Subnetting Secrets - Learn the Easy Way to Subnet

Learn subnetting in 15 seconds flat with my subnetting cheat sheet in this subnetting tutorial.
21 reviews
  • Paul Browning Cisco Engineer and Internet Entrepreneur

    I worked in the police in the UK for 12 years as a patrol officer and detective. While I was in the job I helped teach the new e-mail system to other officers. I took a few IT exams and then left for a career in IT in June 2000.

    I took a few more exams with vendors such as Cisco and Microsoft and got a job working for Cisco for two years. I then started an IT training company teaching Cisco and computer networking courses. I built the business until it had several offices in the UK and then sold it.

    I now run a publishing business and several websites teaching IT related subjects. I've learned how to build a successful company and how to make it in the world of IT. I hope what I've learned helps you too.

    Paul Browning - December 2014

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Subnetting Secrets - Learn the Easy Way to Subnet

Learn subnetting in 15 seconds flat with my subnetting cheat sheet in this subnetting tutorial.
21 reviews


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Most IT Engineers Can’t Subnet…here’s why…

Understanding IP Subnetting is a vital skill for every IT engineer and yet most don’t know how to do it or go about it completely the wrong way. Once you understand a few simple techniques of this subnetting tutorial, you can actually easily subnet any IP address in your head.

Does this sound familiar?

  • “I have to use a subnet calculator to work it out”
  • “I can’t pass my exams because I am too slow at subnetting”
  • “I keep failing technical interviews because I can’t subnet”
  • “I’m overwhelmed as to where to start”
  • “I worry about looking stupid at work if there is a subnetting fault on the network”

This is where Subnetting Secrets comes in. When I left the police force and went into IT I used to dread subnetting but when I was forced to write some notes to teach a class one day I stumbled across an easy way to subnet. If you can count to eight in your head then you can use my method explained in this subnetting tutorial to:

  • Learn to subnet
  • Pass exams with ease
  • Answer technical interview questions with confidence
  • Quickly troubleshoot subnetting issues at work
  • Easily work out a simple subnetting design for your office network
  • and much more…

 The techniques taught in this subnetting tutorial have been tried and tested by myself to learn to subnet,  pass my MCSE, A+, Network+, CCNA, CCNP and many other non-IT exams as well as easily  pass interviews for Cisco and BT. They have been used by many other students to effectively study for and pass their exams also. I know they will help you too.

What’s Included in the subnetting tutorial?

Subnetting Secrets includes:

  • Over 40 subnetting lessons in the pdf
  • Network design tips
  • The long and short way to subnet
  • VLSM lessons
  • Wildcard masking tips for access lists and OSPF
  • Over 27 videos on subnetting and design
  • Binary and hex primer
  • Exam style questions
  • How to subnet in your head in seconds
  • and much more…

    • Over 29 lectures and 1 hour of content!


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  • 1
    Learn Subnetting

    Subnetting Secrets has been designed to help you learn to subnet in just a few short lessons. It is designed to help you quickly and accurately get to the answers so you can apply them to networking exams and technical interviews.

    If you can tick boxes then you can learn to subnet using my proven formula.

  • SECTION 1:
    Class C Subnetting
  • 2
    Class C - 25 Bit Mask

    How to find an IP address in a Class C subnet with a 25 bit mask.

  • 3
    Class C - 26 Bit Mask
  • 4
    Class C - 27 Bit Mask
  • 5
    Class C - 28 Bit Mask
  • 6
    Class C - 29 Bit Mask
  • 7
    Class C - 30 Bit Mask
  • SECTION 2:
    Class B Subnetting
  • 8
    Class B - 17 Bit Mask
  • 9
    Class B - 18 Bit Mask
  • 10
    Class B - 19 Bit Mask
  • 11
    Class B - 20 Bit Mask
  • 12
    Class B - 21 Bit Mask
  • 13
    Class B - 23 Bit Mask
  • 14
    Class B - 24 Bit Mask
  • 15
    Class B - 25 Bit Mask
  • 16
    Class B - 26 Bit Mask
  • 17
    Class B - 27 Bit Mask
  • 18
    Class B - 28 Bit Mask
  • SECTION 3:
    Class A Subnetting
  • 19
    Class A - 10 Bit Mask
  • 20
    Class A - 12 Bit Mask
  • 21
    Class A - 20 Bit Mask
  • 22
    Class A - 26 Bit Mask
  • SECTION 4:
    Network Design
  • 23
    Design Example 1
  • 24
    Design Example 2
  • 25
    Design Example 3
  • SECTION 5:
    Wildcard Masks
  • 26
    Wildcard Masks Example 1
  • 27
    Wildcard Masks Example 2
  • 28
    Wildcard Masks Example 3
  • SECTION 6:
    Subnetting Secrets in PDF
  • 29
    Subnetting Secrets Book
    2.38 MB

    127 Page Subnetting Secrets Manual


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  • Ricardo Leal
    Good Course

    I really liked this course. I would recommend this course to anyone who needs to work on their subnetting.

  • Bob Hatcher
    the course is good, but...

    I believe I can continue practicing and I feel more confident in subnetting now. I would certainly recommend to the student to write out the grid you refer over and over first so you have it memorized.

  • Nicholas Polce
    Very Helpful

    I have been studying for my CCNA for quite some time now. I was able to do subnetting before this course but I really was struggling to do it efficently. And on a timed test this could be the difference of passing and failing. I figured for 27 bucks why not. I was very impressed with how simple it was once it was explained properly. And for once in my early career i finally feel comfortable with subnetting. Thanks again!!!

  • Junaid Aasi

    This is a very a excellent, short and precise course on understanding the secrets of subnetting for the real life as well as exams such as CCNA and Network +. Paul does a very good job of explaining the secrets to subnetting in the videos and in his book.

  • Sylvie Dinarque
    Thank you

    This course is given in a simply way so it's very easy to understand. The first section enabled me to grasp the mechanic of the method. And the amount of exercises gives the opportunity to try by ourselves. Not 5 stars because lecture 16 is labeled /26 Bit Mask while it's /27. But this truly does not have any impact if the method is known. Thanks again.

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