How to launch winner products Now, applying this Free System
3.6 (9 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
1,510 students enrolled
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How to launch winner products Now, applying this Free System

The proven (and free!) Market Research System to choose products that will sell, in hours not months, guaranteed.
3.6 (9 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
1,510 students enrolled
Created by Oliver Curiel
Last updated 11/2016
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What Will I Learn?
  • Determine which tools to use to test a business idea the right way
  • Know in advance if a business idea will be profitable or not
  • Find out how are the conditions and characteristics of a certain market or product
  • Who are the top leaders for a given market
  • Where are the top influencers to follow for any market or product
  • Use the crowdfunding platforms properly
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  • Basic knowledge of e-commerce at least as a customer in order to understand the trade process on internet.
  • Deep desire to start or improve your own business successfully.
  • Study the full course in the presented order and then work on your own project.
  • Be clear that this is not a get rich scheme. You should work on this with all your effort, desire and determination to achieve your goals. But all the answers are here!

You want a successful business of your own, right?

Maybe you have one idea or multiple ideas and either you have taken action or not just yet, you must remember that: even great ideas without a plan for execution never get off the ground!

People who wish to be an entrepreneur or is a not successfully one, usually never take the time to learn about business stuff  like understanding the customer, marketing, pricing, and crafting the service offerings. 

So many people think that business stuff is intimidating, or something to do some day or something they can outsource. 

You don't have to be married to the first idea you decide to pursue. Test it and learn from it. If it works (and by that I mean that it is profitable), keep developing it, if not, move on. Remember this is business!

Maybe you are worried because maybe your idea has already been taken; because is a crowded market with too much competence or simply because you´re afraid because you don´t know where to start.

FEAR is one of the things holding people´s back. I know for my own experience that it's fear of discovering that they have been spending years on something that will never be profitable...or fear of having to choose only one idea from the many that people spend time on.  One of the biggest problems with earning money is that you just don't know if your idea is a good one.  

Will people find it useful enough to pay? How do you know? What if you waste weeks, months or even years pursuing an idea that's doomed? 

It is very common that people think of a random idea, start doing business (start advertising everywhere, opening FB/Twitter accounts, building a website), and then slowly discover that they have no idea how to make money. After a few months, they'll shift to another idea...then another...always sure that at some point they will find the "right" idea.

Once you've identified a potential target market, how can you know it will be profitable BEFORE you start? 

In the real world, successful entrepreneurs like to limit their risk or testing an idea on a small scale.

In response to those fears, I´ve created this step by step system that will show you how to take your business idea and package it into an online product or service that people are searching for . . . and sell it!

If you want to learn:

  • How to brainstorm business ideas in one sitting
  • How to really know yourself as an entrepreneur
  • How to take advantage of your experience as worker or professional
  • How to identify your strengths
  • How to overcome your fears
  • How to put your ideas in order
  • How to not get lost with all your “good” ideas
  • How to analyze the market the right way
  • Where to look for people who are wishing to buy from you
  • How to determine demand for your product or service
  • How to advertise
  • Where to advertise
  • How to do Competitive Intelligence like a PRO
  • Where to source products
  • How to identify the needs of your customers
  • How to establish a relationship with your customers
  • How and who to ask when you need to find out something about your market.
  • Risk-free ways to test your idea before you invest a ton of time and money
  • How to get in touch with new markets
  • How to narrow your niche
  • How to share your idea before the launch
  • How to use the Crowd funding platforms properly
  • How to make the sale

This course is definitely for you.

That is why inside this course I will take you by the hand and show you exactly what you need to do/know before launching your business idea.

And overcome your confusion once and for all!

This course will reveal to you all of the insider secrets that I have learned through the years, that you can apply directly to create or improve your own business.

You will not have to fumble around trying to figure out how business on the internet really works, I reveal everything inside this course.

Within this course you will learn among many others, one priceless skill, let´s call it “The Pay Certainty” (your audience’s ability to pay + your audience’s willingness to pay)

Does your market have the ability to pay?

