Publish your First Udemy Course in 1 Day! Unofficial
4.4 (47 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
2,355 students enrolled
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Publish your First Udemy Course in 1 Day! Unofficial

Watch as I go step-by-step through the course creation process and show the quickest way to get your course published!
4.4 (47 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
2,355 students enrolled
Created by Joseph Delgadillo
Last updated 8/2016
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What Will I Learn?
  • Gain the motivation to start teaching on Udemy
  • Publish your first Udemy course!
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  • Screen recording software (ex. Camtasia)
  • A computer to upload videos
  • A Udemy account

This course is not sponsored by or affiliated with Udemy, Inc.

If you want practical tips for publishing your first course on Udemy, you are going to love this course! Watch as I go step-by-step through the course creation process and show you the quickest and most efficient way to get your first course published.

Learn from an instructor with over 2 years of experience teaching on Udemy, working with top instructors to create bestselling courses, and marketing online courses across multiple platforms!

This course requires absolutely no experience working with Udemy, teaching online, or recording in front of a camera. Anyone can start teaching on Udemy today, and that's what makes it such a fantastic learning platform!

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I hope to see you in the course!

Who is the target audience?
  • This course was designed for new Udemy instructors
  • No prior teaching experience required
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Curriculum For This Course
28 Lectures
2 Lectures 04:46

Hi, my name is Joe, and welcome to my course on how to publish your first Udemy course in just 1 day. In this course I will take you through the entire publication process, give you tips on how to get your course approved as quickly as possible, and introduce you to other teaching platforms where you can monetize you content.

Welcome to the course!

What would you be willing to teach for free? If this is the first course you're publishing online, I would strongly recommend creating a course showcasing a hobby you do, or something work related you do on a daily basis. Building a students base is time consuming, and there is a good chance your first course won't be perfect. Teach a course on something you are passionate about as you learn the ropes.

What is your passion?
Teaching on Udemy - Quick Start
15 Lectures 31:02

We will begin our journey teaching online at Udemy is an incredible teaching platform that has grown exponentially over the years. By uploading a course to Udemy you will join 20,000 fellow instructors, gain exposure to 12 million students eager to learn in 190 countries, and have the opportunity to earn $8,000 per year (on average). Udemy is the best teaching platform to get started on because it is the #1 destination for online courses.

Starting our journey on Udemy

Let's begin by creating the sections for our course. This will serve as a rough outline for the content I plan on covering. 

Creating a quick course outline

Quick tutorial on how to create course lectures on Udemy. I highly recommend producing video in 1080p HD and trying to stay under 10 minutes in length. Statistics show that videos 5 minutes in length are best for viewer retention.

Creating lectures and maintaining flexibility with our course content

Before we get started filming lectures, let's take a quick look at competition. The best way to compete on Udemy is to identify the top courses in your subject area and figure out ways to improve upon them. Long, comprehensive courses sell best, but regardless you should be aware of what students value in a course. 

What can we learn from our competition?

If this is the first course you are teaching on Udemy it is always a good idea to submit a test video to verify that your video/audio quality will be approved. There is nothing worse than taking the time to film all of your lectures and having Udemy tell you the quality isn't up to par.

Submitting a test video to verify our video/audio quality

Let's begin uploading videos to our lectures. You can either upload a single video at a time or use the new bulk uploader. The bulk uploader allows you to upload multiple videos from your computer or via cloud storage. Occasionally, you may have issues uploading video directly to the lectures, if so try the bulk uploader. 

Uploading video to our lectures

I enable all of the videos in my courses to be downloadable for students. If you want your course to be as accessible as possible to students all over the world, I strongly recommend doing the same. Many students request to download lectures because they lack home internet access or do not have adequate bandwidth for streaming video. From my experience, if someone wants to pirate content from your course they will find a way to do it. Don't let the idea of this prevent you from making your course as easy to access as possible.

Publishing and making lectures downloadable

In this lecture, we will update our course title, subtitle, category, and subcategory. If your course can fit in multiple categories, first check to see how competitive each category is. We can always change everything in this section post-publication except for the category/subcategory. 

Course Info - Basics

Next, let's write our course summary. This will be the focal point of our sales page, so be sure and make a good pitch that communicates the value a potential student can expect to receive from the course.

Course Info - Course Summary

Let's fill out the course goals section. This is where we set student expectations and the requirements to be successful in the course. If students require a certain software package or previous experience, be sure and communicate that in this section.

Course Content - Course Goals

If you are not the most creative or are not familiar with graphic design, Udemy's design team can create a course image for you. You can always request a new course image after you publish the course or update it with your own. I will also create a quick promo video for the course. A good course promo video is vital for making sales, however we will upload a quick one for now and upload a better one once the course is approved. 

