Stressed to Success for Adults and Teens
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Stressed to Success for Adults and Teens

Learn how to clear your mind, calm your nerves, and stop your suffering quickly and easily with proven techniques.
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Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
9 students enrolled
Created by Anthony Piparo
Last updated 1/2016
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What Will I Learn?
  • Clear their minds, calm their nerves, and relax their bodies quickly and easily
  • Make simple alterations to their life to reduce the amount of daily stress they experience
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  • Students will need an open mind
  • The desire to change existing reactions to unwanted situations
  • The willingness to evaluate their life objectively for clues to what behaviors may need changing

The Stressed to Success program consists of 27 videos and 3 manuals (Information, Tools and Training, Upgrading Your Life, and the Workbook and Journal) plus additional training aids. The program provides very simple, yet very powerful tools, scientifically proven to clear your mind, calm your nerves, relax your body, and stop your suffering quickly and easily no matter how stressful the situation. You learn what stress is, how it affects you, why you react to stressful situations the way you do. You also learn how powerful you are to change anything you want. The tools can be learn in only a few minutes and only require 30-60 seconds to perform. If you practice the prescribed amount of time daily for an extended period you can stop your suffering automatically with a single thought.

The Stressed to Success program also guides you through simple life-enhancing upgrades intended to reduce the amount of stress you experience.

Videos are used to introduce and summarize the material for each lesson. You will be directed in which manual and where to get more information to deepen your understanding of the concept. Training of all tools and techniques are accomplished through the video and through descriptions and illustrations in your training manual.

Because each human activity requires a very specific attentional focus that may not be developed while practicing the activity and compromised when your under duress you are training how to direct your attention properly for the task at hand and how to reactivate it when stress rears its ugly head. No other program offers this kind of training. It will help you be more successful in anything you do no matter how demanding or stressful the activity.

Finally, you will be directed to exercises in your Workbook and Journal to help identify what situations cause you stress and how it affects you physically, attentionally, emotionally, behaviorally, and physiologically. You will learn how stress affects can destroy your health, interfere with your ability to preform daily tasks, and reduce your quality of life. You will monitor your progress in the Journal provided for your convenience.

Through the Stressed to Success program you will experience improvements in your health, performance, and quality of life. You will experience less stress and learn to respond to challenging and aversive situations that are beneficial instead of destructive. Everything you need to know you already have. Let me show you how to Unleash the Powers of Your Mind to live abundantly and stress-free.

The Stressed to Success program is intended for anyone who experiences undue stress in their lives, athletes, performance artists, and business professionals who want to perform better under duress, and students who do not perform up to their ability because of test anxiety.

Who is the target audience?
  • This course is designed for athletes experiencing performance anxiety.
  • This course is helpful for students aged 15 and older who suffer from Test Anxiety
  • This course is perfect for business professionals suffering from stress on the job
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Curriculum For This Course
53 Lectures
Stressed to Success Overview
1 Lecture 03:27

Listen to this short video explaining the entire Stressed to Success program.

Preview 03:27
Introduction to Information, Tools, and Training: Knowledge is Power
10 Lectures 13:33

Please listen to this short video detailing what to read and what you should experience in the first part of the Stressed to Success program.

Preview 02:24

Stressed to Success provides students with information and training so they can clear their minds, calm their nerves, and relax their bodies quickly and easily, using very simple yet very powerful scientifically proven tools. Students are also provided with training to help them make simple modifications to their lives that reduce their experience of stress no matter how hectic or demanding. life. Students receive 28 videos and 3 training manuals plus additional training tools to accomplish these goals

3 pages

Before you can begin any stress relief program you must know when you get stressed out, how it affects, why you respond to stress the way you do, and what you need to know to alleviate your stress. This short stress assessment profile will help you identify these factors so you can develop a plan to address your particular situation.

Stress Assessment Profile
10 pages

Your Workbook and Journal are designed to provide you with insight into your experience of stress. Please answer the questions in the Workbook to help you design a program that meets your specific needs. Then please chronicle your progress from Stressed to Success in the Journal.

