The Missing Link Between Setting and Achieving Goals
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The Missing Link Between Setting and Achieving Goals

Most people fail to achieve goals because of this one missing step. Yes, it takes work, focus and desire, real desire.
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Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
229 students enrolled
Created by Lorraine Arams
Last updated 8/2015
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What Will I Learn?
  • Find the missing link between achieving your goals and not
  • Use this unique system and you'll achieve your goals
  • Make your goals real - they're not if you write them and never see them again
  • Discover what is really inside - what is it you really, really want?
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  • You'll need a deep desire to change what's not working for something that will work for you if you use it. Out of sight - out of mind is what usually happens to goals. People get busy with other things.
  • You'll need a willingness to focus and be very clear. You might think you know what you want but discover it's someone else's dream - not yours.

Succeed through Me Management is a unique system, designed by the creator of this course.
This system applies one fundamental management skill: reaching targets. By the time you finish this course, you'll learn how to apply fundamental management principles to your life in order to achieve your goals.

If you don’t have what you want because you don't know where to begin, start here. This course may well launch you onto path to success.

The system is simple on purpose. I believe in simplicity to achieve clarity.
In my workshops, people have told me that moving forward was made so easy with the clarity my presentations provided. The mind operates much better when clarity reigns over thought processes. People find solutions more easily and are able to think and create momentum.

I provide participants with practical tools and ideas to get them started then . . . the hope is that participants will continue to adjust the system to suit them.

The intention is that people will take these fundamentals tools and re-create them to suit themselves once they have worked with the materials provided.

Managing your life your way means exactly what it says, however, we all need a place to start. This course provides the way to begin your journey.

Wants and desires are great. Setting goals in writing is wonderful but most of us have no idea where to start realizing those dreams.

I give you practical tools with which to do it. Work with the tools and get underway to making your wants a reality. Eventually, you'll develop your own style.

If you're looking for a magic bullet, you won't find it here but you will find help to get you going.

Management is not “one size fits all” but a series of successes and missteps on a course towards a specified target. Expect that getting what you want has no direct process but, like a ship at sea, your journey will be filled with obstacles, detours, changes to course and, finally, success.

Manage your dreams so they come true – start here.

Who is the target audience?
  • If you have never or rarely achieved a goal you set, this course is for you.
  • Stop being overwhelmed by all the goals you've set and start moving forward
  • I created and designed this system because many people taught me how to set goals but no one taught me how to achieve them
  • People who have no system for achieving goals. This unique system will help.
  • This system is for people who truly want to make their dreams come true
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Curriculum For This Course
31 Lectures
Beyond Goal Setting: Succeed Through Me Management
4 Lectures 14:00

Most people don't achieve the goals they set because they simply "forget". Their schedules fill up and achieving goals goes on the back burner. Has that ever happened to you? What can you do about it?

Preview 02:11

Work, Fun and Setting a life course for yourself is both exciting and frustrating. Like a ship at sea, course correction is required - are you prepared to make those corrections?

Preview 06:01

Owning your own power is not often talked about and yet essential to achieving what you desire.

Every day, you see people giving away their power to others. A wife allows the demands of others to rule her life instead of making her own choices. Someone at work lets a bully abuse them daily. A friend "just goes along" always without an opinion - you'd wish that, just once, they stated where they would like to go for dinner.

How well do you own your power? Do you give away or do you keep it strong and vibrant?

Preview 03:07

The basic concept of management is very, very simple: use what you've got or have access to in meeting targets. The how is where the complication lies. Whether you have an MBA or not, management is the same - unique to every single individual. No two managers manage the same. You have great managers and very poor managers. What's the difference? Personal.

Some people can get along with certain types of managers and others cannot. Work preferences dictate whether or not your manager and you are a fit. No matter how hard anyone tries, if the fit doesn't exist, the relationship will be strained.

So it is with people in their personal lives. How do you manage your life exactly? Carefully. Daily. Course correcting as you go along towards your aims knowing that not everything you do will fit and not everyone can be a positive influence on your plan.

Management - how well are you managing yourself? Or does life just happen to you

What happened?

Thoughts about Goals
4 questions
Begin the Journey - think, clarify and think again. Ask questions. Observe.
7 Lectures 20:36

How will you begin your journey?

In this section I have suggestions for tools and steps to get you going on your own special journey in your own special way.

