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About This Course

Published 4/2015 English

Course Description






Do you feel at the mercy of your sweet tooth? This course is for you if:

  • You need to have something sweet at certain times e.g after a meal
  • You use sugary food when stressed, bored, tired
  • You can't ever imagine not craving sweet food on a daily basis
  • Sometimes you feel agitated if you can't get your hands on something sweet
  • Sugar & food often dominates your thoughts, your days, your life
  • You're generally quite healthy but sweet food is your last 'vice'
  • You're aware of the health implications but you just can't stop
  • You suffer from binge-guilt-frustration cycles
  • You over exercise or control calories elsewhere so you can eat sugary food

You also feel confused at the prospect of 'quitting sugar' - you want to simply have a healthy relationship with it where you can have a piece of cake on a special occasion if you want to.

Trust me, I know how it feels because I was also there too and so have most of my clients.

Let me tell you the good news: It doesn't have to be a painful diet or process to change your relationship with sugar forever. You just need to work on ALL pieces of the puzzle (not just embark on another 'sugar detox' diet plan)

This course is going to show you how to transform your relationship with sweet food using a proven methodology and all the techniques that I've used successfully on my clients.

Get ready to change your life and the way you think about sweet food forever! I am excited for you!!

In this course you will learn how to:

  • Physically reduce your taste preference to sweet food and appreciate fruit for it's natural sweetness
  • Understand your sugar cravings in more depth
  • Learn how to change your habits so they stick
  • Gain a wealth of knowledge around sugar and healthy eating that will serve your for life
  • Learn how to manage your emotional eating
  • Start trusting yourself around sweet food so you can live happily in peace with sugar

There are many reasons why you might want to change your unhealthy relationship with sugar:

  • You want to lose weight
  • You want to reduce the risk of diseases like diabetes,
  • You want to increase your energy
  • You want to feel fuller for longer
  • You want to stop losing control over portion size and be sensible around your snacking
  • You want to improve your skin and hair quality, reduce wrinkles or see if reducing the sugar can make a difference to your appearance
  • In addition you will emerge feeling more:
  • Healthy
  • Energetic
  • Empowered
  • Proud
  • In control
  • Free

I explain how to transform your relationship with sweet food through a mixed range of headshot lectures, powerpoint presentations and written guides and workbooks. You will also get a FREE recipe book with 55 delicious sugar-free recipes and 6 weeks of time saving meal plans.

Many of the detailed lectures have written PDFs which you can download, print and keep. There are lots of printable worksheets and guides for you too within the programme and there's external links to my favourite extra learning resources.


Don't let sugar rule you! You can take control today and overcome this dangerous addictive substance!

I have been successfully running this course for the past 2 years on my own website but have bought it Udemy so more can access it and it runs smoothly. The recipe book is worth the price alone! 

Grab it at the best price when there's an offer on - get you and sugar sorted!


I'm in no doubt that you'll get so much personally from this course and you don't even have to stick to it perfectly for it to work. Just commit to trying and this could be the best health decision you make in your life!

I offer a full refund and guarantee if you decide it's not for you after purchasing. No questions asked.

See you on the other side!!

What are the requirements?

  • Students need some time to digest the course

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Eat a low sugar diet that satisfies and keeps cravings to a minimum
  • Taste fruit and natural sugars more intensely
  • Understand their own habits and emotions around sugar

Who is the target audience?

  • This course is for those who are frequently craving and eating sugar at least once a day. This course is for people who recognise they need more than just a sugar-free meal plan and want to address their habits, emotions and social sugar interactions. This course is not for someone looking for a quick fix weight loss solution.

What you get with this course?

Not for you? No problem.
30 day money back guarantee.

Forever yours.
Lifetime access.

Learn on the go.
Desktop, iOS and Android.

Get rewarded.
Certificate of completion.


Section 1: Understand Your Relationship with Sugar
Understand what this course is about and if it's the right thing for you to do now.

An explanation of why sugar is so dangerous to you physically and emotionally. Explains it's impact on your body including disease, aging and energy levels. Helps you understand the lesser obvious emotional impact including stress, guilt and shame.


Walk throuhg this quiz of questions and analysise your own relationship with sugar so you can see if a programme is right for you.


Learn the advantages and disadvantages of both gradual and cold turkey approaches. Get walked through a proven 4-pillar methodology for sustainable low sugar change.

Four pillars are:

  1. Cravings & nutrition
  2. Habits & emotions
  3. The sugar social scene
  4. The dail edge
2 pages

Read testimonials from a number of clients Laura has sucessfully helped.


Learn how Nicola completely transformed her relationship with sugar using this programme.

Section 2: Your Preparation Week

Instructions that explain how to use the week by week course structure, the meal plans and the various workbooks and checklists.


Introducing what you'll be doing in the Preparation week. Focus of this week is to fully understand the different types of sugar and what you can eat during the programme.


