Text Neck
4.9 (24 ratings)
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Text Neck

How to avoid neck pain, fix Text Neck and improve your posture.
Best Seller
4.9 (24 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
249 students enrolled
Created by Paula Moore
Last updated 6/2017
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What Will I Learn?
  • How to hold your phone in the correct position.
  • Know how to deeply stretch affected neck muscles.
  • Know how to perform a neck sit-up, to strengthen weak neck muscles.
  • Learn how to carry out neck traction at home!
  • Learn the two best sleeping positions and the most common sleeping mistakes.
  • Find out if standing desks are really the best option.
  • Learn how to regain a neck lordosis, and restore a healthy curve.
  • Learn the best full-body extension exercise to stop round Text Neck posture.
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  • This is a beginner's course.
  • For those over 16 years of age (or with parent's consent).
  • Large fitness ball & foam roller are used in two of the lectures (available at Walmart).
  • Not suitable for anyone with a history of spinal surgery.
  • Not suitable for anyone with vascular/heart disease.
  • Not suitable for anyone with advanced arthritis/disc degeneration.

What students are saying just 24 hours after launch:

>> I've been aware of this exercise before, but never had it demonstrated as clearly as in this presentation. Genevieve Morley

>> Great beginning stretches....ouch! I need them. Lawrence  __________________________________________________________________________________

So very briefly, this course is for any of you who spend prolonged periods of time using mobile devices – cell phone, ipad, computer, even books and reading. Anything that encourages forward head posture and the chronic muscular activity associated with that posture.

If you’ve taken any of my courses, you’ll notice this course is more exercise focused and much less theory and science. The reason is that Text Neck is pretty straight forward. Prolonged use of mobile devices causes forward head posture that overworks muscles, joints and spinal discs leading to chronic head and neck pain, headaches, shoulder tension, upper back pain and some studies suggest even suggest asthma, anxiety and depression!

In this course you will learn how to prevent Text Neck quickly and spend most of the time learning some pretty cool new exercises to help you alleviate the signs and symptoms of text neck.

The exercises don’t need to be done in the order they appear, although the order I’ve suggested is ideal. And you don’t have to do all the exercises every day. Pick and choose the ones you love, but do at least one exercise every day.

I encourage you to reach out when you have questions or just want to share your wins!

Mostly, I want you to have fun with the exercises, while you regain some posture confidence as you reconnect with your body, and feel the benefits of practicing good alignment.

Ready? I hope to see many of you, inside the course!


Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone diagnosed with Text Neck.
  • Anyone who uses any mobile device for prolonged periods.
  • Anyone with chronic neck pain, headaches, upper back pain and/or shoulder tension.
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Curriculum For This Course
24 Lectures
2 Lectures 03:16

This course is for any of you who spend prolonged periods of time on a mobile devices. I'll share with you a little about myself and discuss how to get the most from this course. 

Preview 02:33

Watch this video and learn the 3 fastest ways (phone position, computer ergonomics, neck stretch) to prevent text neck. 

Preview 00:43
What is Text Neck?
3 Lectures 05:25

When the head moves forward, as it does with Text Neck, our center of gravity moves forward causing an increase in the muscle effort in the back of the neck and shoulders. In this lecture we discuss the many signs and symptoms caused by the forward head posture found in Text Neck - an epidemic, sweeping the nation. 

The Text Neck Epidemic

Complete the questionnaire in the Text Neck Inventory and get a score that suggests how likely/unlikely it is that you are suffering from Text Neck, and whether or not treatment should also be pursued. 

Text Neck Inventory

The weight of the head is a key factor in developing Text Neck. Watch this short video animation and learn the science behind Text Neck and view the harmful effects on actual x-ray images.

Preview 02:13
Text Neck Rehabilitation Exercises
14 Lectures 47:31

Most of the exercises in this course are safe enough even for the most basic beginner, but do have a listen to my safety advice before starting the rehab section of this course.

Disclaimer - Please Watch (Safety First)

You can actually realign your entire body just by moving your head. One of the most effective posture exercises is the basic chin tuck. You can reverse the effects of Text Neck and gravity by retraining your body to stand long and tall, with the simple chin tuck. 

Preview 04:05

In this lecture we take the basic Chin Tuck and add in a turn. Do this simple exercise when standing in line, in your car or when sitting on the toilet!

1.Tuck & Turn

In this lecture we take the basic Chin Tuck and add in a tilt. This simple adjustment gives a very specific stretch to the overactive sub-occipital muscles found up under the skull. This takes a little practice to perfect the technique.

