Success, Happiness & Fulfillment
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Success, Happiness & Fulfillment

How you can get whatever you want and stay happy using mind mentor and author Robert D Hamilton's mind strategies.
4.0 (6 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
719 students enrolled
Created by Rob Hamilton
Last updated 10/2013
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What Will I Learn?
  • Through this course you will learn how to identify key areas of your life that need improvement.
  • You will learn how pre-programmed beliefs from childhood are actually affecting your ability to make lasting change today!
  • You will learn how if you can develop an intense enough belief about your goal... Anything Is Possible!
  • You will learn how to over come the resistance to change and implement subtle changes in your life.
  • You will learn how to replace the inner critic in your mind with a successful super coach that encourages you every step of the way!
  • You will learn the powers of Possibility Thinking and Creative Visualisation.
  • And Much, Much More!
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  • There are no course requirements for this course other than take a pen and paper and be prepared to be blown away!

The Course That Will Set You on the Road to Success in Rapid Time

And Keep You Happy

This course is packed with over 3 hours of video content that engages the students' mind through a series of thought provoking, life changing questions and statements.

Author and mind mentor Robert D Hamilton shares the key skills in getting what you want in life-and enjoying the process.

This seminar has been created into lectures that Robert breaks down with his unique individual style and universal language so anyone can benefit.

Whatever your past or current circumstances, Robert will show you how to undo any negative conditioning so that you can realize your full potential and achieve your wildest dreams.

Over 3 hours of powerful mind technology broken down into short lectures so you can watch at your leisure, time and time again.

- Please note that this course consists of a recorded seminar led by Robert D. Hamilton broken down into digestible lectures -

Who is the target audience?
  • This course is beneficial to all from every background, Robert has something to share with everyone.
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Curriculum For This Course
25 Lectures
Part 1
13 Lectures 01:47:28

In lecture 1 Robert introduces himself and where he has come from, the struggles he has been through and how each and every one of us has a story to tell.

With a severe upbringing Robert didn't even speak at school so from the age of 4 it was almost as if his other senses had been heightened and his astute observation of people and their behaviours had already kicked into action.

Joining the army with a thought of no real prospects Robert was in and out of Jobs up until the age of 26 and is now through this course teaching how other can know real Success, Happiness & Fulfillment.

Preview 07:32

In lecture 2 Robert discusses The Power of Strategic Intervention...

How one intervention from the right person can change the direction of your entire life Robert swiftly moved into sales but the negative conditioning he had been through up until the age of 27 took over a year to overcome with all the subliminal mind tapes he could find.

Through implementing certain changes Robert moved from £60 per week door knocking to £2000 per week as a consultant for a Malaysian firm.

The Power of Strategic Intervention

In lecture 3 Robert opens up on how depression had crept in like a shaolin monk; losing his family, his home and his business as he tells us, everything happens for a reason.

For over 4 years Robert was on and off medication, lost sight of all his goals and was spiralling downwards with no direction.

With the continuing helping hand from a good friend Marco and after a years' of requests Robert refused to sit around any longer and accepted the request to move to Malaysia to consult once again.

Everything Happens For A Reason

In lecture 4, Robert covers briefly how after all his trials and tribulations he will never again take his eye off the finer things in life.

After 4 years of consulting for Marco, Robert has re-established his own business, released his own book and resumed his 1 on 1 coaching.

But still insisting throughout that if his past has taught him anything on how swiftly the wind changes direction it's not all about the money but true Success, Happiness & Fulfillment.

It's Not All About The Money

In lecture 5 Robert explains how everything starts in the mind...

Briefly discussing how everything you see in the world today first existed in someone's mind and so by example one's own goals should be firmly fixed in the mind.

Achieving a position at the Napoleon Hill Conference as a key speaker, Robert is living proof that once you set your mind on a goal anything is possible.

Everything Starts In The Mind

In lecture 6 Robert helps you to identify key areas of your life with powerful questions that engage you to make changes.

Robert delves into how everything we believe is all down to programming and that the conscious, the subconscious and even our decision making process is affected by this.

