Learn how to organise a sustainable event
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Learn how to organise a sustainable event

Learn how to organise a green event from inception to completion
4.5 (2 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
231 students enrolled
Created by Jarno Stegeman
Last updated 2/2017
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What Will I Learn?
  • make their event or festival more sustainable
  • evaluate and implement the different elements of an environmental plan for their event
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  • you need have willingness to make your event more sustainable
  • there are no prerequisites for this course

Events and festivals are embracing sustainable event management policies but it remains a daunting task to actually implement these policies. As the coordinator for the Greener Festival Awards in North America I am assessing the environmental plans of event and festival organisations. I will look at their environmental policies, waste management plan, transport plan, biodiversity analyses, and outcome of all these plans. Sustainable Event Management is more than just recycling!

In the workshop Sustainable Event Management you will learn what you can do to organise a greener event without it costing you the bank. 

What to expect in this workshop

This workshop is divided in 3 sections: 

  • What is sustainable event management

You will learn the basics of what sustainable development and sustainable event management is.

  • Your environmental plan

You will learn what an environmental plan is. The content of this plan will be discussed in this section of the workshop. Among the subjects that will be discussed are:

    • Measuring
    • Travel & transport
    • Water usage
    • Electricity and energy usage
    • Triple bottom line
  • Your audience

Great news that you want to organise a green event but is your audience actually interested in this? In this section I will discuss the results from my research study at Bonnaroo Music Festival and Lightning in a Bottle Festival.

Interviews with event industry experts

Throughout the workshop you will find useful interviews with award winning event and festival professionals. They will provide you with practical advice. What did the festival Lightning in a Bottle do to win the 'Outstanding-Award' for their sustainable efforts? There are interviews with:

  • Lightning in a Bottle Festival
  • Gentlemen On The Road Festival
  • Klean Kanteen (water bottle providers)
  • Sol Solutions (solar power at events)

Besides interviews the workshop consist of tutorials, presentations, and reading material. 

What other students say

"Jarno always displayed a great knowledge and understanding of the event industry and was always able to communicate this in original and innovative ways that were really appreciated by the student." Iain Hill, promoter Live Nation Spain

"Much thought and experience has gone into preparing the course. I especially love the expert interviews, which give a behind-the scenes view of organising events." Jenny, student at The Event Tutor


1. Can I contact you if I have a question about the course content?

A. Absolutely! That's what a tutor is for. You can contact me via Jarno@eventtutor.com. My aim is to respond to your email as quick as possible.

2. Is Sustainable Event Management only useful when I want to organise a festival? 

A. It is useful if you want to plan any type of event. The workshop covers a wide variety of subjects and will benefit any event planner. This workshop is applicable to festivals, conferences, meetings, b-to-b events and community events.

3. I've seen other online courses that are more expensive. Why is this course so cheap?

A. I want to make sure the course is accessible to those who want to make their event more sustainable. Sustainability is about accessibility. Hence this course is only $30. 

How much is this workshop?

Only $30! Yes, let that sink in for a moment. Lectures, exercises, quizzes, interviews with event industry experts, and 1-to-1 tutorials on request. All of that for only $30. 

Other workshops

I have created more workshops:

  • Event Planning
  • Event Marketing
  • Event Safety
  • Gay Wedding Planning

What are you waiting for?

Sign up today and you will learn how to plan, organise, and produce a successful green event. Remember, it's only $30. 

Welcome to The Event Tutor.

Who is the target audience?
  • event planners, event managers, event producers
  • festival producers
  • anyone wanting to 'green' their event
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Curriculum For This Course
Introduction to Sustainable Event Management
5 Lectures 10:05

At the end of the entire workshop you will:

1. understand what ‘greening’ your event means

2. be able to evaluate the different elements of your environmental plan

This workshop is a combination of tutorials, presentations, exercises and interviews with industry professionals.

Preview 00:35

Dede Flemming, co-founder of The Do Lab and Lightning in a Bottle Festival, explains what sustainable event management is and what it means to his organization. Lightning in a Bottle has won the 'Outstanding' Greener Festival Award (from A Greener Festival) several years in a row.

Preview 02:30

The definition of sustainable development, given to us by the Brundtland Commission (1987):

“Sustainable Development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs”. This definition is also the basis of how I approach sustainable event management.

