Thai Language For Beginners

Learn conversational Thai by starting to speak the language immediately through short and interactive video lessons
13 reviews
  • Sunny Suphot Language Teacher

    Sunny Suphot has been teaching English, German and Thai languages since 2009. She was born in Thailand, but grew up in Berlin, Germany. She has taught all levels of students, from pre-school children to university students and business professionals. Thai is her mother tongue, she has completed primary and high school education in German, and studied in English at university, whilst also completing the IELTS English certification at the British Council.

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Thai Language For Beginners

Learn conversational Thai by starting to speak the language immediately through short and interactive video lessons
13 reviews


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Thai For Beginners online video course is designed as an easy to use, fun and interactive introduction to the Thai language. It's ideal for people wanting to travel or live in Thailand.

The course focuses on day-to-day conversational topics and building a good fundamental understanding of the language. You'll develop a solid foundation in Thai through speaking and using the language, instead of spending weeks on learning grammar rules and the alphabet.

By taking this course you'll be able to pierce through that invisible veil that exists between foreigners and Thais, and start speaking with the locals in their language, therefore developing much deeper relationships and experiences.

Your confidence when dealing with things in Thailand will grow, while your image in the eyes of the Thai people will rise immensely as you'll set yourself apart from being "just another foreigner".

The course covers 20 lessons through dynamic and interactive video lectures, and follows a structured and easy to use pattern. At the end of most lessons, there's a review part where you're able to practice and repeat what you've learned in that lesson.

I highly encourage you to repeat words, phrases and sentences after me as you go through the lectures-- your learning process will be much faster as your muscle memory develops through pronounciation and as you internalize how Thai sounds like, its melodic structure and its easy grammar.

After completing the Thai For Beginners course you will be able to communicate in practical, day-to-day situations in Thailand and develop a natural understanding of the language.

By acquiring the conversational basics of the Thai language you'll be able to:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of the Thai culture
  • Get an insight into the Thai mentality, which is heavily reflected in the language
  • Make more Thai friends -- maybe even meet your future partner -- and deepen your relationships and understanding with your existing Thai friends
  • Travel around Thailand and deal with every day necessities with less hassle and more confidence

When taking this course you will also get a FREE 20-minute Skype conversation where you'll be able to practice your Thai, ask any questions you may have about the language, strengthen your weaknesses, focus on what you're struggling with, and more.

Start learning Thai today and see you on the inside!

    • No prior knowledge needed. Simply follow the video lessons, repeat and practice.
    • Over 22 lectures and 2 hours of content!
    • Greeting people & asking how someone is
    • Introducing yourself
    • Saying where you are from
    • Saying goodbye & other expressions
    • Introducing your family
    • Numbers
    • Saying your age
    • Coping with language difficulties
    • Taking a taxi
    • Asking for directions
    • Saying the time
    • Food & drinks
    • Eating out
    • Shopping
    • Inviting someone to do something
    • At the beach
    • Weather
    • Expressing feelings
    • Expressing wishes
    • Emergency
    • Anyone wanting to learn Thai
    • People traveling to Thailand
    • People moving to, or living in, Thailand


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  • SECTION 1:
  • 1
    Course Overview
  • SECTION 2:
  • 2
    Learn how to greet in Thai and ask how someone is

    0:00 Introduction
    0:20 Hello
    1:16 Wai 
    1:48 How are you?
    2:19 What's up?/How's it going?
    2:49 I'm fine
    3:54 I'm fine. Thanks! And you?
    4:58 Sabai Sabai
    5:23 Review 
    6:13 Review (Conversation)
  • 3
    Introducing Yourself
    Learn how to introduce yourself and ask for other people's names and nicknames

    0:00 Introduction
    0:08 What's your name?
    0:39 My name is ...
    1:55 Do you have a nickname?
    3:01 Nice to meet you
    3:39 Review
  • 4
    Saying where you are from
    Learn how to say where you are from

    0:00 Introduction
    0:09 How to say English/England
    0:35 I'm from England
    1:14 I'm English
    1:47 I speak English
    2:21 Other countries 
    3:06 America
    3:28 Where are you from?
    4:06 I'm American
    4:41 Where do you live?

