Kindle Business #3: Format Kindle Books Perfectly & Earn
4.3 (33 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
2,987 students enrolled
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Kindle Business #3: Format Kindle Books Perfectly & Earn

Kindle Formatting Business with templates -Use my 10 Proven formula to rank high to become Kindle Best Seller & Earn Big
4.3 (33 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
2,987 students enrolled
Created by Rose Suen
Last updated 9/2016
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What Will I Learn?
  • PREPARE a document with clickable Table of Contents
  • SAVE tons of money by formatting your own kindle book
  • FORMAT a kindle book from beginning to end smoothly
  • SPOT problems quickly to overcome formatting frustrations
  • CHOOSE the right features to convert your document smoothly into a kindle book
  • DISCOVER ways to distribute your kindle book into 6 other platforms
  • SAVE a lot of your precious time so that you can write more quality kindle books
  • PICK UP this useful skill so that you can have the flexibility to make changes and update your Kindle book
  • TAP into the power of perfect formatting to become the next best selling author
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  • a desire to produce quality kindle books
  • a desire to become a best selling author

Build a Small Business in Kindle Formatting:  Format Kindle Books Perfectly from an experienced Kindle Publisher!

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Course Updated: Nov 1, 2016


Do you know why your Kindle Books are not ranking well in Amazon?

Do you want to become a Best Selling Author in Amazon Kindle?

It's not as difficult as you may think. After this course, you will be convinced that you, too, can become a best seller author if you follow my path.

One of the things that all Best selling authors are successful is that

they have their best selling books formatted correctly for readers to have an enjoyable time reading them. So what if you have content that is of high quality? IF the formatting is poor, people don't want to read your books. People will just request refunds. Is this your situation? You are actually losing your readers.

So what, if you are a prolific author that can write best selling books?

You need to tap into the power of formatting your kindle books perfectly. Pick up some great tips and skills so that you have a handle in making your Kindle publishing business a continuous success. Being a Best Selling author is a journey and it never stops. You will constantly be making changes to your books and doing updates, and the best person to upgrade your book is yourself. Don't rely on others. Learn all the Kindle formatting secrets from me. For 2 years, I formatted thousands of kindle books for clients that I know all the tips and tricks to get a Kindle book formatted quickly in no time.

Here's the Secret of this Course: You are going to receive the complete 10 Kindle Formatting Formula (KFF) that has already been working for thousands of Kindle publishers who are now having flying successes in their Kindle business.

I've been involved in Kindle Formatting Business for 5 years so I know all the ins and outs of Formatting.  You can take this course and turn this into a Small Business for yourself by offering Kindle Perfect Formatting Services to your clients.

  • You are going to be so shocked how EZ and simple the KFF is. Don't let it fool you!
  • It looks simple and EZ because it's been tested with my hundreds of books and thousands of clients' books.
  • I've turned the whole 'nightmare' of formatting into a EZ and fun task for you to follow. I need to find ways to make tedious and technical things fun.
  • So follow EVERY step from beginning to end. Do NOT skip steps.
  • Many people do not become successful because they don't follow instructions. They make assumptions.
  • Have the patience to follow the course all the way through.

The 10 Kindle Formatting Formula in Kindle Business:

  1. The KFF guide you step by step from preparing your document to the final process of the actual formatting and uploading onto KDP.
  2. KFF will take away all your struggles and frustrations of the many nitty gritty formatting issues that eat up all your precious time.
  3. KFF touches on some technical points but they are very EZ to follow.
  4. KFF will save you money from outsourcing fee and hiring formatting services.

If you want to become a Best Selling author in your category, let me tell you again, you need to learn how to format your own books. Even though I run a Kindle formatting service for others and losing business by revealing to you my complete system, I need to hand over this important skill to you if you want to become #1 Best Seller.

You need to have control of your own books and not always depend on others.

Being a Best Selling author is a journey of making changes. Sometimes it is just a minor edit in your book. Sometimes it is just a minor update. However minute the changes are, don't rely on someone else to do these things for you that you can do for yourself in MINUTES.

Sometimes a little change will shoot your book to the best selling category. It has happened to me and it will happen to you too! Be willing to learn, to test, to experiment and not to assume anything in the process.

Come on in and enroll into this course,



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Who is the target audience?
  • all kindle publishers
  • all kindle writers
  • people who are in the kindle formatting services
  • everyone who desires to become a best selling author
Curriculum For This Course
40 Lectures
Let me Introduce myself
2 Lectures 10:18

10 Kindle Formatting Formula: 10 KFF

I purposely put these Formatting Guidelines into Formula so that this will be easy for you to remember:

1. MSW

2. 7QT

3. 6M

4. TOC

5. KPS


7. PRC


9. IMG

10. KDP


Preview 02:55
KFF Formula 1: MSW - Microsoft Word
3 Lectures 03:10
KFF Formula Guidelines to Students

Tip #1: Use Microsoft Word to create your document!

Microsoft Word is a great tool to use because it's extremely easy to format them into Kindle Books.

