Complete Swift 3 training - Get ready for XCode 8 and ios 10
4.0 (25 ratings)
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2,004 students enrolled
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Complete Swift 3 training - Get ready for XCode 8 and ios 10

A complete swift 3 training to make you ready for Ios 10.
4.0 (25 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
2,004 students enrolled
Last updated 6/2016
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What Will I Learn?
  • swift 3 is must to learn to design apps in ios 10
  • You will learn every detail of swift 3
  • you will also design few basic apps to implement the learnings
  • you will be understand every swift 3 code
  • you will be able to code your own logic in swift 3
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  • Xcode (Free and installtion covered)
  • Any Apple computer (Macbook pro/air, mac mini, Imac etc)

Swift 3 is out a few days ago and every one is very exited to learn it. Get a jump ahead start on swift 3. Swift is very simple and great language to get started in programming. So, if you have never coded in life before take this course. This is the course that teaches you the step by step process to learn swift 3 as well as to teach you the implementation of swift 3 by designing a few basic apps.

 Since now, swift is open source therefore you can be on windows or Linux and can learn to code in swift. All though if you are serious about releasing apps in app store, (and you should be), then getting a Mac is good idea. And these are honest words here. We want to be as transparent as possible with our students.

As by taking a look at the course content you can tell that we have done a great job in covering the topics and as much in detail as possible. But still the course is easy to follow. We are not hobbits in teaching; we are professionals. We have already launched our Boot camps for Ios 10 with Xcode 8.

As the course moves you will get confidence with the language. You will feel that designing apps is not that tough. Also the course content will surely get updated because language is not officially out yet. And image that, when the language will be out, you will already be expert in that. Yep, that a big deal.


Once you are enrolled in the course, you will not get charged for future material added in this course. Already students from all over the globe have trusted in our quality. Within first few lectures, you will realize the quality production that we do.

So, fire up your code editor and let’s write some code.

Who is the target audience?
  • Students who want to implement their ideas into apps
  • who want to learn to code in ios 10
  • Ideal for 1st time code learners
  • who want to learn to code for apple devices
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Curriculum For This Course
32 Lectures
Grabbing the tools to write swift 3 and creating out first App
4 Lectures 34:06

A detail introduction to the course. About what we will learn in this course and what not to expect from the course.

Preview 08:33

In this lecture we will learn to download XCode 8. Xcode 8 is the must have and only tool that you will need to write code in swift 3. XCode ships in with swift 3 and no additional installation is required. XCode and MAC are the only requirement to get you started.

Preview 05:11

Since we will be spending a lot of time in Xcode, it's a good idea that we first take a tour of the platform. It has 3 major section, left side is to organize your files and folders. Middle part is where you write code and sometimes preview the screen too. Right side is dynamic and changes based on the item selected. Usually, most of the properties can be set here.

Taking XCode tour

Instead of designing first hello world app, we will  do little better. We will code a simple app that has 2 buttons. By pressing the one button, background will change to blue color and by pressing other one, background will change to red one.

Preview 09:46
Getting started with swift 3
5 Lectures 41:56

Playground is a quick editor in Xcode that allows you to write quick codes, test with them and learn with them. They are not meant for full application development, but just to have quick processing of the codes.

Introducing playground for quick codes and Exercise files

Variables in swift are created by using var keyword and constants are created using let keyword. Swift guidelines recommend to make constants as much as possible. This makes code more independent and stable. Every data type can be made variable and constant using these two keywords in swift 3

Variables and constants in swift 3

String interpolation is a technique in swift 3, that helps us to replace variable or constant with their respective values. Further we will talk about comments and their major usage while testing a few lines of code.

String interpolation and comments

Type conversion is a must to learn in swift 3. Usually the text that is passed by user is in the form of string and in that case if we want to perform some arithmetic operation, then we need to convert it into Int. Also we will look at aliases, that help us to gives different names with same functionality to various things.

Type conversion and aliases

Although, we will revisit the conditionals and loop later, but this quick look will help you to understand a lot of topics like comparison operations and logical operations. Similarly, loops will help you to understand range in swift 3.

Conditionals and loops at quick look
Operations and collection in swift 3
7 Lectures 01:04:44

Arithmatic operations are the simplest of all of them. It allows you to do simple math in the programming, like addition and multiplication. Similarly, assignment operations helps you to assign values from right hand side to the left hand side element.

Arithmetic and assignment operators

Comparison helps us to decide the further flow of the code in swift 3. Comparison gives us either of the two Boolean results, True or False. Further, we will explore two range operation, Inclusive range and Non inclusive range.