Important learning that explain to you

  1. How to set the appropriate expectations for your sugar detox
  2. The importance of valuing practice
  3. What you need to understand about perfection

Learn why you're addicted to sugar, what the different types of sugar are and understand the role of fat in changing


This lecture explains the important difference between white carbohydrates and fructose. You will learn why a calorie is not just as simple as a calorie and understand how the low fat era we've experienced in the last few decaades has contributed to your unhealthy realtionhship with sugar. You will also idenitfy a bit more with what moderation means.


Lecture outlines 5 key tips for helping you clear the sweet out of your house. Talks about what you need to clear out and tips on how to manage family and partner requests to keep sweet things around.

1 page

A full list of sugars and all the different names they can be called so you know what to look out for when reading labels.


Learn how your own history of eating sugar influences your beliefs and behaviour. Work through an exercise to visualise your ideal low sugar life scenario.

3 pages

Make some time to brainstorm the history of your relationship with sugar, what your vision is and what is really motivating you.


Understand what to eat during the different weeks and how to phase out your physical craving with a specific nutrition plan that recalibrates your tastebuds to fructose


Instructions on how to use your weekly meal plans, shopping list and daily efficiency notes. Learn how the meal plans will help you save time and effort.


Get guidance for adapting the meal plans for other dietary requirements like paleo, gluten-free and dairy. Lecture talks about substitutions to use and re-iterates the importance of keeping a focus on one thing at a time.

3 pages

Low sugar 7 day meal plan, shopping list and notes on cooking strategies.

127 pages

Fully downloadable recipe book containing 55 fructose free recipes that you can make throughout the programme

1 page

Printable checklist and some extra learning and video links

5 questions

A quick few questions to check you grasp some of the key concepts before you start the programme.

Section 3: Week 1: Get into the groove with food & overcome fears

This week you'll be getting into the groove with eating low sugar and working out your own mealtime strategies. Also some information to help you face your fears around completing the programme.


Learn how to get the most out of journalling and self reflection.


A comprehensive lecture on a wide range of strategies and techniques that help you maintain a low sugar diet.

5 pages

A full printable guide outlining what the best lower sugar drinks options are and how to manage alcohol when transitioning to a low sugar lifestyle that fits with your desired lifestyle.

Worksheet: Facing your sugar related fears
3 pages

A very effective 6-step process to read food labels efficiently without getting confused or spending too long in the supermarket.

3 pages

Low sugar 7 day meal plan, shopping list and notes on cooking strategies.

1 page

Printable checklist and some extra learning and video links

5 questions

A quiz to check you grasp some of the key concepts from the Week 1 materials

Section 4: Week 2: Eating out & social strategies

This week you'll be stepping up the nutrition to a more intense detox and tastebud recalibration. You'll also be learning how to manage this when you're out and about eating at different restaurants or interacting socially.


Learn dessert averting strategies that will help you change your habits and challenge your beliefs that you'll always be a dessert person.


Get a comprehensive run through of how to keep low sugar and generally healthy when eating out.


Understand some techniques to help you manage the reactions of others and to navigate the tricky waters of socially changing how you are with sugar and sweet food.

3 pages

Low sugar 7 day meal plan, shopping list and notes on cooking strategies.

1 page

Printable checklist and some extra learning and video links

Section 5: Week 3: Emotional eating and mindset

This week you'll be continuing with the nutrition plan but more importantly you'll be addressing several mindset and metal shifts that are very important for low sugar success.


Get an understanding of what emotional eating is and answer 5 key questions that help you determine to what extend you suffer.


A 5 step process for you to work through each time that will help you overcome eating sugar for emotional reasons.


Learn how you can manage setbacks and why your will power is a finite resource. Get a technique to help you manage urges and identify with a kind approach that will reduce your internal stress.


Explanation of why change is more about action than knowledge. Learn what bright spots are and how you can use them to successfully change.

3 pages

Low sugar 7 day meal plan, shopping list and notes on cooking strategies.

1 page

Printable checklist and some extra learning and video links

Section 6: Week 4 : Habits and fats

This week you'll be continuing with the nutrition plan similar to the previous weeks. There will also be some refresher materials on getting your head around fat and helpful resources that continue to help you with the habitual change.


Quick lecture outlining the definitions of these three terms and putting them in the context of eating sugary foods.

9 pages

Work through a number of exercises to fully brainstorm, analyse and identify clear action to change an re-wire your unhealthy sugar habits into automatic behaviours that keep you happy and healthy.


Remind yourself what is healthy fats and get a bit more in depth education around toxic oils and where to find them. Get a practical approach to manage this healthy change in your lifestyle


Fat is an efficient source of energy and completing this programme you will be shifting from a sugar-burner to being more fat-adapted. Find out more on this topic and what questions will indicate you're shifting in this fat adaption direction.

3 pages

Low sugar 7 day meal plan, shopping list and notes on cooking strategies.

1 page

Printable checklist and some extra learning and video links

Section 7: Week 5: Fruit strategies and balance

This week you'll be re-introducing some fructose slowly to see how you are with your tastebuds and fructose. There are resources to help you understand and manage the fruit in your diet now and going forward.


Berries, kiwi fruits, grapefuits and tangerines are some great low fructose fruits for yout to start with this week. Also learn how to embrace a more strategic approach with this natural fructose re-introdcution.

