Stress Anxiety Management - Stress Less and Live Longer
4.8 (12 ratings)
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Stress Anxiety Management - Stress Less and Live Longer

Stress Management Activities: A Brain- Based Stress Management Course
4.8 (12 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
155 students enrolled
Created by Cari Corbet-Owen
Last updated 10/2016
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What Will I Learn?
  • You will have little-known brain-based secrets of stress anxiety management
  • You will be able to apply in-the-moment simple stress management solutions and longer term effective stress anxiety management techniques
  • You'll feel in control of the stress effect on body
  • You'll know why we manifest illness from stress and how to stress less and live longer
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  • You will need a notebook - or computer folder.
  • Two colored pens and crayons. I'd suggest red for stress 'n blue for calm.
  • You definitely need to bring along a fun spirit.
  • A jar of marbles, beads or beans You'll see what i mean as we get into the course ;)


Do you know that up to 90% of doctor's visits are stress-related?  Stress doesn't only rob you of happiness - but when you understand some simply biochemistry you'll know why we manifest illness from being stressed 24/7.

If you want to know one of the secrets to longevity, it's that when you stress less you will live longer so you need stress anxiety management ....

if you know stress is robbing you of joy, changing your biology and affecting your health and longevity...AND you want to understand how your brain is causing your stress and how to stop it

.....then this stress management course is for you.  

You need stress management anxiety reduction.  You need the secrets of stress management because it's also one of the secrets to longevity.  This course will give you little known brain-based stress management techniques.  

I'm talking stress management for busy people.  Whether your stress is in the financial area, your body image area, relationship area, social area or (frankly) any other area, you need to understand how stress management and brain training work to stop your brain from sabotaging you.   You’re going to have a ton of simple stress management activities with emphasis on the more FUN stress management activities.  Think of these as stress management for YOU; stress management for better living.  You will become more peaceful, you will stress less and live longer and stronger.  

How do you like to learn?  If you love….

  • research that joins scientific dots together in unusual ways to bring new insights in stress and anxiety management techniques
  • to be entertained and have fun while you’re learning 
  •  practical stress management activities and solutions
  • in-the-moment quick tips for stress management and also longer term simple stress management techniques
  • multiple formats to learn e.g. quizzes, video, audio or in writing?

- then you and I are going to get along just awesomely.  PS.  Forgive me if I can be a bit goofy at times.  I like to have fun because a huge amount of stress comes from taking ourselves waaaaaay too seriously.   If you’re looking for ‘dry’ and ‘academic’ then you may want to choose another instructor.  But if you're looking for top stress management counseling and want someone that is serious about taking a science-based approach and giving you methods based on years of scientific brain-based research;  but presenting it in a fun way,  that I will do.

You’re busy, you want changes, and you want them fast.  You got it -  this course is concise and practical. 

This stress management course covers:

  • Why ARE you stressed?
  • How your brain traps fools and stresses you.
  • 3 odd brain quirks that change everything.
  • Changing your neural wiring
  • The power of perception stories you live by
  • My 4-step approach to simple stress management solutions
  • Ten tips for stress management

What this course will do for you:

  • You’ll recognize when your brain is doing it’s same old, fooling thing.
  • You’ll know how to stop it in it’s tracks.
  • You’ll know what to do to re-wire your brain so you can lower your baseline stress 
  • You'll have a much better idea of what stories cause your stress and be able to choose  to create new stories for yourself.

We're going to banish:

  • paper tiger stress - whilst keeping ‘good stress’ 
  • not feeling like you ‘are’ or ‘have’ enough
  • low self-esteem
  • unnecessary anxiety that keeps you up at night.

About your intrepid leader for this course:  I'm a South African trained clinical psychologist, and author of 3 books (one featured in O).  I've been fortunate enough to  have had my views expressed in many magazines (everything from Reader's Digest to Men's Health), TV and radio, or as a professional speaker and international workshop presenter.  I have been an invitee onto the peer panel for the South African Journal of Psychology as well as the  Advisory boards of Shape magazine and the South African Journal for Natural Medicine and SANEP (South African Nutrition Expert Panel) as their consulting psychologist, and Metropolitan Health as a health partner.  I'm also a total research junkie.  Ever since I discovered medical and psychological journals, I’ve been nibble-noshing a steady diet of them.  I like to read em, digest em and spit em out in new and interesting ways.

What participants have said about my style.... 

"It was a very positive and rich experience. As a psychologist Cari’s education methods foster a learning that feels like self discovery. I loved the creative homework and activities. The results – an improved quality of life."

—Julie Robinson - Placerville, CA

"I would never have uncovered these sabotage beliefs .I learned so much about my negative attacking traits and how to stop them!"

—Liz Calvert- Amsterdam

"Your coaching taught me (actually you showed me) how to embrace my imperfect being and how to move more freely and with greater self-respect, in this oftentimes very harsh world."

—Bee - New York, NY

A number of attendees mentioned they would like her presentation to have been longer as she has such a different perspective on things.  They felt it was “well researched,” ‘relaxed and practical,” “thought-provoking” and “good advice for the future.”

