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skip the scammy testosterone boosting supplements and hormone replacement, learn how to raise T quickly and naturally
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About This Course

Published 4/2016 English

Course Description

This course covers natural ways to increase your testosterone, including a simple, quick, and inexpensive protocol for testosterone boosting supplements that work.

In this course you will be able to identify the common vitamin and micronutrient deficiencies that cause low T, which supplements you should include in the base stack, and find out if popular testosterone boosting supplements actually work. It is well known that healthy and normal testosterone levels help you lose weight faster, gain muscle mass and prevent disease.

This class covers an overview of the base supplement stack you should be using on a daily basis. We will also look at which supplements, including herbs, minerals, and prehormones, actually work for raising testosterone and which ones are scams. Learn which supplements you need to cycle and which ones you don’t.  I'm also including the megaguide on sleep optimization that covers how to measure sleep quality and hacks to improve sleep enough to impact testosterone production.

What are the requirements?

  • desire to effortlessly lose weight or build muscle
  • want to live longer and avoid disease
  • think you may have low t, or been diagnosed with low t

What am I going to get from this course?

  • find the right supplements to naturally raise testosterone
  • stop wasting money on supplements that don't work
  • avoid hormone replacement therapy and raise testosterone naturally
  • learn to measure and improve sleep quality to boost testosterone

Who is the target audience?

  • people that have been diagnosed with low t
  • anyone who wants to build muscle mass or lose weight easily

What you get with this course?

Not for you? No problem.
30 day money back guarantee.

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Section 1: The Essential Guide to Testosterone Boosting Supplements

Hey guys, this is JM. This course covers natural ways to increase your testosterone, including a simple, quick, and inexpensive protocol for testosterone boosting supplements that work. 

In this course you will be able to identify the common vitamin and micronutrient deficiencies that cause low T, which supplements you should include in the base stack, and find out if popular testosterone boosting supplements actually work. It is well known that healthy and normal testosterone levels help you lose weight faster, gain muscle mass and prevent disease.


You will learn why hormone replacement therapy might not be the best place to start if you have low T - and why supplements are underrated (hint - they are proven by science to raise testosterone in HUMAN studies!)


This section is about categorizing all the supplements that have been researched to raise testosterone into easy to understand groups - such as ones that are safe and effective to take on a daily basis and which ones you should be cycling.


Vitamin D is arguably the most important vitamin to supplement with for general health, and can give a healthy testosterone boost to people who are deficient. Recent studies show that up to 75% of Americans are insufficient for vitamin D (which means 20-30 ng/dL in measured blood tests) and 30% are deficient (lower than 20 ng/dL). This is pretty bad considering it regulates over 1000 genes, and is a precursor to testosterone production. The good news is – it’s stupidly cheap to supplement in the bioavailable form, vitamin D3.


Zinc and magnesium have a few things in common. They are extremely hard to obtain optimal levels from diet, most of the population are deficient in them, and very well studied that being deficient in them leads to low testosterone. This section covers how to properly dose them and why most people are deficient in them.


Creatine can boost muscle mass and testosterone? Sign me up! This section covers how to formulate the optimal base testosterone stack for daily use that is inexpensive, safe, and effective.


If you want to try additional supplements beyond the base stack, here are the ones to start with. We dive into the research on each of these human studied testosterone boosting supplements.


These testosterone boosting supplements may work...but need more research. Learn why some might be effective.


Most testosterone boosting supplements are scams. There are a lot of supplements that claim to raise testosterone even though they have been proven by science in multiple studies to be ineffective. Watch out for these ones on any scammy sounding testosterone boosting supplement!

Section 2: Sleep your way to Increased Testosterone - Optimize Sleep Quality over Quantity

looking at two of the main studies linking sleep to testosterone


learning the key metrics for sleep quality and a deeper look at my favorite sleep tracking devices


These are the most effective sleep hacks to optimize sleep quality and involve syncing your circadian rhythm up to the sun, sleeping in a dark and cold room, and avoiding blue screens before bed


These last sleep hacks involve optimizing caffeine consumption, avoiding alcohol before bed, diagnosing low blood sugar problems that are impacting sleep. and learning about the science-backed supplements to optimize sleep quality.

Section 3: Training for Optimal Testosterone

There is a surmounting amount of evidence that resistance training increases testosterone. The following videos will get you started on some basic strength training moves, but there isn't a shortage of how to videos and training plans on the internet. Bottom line is you need lift heavy things to increase T, the more volume of muscles you activate the greater the hormonal response (so do big compound movements).


The kettlebell swing is undoubtedly the king of workouts if you are looking for the biggest bang for your buck, or return on time working out. Everyone, regardless of fitness level, should learn the fundamentals of the kettlebell swing.