3 pages

Low sugar 7 day meal plan, shopping list and notes on cooking strategies.

1 page

Printable checklist and some extra learning and video links

Section 8: Week 6: Maintenance & accountability

This week you'll be continuing to experiment with low fructose fruits but you'll also be setting yourself up with some maintenance and accountability to help you sustain the healthy change beyond the programme.


Don't get overwhelmed with the vast range of sugar substitutes out there. Instead adopt a way of thinking around them:

  1. All sugar substitutes put sweet into your mouth so use rarely (ideally not everyday)
  2. Generally they are good for special occasions e.g. baking a cake or having a treat
  3. Experiment yourself with all the different ones and try them for yourself

Know that right now is a bit early so seek to wait a few more weeks before trying these if you can.


Get a host of ideas and strategies to help you put in place some accountability that will help support the long term habit changes and commitment to getting control over sugar.


An example of the differnet places you might find yourself and what to idenifiy with over the next 6 months.

3 pages

An example of the differnet places you might find yourself and what to idenifiy with over the next 6 months.


Learn the three things that you wouldn't expect that are going to crop up over the next 6 months.

1 page

Printable checklist and some extra learning and video links

Section 9: Conclusion

A virtual celebration to acknowledge all you have achieved.


Learn where and how to contact Laura. Find out where you can get extra resources to support you beyond the programme.

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Instructor Biography

Laura Thomas, Health Coach, Sugar Cravings & Habit Change Expert

I love helping and inspiring people to embrace lower sugar living that isn't extreme but that's practical enough to make a marked difference on their emotional and physical health.

I've worked with dozens of people to help them transform their sugary ways. From the business owner who can't stop eating sweets to the chocoholic that steals her children's Easter eggs to the marathon runner who is slim but knows they depend on sugar. Even the super healthy who eat well but can't get a handle on their sweet tooth.

Taking my courses you'll learn from someone who's got this coaching and mentoring experience from others but more importantly has really been there too.

I've scoffed whole packets of biscuits and felt disgusted with myself. I've spent days dreaming and drooling over sugar. I've dashed out urgenty and spent a fortune at times getting my sweet fix.

(Note: Now I class myself as having a healthy relationship with sugar. I don't crave it so I don't eat it day to day but if a special occasion presents and decide I want to have a little, I know I can without slipping back down the slippery slope. However with my palate changed so much now, I really just don't desire or fantasise about sugar like I used to. I feel free and empowered in my eating habits.)

Would you like to get control over your sugar cravings?

What would you do with all the extra mental and physical energy?

How would a lower sugar lifestyle impact on your work, your relationships and your self confidence?

Would you like to lose weight effortlessly without ever having to diet or restrict?

All of this and more is very possible when you stop craving (and so eating) an unnecessary amount of sugar.

About Me

I'm a certified holistic health coach who has spent years understanding and focussing solely on the complex relationship people have with sugar. Studying with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition I bring a holistic angle into everything I do. This is very relevant when it comes to sugar because often there is a lot more going on that drives the unhealthy habits (emotional eating, self esteem, stress management etc.).

As a result, in addition to the nutrition side of things, I've spent a significant amount of time studying and writing about habits. emotional eating and managing sugar in social situations (which can be one of the trickier).

I've formally presented 'The Sugar Diaries' on UK Health Radio and have written for The Daily Mail and Mail on Sunday Newspapers. I've also featured in Elle, Grazia, Health & Fitness magazines in addition to writing 100's of articles for online publications and websites sharing my unique approach and experience in this area.

I'm now teaching healthier sugar habits through seminars and workshops at blue chip companies.

I'm on a mission to share my knowledge as wide as possible to help free people of feeling controlled by this addictive substance but at the same time live in harmony with it (because let's face it, it's not going away!).


A wealth of resources for you to get stuck into and say hi to me on...

Visit my webisite Happy Sugar Habits for 100's of articles and sugar-free recipes

You Tube Channel: happysugarhabitstv

Twitter: @lauraj_thomas

Instagram: @happysugarhabits

Facebook: happysugarhabits


Kind Words

"My life has flipped right side up. I couldn't of done it without your help Laura. I can look at sweets and even smell it and say no thanks. Also i don't work out as much but have found i haven't put on weight fast like I used to all because I kicked sugar out of my lifestyle. Thank you."

Anonymous, London

"I was sceptical about my own ability to change my sugar habits before I started the programme. But I was surprised by the changes that I witnessed. I started to taste things more intensely – even vegetables started to taste sweet! Fruit now tastes incredible, and I now prefer dark chocolate over milk."

Victoria Peel Yates, Brussels

"I no longer have sweet cravings and find I have a lot more energy. The depth of information you get on the courses is where you get your value for money – the information covers not just sugar, but the emotional side of eating and other health snippets too. And then there's Laura herself. She is incredibly enthusiastic and knowledgeable, sharing her experiences to ensure you have that much-needed friend by your side as you go through"

Anna Roberts, Sheffield

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