  • 5
    Saying Goodbye and other expressions
    Learn how to say goodbye and other expressions

    0:00 Introduction
    0:10 Goodbye and see you later
    0:59 Good luck
    1:23 Take care
    1:57 Excuse me and I'm sorry that I'm late
    2:41 Thank you
    3:01 Never mind (Mai pen rai)
    3:34 Review
  • 6
    Introducing your family
    Learn how to introduce your family

    0:00 Introduction
    0:07 This is my wife/husband
    0:57 Father, mother & relatives
    1:35 Brother & sister
    2:38 Other family members
    3:11 Uncle & aunt
    3:51 Friend, boyfriend & girlfriend 
    4:00 Personal pronouns
    4:54 Do you have siblings?
    5:14 Yes, I have an older brother and a younger sister
  • SECTION 3:
  • 7
    Learn how to say the numbers
    0:00 Introduction
    0:08  Number 1-5
    0:50  Number 6-10
    1:16  Number 11 - 15
    2:10  Number 16-19
    2:31  Number 20-30-40-50
    3:18  Number 60-70-80-90
    3:45  Number 21-29 
    4:31  Number 31-39
    5:25  Number 41-51-61-71-81-91
    6:09  Number 42-49, 52-59, 62-69, 72-79, 82-89, 92-99
    6:29  Number 100-200-300 --- 900
    7:24  How to form numbers after 100

  • 8
    Saying your age
    Learn how to say your age
    0:00 Introduction
    0:12 How old are you?
    0:41 I'm (...) years old
    1:16 I'm 29 and 31 years old
  • 9
    Language difficulties
    Learn how to cope with language difficulties
    0:00 Introduction
    0:08 What is the word for (...) in Thai?
    0:37 How do you call this in Thai?
    1:07 How do you pronounce that?
    1:31 Can you speak Thai?
    1:57 I can't speak Thai/ I can speak a little bit Thai
    2:32 Do you understand?/ 'No, I don't        understand' and 'I understand' 
    3:08 'Please speak slowly' and 'Can you say  that again please?'
    3:40 Review 
  • 10
    Taking a taxi
    How to take a taxi?

    0:00 Introduction
    0:21 Please take me to the (...) hotel
    0:52 Please take me too ...
    1:51 Take me to the Grand Palace, please
    2:16 Could you please use the meter?/ Turn on the meter, please
    2:50 Directions
    3:13 Driving instructions
    3:48 Traffic jam/ How much?

  • 11
    Asking for directions
    Learn how to ask for directions

    0:00 Introductions
    0:07 Can you tell me how to go to Siam Paragon?
    0:33 Where is Siam Paragon?
    0:57 Where is ...?
    2:07 Where is ...?
    2:28 Directions  and other important words
    3:09 Street features 
    4:07 Review
  • 12
    Saying the time
    Learn how to say the time in Thai

    00:00 Introduction
    0:08 Midday and midnight
    0:58 Time period: morning/afternoon/evening
    1:28 Time period: part of the night before/  and after midnight
    1:57 How to say the time in the morning (6am - 11am)
    3:20 How to say the time in the afternoon    (1pm - 3pm)
    4:17 How to say the time in the evening (4pm - 6pm)
    4:56 How to say the time from 6pm - 11pm
    6:09 How to say the time from 1am - 5am
    6:54 What time is it?
    7:26 Hour(s)/ minute(s) / second(s)/half/now
    7:57 How to form divisions within the hour
    10:17 Review
    11:11 Today/ yesterday/ tomorrow

  • SECTION 4:
  • 13
    Food and drinks
    Learn about Thai food and drinks

    0:00 Introduction
    0:21 Noodle: Pad Thai 
    1:01 Fried rice with eggs/vegetables/chicken
    1:33 Fried rice with pork/beef/shrimp/seafood
    1:53 Minced pork with Thai basil
    2:16 Fried pork with garlic and Thai pepper/ Chicken with cashew nut
    3:06 Curry (Green sweet/Panaeng/Massaman)
    3:54 Soup (Tom Yam Gung/Tom Kha Gai)
    4:30 Papaya salad (Som Tam)
    5:19 (to taste/chim)
    6:29 Can I taste it first?
    7:02 Drinks
    8:55 Fruits
  • 14
    Eating out
    Learn how to ask for the menu and order food & drinks

