Tap Cravings Away: The Fastest Method to Eliminate a Craving
3.7 (58 ratings)
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297 students enrolled
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Tap Cravings Away: The Fastest Method to Eliminate a Craving

Learn SourceTapping®, similar to EFT tapping, for overeating, binge eating, sugar cravings, dieting, addiction recovery.
3.7 (58 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
297 students enrolled
Created by Meryl Beck
Last updated 8/2016
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What Will I Learn?
  • Understand the nature of cravings - emotional, physical, and bio-chemical.
  • Eliminate at least one craving.
  • Use SourceTapping® to continue to eliminate cravings.
  • Use SourceTapping® to deal with any food issue or emotional challenge that is upsetting.
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  • It is helpful (but not essential) to be aware of your food/beverage cravings or urges.

Learn an easy-to-use technique to curb cravings. Enjoy having more control over what you consume. Increase the likelihood of being able to stick with the food plan or diet of your choice. 

Eliminate Those Darn Cravings and Have More Peace Around Food

“SourceTapping® completely healed my lifetime obsession of daily consuming peanut M&Ms.”  ~Elaine Maez, Workshop Participant

“I am very, very pleased that I no longer have a tendency to look for food like a grazing cow since I have used SourceTapping®.” ~Ron Masters, Workshop Participant

Are you sick and tired of…

  • Feeling out-of-control with your food?
  • Eating food that is on your personal “no, no” list?
  • Succumbing to that voice that screams from the freezer of cookie jar, “I’m here, come get me!”?
  • Having an irresistible urge to consume something and you just can’t stop?

This course will discuss those darn cravings and how to head them off before they take control.

In this course you will:

  • Discover why you overeat, binge eat, and have sugar cravings;
  • Learn what cravings are all about;
  • Briefly explore energy psychology (such as EFT Tapping) and how it is a valuable tool;
  • Experience for yourself the effectiveness and simplicity of SourceTapping® to eliminate your personal cravings and get your power back;
  • Have an effective tool to aid in dieting and help deal with addiction.

SourceTapping® was created 20 years ago and it has helped countless people worldwide eliminate those darn cravings. It is a powerful step-by-step process to give you more freedom and control around food.

We’ve gotten rid of cravings for ice cream, candy, cheese, chips, soda, and so much more.

This course is for anyone who wants to get rid of cravings and enjoy more freedom around food.

“I felt like I found a new gold-mine in this simple tool and am looking forward to using it not just for food and cravings, but everything in my life!" ~Sara Fryd, Workshop Participant

“I did SourceTapping® in 2013 and it took away my desire for chocolate covered almonds. It hasn’t returned.” ~Marie Farren, Teacher

“….SourceTapping® is nothing short of a miracle.” Julie Seibert, Internet TV Host

100% Money Back Guarantee

I am confident that your using SourceTapping® will eliminate your craving on the spot. You can test the course out for 30 days and if not satisfied, you can ask for 100% refund.

Get Started NOW

If you are sick and tired of those darn cravings and want peace around food, this course will give you the tool to eliminate cravings.

Click “Take This Course” to begin experiencing this powerful tool for yourself.

I look forward to hearing about your results.



 “SourceTapping® is a wonderful, easy-to-use treatment method that clients can use on their own. I find that it is so good for deep emotional work, to open the way for deep healing. I have used this technique with great success. ~Barbara Stone, PhD, LISW, DCEP, Professor at Energy Medicine University

 “As a professional energy psychology practitioner I really appreciated the bringing in of a Higher Power in SourceTapping® and the explicit mention while tapping of shame, embarrassment, and grief because they are such an ubiquitous aspect of emotional, psychological problems.” ~Alfred Heath, Licensed Professional Counselor

“I am impressed with SourceTapping®  – a noticeable difference in like 2 minutes or so.” ~Dan Horner, Founder Dan Horner Productions

“I’ve gone through so many different exercises with so many different guests, and SourceTapping® is very different. I felt very energized and was surprised how fast it worked.” ~Meyer Toole, Co-Creator of the Energy Psychology Café

“My life has changed since taking your course…I am more at peace with food and I like myself a whole lot more.” ~Cathy Elizabeth, Erie PA

Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone who has food or drink cravings they'd like to release.
  • Overeaters who want to have more control and be at peace with food.
  • Everyone who wants to get rid of their sugar cravings.
  • Binge eaters who want a way to stop bingeing.
  • Newbies who want to learn an easy technique that involves tapping on acupressure points to release cravings (also useful for managing stress and eliminating emotional & physical pain).
  • People familiar with EFT who would like a script to use, rather than remembering what to say and where to tap.
  • All who want to form a partnership with Source (God, Higher Self) when they tap.
  • Individuals who want an effective tool for addiction recovery.
Curriculum For This Course
26 Lectures
Welcome To The Course!
4 Lectures 15:17

What this class is all about...and how it can help you eliminate those darn cravings!