Knowing this can save you months of wasted time and effort. If your potential customers don’t have the ability to pay, you won’t make any money. Period.

Do they have the willingness to pay?

Here you will be able to examine if your market wants what you’re providing.

Applying these two steps of the process will eliminate 70% of your bad business ideas. The remaining ones will be strong. From there, you can do additional research to develop your idea even further.

The lessons taught on this course ensure that you have potential customers who are willing and able to pay you. Lets you rapidly eliminate bad ideas that would have never earned you a cent, and focus on the most promising ideas...ones that will almost certainly earn you significant amounts of money on the side. 

This way, if an idea isn't profitable, you've only spent a few days working on it. By the time you settle on an idea, you can virtually GUARANTEE that it will be profitable. Instead of spending time trying to find out if the idea will make money, you know it will -- so they focus on growing the business.

This is a self study course to Measure and manage everything to remove the guesswork.

This practical course is about taking action and getting results as quickly and easily as possible.

A bunch of practical suggestions you can apply to your business idea today, complemented with action-based exercises.

You'll learn step-by-step, foolproof strategies to test your idea before you invest your valuable time and money in them. You'll learn how to identify weakly successful ideas that are seemingly profitable, but will never bring in enough to really make it worth your effort. And you'll learn subtle positioning tactics to increase the value of your it's irresistible to your customers. 

Every single technique which I reveal in this course is easy to put in place in minutes and can give you instant results.

Even though you can perfectly complete the whole process using free tools, I will also give you very valuable information about paid tools that you can use in case you decide to go even further on the process.

Nothing is kept secret, I reveal all I know.

I purposely kept each video short so you´ll have an easy reference should you go back and review a specific task. The video lessons are easy to follow and understand.

I can assure you that you will be delighted by what you´ll learn in the next almost 6 hours of content!

Backed by Udemy´s 30 Day Money Back 100% Risk Free Offer!

Every minute you delay is actually COSTING you money!

Enroll now!!

To your success

Oliver Curiel

Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone who is planning to start or continue working on an e-business
  • Anyone who has a business idea/plan to work on
  • Anyone who have tried and failed starting a business on internet
  • Anyone who has a product (physical or information) but doesn´t know how or where to sell it (offers, price, etc.)
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Curriculum For This Course
89 Lectures
Welcome to the first step to your success!
3 Lectures 10:32

See why you have made a good choice enrolling in this course to Learn How to do market research like a PRO and virtually guarantee your success with this FREE proven validation method: Testing to Validate any Home Business Idea. With No Expense!

Preview 03:12

Watch to know all the digital marketing strategies I have to teach you, all the home business based tactics, resources for entrepreneurs and tools for digital market research. 

And find out why this course is a saver time and saver money machine.

Meet me and find out everything I have for you!

To be totally clear and honest with you. Please read me in this lecture.

The Business ideas
6 Lectures 18:35

Don´t worry if you don´t have an idea yet or what you consider to be a potential good profitable business idea. In this lecture you will learn how to procude ideas yourself in order to be a successful entrepreneur with your own home business.

Preview 07:32

If you are in the scenario of already having your idea; in this lecture you will learn how your idea match with you as a person and as an entrepreneur and then . . . and only then keep going with the digital market research.

I already have the idea

Here you will know why is worth doing digital market research by testing and validating your product/service with this course method before investing all your time, money and effort to succeed. 

Why testing instead of taking action?

Here is how you can actually avoid making this huge mistakes to not fail in your home business. 

Don´t do this! Please!

Discover what is already done in your market, in your niche, and how it is done and also discover what is missing doing the market research needeed to test and validate your home business.

First Steps to have the big picture

How to visualise your home business in the long term.

See the future now!
You the (Person) Entrepreneur
5 Lectures 11:12

How do your habilities and knowledge match with your home business idea

You the Entrepreneur

Your concerns and how can it be profitable for you.

What do you really care about?

Take advantage of your professional exprecience to build your home business.