— FitPregnancy Magazine South Africa

Who is the target audience?
  • This is stress management for busy people,
  • It's also a stress management course for you if you are serious about not just listening, but actually applying the gifts this course will give you.
  • If you like serious science but wrapped in stories and anecdotes - and want to learn to take yourself less seriously - then you will love this course.
  • It is not suitable for you if you like the dry, the serious, the boring and the academic.
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Curriculum For This Course
48 Lectures
The fun has just begun
4 Lectures 13:36

The alternative health benefits of joining me on this journey of stress anxiety management - these stress management lesson plans WILL change your life.

Preview 02:33

Is this stress management and brain training course for you?  After this, you'll know whether my lecture style is for you and what stress management ideas can expect to get out of it.

Preview 05:19

You'll learn why we manifest illness from stress and why stress management anxiety reduction is so important.  Be good to your health and live longer.

Preview 02:34
Section 1: Brain stress management activity
4 Lectures 13:10

Do you realize the stress effect on body?  Stress affects your body and how it works on a moment to moment basis which is why you need stress management for better living. 

Is stress killing you?

What are your watering and nourishing - flowers or weeds?  When you nourish the flowers, you stop stress,  you stay healthy live longer.

Your life is a garden

Practical stress management and solutions in times of crisis.  We all have storms in our garden - how do you manage yours?

Storms in your garden

Mental stress management: When a major tree in your belief system comes crashing down - what do you focus on? You need an individualized stress management program during times of huge crisis.

How to handle major storms

How our thoughts and emotions impact on our body

How does stress manifest illness and disease and what role does our story play?
8 questions
Cats bumping into chair legs - Stress management and brain training
5 Lectures 12:49

Research into the cognitive psychology as illustrated by kittens and the health care cost of never changing your neural wiring. 

Cats, chair legs, countertops and your brain

What if neuroplasticity gives you an alternative health care plan - one you'd never considered before?

Roads and bridges, neural networks and synapses

Alternative treatments in health.  You CHOOSE your emotions and what you expose your psychoimmunorology  to by the story you choose to tell yourself.  Just knowing this is a great stress management tool.

The lens through which we see the world

The powers of your brain to change and have neuroplasticity  are nothing short of miraculous.  This will help you understand stress management and brain training. 

Cantonese, English and neuroplasticity

Ever wanted to flip someone off?  Ever considered how anger stresses your body,  affecting your biology and your cells in those moments and what this means for your body. 

I wanted to give 'em the 'middle finger' (sorry I did)

How our brain develops and works

Understand your neural wiring?
5 questions
Your brain is completely bamboozled!
7 Lectures 13:55

All stress management has to take the fear response into account - if they don't understand the effect ross nobody, then it's more difficult to know. what the most effective stress management techniques are to adopt

Can your heart beat 90/12? Instantly?

How do your Hypothalamus, Pituitary gland and Adrenals play havoc on your body - and when can this be valuable?  Knowing the difference is a good way of understanding how to manifest health.

The alphabet soup of the HPA: fight, flight or freeze

The powers of the mind will startle you....but this might also dismay you because while it's amazing, it's also central to our stress-related health problems.

Lemons - do they make lemonade or something else?

Understanding how our brain creates our stress is the start of knowing practical stress management and solutions to apply.

Implications of 'that' lemon

You already know that you don't like feeling stressed but after this lesson you'll have a much better idea of how we've been conned and that's the underlying reason for what is causing you stress.  Plus you'll get new insight into how the biochemistry of your stress is slowly killing you.

Do this....How do our stories lie to us?

If you want an alternative health plan - you absolutely need to understand the powerful impact that stress has on your biochemistry because so much of it is self-generated in our brains.  And if we're creating our own stress then it's up to us to stop it.  

A real tiger or a self-created paper tiger stress

In this course I  give you 20 ways to live longer (actually it's more)... and all these ideas revolve around how to kick 'paper tiger stress' - the stress that isn't even real - in the butt.  

Do you create your Paper Tiger Stress?

Your brain may be a fabulous organ - but it has some major limitations too - this is just one of them

Our brain can't tell the difference....
7 questions
4: How do we choose what stories to tell ourselves....
3 Lectures 15:05

I needed stress management for busy people because he 6-figure income job was killing me.  I knew exactly why stress management is important because some of the ideas I share with you in the stress management handbook brought me back from the brink of a nervous breakdown.  

My Imposter syndrome

The pressure of perfect parenting is anxiety provoking - being a stressed parent doesn't help you or your child.  Take a look at some alternative health advice on parenting that might just receive some of that pressure to be perfect. 

Relieving the pressure of parenting

How do you feel about your body?  Would you like to stop hating it?  How do body image and self esteem go together?  How does our culture rob us of happy health?

The cultural lies about our body

Sometimes there are hidden stories that drive us

What causes your stress?
9 questions
Starting to change your Brain and it's neural wiring
6 Lectures 23:12

When you understand our biochemistry, you'll understand why we manifest illness not from acute stress, but from the 24/7 stress that changes our biochemistry.  That's why stress management is important to our health and longevity.

