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Start your guitar playing learning not only HOW TO PLAY guitar but HOW TO THINK about guitar.
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Instructed by Robert Prosser Music / Instruments
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  • Lectures 33
  • Length 2 hours
  • Skill Level Beginner Level
  • Languages English
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About This Course

Published 11/2014 English

Course Description

THE TRUTH IS most guitar courses teach you a whole bunch of stuff you don't need to know as a beginner - and ignore a whole bunch of stuff you should learn.

"This course is one the best to start playing guitar. I have watched thousands of videos for beginners and i loved this one." - Theo Palios

Super Beginner Guitar teaches a new player how to play guitar in the best way possible. Gain more than just the basics when you learn guitar. This course teaches essential techniques that many guitarists don't learn until years later! 

Watch the promo video to learn why you should take this guitar course!

Super Beginner Guitar is more than just a bunch of lessons. The instructor gives useful 'real-world' insight by explaining the future potential of many techniques shown. The goal is not to just learn a few skills 'text-book' style but to grasp what you are learning and become dynamic as a guitar player.

Topics include:

  • playing individual strings
  • accuracy with both hands
  • learn how to play powerchords
  • learn open chords
  • simple melodies
  • basic music progressions
  • basic music theory
  • and more!

Animated diagrams show the beginner guitar player exactly how to play lessons. Multiple camera angles let the student to see the guitar work from different perspectives. Course emphasis is on building correct guitar playing technique in a positive, creative atmosphere. This is the best online guitar course for a beginner.

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Support material includes:

  • downloadable PDFs that fully cover each lesson
  • tuning notes for guitar (standard tuning)
  • drum beats to practice along to
  • external links

Super Beginner Guitar is suitable for all styles, left or right handed, and children. It sets students on a path to guitar success through diverse and interesting lessons set in an encouraging, vibrant atmosphere.

Take this course now and learn how to play guitar the best way!

#learnguitar #guitarlessons #guitarplayer

What are the requirements?

  • Access to a guitar would be beneficial. Any guitar is fine - acoustic guitar, electric guitar or nylon string guitar.
  • Suitable for left or right handed.

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Learn what you REALLY need to learn as a beginner guitarist! Learn awesome guitar playing skills right from the start and how to teach yourself new techniques.

Who is the target audience?

  • This course is designed for absolute beginner guitarists and is a suitable introductory course regardless of the player's choice in style. Learner guitarists may also benefit from these lessons by building on their foundations. Competent guitarists will probably not find this course challenging.

What you get with this course?

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30 day money back guarantee.

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Get rewarded.
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Section 1: Let Me Introduce You to Guitar

The perfect introduction to learning about my course. Features all about me and an outline of what you will learn in the Super Beginner Guitar course including - strumming technique, open chords, powerchords, simple melodies and some super cool tips and tricks for beginner guitarists. #guitarist #jimmypage


All the main components of a guitar are identified in this lesson. It outlines features of an electric guitar and an acoustic guitar. #luthier #ericclapton


This lesson is an overview of how to tune a guitar and how to read tablature. You will be shown how to do these things but also inspired to try for yourself. This is part of developing essential skils as a learner guitar player.

#guitartuning #johnbutler


Breaking guitar playing down to its simplest foundations, this lesson focuses on introductory rhythm techniques only. This lesson might seem simple but getting it right can take a good attitude and the skills learned will come in handy later. #rhythmguitar #acoustic #bobdylan


Get straight into learning an essential playing technique. In this lesson you will develop your ability to individually pick through each guitar string. This is an important skill that will be useful for as long as you play guitar. #guitarstrings #picking #metallica

Section 2: Just Three Notes

Learn to play a simple three note melody using the thinnest string on your guitar. This is an excellent way to start learning lead playing skills. A slow beat has been included for you to download and practice along to. #learnguitar #jimihendrix


Increase your accuracy in alternating between strings when picking. In this lesson you will play the same melody on three different strings. This will improve your picking technique and also show you how different strings relate to each other tonally. #ballad #rock #vanhalen

Section 3: Power to the People

An explanation of what powerchords are and how to play them is the topic of this lesson. Techniques for both hands are discussed to ensure accuracy when playing powerchords. #learntoplayguitar #greenday


Moving powerchords along the thick strings of a guitar is a common and effective way of playing them. This is essential for all guitar but especially styles such as rock, metal, blues, and punk. #powerchords #fretboard #pearljam


Shifting powerchords across the strings when playing guitar requires effective technique with both hands. Learn how to move powerchords across the guitar fretboard smoothly and accurately. #aerosmith #rockmusic


A review of the information from sections 1 to 3. Those lessons covered basic guitar strumming, playing melodies on different strings and using powerchords. #beginnerguitar

Section 4: Get the Rhythm

First open chords on guitar. Learn why open chords are called 'open'. Start learning how to play easy open chords. Also learn how to change between guitar chords smoothly and correctly. #chords #slash


Learn a simple rhythm using the e minor and G Major chords from the previous lesson. Develop your accuracy when changing between chords for accurate song playing. #learnguitar #muse


The rhythm techniques learned previously for open chords also work with power chords on guitar. This lesson shows how to play accurate rhythm using power chords. #music #guitarstrumming

4 questions

See if your brain has been keeping up with your hands.