Primary Conditioning and Secondary Conditioning in turn affect our beliefs about education, health, money, friends and that these pre-programmed beliefs from childhood are affecting our abilities to make lasting changes in our lives today!

Preview 09:08

In lecture 7 Robert discusses the direction of the mind and putting up sign posts to help you recognise your success.

Identifying unconscious fears such as standards of success, identity and criticism are key points discussed along with how we handle Acceptance or Rejection.

The mind resists change, but recognising essential areas of your own life could be key to you unlocking your potential, achieving your goals and realising your dreams!

The Mind Resists Change

In lecture 8 Robert goes in depth to explain how the mind is actively looking for what you focus on and it will ignore evidence contrary to what you focus on.

How attitudes create feelings and feelings create action, it's important to focus on how we feel and realise that our past does not equal our future.

Ultimately though Robert draws you in and forces you to ask yourself "what do I focus on?" throughout.

The Mind Is Actively Looking For What You Focus On

In lecture 9 Robert shares a story of The Two Twins, The Will to Survive and Embracing Change.

We all know about our comfort zones yet Robert shines a bright light in this area through his mental mind mapping of what he calls The Familiar Zone.

An in-depth lecture covering The Fear of Change and overcoming it!

Embracing Change and Escaping the Familiar Zone

In lecture 10 Robert discusses briefly how if you develop an intense enough belief about something, anything, yes anything, is possible!

Using examples from famous celebrities who have applies this technique Robert walks you through one of the most critical techniques for achieving your goals and that with an unshakable belief you will smash through any obstacle.

Anything is possible, if you create that belief.

Develop An Intense Belief

In lecture 11 Robert covers a sensational topic of Reprogramming the Mind.

Robert talks also of when change takes place in your own life you will begin to see a resistance from those around you. Why? Because when you change, it means others have to change too.

Being mindful of your own thoughts and taking ownership of them, Robert says, will help you to implement subtle changes into your own life.

Reprogramming The Mind

In lecture 12 Robert boldly tells us and goes on to explain that... Thinking Isn't Something That Just Happens To You...

Also covered is the dangers and powers of your daily language, changing your speech and how to become more aware of your own thoughts.

Through this self awareness journey of your own thoughts Robert helps you to identify the fact that you have control over your thoughts and that with this you have the power to break your own minds' existing negative patterns.

Thinking Isn't Something That Just Happens To You

In lecture 13 Robert takes us through Removing The Labels.

What are your labels? What labels are people putting on you? What action are you taking to execute change? These are some of the questions and topics Robert covers in probably the most in depth lecture to part 1.

This lecture is a taster of things to come in part 2!

Removing The Labels
Part 2
12 Lectures 01:21:40

In lecture 14, with a recap on self confidence, Robert asks how do you get self confidence?

Confidence is like a muscle and with a little exercise confidence is then learnt and acquired, not born!

By building your own self confidence you will develop the strength, the motivation and the focus to begin creating your dreams.

Confidence Is Like A Muscle

In lecture 15 Roberts states, 'I am in control of my mind and therefore my results, you are in control of your thoughts and therefore your results'.

Robert discusses how the inner critic can run riots with 'your' thoughts however you can reduce the noise of the inner critic once you begin to learn to recognise it.

Take a control of your inner critic and don't allow it to dominate your thoughts and feelings. If your feeling low, its because your inner critic has thought it up first.

Controlling Your Inner Critic

In lecture 16 Robert introduces the practical application of The Domino Effect of your Thought Patters.

Through this practical technique Robert helps you to interrupt and break the pattern of negative thoughts by becoming consciously aware of the triggers that cause them.

This technique can be applied everyday and is a life long tool to monitor and produce much more productive thought patterns.

Interrupting The Pattern

In lecture 17 Robert helps you to Develop a Super Coach..

Your super coach is there to re-enforce positive thought patterns that will help you identify each and every situation from a different perspective.

All the resources are within.

Develop A Super Coach

In lecture 18 Robert expands on the use of a Super Coach and how you can replace your inner critic with the fabulous, new super coach!

