueprint

The step by step K.N.O.W Blueprint

Conclusion to Neuroscience of resistance

10 Hard truths about Procrastination - Module 1

10 Hard truths about Procrastination - Module 2

The price of Procrastination

Procrastination loves comfort

The disease Procrastination

The Incline of Procrastination

A mindfulness problem Procrastination

Mindfulness at a glance
Self-assessment - Are you a serial procrastinator, what degree and what type?
12 Lectures 29:27
How to Identify and face procrastination

Identifying the painpoints

Solutions to the 4 key painpoints

Download the serial-procrastinator question sheet and answer the questions as honestly as possible.

Quiz - Are you a serial procrastinator?

Quiz 1-5

Quiz 6-10

Download the answer sheet and score yourself.

Scoring and results

The 3 Types of Procrastinators

Type 1 The Rush-Seeker

Type 2 The Task-Avoider

Type 3 The Perfectionist

Message from the Instructor
Solutions to procrastination diagnosis - Claiming back your life and your time
15 Lectures 50:35
A guide to finding focus & overcoming procrastination

Finding your Focus

Deliberate Practice

Overcoming the itch in the 21st century

The awareness 5 Minute mental meditation exercise

Creating Awareness

How to remember to become aware

Curing procrastination with the 'Awareness-Focus Loop'

Defining the awareness focus loop

Building Mental Muscle Introduction

How to motivate yourself

Action Motivation

Module 2 - Motion vs Action

The Antidote to Procrastination

Today is the day to take action
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