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Master Course: How to Start your Own Magazine

Learn everything you need to know to Start your Own Magazine in your City and make money advertising local business
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64 students enrolled
Created by Rolando Urias
Last updated 9/2016
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What Will I Learn?
You will have the necessary tools to run your own Magazine in your city.
You will be able to Design a Magazine from Scratch
You will get the skills to Design Ads in Photoshop
You will Learn several skills to Manage your own Sales Team
You will have the necessary skills to Manage Clients
You will be capable to sell ads for your Magazine
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  • In this course we teach everything from scratch, I assume that you are new on this, however, if you know Photoshop or InDesign, or you have some Sale Skills, of course that is really a BIG PLUS, but in this course I teach you everything from scratch.

Some times we think, I would like to start my own business, but we usually think about a Restaurant, Super Market, Online Store, Clothes Store, etc. but, we never consider a Magazine as a Business to start. Let me tell you that I have been three years with this business and I'm doing very well, and it can only get better, of course I work hard and I try to take care of my clients, but it is a very easy job, and I make very good money. In this course I teach you how to start your own Magazine in your city, Advertising Local Businesses and Making money with it. With this course You will be able to Manage, Design and Distribute your Magazine, although, you can hire some people insofar as your magazine progress. So let's take a very good attitude and decide for something different and very Profitable.

Who is the target audience?
  • This course is made for Everybody who want to start a business in your city, or your state or why not in your country.
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Curriculum For This Course
Expand All 108 Lectures Collapse All 108 Lectures 14:26:00
26 Lectures 01:44:55

Welcome to the Course #StartyourOwnMagazine

Preview 02:47

I Introduce you my Magazine Hola Tucson, you are more than welcome to check my Website to see the Online Version (We are working on updates with the website, sorry guys!)

Preview 04:28

Please take a few seconds to introduce yourself and let us know where are you from, you don't need to give details, just your name and the name of your city and if you guys have some Ideas about what your Magazine is gonna be about, Thanks! JOIN THE COMMUNITY

Who are You?

Everything about Registering your Magazine as a Business in your City.

Before to Start

Things that we need to know before to start, Open a Business Bank Account, be prepared to recieve payments with card, etc.

Is Good to know

Overview about your Magazine, as a business, Analysis of the Market in your city and how to Proceed and what to expect.

Analysis of The Market

Understand Sales as a very fundamental part of every business, especially for a Magazine, so, what we need to know about it, and how we channel our efforts.

Preview 06:03

How to approach a potential client, how to identify a client for our magazine?

This method turned out to be very effective when selling ads for my Magazine and it could be your first Method, of course you can add steps and remove those that don not apply for your city of the type of your Magazine.

My Step by Step, How to Sell Ads?

Tell me what is the right Answer!

What is the Last step in the Last Lesson?
1 question

Tell me the right thing to do

What to do if we get a Rejection?
1 question

Take a Look to my Media Kit

Media Kit & Sales Kit

My Advertising Agreement Form
2 pages

Sales Agreement Template

Do we need a DSLR or a Professional Camera?

Preview 01:12

We have to gather people with experience on Sales, so I will give you some Ideas how to get the right people for this job.

Create a Great Sales Team

The Sales Rep is an Extension of you and is representing your Magazine, So, What to have in mind when getting people to sell ads for our Magazine.

The Sale Representative

Don't Make the same mistakes, that I made!

A little Story about a Sales Rep

How to determine how much to charge for an ad on our Magazine? It depends on several factors.

How much to Charge for an Ad?

I will give you how to make as much money as we can with the most Important part of a Magazine: The Cover.

Preview 02:40

Managing a good Public Relation will increase the trust of people in our Magazine.

Public Relations

How and when we are going to get the payment? When are we going to pay the commission to the sales rep?

How to receive Payments?

My Invoice
1 page

Invoice Template

My Card Payment Form
1 page

Card Payment Form Template

I will give you an Idea that can become the concept of your Magazine.

$100,000 GREAT IDEA!

Trade and Exchange is a good idea!

Exchange and Trade with Local Media

We can get more than money for the ads.

Extra Benefits
4 Lectures 08:03

Introduction to Design with Photoshop CS6 and InDesign CS6.

Welcome to Design

What we need to work on the Design of our Magazine.

Preview 00:53

Where we can get those Programs to get design our Magazine.

Preview 01:39

I show you, the way I have Organized my stuff, so you can have an idea how to do it, so you can manage yourself on this, I will just let you take a look to my files and folders.

Organize your Stuff
44 Lectures 07:08:10

Get Familiar with Photoshop CS6 Interface

The Interface

Manage Layers

Move Tool

Marquee Tool

Magic Wand Tool

Brush Tool

Phptoshop Clone Stamp Tool

Eraser Tool

Paint Bucket Tool

Blur Tool

Text Tool

Rectangle Tool

Hand Tool

Zoom Tool

Foreground Tool

Cut Objects

How to Change the Style of some Layers, this can help to look very nice our Ads!

