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Learn how to make sushi

This course features over 90 minutes of easy to follow videos on how to make sushi from beginner rolls to advanced.
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Created by Jake Davidow
Last updated 4/2014
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What Will I Learn?
By the end of the course you will be able to make sushi like a pro
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  • Chopping board
  • Sharp knife
  • Dish towels
  • Cereal bowl
  • Sushi roller (get one from your local Asian supermarket)
  • Large bowl for ingredients
  • Chopsticks (optional)
  • Short grained rice
  • Fresh fish (watch the video on how to make sure the fish is fresh before you buy)
  • Vegetables (avocados, cucumber, mangos or anything else you like)
  • Rice vinegar
  • Tempura mix and cooking oil if you're going to want to do any deep fried sushi

In this course we start off teaching you the basics: how to make rice, select your fish and how to prepare your vegetables. Once you are good to go we've got 20 different types of sushi rolls we would like to show you how to make! Each lesson is roughly 5 minutes and very easy to follow

Making sushi at home is really easy to do if you know how. This course will have you making sushi like a pro in no time.

Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone who loves sushi
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Curriculum For This Course
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4 Lectures 14:54

A quick overview of what you will need to get started

Preview 01:02

Here we demonstrate how to cut up your avocados and cucumbers

Preview 01:59

Sushi rice is a key ingredient to most forms of sushi. In this video you will learn how to make perfect sushi rice every time

Preview 04:54

Here we talk you through how to choose your fish and ensure it's fresh enough to use for sushi.

Choosing your fish
Sushi Rolls
20 Lectures 01:41:50

Maki Sushi rolls are easy to eat and make a great lunchtime meal. They are made by wrapping Sushi rice and ingredients in nori seaweed and shaping the rolls with a bamboo rolling mat. Watch this video to learn how!

Preview 04:35

Inside Out Rolls are called Uramaki in Japanese. They are prepared by putting the rice on the outside of the Nori (seaweed). The ingredients are then put on the inside. Watch this video to learn how to make this attractive type of sushi

Inside Out Roll

Sashimi primarily consists of very fresh raw seafood, sliced into thin pieces, and served only with a dipping sauce Sashimi often is the first course in a formal Japanese meal, but it can also be the main course, presented with rice and Miso soup in separate bowls


Futomaki are Sushi rolls in which a whole piece of Nori (seaweed) is used. Several ingredients are then used as filling. Thick rolls can be rolled in a variety of ways to make decorative patterns in the rice


Hand Rolls - known as Temaki in Japanese - are absolutely delish and a treat for your guests. And they're a lot easier to make than you think!

Hand Roll

Shrimp Tempura

This is your sushi masterpiece. Deep fried sushi - whilst blunting the health edge that sushi has - is an awesome addition to your repertoire. The texture and flavor of the Volcano Roll sets it apart and will have your guests begging for more

Volcano Roll

Looking for a bit of fire to add to your sushi plate? The Spicy Crunchy Tuna roll is a staple of many Japanese restaurants and a really welcome addition to any dinner party you are throwing. You will need tempura flakes for this one which you can buy pre made or watch our video on Tempura to see how to make yourself!

Spicy Crunchy Tuna

Rainbow rolls are often found on the menu under "Special Rolls". This is one of the most colourful pieces of sushi that you can make and will leave your guests begging for more

Rainbow Roll

The Naruto Roll is one of the most extravagant rolls you will ever make. No rice, no seaweed - just cucumber and a fish of your choice. PLEASE NOTE - Do not attempt this roll if you do not have an extremely sharp knife and basic knife skills

Naruto Roll

This is the oldest and most common dish served in Japanese Sushi bars. In Japanese "Nigiri" means hand formed. Nigiri Sushi are made by gently squeezing together bite sized pieces of fish (or other ingredients) and small balls of rice


Replace your fish with a vegetable in this the oldest and most common dish served in Japanese Sushi bars. In Japanese "Nigiri " means squeeze. Nigiri Sushi are made by gently squeezing together bite sized pieces of fish (or other ingredients)vegetables and small balls of rice. Watch the video to see how you'll be able to cater to guests who are looking for something alternate to fish on their sushi

Vegetarian Nigiri

Fashion Sandwiches are a native sushi to South Africa. So unless your guests have been to South Africa – the chances are they have never seen this type of sushi before. Which means you get to look really clever and they get to look really impressed

Fashion Sandwich

California Rolls are inside out rolls prepared by putting the rice on the outside of the Nori (seaweed). The ingredients are then put on the inside. We generally use crab stick and avocado inside California Rolls. Californias are very popular amongst those who don't necessarily like the texture of the Nori. Flying fish roe or sesame seeds are usually used to garnish the finished California. Each roll makes 8 pieces

California Roll

Just when you thought the only to come out of Philly was cheese steak. The Philadelphia roll is a modern addition to the sushi plate and brings with it a freshness and texture that is really unique. You will need some cream cheese along with your salmon and avocado to make this roll. Try it out - its super delicious

Philadelphia Roll

Another modern addition to the sushi family. "Te" means "hand" in Japanese and "mari" means "ball". This little "Hand ball" is pretty piece of sushi that adds a contempory look to your sushi platter. Try it out with all different types of fish for maximum effect


The sweetheart roll is a favorite and is designed to score major points with loved ones.

Sweetheart Roll

The Tiger Roll is a different way of rolling sushi that gives you an opportunity to show off your skills. Watch this video to find out how!

Tiger Roll

Kazari sushi - roughly translated as TBDC - The Bomb Dot Com.... You won't even find this piece of sushi on most restaurant menu's. Prepare to knock your guests out as they marvel at your sweet skills

Kazari Roll

Gunkan sushi – also known as “Battleships” are a different looking sushi that add some nice flair to your presentation dish. You can use ikura, chopped fish or even vegetables as the filling

Gunkan Sushi
1 Lecture 06:57
Ask Jake
About the Instructor
4.0 Average rating
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165 Students
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Teach Me Sushi - Chief Sushi Officer

I have been involved in the Sushi world since 2001 and I have had a passion for Sushi since first tasting it as a teenager. In the west, due to diet and lifestyle we become accustomed to the taste and texture of our daily food. I will never forget the first time I allowed myself to eat what should be considered unthinkable – raw fish wrapped in seaweed. That feeling of tasting something completely new, with a texture that was foreign and unlike anything I have ever eaten, still remains with me today.

And its this excitement that I want to share with you, and help you create that experience for your guests.

There is something about sushi that gets people really excited. In Japanese its called Otaku. A loose understanding of this word is a feeling that sits below obsession but above passion. Few people are indifferent about sushi. You either love it or you can’t eat it. And those who love it, really love it. When you prepare a sushi meal for your friends who are “into” sushi, it will be received like nothing else you make. Chicken, steak, sirloin of tuna….. all have nothing on the simple maki or Californian role. It’s a no contest and my goal is that after spending 3 hours with me, you are able to put on a sushi spread that will have your guests begging for more.

A bit about my sushi background, I was trained at my local Yo sushi in my home town of Johannesburg South Africa. Thereafter I ran my own small business consisting of Sushi vending stands (Nishi Sushi) from 2000-2003 and supplied some of the leading caterers and restaurants. I started my first sushi school when I lived in London in 2003 and then moved over to the United States where I opened one in New York.

Teach Me Sushi combines my Otaku for Sushi with my love of teaching and giving over new skills

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