Preview 02:03

Meryl Hershey Beck knows about overeating and cravings both personally (she recovered from binge eating disorder) and professionally (she's a licensed counselor and has helped clients with food abuse issues for the past  25 years). 

Preview 03:26

What you'll get from this class...

Preview 00:40

As babies we know how to self-regulate and stop eating when we've had enough. What happened that allows us to overeat and binge as adults? In this section you'll learn what cravings are about and what might be some of your triggers.

Preview 09:08
What Is Energy Psychology?
5 Lectures 12:18

Are you curious about energy psychology? In this section you'll learn about energy psychology and how SourceTapping® was created.


Discover the background...Roger Callahan's aha moment and Gary Craig's adaptation of this tapping technique.


If you think this looks weird or strange, you're not alone.

Overcoming Skepticism

Skeptical Meryl changes her mind - discover why.

My Change Of Heart

SourceTapping® is similar to EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) but offers some unique differences, such as forming a partnership with Source (God, Higher Self), using a script, anchoring in a positive, using the Pleasure Breath to increase oxytocin (a feel-good hormone), and eliminating the craving or issue down to its roots.

Components of SourceTapping®
4 Lectures 06:57

This diagram shows the points that you tap and the feelings connected with each.

Diagram Of Points

The first three steps in setting up a SourceTapping® session for yourself to get rid of those darn cravings.

Steps 1-3

Spirituality is not the same as religion. When using SourceTapping® you form a partnership with your Higher Power (God, Source, Higher Self - you decide what word you want to use). 

The Spiritual Element

Discover how the simple Pleasure Breath can increase oxytocin, a feel-good hormone!

The Pleasure Breath
Experiencing SourceTapping® - Tap Away Your Cravings
5 Lectures 14:19

Focus on the craving ... first step to releasing it.

The Craving

As you get started, begin with this centering exercise.

Getting Centered

The first round of SourceTapping®  >>> Watch and tap the points  + Listen and echo the words. You are well on your way to releasing the craving.

The First Round

After releasing challenging emotions (sadness, fear, anger, shame, etc.) in the first round, you'll now bring in a positive feeling of your choice – love, joy, peace, etc. Then anchor it in with the Pleasure Breath, which increases oxytocin (feel-good hormone). You'll release the craving and feel good!

The Second Round

Some common experiences from doing SourceTapping®.

Your experience
2 Lectures 02:37

You will receive the script, the diagram of points, and a video of SourceTapping® to Release Cravings.

Script, Diagram, Video

Another option - SourceTapping® on audio only for those times when you just want to put in those earbuds to get rid of a craving.

Frequently Asked Questions
5 Lectures 10:29
Why Is This Called The 5 Minute Craving Cure - It Took Me Way More Than That?

Will The Craving Be Gone Forever?

If I Tapped On..., Will It Also Carry Over To...

When Doesn't Source Tapping Work?

Bonus: Information to Take This Further
1 Lecture 02:41

Celebrate the completion of the course!

Discover a way to feel more confident and competent using SourceTapping® to release emotional discomfort as well as cravings.

Congratulations..You've completed the course!
About the Instructor
Meryl Beck
3.7 Average rating
58 Reviews
297 Students
1 Course
Emotional Eating Recovery Coach & Creator of SourceTapping®

Meryl Hershey Beck, M. A., M.Ed. is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor, an Emotional Eating Recovery Consultant, and a Master Teacher. Before becoming a counselor, Meryl spent more than 2 decades using food as her 'fix,' just like the alcoholic uses booze – to numb out. But not any more! Her Amazon best-selling book, Stop Eating Your Heart Out tells her story of recovery and includes many tools and techniques to break the chains of emotional eating. Meryl created SourceTapping® to help her clients tap away their cravings and reduce emotional upsets that lead to overeating. She serves many clients, such as: compulsive overeaters; women who give and give and don't know how to receive; people who believe their inner critics and have low self-esteem; anyone who has forgotten that they are spiritual beings in a human body; and/or individuals experiencing grief and loss. Meryl is an international speaker and presenter, and has appeared on radio and TV.