Resume in Depth

  1. How to take advantage of your professional exprecience to succeed on your entrepreneurial efforts.
Introspection exercise

How valuable is yor professional experience to the home business you are about to start.

How to grade your Resume
The World is Changing Now . . . Don´t be left behind!
3 Lectures 05:43

How you must face the new era of business in order to test and validate properly.

This is not an era of changes . . . Is the change of an era!

How to overcome your entreprenurial fears once and for all.

Afraid of Change-it´s ok!

How to find and use your personal skills in your benefit while you are testing and validating your home business idea.

You are unique! . . . find out why
Put your ideas in order
7 Lectures 12:11

How to manage your business ideas to take the most of them.

Your thoughts (ideas), put them in order now!

Decide to use this method (or not) testing your home business ideas.

Your ideas in order the old fashion way . . . It still works!

Decide to use this software (or not) testing your home business ideas.

Software Solution to put you ideas in order

Learn the process to generate profitable ideas for a home business you can be proud of.

Step by step process to NOT get overwhelmed

See how the ideas generator environment must be

How to become an ideas factory

How to crop your home business idea in order to keep only with the valuable parts of it.

How to crop your idea

How to refine the concept of your business idea to the ultimate level.

How to put the finishing touches to your idea
One idea, One Sentence, One Business
5 Lectures 10:05

How to summarize your business idea to one page.

Your Idea in ONE PAGE!

How to summarize your business idea to one paragraph.


How to summarize your business idea to one sentence.

Your Idea in ONE SENTENCE!

You will be able to share yor home business idea even before the launch of the product or service with all the confidence.

Preview 06:24

How to develop the ability to go directly to the niche/market you want to serve.

Focus your Target
Market View
2 Lectures 05:28

You will be able to "see" the whole picture. The complete process to test and validate your home business idea.

Preview 04:23


I will be very welcome.

Can you do me a favor?
Places to to look for customers
4 Lectures 25:34

Visit this places where people interested in your product or service are hanging out.

Where to search for potential customers (Station 1)

Visit these other places where more people interested in your product or service are hanging out.

Where to search for potential customers (Station 2)

Visit these other alternatives for places where even more people interested in your product or service are hanging out.

Where to search for potential customers (Station 3)

How to use this tool which automatically tells you where you must go to find your potencial customers.

Where is your audience? Find out with this tool!
People in your Market
4 Lectures 23:48

You must know who is serving the people in your market and how they do that. 

Who is already in your market?

After studying this lecture you will be able to know who the influencers in your market are and how you can take advantege of the trendy products or services offered on a given market.

Find influencers in your market, this way

I will teach you how to use this (under used) very well targeted Search Engine avilable to anyone!

Use this huge well targeted Search Engine (it´s not Google)

How to make social media work for you!

What is really going on (Social Media Intelligence!)
Get Ideas
3 Lectures 20:29

Look over the main choices of products and services available to you, right now!

Products (digital, phisycal) and Services

With this tool you will learn how to find ideas for your home business in minutes!

Ideas for products

If you decide to sell physical products, there is no other place like it. THIS IS THE PLACE.

Ideas for products (Part 2)
15 More Sections
About the Instructor
Oliver Curiel
3.6 Average rating
9 Reviews
1,510 Students
1 Course
Digital Marketer, Entrepreneur, Communication Major

I have been in marketing since the mid 90´s, traditional marketing  first and then experienced the transition to digital marketing.  Because I am truly convinced that we are not in an era of changes, but in the change of an era!

I have been studying and working in Latin America and Europe.

I have founded bricks-and-mortar business, I have work for companies like “HSBC” Bank and “AT&T” in their digital marketing areas, something that was not so typical through my studying years in college. I have learned from top marketers in the industry, I have more than a decade of experienced in digital marketing and that is why I am focus now on teaching  people to take advantage of all the tools available to use right away. As a business owner or future business owner you don’t have enough time to become an expert at everything, I have been working on marketing field myself so that I can relate to the challenges and frustrations  you may face and also stay current to your questions anytime you need my support.