Tuck & Tilt

In this lecture we take the basic Chin Tuck and add in neck extension. This is a fairly advanced exercise and is definitely NOT recommended for anyone with a history of vascular disease. 

Tuck and Extend

Our texting habits cause rounding through the upper body, which gives rise to short, tight chest muscles and weak upper back muscles. This combination leads to round shoulders. 

In this lecture, we spend time strengthening the muscles that stabilize and pull the shoulder blades back into good alignment; helping to de-rotate our round shouldered posture. Because the muscle fibers run in four different directions, we strengthen them using four different positions.

3. Shoulder retractions - 4 Positions

Whether you work in an office, lift weights or simply struggle with bad posture, chest stretches may be an essential activity missing from your daily routine. 

In this lecture, you will learn one the most effective ways to stretch your pecs and open up your chest. You might even find your breathing improves dramatically!

** Foam rolls available online and Walmart

2. Pec Minor - Foam Roll is Required

The normal inward curve of the neck is referred to as the cervical (neck) lordosis (curve). The lordosis is what helps stabilize and bear the weight of the head over top of the shoulders. Any time there is a loss of lordosis (from past traumas or poor posture habits) the condition can lead to pain and increase degeneration of the spinal discs.

In this lecture you will learn how to improve/increase the cervical lordosis.

4. Regaining Neck Lordosis - Download PDF

So many hours of the day are spent looking forward and down. All this forward flexion is hazardous; leading to unattractive slouching, reduced vital lung capacity, brain fog and chronic aches and pain.

In this lecture we learn how to take out the harmful effects of full body flexion and spend time in full body extension. This allows the rounding shoulders to open up, increases our lung capacity, which can result in improved breathing and greater ability to focus and concentrate. What's not to love about this exercise?!

Preview 01:49

In this lecture we learn how to strengthen the weak muscles in the front of the neck - this compliments all of the exercises we will be doing to tuck the chin; thus allowing the head to come back into ideal alignment over top of the shoulders.

Neck Sit Ups - Strengthening Exercise - Download PDF

In this lecture we learn how to stretch out the overactive muscles associated with Text Neck, using three different positions, to target front, back and sides. It is an important part of the rehabilitation exercise program and helps restore ideal head and neck alignment, in order to avoid future problems.

6. Neck Stretch (Level 1-3) - Download PDF

The Neck Hang Stretch is a really relaxing way to stretch out neck muscles passively (i.e. no resistance or pull) and restore mobility and flexibility to stiff, overactive muscle tissue. This is great exercise to begin your exercise wind down.

Neck Hang Stretch

Neck traction, also known as cervical traction, is an amazing method to relieve neck pain for anyone suffering from Text Neck. Tension is placed on the head to pull it up and away from the neck, stretching and lengthening the muscles and ligaments around the vertebrae of the spine and opening the space between the vertebrae.

7. Neck Traction - Download PDF

Download and print the Rehab Exercise Review, so you can take your exercise routine with you anywhere; and always remember the correct order.

Rehab Exercise Review - Download PDF
2 Lectures 13:23

In this lecture I will help to dispel any sleep posture myths and show the two best positions for sleeping. I will even show you the type of pillow I use - you can actually eat it!

Sleep Postures and Best Pillow

Sedentary behaviors, which include sitting but also static standing, have been strongly linked to metabolic health problems, morbidity (illness) and mortality; with studies confirming the benefits of breaking up the sedentary inactive behavior - like sitting at our office desks - with bouts of active sitting and standing.

In this lecture, we answer the question: Should you use a standing desk?

Should You Use a Standing Desk?
1 Lecture 04:30

In this lecture you get the opportunity to observe my own approach to patient care; with a short video clip of a live treatment for Text Neck.

Live Chiropractic Treatment - Download PDF
Bonus: Introducing the Text Neck Pro
2 Lectures 01:25

A company approached me last year about a product for Text Neck that they will be launching in 2017. I get a LOT of emails from entrepreneurs wanting me to stand behind a new product or service to help fix posture. The Text Neck Pro is the first product I've EVER liked.

I agreed to make the company a few posture videos and have tested the product prototype and it does what it says it does - helps to fix Text Neck. But of course there is no magic cure - one still needs to put in the time and effort to exercise. So I see it as a compliment to this course.

The company has agreed to offer my posture pupils a discount when they launch later this year on Kickstarter. So when it goes live, you will receive an email from me, with a discount coupon for you to place a pre-order, if you are interested.

I'm excited!

Introducing the Text Neck Pro

Paula's final message to her posture pupils.

We Have a Winner!
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