I suggest that you write your books in Word or convert the existing document to the right kind of file as suggested in the video. :)

Use Microsoft Word to Create Your Document

What to do if you already have a Document file to convert to Kindle
KFF Forumla 2: 7QT - 7 Quick Tips on How To Preapre Your Word Document
7 Lectures 16:44

Wrong Font and Wrong Size = People will request refunds.

You must create Right fonts and right size to give good experience to your audience!

Tip 1: Right Font & Font Size

This is the crux of formatting!

Most people do not follow what this video teaches. Now when they see my video, they say "ah....we know why now."

Preview 03:26

Using wrong layout features will send you 'rejects' from Amazon, as well as 'refunds' from your buyers.

Tip 3: Use Easy Layout Features

These 8 features will cause you headaches & nightmares for weeks and months. While you should be collecting your royalties, instead you are losing sleep and patience to your business!

Avoid them like a plague!

Tip 4: The 8 Features you Must Avoid

Know what kind of image files to use so that you have flexibility to resize.

Clients send me wrong images.

People can't see them on kindle.

Either too small or too large that half of it is not in their book.

What is worse, Amazon eventually rejects them all.

Your high quality book goes to the rubbish bin because it freezes their kindle readers.

It happened to me a few times because of my complicated music books with lots of pictures & charts.

Don't let it happen to you!

Watch this video again and again.

Tip 5: Pictures & Images - What files work best & what you must avoid

This is so self explanatory but people don't do it.

You should read some of the review comments - "the person is asleep while writing this book, lots of spelling errors."

It's not that content is not good but you give people that you do a haphazard job. Unproessional! Don't allow this to happen.

Tip 6: Importance of Spell Check

Learn the secret of having this part of the Active TOC in as shown in this video!

Tip 7: Navigate with an ACTIVE TOC
KFF Formula 3: 6M - 6 Must in a Professional Kindle Book!
1 Lecture 02:10
The 6 Must in all of your Kindle books
KFF Formula 4: TOC - Create An Active Table of Content
2 Lectures 05:00

Making clickable TOC is not complicated as you think.

Know this simple step of Heading Style.

Step 1: Use Heading Style

Step 2: Make hyperlinks to your TOC
KFF Formula 5: KPS - Big Tip: Kindle Page Size & Templates
4 Lectures 04:49
Kindle Page Size in Word - For Non-Fiction & Fiction

Use this secret tip to format your book so that you don't have a lot of white spaces.

What is most annoying is to have all these white spaces in the kindle reader.

It tells people there is LACK of content.

Quickly make those changes in your Kindle book!

Secret Tip: Kindle Page Size & Margins

Another Alternative - Use a MS Word Template

Another Alternative - Use this Template with Clickable TOC done for you
23 pages
KFF Formula 6: HTML - Easy Step To Get HTML File
1 Lecture 02:33

For this formatting, I used '0' margins setting. (Lecture 16 & 17)

Converting a Document into a HTML File
KFF Formula 7: PRC - Kindle Book Format
2 Lectures 03:19
Regarding prc in Amazon Kindle - Update!

3 Quick Steps to Build a book in .prc Kindle format

1. Install Mobipocket

2. Import the html file

3. Upload the Image

4. Build

Mobipocket - prc - 4 EZ Steps to Build A Kindle Book
KFF Formula 8: Calibre Software - Kindle Book Format
1 Lecture 04:07

Step 1: Install software

Step 2: Import your HTML existing file into Calibre

Step 3: Metadata & Cover image

Step 4: Insert Table of Content

Step 5: Build

Calibre Software - 5 Quick Steps To Build A Kindle book in .mobi format
KFF Formula 9: IMG - FLAT Cover
2 Lectures 03:35
Image Covers - dimensions, size, and file types

Image Dimensions, Size, Types

Graphic Images
1 question
5 More Sections
About the Instructor
Rose Suen
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Rose Suen is a teacher (Music & Business) and Best Selling author of many books in Amazon Kindle. She has helped many students to become very successful in Amazon Kindle Publishing and is making a huge impact formatting Kindle books perfectly for her clients. She coaches her clients to become successful in their expertise as they too share their passion, skill and knowlege with the world. Many of her students have become Best Selling Author in their categories.

Rose Suen is also a product creator in other areas such as Piano Music Courses, Bible Studies, Holy Land Videos. Her Education Degree from University of British Columbia and later on a Master Degree in Christian Theological Studies had enabled her to skillfully develop multilevel courses, lectures, workshops and training for her students ranging from young children to university level.

With her expertise and 30+ years of experience in teaching, she has a large group of followers to learn from her fun piano lessons and highly motivated to creating kindle books.

She is now a well known popular instructor at Udemy. She is teaching in the Music Hobby Category + Business Category with a total of more than 40 courses at Udemy. Her presentations are motivating with 'live' case studies to show you how you can succeed like her. She walks you through her dashboards to show you all the specific details. It's all 'first hand' experience! Come and join her thousands of students to learn how to turn your passion into a fun successful power house through books and online teaching at Udemy. In her spare time, she coaches Udemy instructors.