Study / Revision Skills & Memory Skills... that WORK !
4.4 (64 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
2,350 students enrolled

Study / Revision Skills & Memory Skills... that WORK !

make studying fun AND get results!
4.4 (64 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
2,350 students enrolled
Created by David Hyner
Last updated 10/2017
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This course includes
  • 2 hours on-demand video
  • 29 downloadable resources
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What you'll learn
  • how to make their learning and study FUN
  • how to plan their revision time in the most effective way that suits their style of learning and personality

  • motivate themselves to take action on their studies

  • apply new and fun learning and memory techniques that WORK !
  • achieve... using our proven goal setting process
  • see how the scary stuff you have been putting off doing, will now be fun to attack and make the BIG difference in your attainment.
  • see how just 5 mins a day taking massive ACTION can change your results in a HUGE way
  • You need the right attitude to "WANT" to have fun, step up, and use what this course gives you.
  • You will need coloured pens or felt tips, paper and a smile.
  • A commitment to make time to learn and apply what is learnt.
  • Access to the internet for research purposes.
  • A willingness to ask for help if needed.
  • A "reason" to achieve BIG in your exams that makes you want to take MASSIVE action
  • a desire to complete the course to understand how it all works together to help you SUCCEED

A series of fun, challenging and easy to apply and proven techniques that have got students great results for well over 17 years.

Learn and apply memory skills, a great goal setting process that has helped students to achieve BIG, and see how to plan your studies in a way that suits your learning style and personality.

No longer be afraid ion what you do not understand, and see how how motivate yourself to SMASH those anxieties.

The presenter (David Hyner) presents to between 10'000 - 50'000 students all over the world every year and his infectious enthusiasm will have you wanting to start "right now".

Who this course is for:
  • Students aged 14 - 50 who struggle to get motivated to learn or revise
  • Those studying for exams
  • Students who want to try something... different...
  • Those who are ready to make their learning FUN !
  • Those who know what to learn, but do not know "how" to learn.
Course content
Expand 13 lectures 01:56:40
+ Introduction
13 lectures 01:56:40

A quick introduction to the course.

No boring stuff!.... just fun, challenging and inter-active lectures that will help you overcome your fears and limiting beliefs around studies and exam revision.

Resolve RIGHT NOW to finish the course... but even more importantly.... APPLY what you learn and feedback after you are smashing your best results ever!

This stuff has been proven to work with thousands upon thousands of students over the last 17 years.... so it WILL work for you... but only IF you use it.

Preview 01:18

Let's get ready to learn new stuff that will help us smash our predicted grades and have FUN doing it eh?

To start with we will cover the assumptions we all make that prevent us from succeeding.

Without dealing with our limiting beliefs, there is nothing that will convince us that "anything" will work for us. So let us start off by smashing our assumptions and start working with truth.

Many of our limiting beliefs are not actually true?

Only the truth is ... well... true?

Take 5 mins a day to pick on one of your limiting beliefs to start asking what is true in relation to your own abilities and learning skills.This is going to be so much fun..... There is going to be cool stuff in every video so make sure you use all of it.

BONUS resources include an audio interview and an ebook!

These alone are worth more than what we have charged you for the whole course?!


Preview 04:17

Critical to your study, revision and ultimately, your exam success will be just how you plan your goals. So wouldn't it be great if you had access to a goal setting process that has already been used by over "HALF A MILLION" students already?

In the next two lectures I will share with you just how "top achievers" set and achieve their goals... and how you can do the same.

Using a simple, proven pyramid process you will clearly lay out your plans and know what are the first steps to your success.

The resources include a template for the goals pyramid, and a few images of my own, and students pyramids who have achieved BIG using them.

I can not wait to hear how you have achieved?

Preview 09:13

In this second part of the goals process you will clearly see just how to lay out the goal to make every step along your journey to success, both realistic and achievable.

Remember to use colours and images... and that NOBODY else has to know what your pyramid means as long as you understand it.

Resources include some stills from the video and a few more pyramids that have created MASSIVE success for people who have used them.

Planning and Part 2

I LOVE this technique !


Because it quite literally changed my life!

I went from getting average grades at school as a student to smashing exams and sharing it with between 10'000 - 50'000 students every year for the last 17 years, many of whom used it to SMASH their predicted grades whilst making their learning FUN!!!!!!

Awesome resources include stills from the video and a great audio to help you embed the learning.

Memory Stacking

Before we start to look at study techniques it is critical to remove your excuses and barriers to learning.

In this lecture we consider your excuses and look at how we can easily blow them out the water !

This can be applied to any part of your life as well...... BONUS !

Excuse Busting

I boast that this is the best exam study timetable you will EVER have!

How can I say this?

Because I have not found another timetable that shows you simply and clearly what to study, when o have time off for yourself, the time of day when you are at your best and at your worst for learning, AND what subjects to study when at your best and at your worst.

Simply put... use this, take action and watch the results roll in ... as it has for so many of our UK schools students already over the years.

Resources include a document on how to get a support group (mastermind group) around you to help each other achieve great results.


This lecture gives you a simple idea to show you how best take small steps on your learning to get huge results.

Focus short but regular bursts of time and energy on the studies that scare you or you do NOT understand.

THAT is where you are going to get your marks up!

STOP going over (so often) work you already know and understand because that is NOT going to get you new marks!

Bonus short video in the resources as well.....

3rd of 1%

For remembering and learning dates, formulae, equations, statistics, the periodic table etc MUSIC can be your best friend.

This is the fun lecture so be prepared to have a go and get stuck in eh?

Resources include a great example of a USA based rapper rapping about my memory techniques to show how it can be done, AND a short video of me talking more and giving examples of how to do it.

Use Music

A short, simple and straight to he point lecture... HOWEVER I say that if you do ONLY this one thing, it could have a HUGE impact on your results and overall effectiveness in learning and revision.

We have had massive results when students have gone off to find a mentor at the highest level to overcome their skills gap or knowledge gap.

It can be just a 5 minute conversation that can take you up a grade !

Get a Mentor

Maybe you don't know why you should even be studying?

This model helps you o identify the very real consequences of both taking huge action..... or NOT taking action on your studies.

Once you clearly have determined for yourself the amazing benefits of taking action against the "long term" pitfalls and effects on your life of not getting your results... you will never look back.

Resources include two bonus short videos that will help you eat and drink the right stuff when studying and also kick start you to want to start revision and studying NOW rather than leaving things until he very last moment?

Line of Consequence

A long lecture... but powerful one!

This amazing memory technique used by many world memory masters enables you to anchor images of things you are trying to recall, to images of things or journeys you know well. The simple impact of this is that when you try to recall information, it comes to mind easier than before because the mind has a visual association that it is familiar with.

If you struggle with this one, please do NOT give up on it, but instead have a go at using it for ten minutes a day for a week and i bet you will love it by then.

The Journey
  • recap on the memory stacking technique
  • goal setting
  • music and rap for memory recall
  • the journey memory technique
  • the best timetable EVER !
  • Mentoring - looking "INTO" those who do easily the stuff you are struggling with
  • "BUSTING" your excuses.
  • 1/3 of 1% rule
  • Line of consequence

Two bonus resources including one video on coping with exam stress, and a second one (audio) on a re-cap of the work done.