Greening your event is not just about recycling and waste. Look at it as a better way to do business and with that in mind you need to look at the three pillars of a sustainable event economic, social, and environmental.

Preview 01:33

There are several items you should consider when making your organization more sustainable. It's not just your event you should look at, think of:

* your organization / company

* your audience

* your legacy

Sustainability runs through all your production cycles, from start to finish, and from management to the volunteers at your event site.

Preview 04:27

When answering this question please do search online for best practices with regards to sustainable event management. You can always learn from other events and festivals.

Quiz time
1 question

Sustainable Event Management starts with a vision. An idea of what you believe in. Take small steps towards sustainability and allow yourself time to work towards a green event. It will not happen overnight!

Summary Introduction to Sustainable Event Management
Your environmental plan for your event
11 Lectures 21:40

Your environmental plan is based on your business philosophy. Start your plan by providing key information on your organization:

- who you are

- what you do

- ownership

- funding

- mission

- size and scope of activity

Writing an environmental plan requires time, research, and planning!

Your event organization: your environmental plan

It was estimated that almost 40% of all the greenhouse gases emitted in the UK music market came from travel and transport (Julie's Bicycle, 2007). Your goal is to minimize the impact of travel and transport to, and from, your event.

Carpooling, car sharing, public transport, and incentivized travel are some of the options you can choose from.

Research, measure, and collect data from your own event or festival:

- how many cars will come to my event?

- how many people per car?

- how much fuel are we using for onsite vehicles?

- how much CO2 is emitted by the different transport modes?

- how many of my visitors will use public transport?

Research your travel and transport!!

Travel & transport at your event

Do you have a policy in place to reduce your CO2 and other pollutants?

Some say that small to medium sized events (capacity less than 20,000) can run entirely on renewable energy.

Look at your data, your numbers. How much energy do you us? How much waste do you produce? We will look at ways to reduce this.

Alternative energy forms are:

- wind

- solar

- water

- human

Preview 02:14

What is a vendor policy?

Vendor policies
1 question

Solar panels at events

Melissa McClary from Klean Kanteen, producer of stainless steel water bottles, explains how they view environmental policies from events and festivals. She also talks about the company's ethos.

Interview Klean Kanteen, a supplier's perspective

Figuring out where your waste streams come from ultimately start with what you, the organizer, bring on site. You are in control of the items that are for sale at your event. Think of plates and cutlery (plastic or compostable), water bottles (single use or reusable), and your vendors (locally sourced or not).

Communicate your plan to your audience. Raise awareness and educate where possible.

Waste management
2 pages

Nick Algee, event manager and consultant from Sustaining Solutions, explains what you can do with the waste from your event or festival. Nick provides you with some excellent ideas of how sustainable event management can work!

Amazing advise from Gentlemen of the Road festival

Drinking, showering, hand washing, catering, food & beverage, toilet facilities.... the list of where water will be used at your event is endless. Try to minimize water usage at your event. Re-use water where possible.

The different forms of water are:

- clear water

- blue water

- grey water

- brown / black water

Remember: respect, re-think, reduce, re-use, recycle, restore.

Preview 02:41

When you choose your event site make sure you look at how accessible it is. Accessible for:

- public transport

- cars & car parking

- roads leading to your event

- on site accessibility

Environmental Impact Study = A detailed study of the possible effects your event or festival has on the local environment. This is especially pertinent in the case of 'greenfield' events / festivals. Events that are organized outdoor.

Biodiversity Study = A detailed study of the possible effects your event or festival has on local wildlife.

Location & impact studies: neighbors and wildlife?

A list of useful websites. Do visit these websites as there is a lot of research out there.

1 page

Research and plan your environmental plan. Be realistic in your planning about what you can really do. Take small steps at a time and allow yourself to improve in time to come.

When creating you plan consider:

- transport

- waste

- water

- emissions

- location

Summary Your Environmental Plan for Your Event
3 pages
'greening' your audience
4 Lectures 07:03

"Millennial consumers (18-34) lead growth in green purchasing" (2014). There is a buoyant market for green products and services. The perception and the attitude of consumers and audiences are favorable for green events. But...

* make it easy for your audience

* raise awareness & educate

Your willingness to 'go green' needs to come across on your event site. Make sure you communicate your sustainability agenda to your staff, your contractors, suppliers, and your audience!

Your audience's motivation and experience

Dede Flemming from Lightning in a Bottle festival explains what his visitors expect to see when they are on site. How does the festival live up to that expectation?

