Tantra Mastery: Self-Development, Dating & Relationships
4.4 (72 ratings)
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3,359 students enrolled
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Tantra Mastery: Self-Development, Dating & Relationships

Tantra, Be self-aware, Get rid of inner pains, Boost Confidence, Love yourself, Dating & Relationships Tantric advice
Best Seller
4.4 (72 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
3,359 students enrolled
Created by Adelka Skotak
Last updated 2/2017
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What Will I Learn?
  • Get self aware
  • Analyse triggers inside of you
  • Know the main cause of these triggers
  • Know how to work with the main problem so it doesn't bother you anymore
  • Know therapies that can be done to identify inner pains and blocks
  • Express yourself fully exactly how you feel
  • Solve every fight in a healthy way finding the right solution and the right cause of every fight
  • Distinguish between superficial reasons of fights and real reasons
  • Love unconditionally everyone, accepting how they are
  • Love yourself !!!
  • Love in the present moment
  • Get the body more sensitive
  • Realise chakras, know important things about yoga and breathing and how is it connected to Tantra
  • Realise your own body, get connected with every inch of it
  • Never take personally what people say about you - become an audience just watching the scene
  • Understand how people react how they behave and why
  • Understand the processes that drive us to do certain things (even bad things)
  • Become kind of a therapist and psychic in predicting peoples actions
  • See through masks and roles of people around you
  • Be yourself in every situation, confident and just happy in your own skin
  • Get the Tantric touch
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  • You need to commit to go deep

People are not perfect. Yet we play this role that we are. We want everyone to think that we are completely amazing living our lives to the fullest. We have amazing relationships with everyone and if not it's their fault. But we all know that is not true. We have bad feelings. Not only about ourselves but also towards people we love! And we don't like these feelings! We feel terrible. We feel terrible that we are unhappy that our dear friend or sibling is successful. You want to be happy for them but there is that site of you that says: I don't want you to be successful!. 

Why do you feel this and how to process it AND how to get rid of it you will find in this course. 

The same with relationships or dating. Are you fighting over stuff that doesn't make sense? Like missed dinners, money, dishes, female/male friends - fights with no end nor reasonable solution. This course will teach you exactly how to "fight" the tantra way in order to always get to the real core of the problem. This course will teach you to accept your partner, listen to your partner, fight with your partner and any person in your life so it always results in a good bonding experience and solution. 

You will learn how to get to know yourself and everything that is happening in you. You will get self aware on every possible level. You will be able to identify all the triggers that makes your angry or sad. No one will ever put you down. You will reconnect with your body, get to know your chakras and how to breathe properly to make the body more sensitive towards everything including touch and love making. 

You will learn how to perceive love so you can yourself create this feeling. How to love unconditionally your partner and friends with all the flaws you may see and which may annoy you. Especially you will learn how to love in the Present moment which will make a huge difference with all the vibes and signals coming from your body. Your every touch will become electrical because it will be filled with present love. 

You will simply reach your potential and people will love being around you. You will become that one person you always wanted to be - perfect you. 

Stay Tantrealistic 


Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone feeling not enough
  • feeling lost, not happy with who they are
  • confused with feelings of sudden anger or sadness
  • getting triggered by other people and their comments/actions
  • having dark thoughts towards friends/family/lovers and being ashamed of them
  • wanting to know what's happening inside of them, why they have certain feelings
  • people not happy in relationships - not knowing how to solve fights, accept the partner, lacking communication
  • people not confident, not happy and in peace with who they are
  • people who want to know more about spiritual Tantra, chakras, yoga, meditation and therapies
  • people who want to find inner peace and purpose
  • people who want to get connected with themselves and their possible sexual partners
  • people having troubles opening up to love
  • ANYONE who wants to work on themselves
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Curriculum For This Course
34 Lectures
1 Lecture 03:03

Tantra is not for everyone. It is a process of getting to know yourself and you need to be able to go deep. Many people are just not able to do that. It requires great strength .. if you make it though. You will feel better than ever. 

Preview 03:03
The Inner self empowering
11 Lectures 43:36

Sometimes people are not able to distinguish between a role/mask and their actual self. They just live their role. Are you one of them? Is your inner kid happy? How to find out?

Playing roles. The little kid therapy

Self awareness is by far one of the key tools we use in Tantra. You need to be able to recognise when you play and mask in order to work on it. 

How to get self-aware? 4 easy questions

Your friend is amazing! Wow he's/she's is so good I can't imagine anyone better than him/her for this. - Why aren't you just happy for your friend? Why do you have that weird feeling in your stomach hearing this? Because you got triggered.

