Teaching with Technology

This class is for teachers who wish to improve their technology pedagogy.
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  • William Jeffery No child should be left behind.

    I am a high school biology teacher teaching in Houston, Texas. 

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Teaching with Technology

This class is for teachers who wish to improve their technology pedagogy.
3 reviews


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This class is for teachers who wish to improve their technology pedagogy. 

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  • 1
    Teaching with Technology Newsletter
    I have been doing technology sessions at my school every Tuesday for the month May. I have been able to archive some of the sessions, here is a link to what we covered during the sessions. Click on the link to access the content. Feel free to leave a comment about the websites and usages in your cla…
  • SECTION 1:
    The Research
  • 2
    32 Ways To Use Google Apps In The Class
    50 slides

    The biggest misconception is that it will take too long to set up your class as an technology driven environment. 

  • 3
    Student Centered Learning: What does it mean for students and lecturers?
    10 slides

    Research on Student centered learning for a basis of pedagogy. 

  • SECTION 2:
    Getting Started with Google
  • 4
    The first step, get Gmail.
    http://www.emailintervention.com You've probably already improved the lives of your friends and family members by helping them switch to Gmail, but what about that one friend who still hasn't made the switch? It's time to take a stand and stage an intervention.
  • 5
    How Google Apps Work: Trusting the cloud
    http://www.google.com/howgoogleworks | Cloud computing is the phrase for web-based software you can use anywhere you have an Internet connection. We explain how the cloud works and why it's the easiest way to be productive wherever you are.
  • 6
    Bye Bye Flash Drives
    Bye Bye Flash Drives There are multiple sites that allow you to access saved documents, videos, and photos via the “cloud”. I am not partial to any one but I must say that free always gets my attention. Google Drive now offers a 5 GB storage capacity to store any file. I already use Dropbox  ,  Skyd…
  • 7
    Introducing a new Google Docs ( For use in your classroom)
    http://docs.google.com | Google Docs lets you create, share, and collaborate on documents online. And it just got better with rebuilt editors for documents, spreadsheets, and drawings, designed to improve collaboration, increase speed, and create richer documents.
  • 8
    Using Forms in Google Docs
    Forms let you collect information from any-sized group into a single online spreadsheet.
  • 9
    Introducing Google Squared: Categorized comparison feature on Google.
    Product Manager Daniel demonstrates Google Squared, a new experimental search tool that lets you customize your search results in a table. Try it for yourself at http://www.google.com/squared
  • 10
    Google News Badges: A great way to increase literacy by "Leveling up".
    With Google News badges, you can keep track of what you're reading, create a more personalized experience on Google News, and share what you love with friends. To get started with badges, visit http://news.google.com.
  • SECTION 3:
    Socialize your classroom
  • 11
    Twitter Tutorial - Getting Started
    A simple step by step tutorial on how to create your Twitter Account, Add friends and Tweet Posts!
  • 12
    Tweets for Education Pt1
    Benefits and possible use of Twitter for educational purposes.
  • 13
    Tweets for Education Pt2
    Benefits and possible uses for Twitter in education
  • 14
    Social media in the classroom.
    SDSU students discuss the benefits and potential harm with using social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter in the classroom. Read the article: http://newscenter.sdsu.edu/360/news.aspx?s=71580
  • 15
    Use Facebook for Education!
    How to set up a Facebook 'Classroom'. Make your 'wiki' so much more engrossing.
  • 16
    Facebook as a classroom
    1 minute message : Short but gets the gears rolling.
  • 17
    Facebook Has Potential tp Benefit Your Classroom
    How to create a facebook page for your class http://www.screenr.com/Jmw
  • SECTION 4:
    Integrating Sites
  • 18
    How To Connect Your YouTube Account to Twitter, Facebook, Reader, Buzz, Orkut and MySpace
    How To Connect Your YouTube Account to Twitter, Facebook, Reader, Buzz, Orkut and MySpace and control which notifications are posted so that you do not clutter up those accounts.
  • SECTION 5:
    Useful Websites
  • 19
    Useful Sites
    As a teacher you need many tools in your tool box, likewise you'll need a group of websites taht you can engage the student on several levels. I have my favorites and I use these websites in my class on a regular basis. I will be posting a videos showing how I use these sites and I hope that you tak…
  • 20
    Using Google Chrome in the classroom
    I havebeen using google chrome in the classroom for at least three years now and I am very satified with the ease of integration it allows me. I have students download useful sites, applications, bookmarks via the Chrome store. The Chrome store is a tremendous addition to web browsing because this f…
  • SECTION 6:
    Getting computers in your class
  • 21
    Computers for Learning: Getting what you need for cheap
    I stumbled across this website when reseaching ways to get more computers into classrooms. I called the phone number and I spoke to Harry who informed me about the goverment program. Basically, a teacher or a school will register with the program and they are placed into databse. In this database yo…
  • 22
    Tutors With Computers: Free Computers to Students
    More research has turned up Tutors with Computers a non profit organization that will supply your student with a free netbook if they complete a certain amount of volcabulary excercises via a telephone. The student must complete about 200 to 400 vocabulary excercies and they will be awarded the netb…
  • SECTION 7:
    Getting Help
  • 23
    Teacher forums:
    I must say that teaching everything online and using technology can be overwelming if you are just starting out. Its seems as if you could get more out of your technology if you were'nt limited by your own imagination. I have felt this way many times but thanks to goodness there are teachers who do…
  • SECTION 8:
    Grading in 10 seconds or less
  • 24
    Using Flubaroo To Grade Your Google Doc

    This is a great presentation of a tool used in google docs to grade students answers using a script tool. 

  • 25
    12 Free Online Quiz Makers to Create Online Quizzes
    When doing research for my faculty staff development I ran across the article posted by Wondershare.com. On this helpful site, I found an article posting 12 free online quiz makers that will make you job alot easier in the quiz department. Test them out and let me know what you think.  http://www.qu…


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