Coach Conor of Paramount Performance gym in Sacramento shows off how to deadlift properly without hurting yourself, and the two most common faults he sees (even in body builders!)


The humble pushup...yes we need to cover this because so many people do these wrong. Perfecting the pushup is going to have awesome returns - and there are no excuses since you can do them from the comfort of your own home.

Pullups - Activating high volume of muscle for maximum androgens
Standing Press
Section 4: The 10 Essential Testosterone Boosting Foods
The 10 Essential Testosterone Boosting Foods

The inclusion of healthy whole foods that are micronutrient-rich will ensure you have the trace vitamins and minerals that are crucial for testosterone production. There is a huge list of micronutrients that are required for healthy T levels


The majority of Americans get their saturated fat from mixed foods, for example, pizza, burgers, burritos, etc. These mixed foods are NOT what we are referring to when we talk about saturated fat being healthy...this section covers healthy fats and cholesterol impact testosterone.


Eggs happen to be nature’s perfect powerhouse of nutrients, vitamins and minerals while being rich in healthy fats and have a perfect proteins / amino acid content. More healthy fat goodness, as avocados pack some of the healthiest fat ratios of any testosterone boosting food – made up by the majority of monounsaturated fatty acids. Besides being a better source of potassium than bananas, they also are loaded up with fat soluble vitamins to go along with the healthy fats


Almonds are high in vitamin E and antioxidants, but also contain phytates (which is alleviated by soaking them). The antioxidants and rich micronutrient profile make them a solid testosterone food.

Macadamia nuts are also high in healthy saturated fats, vitamin E, phosphorus, and potassium. They go rancid pretty fast, though, so store them in the freezer or eat them fresh. They are 59% monounsaturated fat and 12% saturated fat which make these a perfect healthy fat powerhouse testosterone boosting food.

Brazil nuts were made popular for a testosterone boosting food as part of the 4-Hour Body. The main reason is that brazil nuts contain selenium, which is a trace mineral required for testosterone production. They are high in linoleic acid and also go rancid a few days after shelling, so be very careful of where you source them. Some of the selenium is contained in the skin so make sure it isn’t all removed. Dave Asprey warns in the “The Bulletproof Diet” that Brazil nuts are also very prone to aflatoxins… Tim Ferriss goes into gory detail on the power of Brazil nuts and almonds in “The 4-Hour Body: An Uncommon Guide to Rapid Fat-Loss, Incredible Sex, and Becoming Superhuman.” in the backup section titled “SEX MACHINE II Details and Dangers”.


Most chocolate bars would not be considered healthy, for the obvious added sugar (which crushes testosterone). Look for the highest percentage of dark chocolate from a good organic source, with no added sugar. Dark chocolate is a great testosterone boosting food because it contains polyphenols and antioxidants that reduce free radicals. There was a study that showed 85 percent dark chocolate raises good HDL cholesterol as well. One of the main reasons dark chocolate is good for testosterone and sexual health, is that there are over 20 peer reviewed studies showing it can increase blood flow.
Did we mention that dark chocolate is a superfood? In a 100g chocolate bar you have 25g saturated fat and total monounsaturated far at 12.8g, 80mg of caffeine and the following micronutrients.

Ginger is one testosterone food that has actually been researched. This study showed a solid 17% testosterone boost, as well as many other factors of fertility, although they don’t disclose how much ginger was used


The ideal diet and macronutrient ratio is highly dependent on genetics, physical activity level, the amount of lean muscle mass, and goals (like weight loss vs. muscle gain). Low carb diets, like the Slow Carb diet in the 4-Hour Body, have been shown to be fantastic for weight loss. Being obese gives you a 50% chance of having low T, whatever diet produces the most weight loss will give you the highest boost in testosterone.
For those that are already at a low double digit body fat percentage or lower, carbohydrates are crucial for testosterone production. This is one you HAVE to test out on yourself; you won’t find the solution in a diet book. In my case, I can shed pounds on low carb diet fast, but then it ultimately tanks my testosterone. It is well known that insulin and SHBG are inversely related, so long term ketogenic and low carb diets have the potential to lower free testosterone levels.

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JM Hands, Engineer by trade, health enthusiast, testosterone expert

hey guys, this is JM - owner and founder of testosterone hacker. I am an electrical engineer by trade, and am currently a product manager for a major tech company. In my free time I research health and fitness and have been writing about testosterone for the last couple years. I want to help other guys that are in the same situation as I was a few years ago when I was diagnosed with low t, and needed to find a way to fix it naturally.

Instructor Biography

Owner/Head Coach Paramount Performance, B.S. Kinesiology, CSCS, Gainz. Driven to teach others about the importance of proper movement mechanics and lifestyle choices to minimize pain and improve performa

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