Triggers and why they hurt

No one likes those triggered uncomfortable feelings inside - so how to process them and turn them into a good thing?

What to do when someone triggers you?

It's time to get serious. Meet the RUS therapy. 

Preview 04:36

Even the worst person that you'll meet in your life can teach you a ton - I know it's a well known phrase but I will specifically tell you why and how to use these people. 

All the people teach you

Become a psychic seeing through people.

See through masks of others

We all have dark thoughts about our loved ones. The thoughts we are all ashamed about because if we said them out loud we would sound like the worst people ever. But guess what? We ALL have these!

The Black Matter - The dark thoughts towards your loved ones

We are all so bad you have no idea. But that's not our core. Just our "collection" of pains and triggers during the process of growing up - and that can be solved. 

Preview 00:52

Let's do some stuff not just talk. Shall we?

Present unconditional loving
8 Lectures 27:36

How to love even when there are mood swings, fights and just those little things that annoy you so much

Unconditional love - Relationships

And this way you can learn how to maintain the lovable feeling and create it whenever! 

You can love without being loved and it's awesome

The same cliche over and over - Loving yourself is the key. And it's true, but there is more to it in the Tantric approach. Not only words. We have therapies.

You are your greatest lover. Act like that

Thanks to this therapy you will immediately know how bad/good it is with your self love.

Do you love yourself? Exercise

Let me lift your mood a little. :) <3

Empowering You

People all the time think little bit ahead with everything they do. It's time to get ourselves to where we are now and that's present. Your body will have time to focus more on what's happening and will get more sensitive. 

Preview 02:22

Let's get touchy feely without any pressure. Just being there in that moment. 

Touching exercise to get to the Present moment
Chakras, Yoga, Breathing - Making the body more sensitive
5 Lectures 09:58

Brief list of chakras and the possibility of blockage. 

How do chakras work?

Connect with every inch of your body. Awareness is connected also to body realisation. Get connected with what's happening inside of you. 

Why is Yoga and Breathing good? Body sensitivity

Just slow down and stop taking life that serious. You will never make it out alive anyway. Write that down. 

Going slow and realising every inch of our bodies

Let's get physical. 

Tantra for Couples/Friends/Family.
6 Lectures 18:21

Don't blame or verbally attack. Just share what you feel.

Saying everything when it's there. But how?

So you know exactly what I mean 

Story time - Saying it when it's there

How to let go of the bad feelings during the fight. 

Preview 01:54

The most important part of everything. Going deep and giving the time to talking. The worst thing you can do now is to walk away.

The Talk After the Tantra way

You are still your own person. Your partner is only enriching your amazing life.

Detached but FULL loving

No one is perfect and no one will change because You want that. 

Tantra Course Part 2 - The Physical self
1 Lecture 00:42

On my website Tantreality you can be checking the progress of the creation of the second part of this course which will be dedicated to the Physical sexual part of Tantra (more information on my website). I am not sure if I will publish this course on Udemy (its content might be too much) but I will keep you updated on my website and on my Facebook page. 

Good news is - if you've purchased this course you will automatically get a 60% discount for the second Tantra course. If you subscribe on my website you will get the "New Subscribers" 75% discount on all the courses - second part of the Tantric course included so don't wait any longer and check it out. 

The coupon code for the 60% discount will be shared via email once the course is done. 

Discount for the Tantric Course Part 2
1 Lecture 03:22

Sometimes I talk to myself .. well ... actually a lot :D So I wanted to share with you some moments from the shooting. :) 

Preview 03:22
1 Lecture 01:33

See you next time! Stay Tantrealistic. 


About the Instructor
Adelka Skotak
4.1 Average rating
278 Reviews
7,257 Students
6 Courses
Sociologist, Relationship counselor, Tantric Lector

I was born and raised in the Czech republic. I currently live in the great city Prague which is the capital of Czech republic. I am a sociologist focusing on behaviour within large groups, my main focus though was always on individuals and the change in their behaviour while being influenced by random factors. I also am very interested in Tantra which is basically a term framing a certain lifestyle. This lifestyle allowed me to deeply understand relationships and the way they work but more importantly Tantra helped me to understand people and the way they think. Since I had a very good starting point thanks to my university I quickly found my way around and was learning and implementing everything I could. Tantra helped me to understand how and why people deal with problems. How and why they structure their reactions in certain situations in a certain way. Therefore I was/am able to help others not only to analyse their current state but also to determine the underlying problem that triggers all. Some consider me young. I will be learning my whole life that's for sure but I do believe that even now thanks to my education, personal experience and most importantly thank to the access to a large community of otherwise hardly reachable relationship tantric masters I am able to help others. And that is what I am going to do.