Interview Lightning in a Bottle: audience perceptions

Do audiences really care about sustainability at a festival? Don't they just throw all their waste on one big pile?

This depends on how you communicate with, and educate, your audience.

Dede Flemming from Lightning in a Bottle explains how they do this at their festival.

Interview Lightning in a Bottle: audience attitude

What motivates your audience to go green?

Make it easy for them!

Summary 'Greening' Your Audience
1 question

Thank you for taking the workshop! I really hope you found it useful.

If you would like more information about event planning you might want to check out my other workshops:

1. Event Safety

2. How To Plan A Successful Event: An Easy Guide

In addition to this workshop (Sustainable Event Management) I have also written an eBook. It's called Event Management: Your Environmental Plan and you can find it on Amazon.

For more information please visit www.eventtutor.com

Thank you!

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About the Instructor
Jarno Stegeman
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The Event Tutor, online workshops in event planning

Passionate about events!

I have over 15 years experience in events, festivals and education. From organizing events for 100 people to festivals for 30,000 people, I've done it.

In my career I have worked as an event manager, a researcher at music festivals, and as a university lecturer in event planning. I'm still very much active in the event industry:

* Coordinator for A Greener Festival

* Production family events

* Researcher at music festivals (Bonnaroo, Lightning in a Bottle, San Francisco Pride)

* Wedding planner

Sign up for my workshops and I will teach you what you need to do in order to plan and organize an event, wedding or festival.

The 5 workshops you should keep an eye out for, are:

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3. Event Safety

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My CV:

A Greener Festival

I am a keen advocate of sustainable event management. Working with A Greener Festival, co-founded by one of my former students, is extremely insightful. As the coordinator for the Award Scheme in North America it is rewarding to see so many festivals (50 festivals world-wide in 2014) taking part in our award scheme.

San Francisco Pride
The San Francisco Pride weekend in 2013 attracted over 1 million people to the city. The events leading unto this weekend were plannend and produced by me. In 2014 I was the coordinator of the Economic Impact Study on behalf of SF Pride and the city of San Francisco. The aim of this research was to measure the economic impact this event has on the city and the wider community. In 2015 I coordinated a demographic study for SF Pride.

British University
Senior Lecturer and Course Leader of the Music & Live Event Management course at Buckinghamshire New University in England. I was responsible for the content and the delivery of courses such as Event Planning & Management, Sustainable Event Management, Event Production, Business Economics, and Strategic Management in the Leisure Industry.

Most Inspirational Tutor Award
I am very proud that I was awarded the prestigious Most Inspirational Tutor-Award by the students of Buckinghamshire New University in 2010 and 2011.

The International Centre for Crowd Management & Security Studies
From 2006 until 2013 I was the project manager for the International Centre for Crowd Management and Security Studies, where I was responsible for planning and managing research projects at concerts and large scale festivals such as PinkPop in Holland, Creamfields in the UK, and Exit Festival in Serbia.

In 2010 my research at Exit Festival, a security and safety audit, got published in the book Case Studies in Crowd Management, Security and Business Continuity. Do check it out!

In 2015 I published my first eBook Event Management: Your Environmental Plan. This eBook covers the steps an event organization can take in order to make their event(s) more sustainable.

Club Health
On behalf of Prof. Dr. G. Keith Still I spoke at the Club Health conference about the “Underlying Causes of Crowd Accidents”. Ever since my undergraduate study, I wrote my thesis about the health & safety aspects at Dance Valley Festival in the Netherlands, I’ve been interested in crowd behavior at events and festivals.

Safety plan CliniClowns Tour
I have researched and written a safety plan for staff and visitors of a theater production of CliniClowns, one of the Netherlands most respected charitable organizations. This theater production was aimed at people with multiple disabilities. A rewarding project to get involved with!

Personal Licence Holder in England
As a Personal Licence Holder in England and Wales, I can act as a designated premises supervisor for any business that sells or supplies alcohol. A great advantage when working at events and festivals.

Pit Training Certificate
The Certificate in Pit Training that I have received is recognized across the industry in the United Kingdom as the qualification required for staff working in the front of stage pit at concerts and festivals.

Research in the Netherlands
As the co-founder of the Entertainment Research Center in the Netherlands I worked with large scale music festivals on licensing and permits, health & safety, and crowd management research.