You'll need to know what you want - without that critical step, you will get nowhere. Obvious. What is not so obvious is that sometimes you think you want something but when you start putting in the work to manifest it, you find out that you didn't want it at all.

The only way you'll know for sure whether you desire what you desire is to start the process.

How Do You Begin Taking Charge? Deciding - make the decision about your life

Select the tools you'll want. A journal with a cover that relates to your goal would be ideal. In any case, I think a journal is one of the most important items on this list. Learn to "talk to yourself" every day about what happened when you took your "goal" step today. Think about what you can do tomorrow - will you make the step as you had planned or does it need changing and why? How are you feeling about your progress? All these thoughts and more because this process is as much about learning the inner you as it is achieving a goal.

Tools - everyone needs a tool box to accomplish anything. This is a beginning.

Mind maps are the most fun and helpful tools for developing ideas and re-developing them. Once you get used to it, you'll be doing it all the time. You can even dream on mind maps. Say you want a Bentley car. You write Bentley and the model number you want in the middle of a circle you've drawn free-hand. Then, on each arm extending from that circle, you can write all that you want in, on and under that car.

Mind Map - the simplest and the most fun for clarity. Play with your map often.

What does your want look like? What does it feel like? What does it sound like? How big is it? How small is it? How does it fit your world? Will it make your world better?

Most of all, WHY do you want what you want?

Know What You Want - do you really know what you want? Are you sure? Really?

Like management, a plan is not complicated, creating a plan is very, very easy and the most fun step of all.

However, like management, executing represents the challenge. Everyone loves to dream and planning is dreaming in motion. But . . . . taking action deters many people. Tomorrow is the common refrain. Tomorrow never comes and new days, weeks and years do.

Are you brave enough to work your plan?

Have a Plan - hate the word? Think again. Planning is fun done the right way

Work the plan - it can be as much fun as creating a plan if you look towards "working the plan" with curiosity and a sense of adventure. What will happen next? You just never know. What you think will happen and what happens are often quite different. Think of it as one of the most interesting games you've ever played.

Work the Plan - this is the fascinating part - what works - what doesn't - play

Wake up in the morning and love being you! Have some quite time and envision how well your day will go and look towards the day as one more special 24 hours you've been gifted to feel like a hero to you because you're taking care of yourself very well. You appreciate all you've been given.

Be A Hero - to yourself - cheer! Love the person you've become on your terms
5 Important Factors Necessary for Any Achievement to be Realized
6 Lectures 10:56

What can sick people do? Their energy is limited. Their ability to concentrate flounders. And, overall, living life every day becomes extremely challenging. The only thing they have on their minds is getting well.

Clearly, being in good shape provides the energy to build the momentum and the stamina to continue building even when issues arise.

In this section, we look at five important factors which need to be tended in your quest for change.

5 Important Factors You May not have Considered and, yet, can impact success

Without optimum health, a human has nothing. Whatever your health situation, make it the best it can be. Taking care of your body, mind and soul delivers rewards far beyond the time, effort and consideration given it. Optimizing your health every minute of every day should be the number one priority.

Health - what does that have to do with achieving goals? Health = energy

Time moves along very, very, very fast. Yesterday, you were in Hawaii, today you're back at work. Just a couple of years ago, you were 16 and now your 35??? You could ski with your aunt last winter. This year, she's gone.

We take time for granted because we've always had it and expect to get more of it. We think we will live forever just as we are today. Yet, we know it's a fallacy. How will you maximize your NOW?

Where Did It All Go? Time is elusive. When it's gone, it's gone. Can't save it.

We have seen around the world how quickly we can be comfortable and six months later be totally broke because of actions by others. Many people did all the "right things" their whole lives - saving, buying their homes, spending within their means - somebody took it all way from them How can you safeguard yourself?

Money - What do you want to do with It? How much will it take to be satisfied?

There is nothing more joyful and nothing more difficult than dealing with others. We need to constantly learn how best to interact with others - the learning never ends. How do you define your relationships? What are your expectations of others? Who do you want in your world and spend time with? So many variables exist in human-human connections.

Relationships - are they that important? Can't goals be accomplished on my own?

Nothing can happen without you - you are the key player - the big kahuna - the big cheese!

Do you think of yourself that way? You should. Why? It's your life - the only one you've got and the only one you'll ever have. No one has ever been you nor will ever be you. Yes, absolutely, you are very special!

You - It's All About You! No one else unless you let someone say it is.
Consistent Actions
4 Lectures 08:47

These actions may seem obvious. Are they practiced every day? Quite to the contrary.