Comparison and range operations

Logical operators allow you to test multiple condition at a time. Multiple Boolean values can be evaluated at a time and based on that events can be triggered. For AND operator, all values should be true to get a true result, while for OR operator, any one true value will produce true as an output. While the NOT operator just reverse the Boolean situation

Logical AND OR and NOT operators

Strings are a character array set. Strings does comes with lots of in built functionality as they are the highly used element in programming. In swift 3, we will learn about string interpolation and many functions that ships in with language.

Strings in swift 3

There are mainly three types of collection in swift 3, we will take arrays first as our discussion. We will learn to declare array, add elements in it and to remove the elements. Indexing is the main strength of the arrays.

Collection - Arrary in swift 3

Another collection is set. Just like set that you might have studied in high school, these sets also follows the properties like Union, intersection and addition of sets. Let's take a detail look on sets in swift 3

Collection - Set in swift 3

Finally we have dictionary in the collection. The major strength of dictionary in swift 3 is to have flexibility in choice of index. Values are inserted in the dictionary as key value pair. To access any value, we need to pass the key of the value. Same goes with deletion of the value and insertion of the value in dictionary

Collection - Dictionary in swift 3
Conditionals in swift 3
7 Lectures 54:49

The most common conditionals are if and else. If code block runs the code if the condition is produced as true and else code block runs on the other case. There is nothing special in IF and ELSE in swift 3 as compared to other programming languages, No surprises at all.

Conditionals - if else in swift 3

Switch and case are another way to decide on the condition. For a particular element, we can check for various cases and based on the match, we can run some code block. There is no explicit fall through between the cases in the swift 3. Although, it comes with keywords like FALLTHROUGH, if we really want to make that happen.

Conditionals - switch case in swift 3

Moving further in conditionals, for in is the another player here. The traditional C style for loop is gone in swift 3. For in loop are more easy to use in case of range and array like situation. There is a major role of underscore, incase the repeating element is of no use

Conditionals - for in loop

Moving up next, we have while ad repeat while loops. Repeat while loops are just like Do While loop in C based language but since swift 3 has different meaning for Do as a keyword, they did changed the Do as Repeat. One simply checks the condition at the top and another at the end.

Conditionals - while and repeat while loops

We have five major condition controller keywords. but we will take a look at only three of them, Break, Continue and Fallthrough. Because other two will be discussed later in Function video. Break simply Breaks the flow and throws the flow outside the code block. While continue just ignore one iteration

Condition controller keywords

Just to make things little interesting, we will  design a simple app, that calculates the price of the coffee and shows it on the screen. The goal here is not to make app but to show that whatever we are learning here, has an implementation.

Coffee Calculator App part 1

In the last movie, we worked on the front end part of the app, now, in this movie, we will write the code the take input from the user. Then we will convert that input into Int from string. Further we will perform some calculation in that input and result will be severed to the user on the screen

Coffee Calculator App part 2
Functions and closures in swift 3
4 Lectures 39:39

For saying, function is just a block of code that can be called many times. But there are tons of working going on inside the function. Lots of details are there in Parameters and return types. We will learn all these details in the movie.

Basics of functions in swift 3

We will  solve two major problem in this video. first is to give variation in the input parameters and making our function ready to take any number of arguments. Second, we will take a look at swapping problem. All the function parameters are constants and we will learn to change those values.

Variadic functions and inout keyword

Closures are heavily used in entire ios development. It's hard to avoid them. So I have decided that I'll explain it in layman's words first. From the very first release of swift, I can see that students are facing problems in closures but worries are over now. After watching this closure movie, things will get crystal clear for sure.

Closures for beginners

Sometimes, it's good to limit our own options. Enums allow you to create different cases that you can match and work according to them.

Enums in swift 3
Rest of the swift 3
5 Lectures 33:14

Classes and structures in swift are heavily compared because they do have many similarities. Both can have properties, both can have function etc. In this movie we will take a look at classes and structures and learn to define properties and function in both of them.

Classes and structures

A very confusion topic again but again, I have tried to explain this topic in simplest possible words. Optional chaining allows you to handle the condition when variable has NIL value while forced unwrapping will throw an error in case of NIL values.

Optionals chaining vs forced unwrapping

Extension is a way to extend the working and functionality of existing classes and structures. Most of the time the classes and structure are defined and you just want to use them with little extra functions. Extension helps you to do that. A lot of people compare extension with inheritance too.

Extensions in swift 3

Generics means general data type. You can call them empty vessels too. Any data type like Int, Double or String can fit into generics. Arrays and Dictionary uses generics already and this is the reason why you are able to define array of Ints or Strings

Generics and scopes

A final thanks to all for taking this course

Thank you and Note about more updates
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