Workbook and Journal
168 pages

Please listen to this short video explaining what you will experience and learn in the lesson Too Much Stress

Preview 03:02

Too Much Stress
4 pages

Please listen to this short video describing what you will learn in Lesson 2, Stress, Stressors, and Fight-or-Flight.

Preview 04:56

Stress, Stressors, and Fight-or-flight
8 pages

In this short video you will learn about the sources of influence that have conditioned you to respond to stressful situations the way you do. Please watch it before proceeding to the written material.

What Condition, My Condition Video Introduction and Explanation

What Condition, My Condition
6 pages
In the Moment
8 Lectures 24:35

Please listen to this short video describing what you will experience in Part II of the Stressed to Success program.

In the Moment Video Introduction and Explanation

In the Moment
4 pages

Please watch this short video detailing the importance of taking the appropriate action while in the midst of a stressful situation.

Attitude Adjustment Routine Video Introduction and Explanation

Attitude Adjustment Routine Training
7 pages

This short video demonstrates the very simple, yet extremely powerful routine that has been scientifically proven to clear your mind, calm your nerves, relax your body, and stop your suffering quickly and easily.

Attitude Adjustment Routine Training Video

Before you can change how you respond in stressful situations you must first stop reacting in ways that are problematic or downright dysfunctional. This reminder will help you stop your destructive reactions in stressful situations and trigger your new beneficial responses.

Stop worrying reminder card
1 page

Complementary Training Options Video Introduction and Explanation

Complementary Training Options
6 pages
Unleash the Powers of Your Mind
13 Lectures 34:23

In this lesson you will learn how to activate all the Powers of Your Mind and align them with the Attentional needs of the task being performed. Please watch it prior to reading the chapter material.

Unleash the Powers of Your Mind

Unleash the Powers of Your Mind
8 pages

This lesson begins your work understanding Attentional Style Theory and how to put it into practice in everyday use. Please watch it before proceeding to Chapter 6.

Systems Analyst

Every human task requires skill in the task and the appropriate attentional focus to maximize our performance. In this lesson you will be exposed to tools that focus your mind appropriately for tasks that require a narrow, internal attentional style. You will also learn how to trigger your attentional powers regardless of how stressful the situation. Some of these tasks include conflict resolution, overcoming a monkey mind, relaxation, improving personal power, and re-establishing physical balance.

Systems Analyst
9 pages

Before your can resolve conflicts in your personal or professional life you must first resolve the conflict going on inside of you. This short video training helps you restore your internal control system.

Conflict Resolution

One of the side effects of stress is tension in your body. It could localized to a single location or generally throughout your entire body. This short video shows you how to relax your body completely by assuming specific positions. You can relax standing or sitting.

Complete Relaxation

Another side effect of stress caused by conflict is a loss of personal power. Many times to the point that we feel powerless, helpless, and hopeless to act in our own best interests. This video trains you to regain your sense of personal power so you can engage in behaviors that are in your best interest.

Increasing Personal Power

Balance is an important aspect of most sports and physical activity. Stress compromises our balance and thus our performance. In this lesson you will learn how to restore your balance quickly and easily.

Balance video

We rely on our vision very heavily throughout the day. In fact 75% of the stimuli we respond to daily is visual in nature. Tasks like reading, targeting, and fine attention to detail require us to use a very specific kind of attention. In this short video you will learn what that is and how to use it. Please watch it before proceeding to Chapter 7 of your Training Manual.

The Eyes Have It

The Eyes Have It
9 pages

One of the consequences of stress is a loss of visual control. The pupils in our eyes dilate, increasing our peripheral vision, and keeping our eyes in constant motion back and forth to locate the source of the physical danger. For tasks such as reading, targeting, and fine attention to detail, it's necessary that both our visual and attentional focus is directed at specific points in space and remain quiet. This technique helps quiet your eyes and mind. It also produces the added benefits of opening up the communication centers of the left and right hemispheres of your brain so you can control your thoughts and emotions as well as re-establishing your higher brain functions to better solve problems before you.

Sideways 8's

The third Attentional Style we discuss is referred to as Aware. Please watch this short video before proceeding to Chapter 8 of your Training Manual.