Robert states, it's all about making a choice! Why? Because you're thinking anyway, right?

If you merely acknowledge, ask and expand you will become more and more consciously aware of your thought patterns and how they can either promote you forward in life or demote you down to the gutter.

Acknowledge, Ask And Expand

In lecture 19 Robert opens up a topic on the Energy Orbits of the people around you and the Mirror Neurons that people are receiving and omitting all the time.

Discussing the impacts and dangers of your mirror neurons, Robert forces us to ask ourselves, who's in my energy orbit and what am I picking up on?

Once you realise the impacts and dangers of your energy orbit and mirror neurons, it won't be long before you begin to make some serious changes in your circle.

Energy Orbits And Mirror Neurons

In lecture 20 Robert briefly covers the realms of Possibility Thinking.

That if you're going to dream, you may as well dream BIG.

And to break down your goals!

Possibility Thinking

In lecture 21 Robert delves into Creative Visualisation and the methods of being still and being quiet.

Asking throughout, "What is it you want?" Robert demands specificity when it comes to creative visualisation all the time providing all the details and being consistent in your approach.

He closes the lecture with a thought provoking example that aiming for success has nothing to do with your time!

Creative Visualisation

In lecture 22 Robert concludes on his creative visualisation laws and techniques telling us about the test that comes with every attempt at success.

The bigger the test, the bigger the rewards but Robert re-assures us once you've passed your test, there's no more, just don't break the law!

Robert concludes the lecture with a story about creative visualisation and that if you apply the techniques and follow the laws he teaches, anything is possible!

Passing The Test

In lecture 23 Robert highlights the importance of keeping a little silent pride and not to reveal your visualisation goals.

Along with keeping your goals private Robert insists 'Feel like you have it now', 'take action and trust in your visualising' and 'not to worry about the hows'.

Robert asks, do you wonder how your computer sends the email? How your phone sends a text? How a camera captures an image? Well you might, but you wouldn't concern yourself with it, so don't concern yourself with the mechanics of visualisation, why? Because its not made in Japan, it's made in the universe!

Don't Reveal Your Visualisation Goals

In lecture 24, Robert closes the course with a few powerful questions.

Robert reminds us of key points such as, it's not all about the money and asks, how much time do you spend on planning your future?

As the age old saying goes, fail to plan, plan to fail.

A Few Powerful Questions To Close With

In lecture 25 Robert takes the students through an eye opening group exercise that literally speaks right through to the subconscious mind.

This technique can be applied at home or in the office.

Robert has an abundance of techniques and mind tactics that he shares throughout his one on one coaching at

Speaking To The Subconscious - A Closing Group Exercise
About the Instructor
Rob Hamilton
4.3 Average rating
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781 Students
4 Courses
Author, Life and Performance Coach

My purpose in life is simple: To help 1,000,000 people experience more success, happiness and personal fulfillment through my seminars, speaking, books and courses.

Hi, I am Rob Hamilton

  • I am the Author of 'Ignite the Spark, Explode Your Results: 12 Revolutionary Strategies to Kick-Start Your Life'
  • NLP Practitioner and Time Line Therapist™ (accredited by the ABNLP)
  • Qualified Life Enhancement Coach
  • Speaker
  • World Class Copywriter
  • Marketing Coach

I have been an honoured guest speaker at the prestigious Napoleon Hill International Convention.

I have studied human behaviour since I was 4 and the unconscious mind for over 20 years.

I have also;

  • Coached people ranging from multi-millionaires to senior tennis pro's; from nurses to teachers and entrepreneurs
  • Generated millions in cash sales for various clients.
  • Given life changing seminars to thousands of people in the UK, Australia, Malaysia and Singapore
  • Appeared on Live TV and in various newspapers

On a personal level, after losing everything I fought my way out of severe depression (Without drugs) after being a whisker away from ending it all. I have bounced back bigger and better than ever before. I am more successful and happier.

I am married to a beautiful, wonderful lady and have 5 kids. I love people watching, reading, comedy, football and dogs.