Adding a course image and promo video to our course

Before you can receive payouts from Udemy you will need to apply to become a premium instructor. You can do this by going to your profile, clicking on Premium Instructor, and entering in your PayPal information. Remember that your course price communicates the perceived value the buyer will receive.

Setting the course price & applying to become a premium instructor

Let's submit our course for review. This course isn't a finished product, but we can still submit it for review. The minimum amount of content you need for Udemy to publish your course is at least 5 lectures and 30 minutes of video. I prefer to take more of a methodical approach to publishing on Udemy because it will allow us to get constructive criticism prior to finishing production. Students will tell exactly what they want in a course, so let's get our course published to the marketplace and begin enrollment.

Submitting our course for approval

Make sure you choose a short URL that represents the entirety of the course. You cannot change the course URL after publishing.

Choosing a URL for our course

Udemy will typically take 2 business days to either publish or request you to make adjustments to your course. The course feedback consists of required fixes, recommended improvements, and completed items. The required fixes are the only mandatory adjustments we must make to the course, and lucky for us we only need to wait for our course image to be completed.

Course feedback & resubmitting our course for review
Taking our Udemy Course to the Next Level!
11 Lectures 52:43

In this lecture, we will join the Udemy Studio Facebook group to share a free coupon to our course, and network with other instructors The Udemy Studio is a closed group, and all you need to do is fill out a short form to apply for membership. 

Joining the Udemy studio to share our course and network with other instructors

Reviews can be one of the most polarizing experiences for any new instructor on Udemy. I like to respond to reviews, both good and bad, to see what it is I can do to make the course the best it can be. If you receive a 1 star review on your course it is not the end of the world. Respond kindly and ask what you can do to make the course better for the next student. Remember, when looking for constructive criticism make sure you keep an eye out for trends. For example, if multiple students say the audio quality could be better you may want to take the time to re-record your lectures.

Responding to course reviews

In this lecture, we will begin writing the lecture descriptions and learning objectives for our course. Lecture descriptions are extremely important for search engine optimization (SEO), so be sure and pack this section with keywords and keyword phrases. Learning objectives should communicate to the student what they should be able to accomplish after completing the section.

Writing lecture descriptions & learning objectives for our course

There is a good chance your instructor bio will rank #1 in a Google search for your name. Make sure you take the time to write a decent bio.

Completing our instructor bio

Let's create subtitle files for our course. Adding subtitles is a great way to make your course as accessible as possible to international students (English as a second language), and setting your course apart from others in the Udemy marketplace. Udemy requires you to upload WebVTT (.VTT or Web Video Text Tracks) formatted subtitle files, and YouTube makes this process easy.

Adding subtitles to our course

You may want to save a copy of your course image to use when marketing your new course. You can use the course image in promo announcements, as a part of a blog post, etc. It is important to maintain consistency when sending traffic to your course sales page on Udemy. You want buyers to be as comfortable as possible, and using the same course image will help.

Saving our course thumbnail image

You can submit an application to join the Udemy affiliate program at You will be prompted to create a Linkshare (Rakuten Marketing) account, and becoming an affiliate isn't difficult. Make sure you create affiliate links when giving your course away for free (outside of the Udemy Studio). We will do more with the affiliate program later on in the course. 

Registering for the Udemy affiliate program

One of the easiest and quickest ways to get new students enrolled in your courses.

Using Facebook groups to boost student enrollment

Deleting lectures from a published course can compromise your search ranking in the Udemy marketplace. This is what I prefer to do with obsolete material within my courses.

Avoid deleting lectures from a published course

Educational announcements are great for boosting engagement within your course, promoting blog posts or YouTube videos containing related content, or running contests to reward your most dedicated students.

Using educational announcements to keep students engaged with the course

Let's send out our first promo announcement for this course! A good promo e-mail includes a call-to-action, offer, and deadline to create a sense of urgency for the buyer. 

Sending out our first promotional announcement
About the Instructor
Joseph Delgadillo
4.4 Average rating
618 Reviews
15,137 Students
7 Courses
Instructor Teaching 10,000+ Students

What would you be willing to do everyday for the rest of your life? What is your passion? If you asked me these two questions as a young adult, fresh out of university, I am not sure I would have been able to give a complete answer. Today, I am thankful to be serving over 10,000+ students in 7 courses on Udemy, and know that teaching is my passion.

Udemy has given me the opportunity to reach students in over 140 countries and teach skills ranging from computers & technology, to entrepreneurship & digital marketing. Take a course with me to get an over-the-shoulder view of how experts are successful in their respective fields.

I am a proud alumnus of Central Washington University.