How much time do you spend creating stress biochemistry?

Health wellness and stress management come along with understanding our 'chicken brain' and how it easily gets us stuck where we don't want to be. 

Our chicken brain

Perfect peace is guaranteed the moment you understand and master this process of changing the story you live by and your accompanying neural wiring 

The process of change

This awareness exercise is a great way to signal your brain that you're onto it:) It's the pivotal place to start your personal stress management program.

Become aware

What do marble jar movements, paradigm shifts and ways to change your neural networks have to do with relief stress management?  You'll know by the end of this lecture.

Paradigm shifts and more

These 4 simple stress management solutions are excellent when you want to do something in the moment to tap into your parasympathetic nervous system and instantly calm your body so that you can then apply of self help stress management techniques I describe to use in conjunction with these techniques.  These quick tips for stress management are like a quick way of signaling your brain with something new. 

4 'in-the-moment' ways to reduce stress - duplicate reminder lecture

When you understand how fallible your brain is you'll have a valuable way of looking at some of the ways it keeps you stuck

Starting to master your brain
8 questions
Creating marble jar movements
7 Lectures 25:17

If you're looking at stress and it's management, this is hands down one of the best simple stress management techniques around.

What glasses to wear

This is my personal stress management alternative.  Over the years I've created a whole bunch of unnecessary stress for myself by trying to 'be cool' and 'fit in'.  You'll love this stress anxiety management tool because it's fun AND powerful. 

Don't fit in - fit out!

This stress management activity is a way of training your brain to  step back from the drama it creates and gaining a better perspective on the issue causing your stress.

Become an observer

One of the best ways to stress less and live longer and build self esteem is to stop comparing.  There will always be someone smarter, prettier, richer, cooler than you. 

Stop comparing

A huge creator of stress is the zero defect syndrome - but self-compassion, as discussed by Dr. Kristin Neff is the anti-dote, it's one of the basic rubrics for stress management.

Beware the 'zero defect' syndrome

This self esteem lesson touches on self help stress management.... how can we help ourselves in a culture where to be seen as 'average' is almost considered criminal?

The problem with 'average'

It may sound strange but receiving loving kindness that's where true wisdom manifests when it comes to stress management as this powerful research indicates.

Imagine receiving loving kindness

Methods to change your neural wiring

Creating marble jar movements
9 questions
Ten stress busting marble jar movements
11 Lectures 26:22

'Worry worting' is a behavioral stress management technique:  first you 'fixate' temporarily then you improve 'flow' in the longer term.  It's a kind of bad habits stress management tool.

Get to be a worry wart

Stopping unabated and uninvited negative chatter is an excise in stress management that has far reaching effects because negative chatter is one of the first symptoms we may become aware of when we're stressed. 

Stop Negative Chatter

Stress pulls your focus away from living, so re-focussing is an effective stress management tool to draw you back to the present moment rather than having your mind in the past or the future where potential problems are conjured up.

Get Re-focussed

The reason de-cluttering is such an effective stress management tool is that it stops the nagging child syndrome so your brain can stop leaking energy.

Get De-cluttered

Stress management for you should include other people - it's one of the top health care stress management ideas because of the potential for the release of health-enhancing hormones.

Get Connected

Stress can stop you in your tracks - a great stress management tool is to get yourself started on small activities.

Get Going

Relaxation techniques for stress management especially when combined with visualizations are a powerful stress management technique because they can very quickly calm down the body and put you back in control. 

Get relaxed

During times of crisis, my little piece of peace has come from creativity.  It's my person stress management favorite because it gets me back to positive thinking mind body soul. 

Get Creative

Don't underestimate the power of fun stress management activities.  One of the most powerful exercises for stress management is taking ourselves more lightly.

Get playful

People who have gratitude live longer than others because positive people live longer.  Being grateful is an immediately powerful stress management tool.

Get Grateful

One of the best kept secrets of stress management is smiling.  It may feel like the very least thing you want to do, but it has powerful hormonal benefits to lift your mood and make you feel better.

Bend your lips

Tips and Tactics to empower you

Ways to kick stress in the butt
10 questions
Your course isn't over....I'm still here for you!
1 Lecture 02:17

Print off the street management handbook in the resource section.  It has vastly more than 10 stress management tips .... in a nutshell it has vastly more than 20 ways of brain-based, stress less and live longer tips and tactics.  It contains instructions on how to play games so you use all the top stress management counseling tips and tactics I've given you to help you kick stress and anxiety in the butt,and improve your health.

So what now?
About the Instructor
Cari Corbet-Owen
4.8 Average rating
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155 Students
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Author, speaker and Longevity Expert

Expert in Longevity and teaching how to change one's biology so as to age well. Author of 3 books (one featured in 'O' Magazine) and over 100 published articles in multiple magazines.  Frequent TV and radio guest, keynote speaker and international workshop presenter including seminars for 'Shape' and 'Fit Pregnancy' magazines and the South African Department of Health.