Section 5: One Finger Per Fret

The one finger per fret rule is a skill that many guitarists don't learn until wayyy after they should have. No problem. Learn the one finger per fret rule on guitar to build up your hand skills, strength and fretboard knowledge. #fingering #guitarskills


The one finger per fret rule can be played anywhere on a guitar. Here we take the technique up high on the fretboard and apply it there. Learn how to move anywhere on your guitar fretboard. #musiclesson #INXS

Section 6: I - IV - V (first, fourth, fifth)

The first fourth fifth progression is one of music's most common progressions. Learn how to play this progression using notes instead of chords. This is a great way to build up your playing skills as well as learn how to write songs. #songwriting #guitarplaying


Practice the first fourth fifth progression on two different guitar strings using notes only. This will give you confidence in playing all over your guitar fretboard. You will also build up essential hand skills as a guitar player. #shred #basicguitar

Super Beginner Guitar review 2
Section 7: Opening it up

This lesson is about two compatible chords, the C Major and a minor chords. It shows how to fret them, how to switch smoothly between them and how to use a simple rhythm to build up your playing skills. #openchords #learneasychords


Rhythm patterns can be varied in a song. In other words you can use different rhythm patterns on different bars. This can make a song more interesting, highlight certain parts of a song, emphasize changes and so on. Practice swapping between two simple rhythms in this exercise. #rhythmguitar #chickrock

Section 8: Handling the Blues

An introduction to blues music. Blues is the foundation of most popular modern music. You'll probably discover a few things you didn't know blues playing in this lesson. #blues #learntheblues


Using blues in the open position will expand your blues playing ability. It will also improve your finger stretches, strength, and playing hand accuracy. It also sounds super cool. This lesson covers all those things. #learnguitar #tutorial


Learn how to pick through the individual notes of blues chords instead of strumming through them. This is another great technique which can be used in many other forms of music. #playmusic #learntoplayguitar

Section 9: Taking the lead

There is no reason why a beginner guitarist can't learn to move all over the guitar fretboard. This lesson will teach you the basics of how to relocate one idea on guitar and play it in another place. It's a guitar technique that you will never stop applying. #playguitar #guitarlesson


The pentatonic scale is a scale that is uses only five notes. It is used in almost all forms of music, especially blues, rock and heavy metal. Learn how to play the e minor pentatonic scale in the open position on guitar. #pentatonic #music


This lesson teaches two variations on chords already learned, plus a new chord. It also shows some great lead technique for a beginner guitar player centered around the G string. #leadguitar #learnguitar

Section 10: Wrapping it all up

Super Beginner Guitar review 3. A quick overview of the blues, different fretting hand techniques, and varying your rhythm.


Want more for free? Check out these animated guitar chord diagrams. There's some great stuff for beginner guitarists to check out. Animated diagrams show correct guitar chord fingering, which strings to miss and which ones to leave open. Here's the link

#animated #guitarchords

4 questions

A review of the last few sections of the Super Beginner Guitar lessons


Enjoy this short video as congratulations on completing this Super Beginner Guitar course. Keep practicing and most of all have fun playing guitar!

Section 11: Bonus Material

Use this guitar video lesson and PDF to learn where all the E notes appear on your guitar fretboard.


Learn where all the 'A' notes are on your entire guitar fretboard. Simply download the PDF. There's also some cool exercises that expand on guitar skills you already learned in this course, PLUS there's a few tips on developing as a guitar player. Download and enjoy.


Download this PDF that deals specifically with your 'E' note all over the guitar fretboard. Learning target notes is a skill that you will always find useful. As you progress as a guitarist you will be able to be more creative as a guitar player.

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Instructor Biography

Robert Prosser, B.Cr.A (audio/video), Cert III Brdcast Media, Cert IV Bus

I have two diverse and specialized skills. I am a very skilled musician. 

I have played in live since 1993 - everything from 5 piece rock bands to acoustic duos and sol. I'm a multi-instrumentalist excelling on guitar and bass. I sing, play keyboard and some drums. In 2010 I graduated from Griffith University with a Bachelor of Creative Arts - Digital Video and Audio Engineering. I have studio, session and teaching experience.

In 2015 I established a small-scale local music festival called K-Blues. It again ran successfully in  2016 on a slightly larger scale. 2017 will mark the third time.

I've been involved in live theater and musicals, including sell-out performances of 'Grease'.

I have been involved in community radio where I became part of the programming committee and soon became 'Program Content Manager'. I had to organize and maintain a database of over 15,000 songs. I also wrote and recorded advertising soundtracks for large corporate organisations. I DJ'd two shows per week - 'Rock's Breakfast Jam' and 'The Nineties - Before and Beyond' a live show centered on grunge music. It centered around how the 90's grunge sound had been influenced from early rock, and how it in turn influenced newer music. For a time I became Vice President of the station.

As some-one who really knows music from a variety of angles, and is an excellent musician, I can provide music courses that are really superior.

Also, I speak good Japanese and use it professionally

I also speak Japanese and work casually for a company who helps Japanese students improve their English. Japanese students arrive in Australia in groups. I host them for a few days, fully providing for all their needs whilst teaching them about Australian culture and teaching them how to use their English in a 'real world' context. The activities engaged in range from video games to sports to bushwalking to cooking to card games - improving their English in a fun and interesting environment. It's rewarding for all involved. And I get to improve on my language skills also.

Hi, please visit and like/subscribe to any of my social media sites. Thank you :)

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