Preview 19:25

Draw Rocket

Draw Apple Part 1

Draw Apple Part 2

How to Get Fonts

Add Fonts on Mac

Where to Get Free Images for Ads Design and Illustrate Articles

Design of Ad: Attorney Office Part 1

Design of Ad: Attorney Office Part 2

Design of Ad: Mechanic Shop Part 1

Design of Ad: Mechanic Shop Part 2

Design of Ad: Beauty Salon Part 1

Design of Ad: Beauty Salon Part 2

Design of Ad: Supermarket Part 1

Design of Ad: Supermarket Part 2

Design of Ad: Supermarket Part 3

Design of Ad: Car Dealer Part 1

Design of Ad: Car Dealer Part 2

Design of Ad: Car Dealer Part 3

Design of Ad: Insurance Company Part 1

Design of Ad: Insurance Company Part 2

Design of Ad: Insurance Company Part 3

Design of Ad: Real State Agent Part 1

Design of Ad: Real State Agent Part 2

Design my Business Card Part 1

Design my Business Card Part 2

Business Card Template
22 Lectures 04:14:40

Get Familiar with InDesign CS6 Interface.

Preview 12:42

InDesign Interface and Tools Part 2

Images and Articles are very Important for our Magazine, so I will give you some sources where you can get that Material to add content to your Magazine.

How to Generate content for Our Magazine?

Where to get Free Articles for our Magazine

More Content: Local Events Calendar

There is a very easy way to get a Professional Photographer to work for us with NO COST!

Get Professional Photos for The Cover For Free

How to Place an Article or Images and Pictures on our Magazine with InDesign CS6.

Adding Content with InDesign Part 1

Adding Content with InDesign Part 2

Adding Content with InDesign Part 3

Adding Content with InDesign Part 4

Adding Content with InDesign Part 5

Adding Content with InDesign Part 6

Adding Content with InDesign Part 7

Adding Content with InDesign Part 8

Adding Content with InDesign Part 9

Design of the Cover Part 1

Design of the Cover Part 2

Design of the Cover Part 3

Design of the Banner

The Directory is a Very important part of our Magazine, because people know about the people that is behind our Magazine, like Editor, Sale Representatives, Designer, etc.

Design The Directory

Export my Magazine to PDF
2 Lectures 09:23

The Website of the Magazine is very important and help us to be ON LINE! so we can have an On Line Version of our Magazine.

Preview 07:27

Facebook Ads will be very important to create a network of followers for our Social Networks Links, we need to keep in mind that we need to be posting everyday, I'll tell you how.

Social Media
5 Lectures 12:41

What do we have to consider when choosing a Printing Company.

Where to Print?

Number of Pages, Sizes of the Magazine and Quality of paper.

Format of the Magazine

Printing Company Quote

Work with your Clients, according to the deadlines with the Printing Company.

Manage Deadlines

My Printing Calendar 2016
4 pages
3 Lectures 32:22

We need a car, of course, but, what else?

What do we need?

My Distribution Map

Let's make a Map in Google to Organize our Distribution Points.

Make a Distribution Map with Google Maps
Extra Money
1 Lecture 02:42

Learn not only to Design Websites, but to Manage a Web Design Business with this Complete Course.

Web Design
Strategic Planning
1 Lecture 05:08

Let's Put our Project in perspective ans see if it's possible.

Business Plan
About the Instructor
4.7 Average rating
12 Reviews
64 Students
1 Course
CEO at ToxiK StudiO

I was born in Empalme, Sonora, Mexico, I was in High School, at the age of 15 when I discovered HTML and CSS, I saw some websites that inspired me to learn it, and it was amazing! Then came JavaScript and PHP, it was a little harder to learn programming (I must confess I’m not a brilliant programmer), but the possibilities with this knowledge are Great! The funniest thing was that I decided to go to Hermosillo, Sonora to study business Management instead of a Computer Science Carrier! That’s OK.

When I entered to the University, I used to design websites and make money with it, So, HTML was useful, but I met new friends, Corel Draw, Freehand, Fireworks, Flash and Dreamweaver, that's when the Magic Happened! (at least For me!)

When I Finished Business Management I came to Tucson, AZ and studied some Web Design along with other Developer courses, and knew from the bottom of my hear that Web Design and Computer Science was the love of my Life!

I built some apps and started making money with them, at the same time I had a Part time job as a Server in a Restaurant and I was a Freelancer, building Websites and other Graphic design stuff.

I had a Website named, it was a very good business for me, I used to go to the Night Clubs to take pictures of the People in the Club and then post the pictures on my Website, so, people used to go to the website to see the pictures and share them on their Facebook page, etc. it was good because I used to have a lot of local traffic thru my website and I used to advertised many local businesses, so it was Good!

Finally, since I had a lot of connections with local business owners, I created this Magazine Hola Tucson and That’s what I do now for a living, and I’m very thankful because is a very good job, I’m my own boss, I manage my time the way I want and is a very good business.

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