Technical Writing Made Easy

Learn Technical Writing Concepts and Fundamentals in One Day
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  • Mahesh T Harpalani Online Instructor

    Mahesh is passionate about teaching people new skills and also learning new skills.

    He has over five years of experience in total in the Financial and IT industry.

    In his tenure he has gained and mastered skills in data analysis, web design, training and technical writing.

    Also with adequate experience in the financial industry, He has acquired a niche skill in reporting and analyzing various types of financial data.

    His experience in various departments and companies has provided him a unique expertise of how process documents, employee handbooks and user guides are to be created and maintained based on the company policies and guidelines.

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Technical Writing Made Easy

Learn Technical Writing Concepts and Fundamentals in One Day
2 reviews


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This course is designed to make you learn the concepts and fundamentals of technical writing in one day. This course consists of 15 lectures and there is a quiz of 5 questions.

Technical writing is an art which takes into account the design and structure of the content.

This course is all about understanding the concepts of technical writing and learning the importance of how a content should be structured and designed for the end user by using the right applications.

    • Must know how to read, speak and write English.
    • Should have an internet connection
    • Over 15 lectures and 1.5 hours of content!
    • By the end of this course, you will be able to understand the concepts of technical writing and also will be able to create manuals and documents on your own
    • This course is for anyone who wants to learn the basics of technical writing with practical examples or demos


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  • SECTION 1:
    Introduction to Technical Writing and Technical Writer
  • 1
    Technical Writing Introduction

    This video lecture will help you in understanding the following:

    1. Meaning of technical writing.
    2. Know who are technical writers and what they do.
    3. Importance of technical writers in the organization.
  • SECTION 2:
    Core Features of a Technical Document
  • 2
    Technical Document Features

    This video lecture will help you in understanding the following:

    1. The principles to be followed while structuring the content.
    2. The importance of knowing basic grammar rules while writing the content.
    3. What is a style guide and also what are its uses.
  • SECTION 3:
  • 3
    Knowing Your Audience

    This video lecture will help you in understanding the following.

    1. The importance of knowing the audience while writing the content.
    2. Tools and applications that are used by technical writers.
  • SECTION 4:
    Elements of a Manual
  • 4
    Overview of the Elements that make up a Manual

    This video lecture will help you in understanding the elements that make up a manual .

    As you will see that I have categorized the elements of manual into three parts which will help you in planning your documentation for creating a manual.

  • SECTION 5:
    Planning and Demonstration
  • 5
    Documentation Plan

    This video lecture will guide you in creating a documentation plan.

    You will understand what are the contents that needs to be included in a typical documentation plan.

  • 6
    Project Management Tool

    The video lecture provides a demo of the project management tool

    Using a project management tool is essential for the project lead as it helps in managing the project effectively.

  • 7
    Word Processing Tool and Overview of Image Formats to be used

    This video lecture just provides a basic overview of the image formats and its uses.

  • 8
    Creating the Top Element of the Manual

    This video lecture shows you how I will create the top element of the manual using Libreoffice.

  • 9
    Creating the Middle Element of the Manual

    This video lecture shows how I will create the middle element of the manual.

    I have only shown how i have created the content and structure for the first chapter, as it is understood that rest of the chapters are structured and designed the same way and will be shown in the later video lectures.

  • 10
    Creating the Bottom Element of the Manual - Part 1

    This video lecture shows how I will create the bottom element of the manual.

    You will see how i will be creating a index page and also a glossary page.

  • 11
    Creating the Bottom Element of the Manual - Part 2

    This video lecture is the continuation of the previous lecture.

    You will see how i will be creating the remaining content for the bottom element.

  • 12
    Review and PDF Output Creation

    This video lecture shows how i will review the content and create a PDF output.

    The pdf output that will created will be shown to reviewers and they can use the tools in the software to add comments.

  • 13
    Using Help Authoring Tool to create other Output Formats

    This video lecture shows that i will be using a help authoring tool to create multiple outputs

    You will see how I'm going to import the document and re-organize the structure of the content

    You will understand the common characteristics of a help authoring tool and how easy is to create multiple outputs.

  • SECTION 6:
    Document Life Cycle
  • 14
    Overview of Document Life Cycle and its Phases

    This video lecture will help you in understanding the following:

    1. What is Document Life Cycle
    2. Phases that are a part of Document Life Cycle process.
  • 15
    2 pages

    This lecture provides the overall review of the course.

  • 16
    Quiz Time
    5 questions


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  • Peter Harrison
    A Good Basic Course

    This is a great course on the fundamentals of technical writing.

  • Katrina Manning

    In "Core Features of a Technical Document." He talks about passive and active voice, how to use apostrophes and parentheses. Seriously? Plus, it's very hard to understand him.

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