These three actions are generally ignored as the "outside" takes over the "inside" and people crumble within themselves in a maze of negativity. If they don't own their power, the self-flagellation begins and people get stuck.

But if people would concentrate on these 3 actions daily - all day - reality would dominate. The reality that we all have great gifts and each one of us is fabulous in their own way.

3 Constructive Actions

Only your strengths count. Absolutely. No question. If you choose to work on your weakness, you choose weakness.

If you choose to work on your strengths, you beget more strengths and the weaknesses don't matter. How many people are great innovators and yet lousy socially. Would we give up their innovations for a better public persona? We wouldn't. We don't. There's the proof that working on your strengths should be your only focus.

Concentrate on Your Strengths Only. Why? Time - you have only so much time.

We've been reminded of this action for lifetimes, yet, we think the negativity is far more exciting. They say negativity sells newspapers, wins elections and keep people "in line". Our worlds are filled with ten horror stories to the one wonderful story. We've become "addicted" to negativity and search it out.

Your life can be derailed if you're not vigilant in maintaining positive thoughts.

Think Positive - is it an old cliche or does thinking positive make a difference

If you have the habit of concentrating on your strengths and thinking positive about yourself and your world, loving the skin you're in will become, oh so, natural.

Magnificence exists in every creature on earth. Look at a bird in flight - do they worry if a feather is "out of place" while they fly with other birds? They just fly - full of joy at being alive. They don't question their contributions to the world - they are - just are.

What beautiful things do you believe about yourself?

Love the Skin You're In! If you don't, who will? Why wouldn't you?
Tips Not Often Talked About
7 Lectures 09:02

You'll have to deal with a lot of people during your journey in many different ways.

The tips I have here will help manage relationships and become more and more involved with others.

As your desire becomes stronger and stronger, you'll find that any of these on the list you have difficult with will become quite easy because there will be purpose behind all you say and do.

And don't limit yourself to this list - add the ones you think would be important to your plan.

Tips to Use in Your Environments - use them and add your own to fit your life.

Ask, ask, ask - is it easy? No. Not for most of us. Asking is not something we do readily because we're so afraid of the "no" reply. The more anyone asks, the better the asking.

Ask. Practice. You'll eventually develop a winning style.

Ask. Ask a lot of questions. Your goals will change as a result for the better.

We just don't like saying no. We'll buy things we don't want because we can't say no to the "nice salesperson". We'll do things for friends and relatives even though we know full well that we are sacrificing something of our own. We don't think we can say no to the boss even though we are already overloaded with work.

Learn to say no. Find a way of saying no that you feel good about.

Learn to Say No. NO is the most time saving word you can use for better results

Most people don't think they can delegate. Everyone can delegate to someone.

Delegate - really? There's always a way to delegate something to someone.

Co-operation is a very tricky affair. You might think you're co-operating but someone else doesn't. Or someone else might believe they are giving you their full co-operate but it doesn't feel like it to you. Then, the word "co-operation" can used as a psychological weapon or a way for someone to get their way (the my way or the highway type people).

Navigating "co-operation" field can be dicey.

Co-operate. With co-operation comes a give and take energy - make it healthy.

Networking is an art form, one born from a good self-image and marketing strategy.

Network on purpose. Just don't go out and gab. Have an objective to networking

You can accomplish so much through volunteering - acquire new skills, meet the people you need to meet, shine in a way you couldn't before an audience of people, and communion with your community in an exercise that improves the community as a whole.

Kindness and love bring out the best in people and the worst. People can become so passionate, they lose all reason. Within the scope of volunteering, practice your strengths and your people skills.

Volunteering can be extremely rewarding and can help achieve your desires faster and easier.

Volunteer. Not random volunteering but strategic helping based on your goals
Excitement! Satisfaction! A goal has been achieved - what could be finer?
3 Lectures 02:18

If you're not excited, who will be?

Get Excited About Your Life! Achieving what you set out to do is magnificient!

Sometimes if we see a video, the connection is made. In this course, I spoke about the missing link which exists for all people who don't achieve their goals. She demonstrates a tool which will likely work very well to keep on keeping on when the goal seems so far away.

Have a look at this video - it will really help you see the connection

Ask me questions. Share your experiences and successes with all of us. Share new tools you may find. Start the conversation. Udemy makes it easy.

Thank You!

6 questions
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