Super Fit HIIT Workout by Dr Zsu
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Super Fit HIIT Workout by Dr Zsu

Become Superfit with a Simple, Short Effective Hyper Intensity Interval traing. The Ultimate Anti-aging workout
4.3 (6 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
777 students enrolled
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What Will I Learn?
  • Learn what is Hyper-intensity Interval training and its physiological benefits
  • Learn the elements of the HIIT workout and how to design your own
  • Learn the RPE scale (Rated Perceived Exertion) based intensity monitoring
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  • Running
  • knowledge of jumping exercises
  • should have advanced fitness level, but at lest intermediate with a high motivation

Have you been working out for many years?

Are you gymed out from the routine, and cant get any stronger?

Did you have enough spending long hours on running or doing cardio?

Do you have joint pains from the long runs

Would you like to have a simple, time saving workout, which can boost your bodies recovery system and regeneration to keep you young, super fit and healthy

Welcome to my Ultimate HIIT Superfit workout.

This is a hyper-intensity Interval training, which is a special fusion of power yoga and plyometric interval and circuit training.

Plyometric exercises give the work bouts of the interval training and the power yoga part gives the resting bout of the workout.

The benefits are the huge time saving, saving the wear and tear on the joints while becoming stronger than ever with any kinds of workout before.

Superior Growth hormone production post exercise which gives you strong and high energy for the entire day. When you do long runs you het the fatigue period of the day, with this workout you simply go all day long on 100% and retire on the end of the day.

I m 46 years old at the time of this recording and I have been working out with this system the past 5 years. I feel stronger and healthier than ever. My immune system working it all out by itself.

Who is the target audience?
  • Advanced fitness enthusiast
  • Age 14 and above. Any age as long as familiar with plyometric/jumping training
  • Runners and Athletes
  • Those who are busy and want a shorter and most effective workout to stay in shape and slow down aging
  • Anyone who want to improve running quality and performance in sport games
  • Those who want to get stronger than ever
  • Who has high motivation for workout
  • It is not for those who are Beginner, and those who doesn't have experience in plyometrics/ running or jumping training. Start those activities first then try this
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Curriculum For This Course
Introduction to the course
1 Lecture 03:04

Welcome to my Super Fit workout.

I m 46 years old at the time of this recording and I have been working out with this system the past 5 years, since 2011 Feb

How did I make this system

I made this system of workout, as I was stuck for time, and space, and had not much chance to go out to long runs. I also started to feel that my knees and hips have slight pain from long distance running on the streetI learnt about Hyper-intensity workout approx. 6 years ago, from Dr Mercola.

Then I thought why not fuse use my existing knowledge on Plyometric training, and yoga and fuse this two.

Even though I workout on hard surface I still have absolutely zero joint ache. Its been 5 years working out with this system, which requires very small space, can do it outside, and inside too. For me it was important to able to do this outside as

Living in the subcontinent I spend most time indoors on aiconditioning and I like to get my daily those of Vitamin D and fresh air during my workouts at least.

I noted that working out with this system gave me the power to stiff run long distance once or twice a week and be much stronger. I ran an 18km race with no long distance training prior but this workout and was able to run it 1hr44 min. This was a great surprise for me and proved the effectiveness of this workout.

This is actually a hyper-intensity Interval training, which is a special fusion of power yoga and plyometric interval and circuit training.

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What is HIIT workout
7 Lectures 15:27

HIIT training can be used for everyone using bike, stair master, elliptical trainer, treadmill, out doors: walk/run

1 Interval= 1 work bout + 1 rest bout

Work bouts of 2-3 min on RPE 7-8/9

Rest bouts on RPE 3-4

4-7 complete intervals

An interval training becomes HIIt workout for even a beginner if you use the specific RPE scale for monitoring the intensity.

A HIIT workout for a beginner or intermediate fitness person will differ than a advanced level.

You got to make sure that you stay with the general HIIT until you get trained enough to progress to Super Fit

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HIIT Benefits for the body

Larger improvements in VO2 than continuous traditional endurance workout

1 month of HIIT improved cardio vascular fitness and body composition

HIIT (defined as four intervals of four minutes at 85-95% of max heart rate with three-minute intervals at 60-70% of max heart rate) was more effective than moderate-intensity continuous training at improving blood vessel function and markers of blood vessel health.

HIIT significantly lowers insulin resistance compared to continuous training or control conditions and leads to modestly decreased fasting blood glucose levels and weight loss compared to those who do not undergo a physical activity intervention

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Super Fit is a special fusion of Plyometrics and Power Yoga in the Interval format.