    0:00 Introduction
    0:18 I would like to drink ...
    1:02 (to request/kor)
    1:52 I'm a vegetarian/I don't eat (...)
    2:40 Are you hungry?
    3:11 Delicious/waiter/waitress/Check, please
    3:40 I would like to have the menu, please
    4:45 What would you like to order?
    5:46 Do you have any recommended dishes?
    6:50 I would like to have a salad/soup/      dessert   
    8:15 Cutlery
    9:06 Do you have cigarettes/ashtray/lighter
    9:56 I'm allergic to ... 
    10:43 Review
  • 15
    Learn how to communicate with vendors and how to bargain

    0:00 Introduction
    0:10 How much?
    0:39 It's (very) expensive/It's cheap
    1:16 Can you give me a discount?
    2:10 Can you give me more discount?
    2:45 Can I try it on?/Which colors do you    have?
    3:25 Colors
    4:23 Do you have ...? Do you have it in size M?
    4:53 Clothing
    5:37 Do you have a bigger/smaller one?
    6:28 I'll take this one

  • SECTION 5:
  • 16
    Inviting someone to do something
    Learn how to invite someone to do something

    0:00 Introduction
    0:09 Are you free tomorrow?/Do you want to go eat?
    1:11 Can I have your phone number?/This is my phone number
    2:03 I'll give you a call
    2:30 Do you want to go see a movie?
    3:09 Concert/bowling
    3:41 Amusement park/museum
    4:06 Zoo/swimming/dancing/singing
  • 17
    At the beach
    At the beach

    0:00 Introduction
    0:05 Let's go to the beach!
    0:33 Beach/sand/island/waterfall/fishing
    1:02 (to take picture)/Could you please take a picture?
    1:33 (to rent/chao)/How much per day?
    2:50 How much per person?/How much per hour?
    3:22 Airport/boat/pier
  • 18

    0:00 Introduction
    0:07 The hot season
    0:52 It's sunny today
    1:10 The rainy season
    2:01 The cold season
  • SECTION 6:
  • 19
    Expressing feelings
    Learn how to express feelings

    0:00 Introduction
    0:08 I'm happy/glad
    0:54 Expressions with the word heart (jai)
    1:58 He/she is generous
    2:37 (to feel/ruu seek)/I feel really good/  I'm (very) excited
    3:30 (fun/sanuk)/Is it fun?
    4:00 I really had fun today/funny
    4:36 I'm angry/I'm sad/I feel sorry
    5:36 Compliments (very good/cute)
    6:02 (beautiful/suay)/You are beautiful/     handsome
    6:34 Likes & Dislikes/I like Thai food
    7:08 I like you/I miss you
    7:45 I love you 
    8:05 I like (to play sports/watching movies/  to read)
    8:53 Thai boxing/Kick volleyball
    9:18 I like to (ride a bike/travel/listen to music)

  • 20
    Expressing wishes
    Learn about Thai holidays and how to express wishes

    0:00 Introduction
    0:10 Happy Birthday/Father's & Mother's Day
    1:02 Happy New Year/Water festival (Songkran)
    2:01 Floating Raft Festival (Loy Krathong)
    2:36 I wish you a lot of happiness

  • SECTION 7:
  • 21

    0:00 Introduction
    0:08 Help/Fire/Stop
    0:42 Call the (police/doctor/ambulance)
    1:09 I'm lost/I lost my bag/I lost my wallet
    2:09 Pharmacy/I feel sick

  • SECTION 8:
  • 22
    Skype name: Learn-Thai


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  • CCNP, CCNA Security Stephan Mankopf
    No native speaker

    The pronunciation seems to be "english thai" not original thai near BKK. Better learn thai in BKK!

  • Jean
    Simple and Effective

    Sunny is doing a great job, her lessons are clear, and to the point. The course is simple, yet effective - giving you exactly what you need - basic language principles and conversational skills in everyday situations. If you're traveling to Thailand, it's well worth to take this course.

  • Tom Cassidy
    Clear, straightforward, excellent

    This is a really great introduction to learning the Thai language. I've looked at a number of different courses out there and this is by far the neatest. The videos are clear, Sunny's explanations are very helpful, the pace the course moves at is really spot on. I have been through the whole course and am now planning to use it to become fluent in 13 weeks, so, I will update this review to let you know how I'm getting on! Well done guys, a really valuable course.

  • José Feral
    This is great!

    I just moved to Thailand a few weeks ago and I found these lectures VERY helpful when trying to get a basic grasp of the Thai language. I already used what I learned today and my friends are impressed! Much recommended!

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