Dare to be Aware Video Introduction and Explanation

Dare to be Aware
8 pages
Stressed to Success: Upgrading Your Life
21 Lectures 33:45

Congratulations you have just completed the work to rid your body of the stress hormones that compromise your health, performance of daily tasks, and quality of life. Now you are ready to begin Upgrading Your Life by making simple alterations to your daily behaviors. This will help you experience less stress in your life and the stress you do experience will be less when compared how stress used to affect you.

Introduction to Upgrading Your Life Video

Introduction to Upgrading Your Life
4 pages

Self-talk, Communications Styles, and the Power of Words Video Introduction

Self-talk, Communication Styles, and the Power of Words
6 pages

Not only the words we use exert a powerful influence on our experience of stress, so do the intent of those words. In this lesson you will learn how Blame, Shame, and Guilt can increase your level of stress and develop alternatives that reduce stress

Blame, Shame, and Guilt Video Introduction

The words we use are important but so is the intent of the words. Today's culture seems to spend a lot of time in blame, shame, and guilt. These concepts do not produce positive outcomes. They only produce resentment, bad feelings, and a sense of victimization. We cannot solve the problems of the world engaged in these kinds of behaviors. You cannot resolve the stresses of your life when you engage in blame, shame, and guilt. You only set yourself up for defeat and the sense that you are a victim. You will never accomplish what you want in life feeling like a victim or making others to feel like a victim. In this lesson you will learn techniques for upgrading your behaviors so they are empowering for you and those in your life

Blame, Shame, and Guilt
7 pages

You are learning that everything you say, do, think and feel can either add to your stress or help you maintain an even keel. But where do our actions, thoughts, words, and feelings come from? You guessed it! It's from your Beliefs, Attitudes, and Expectations. And from where do your Beliefs, Attitudes, and Expectations extend? You're so smart - your Ego. In this lesson you learn what each of these terms mean, how they affect your life and how to control them to ease you experience of stress.

Ego, Beliefs, Attitudes, and Expectation

Ego, Beliefs, Attitudes, and Expectations
7 pages

The concept of self-love has been badly misused and many people try to keep from loving themselves because they have been taught that it is a sin or a sign of arrogance. The way the term, self-love is used here is more in alignment with respect and positive self-concepts. Without this type of self-love you will be obsessed with yourself and see the world through unloving eyes. That increases your experiences of stress, diminishes your quality of life and causes you to miss out on a lot of life.

The Importance of Self-love Video

As the famous redhead, Lucille Ball is quoted as saying, "Love yourself first and everything else falls into line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in the world." Self-love is a key component of your sense of self-worth or self-concept. People with higher self-concepts are happier and more successful. People with poor self-esteems achieve very little of what they dream about because they engage in behaviors that self-sabotage their efforts. In this lesson you will learn what behaviors are associated with high and low self-concepts and how to raise yours if it is holding you back. You will also learn of the many benefits of positive self-concepts.

The Importance of Self-love
5 pages

After spending considerable time and effort developing the power to overcome the destructive affects of stress and upgrading your life so you experience less stress and the stress you do experience is less severe than before, the last think you want are outside influences overturning all the progress you've made. In this lesson you will learn about two major influences on your stress experience and how to mitigate their impact.

Social and Media Influences Video

Social and Media Influences
3 pages

Most people's thoughts tend to vacillate between past regrets and future fears. When they do think about there present situation it's usually worrisome anxiety. Keeping your thoughts in the present without worry is a challenge at best. Many New Age teachers promote the use of mediation to retrain your mind to focus on the positive instead of the negative. They especially advance the practice of Mindfulness Meditation. In this lesson you will learn all about Mindfulness Meditation, its many benefits as well as other practices that accomplice the same things.


Approximately 90-95% of our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors are unconscious reactions to what happens around us. That means we react before we have a chance to assess whether our thoughts, actions, and emotions are in our best interest or not. These reactions are based on our regrets of the past, worries for the present, and fears of the future. We are not deliberately focused on a solution to our problems. New Age teachers promote the use of mindfulness training and meditation to bring our attention to the present focused on those actions that resolve conflicts in our favor. In this lesson you will learn about the many benefits of mindfulness training and meditation and be reminded of the power of one type of mindfulness you've already been exposed to - The Attitude Adjustment Routine. You will also be exposed so another very powerful skill - Visualization/Imagery training. With this technique you will learn how to recall past failures and suffering and alter their outcome so they are successful and uplifting. Through this technique you will reprogram your subconscious so that it remembers positive experiences instead of negative ones that only cause you more suffering.