The training

Work parts - 1-2 min - RPE 9-10

Jumps: Ankle hops and squat jumps

Jump rope : ankle hops and squat jumps

Quick feet and squat jumps

Front to back and Side-to-side jumps

Single leg push off alternating leg in place

Single leg push off side ways with cross over the bench

Single leg push off on same leg

Rest bouts 3-4 min RPR 3-4

Sun salutation

Sun salutation with a twist

For rest part on the end you may switch to Hamstring curls on ball and core push up position with feet on ball and alternate leg raises.

What is HIIT Superfit workout and why is it so special

Super Fit for life is a lifestyle where different exercise modalities are combined.

Super Fit HIIT: TWice a week, min 48 hours a part

Strength training: for muscular endurance twice a week, 48 hours a part

Run; 45 min run twice a week

Day 7: Light yoga, walk or rest day

Yoga is the warm up and cool down in all workouts

Super Fit for life

Take a look at the elements of Sun Salutation here in pictures form on the slides, this will help you to memorize them faster. The video shows all in one

Warm up for HIIT

Special yoga and stretch is used in this section, to make sure the heart gets proper and effective recovery after the strenuous workout.

Take these stretches or follow the video the yoga series specially for recovery

Cool Down

It is very important to have strong legs, hips all around to be able to execute the plyometric jumps safely. If you find your knees are bucking in when you land after the jumps, it is very advisable to do these hip extensor, adbuctor and adductor exercises.

Correcting Knee Alignment

use this Quiz to test your knowledge on High Intensity Interval Training

What is HIIT
11 questions
Elements of HIIT Superfit in video
13 Lectures 16:57

Sn salutation and Sun salutation with the twist is two series of power yoga used as the rest bouts of the circuit.

Its easy to learn so you can use it out of memory once you got it from the video

The warm up Sun salutations and with the twist

ANkle hops a re the simples jump in place exercise for the plyometric jumps, its also considered a warm up for the rest of the jumps

Watch video for correct execution

Ankle hops

Squat jump is a step higher in difficulty from ankle hops and added power element to it.

Watch video for correct execution

Squat jumps

Both ankle hops and squat jumps are executed with the jump rope. These are also added difficulty and coordination.

You need to learn to jumprope before this.

Watch video for correct execution

ankle hops and squat jump with jump rope

The next step in the progression for the next circuit, is introducing bi-directional jumps: front to back and side -to -side

This involves learning shifting the body weight and leaning using to take control of the center of gravitity-- the point at our navels and below

Watch video for correct execution

Bi-directional jumps; front-to back, side to side

Advancing the bi-directional jump by adding coordination - by adding jump rope

Watch video for correct execution

Bi-directional jumps with jump rope

Single leg push off - with alternating leg is a true plyometric exercise using the bench. Use a step or box or a bench in the park to the height suitable for your height and fitness level working on the box. The maximum height of the box is that which creates 90degrees knee angle when you put the foot on it

Watch video for correct execution

Preview 01:13

If you get good at the Single leg push off alternating leg-- then can exchange in the circuit work bout to Single leg push off - same leg.

This is more difficult and you would only do 10 jumps at a time. then switch leg and do 10 again

Watch video for correct execution

Single leg push off - Single leg

Traveling sideways while executing the single leg push off is the next progression for your circuit work bout. Make sure you watch the landing and where you put your foot on the top of the bench.

Watch video for correct execution

Single leg push off- traveling sideways

Depth jump is a very special exercise to build power into the leg muscles.

When you land dropping off the box, your joints in your leg carries 8 times of your body weight. Make sure you learn correct landing with keeping feet shoulder width apart and knees above the foot. Buckling in knees calls for knee alingment exercises, see above.

Watch video for correct execution

Depth jump

The added squat jump make the depth jump kicked up one more knotch. TAke very good care of the landing parts, after the squat jump as well.

Watch video for correct execution

Depth jump with squat jump

A very special yoga series in standing to bridge you over from the high intensity work to coming back to rest. Follow each step here, as i explain how is the heart being in horizontal helps.

The full series are executed to both side, just as i demonstrate it here

Cool down series, Recover the heart

If you have time to add a final stretch on the floor, this will make your recovery even faster. Esp If you are combining all these yoga stretches with deep breathing

Cool down standing on the floor
1 Lecture 00:00

FInd here all the clinical studies on HIIT. If you are interested to study more in depth

Reference - readings
2 pages
About the Instructor
Dr Zsuzsanna Fajcsak
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Zsuzsanna has been schooled in Europe and the USA, and holds a Doctoral degree in Nutrition, as well as Master’s degrees in Teaching Physical Education, Exercise Physiology and Clinical Nutrition. Zsuzsanna is a Certified NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and Time Line Therapy™ Coach, Certified Nutrition Specialist (Member of the American College of Nutrition), Certified in Functional Diagnostic Medicine, and a Yoga teacher trainer, who is passionate about the human mind and its power over physical health and performance.

Dr Zsu's Sessions focus on integrated Health, ad her Trademarked Alive program includes 4 areas:

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