6 pages

Did you know that if you sit for too long during the day that your body thinks its dying and prepares for that eventuality. This exerts a major impact on your health. Physical activity and exercise are important mediators of stress, help promote a healthy lifestyle, and can add years to your life. Learn why and what forms of physical and exercise are best for you.

The Stress of a Sedentary Life

One of the byproducts of stress is physical fatigue so that we feel less driven to be active. Today's fast-paced hectic lives also cause most people to have to spend considerable time sitting either filling our reports or communicating with other over the phone and computer. Because of our stressful lives we leave work unfulfilled and stressed out so come home and sit around some more. All this sitting is not healthy. In fact, it causes our bodies to think its dying. Humans were not designed to be sedentary. In this lesson you will learn of the many health and performance hazards of remaining sedentary and provided with simple options that can increase your physical activity during the day. You will also be exposed to various exercise options if you want to improve your health and quality of life even more.

The Stress of a Sedentary Life
5 pages

You are what you eat. So are you a potato chip, candy bar, MacDonald's Big Mac or cheeseburger? Or are you some other fast food meal? Most Americans, because of their hectic, demanding lives, choose the fast and convenient without regards to the hazards to their health. Even those of us who try to eat healthy can still have their health compromised because of the lies told to us by the food industry. In this lesson you will learn what's best to eat, what to stay away from, and how to break food addictions.

Dietary Distress

Dietary Distress
14 pages

Depending on the length of time you've been stressed out and the intensity of the stress you experience on a daily basis you may decide that you need some professional help. In this lesson you will be exposed to a number of complimentary alternative healing services which can avail yourself if you feel the need.

Complementary Professional Services

The final lesson of the Stressed to Success Program considers a number of professional services you could avail yourself if the intensity and length of your stress experience is to much for you to handle on your own. These alternative healing modalities can provide you with relief from your stressful experiences without the dangerous side effects of prescription and over-the-counter medications. You will learn about the benefits of Massage, Orthobionomy, Osteopathy, Chiropractic, Refexology, Reiki, Acupuncture, and Acupressure. These therapies were included because I have direct experience with each. Many others are also available.

Complementary Professional Services
6 pages

Congratulations! If you have done all the work suggested by the Stressed to Success program you've come a long way baby! But now is no time to quit. You know what they say, "Use it or Lose it." You must continue to monitor your experiences, practice the tools and techniques on a regular basis, and monitor your life to determine your daily level of stress. It won't take much effort to maintain all the gains you've made but it will require a minimal effort. Life happens. Make what happens in your life a reward not a punishment. Good luck on your continued journey. If you have any questions, please post them to me and I will respond as quickly as possible. Thank you again for choosing the Stressed to Success program to transform your life.

Summary, Thank you and Good Luck
About the Instructor
Anthony Piparo
4.5 Average rating
22 Reviews
257 Students
2 Courses
Peak Performance Specialist and Stress Relief Consultant

Dr. Piparo has successfully helped hundreds of people from all walks of life, both adult and children, improve their ability to deal with life's challenges and stresses. He has Masters both in Education and Kinesiology (Study of Human Movement) and a Ph.D in Performance Psychology. He has also received additional advanced training in Human Development, Applied Kinesiology, Brain Gym, Trauma Release Therapy, and NLP. He is an Internationally recognized author and and speaker as well as an award winning researcher.

His books include Stressed to Success, Ascent Into Hell, Target Oriented Golf: Training the Eyes, Mind, and Body for Success, Kingdom of the Tiger: A Golfer's Guide to Playing in The Zone, and The Art and Science of Putting.

He has successfully adapted the tools and techniques he uses to help athletes and business professionals improve their performance in even the most demanding competitive experiences for students dealing with the pressure to succeed academically and overcome test anxiety as well as everyday people suffering from the ravages of hectic, modern day living.