Startup Masterclass: The Ultimate Guide For Young Startups
4.1 (42 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
2,981 students enrolled
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Startup Masterclass: The Ultimate Guide For Young Startups

Startup Insights, Free Spreadsheets, Over 80 Lectures & Your Personal Startup Mentor
4.1 (42 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
2,981 students enrolled
Last updated 12/2016
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What Will I Learn?
  • build a highly profitable startup business
  • structure advanced financial data with step-by-step spreadsheet included in the course
  • pitch their idea properly to venture capitalists, business angels and accelerator programs
  • understand advanced sales management and market sector analysis
  • write business plans with in depth financial accounting
  • generate sales by using step-by-step guides included in the course
  • market their product line globally with advanced knowledge in physical & social media marketing
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  • All levels course; From Beginner - Expert
  • This course is for everyone, no prior knowledge or business required

Welcome to the most comprehensible startup business course on Udemy taught by a 7-figure entrepreneur! 

This is your once in a lifetime opportunity to learn from an industry expert who build a highly profitable business himself.


Leon Chaudhari is a very successful entrepreneur from Berlin, Germany, who already taught students from all over the world how he built a 7-figure business from scratch. In this course, Leon starts off from the beginner level and makes you an expert on business development, startup financial accounting and marketing.

You will learn how to convince investors of your startup idea, how to approach business angels, and how to use accelerator programs to let your business grow quickly. He will show you how to market your company with no capital on hand, how to save money on office space, how to hire employees and what to look out for, and much much more

This is the ultimate startup masterclass! From the beginning until the end packed with first-hand knowledge and amazing insights into the industry.

After taking a regular Udemy course on startups, you will be able to build a startup; After taking Leon’s Masterclass course which bases itself on years and years of experience, you will be able to build a SUCCESSFUL startup business.

You will receive FREE 365 days/year online support and will be able to ask any questions you like!

If you want to build a 5-figure, 6-figure or even 7-figure business, this is the right course for you!

“Leon is a visionary! The best course on startup development you will find on Udemy” 

(- David W., NY, USA) 

“Amazing support and perfect for anyone who wants to build a profitable startup”

(- Paul C., Germany) 

“Thank you so much! You changed my life with this course”

(- Michal M., Poland)

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Who is the target audience?
  • Everyone who wants to build a consistently highly profitable startup
  • Everyone who is willing to put in hard work and long hours in order to achieve extra-ordinary business success
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Curriculum For This Course
91 Lectures
3 Lectures 02:55

Welcoming you to the course! Thank you for your purchase!

Preview 00:37

In depth Information about the course instructor. 

Preview 01:29

Ways you can reach me 365/days a year.

Support System & Private Messaging
12 Lectures 54:30

All parts of the chapter "Introduction" explained. 

Chapter Overview Introduction

In this part of the chapter we will talk about what it means to be a startup founder (struggles, upside, downside, mindset etc.).

Building A Startup - The Bottom Line

Industry insides shared - Where is the market going? What trends exist? Where could I invest? 

Startup Generation Analysis - Market Behavior & Trends

When do you want to win? What upside could arise from winning earlier/later in life? 

The Importance of Early Startup Success

I saw people failing in the market. Here are the lessons you can learn from them. 

Failure In The Market & Lessons We Can Learn From That

Most people don't know where to start when building a company and neglect the fact that there are some tricks. I will expose them to you in this video. 

10 Secrets How To Start Off With Your First Startup

If you are a young startup founder, you probably don't have a lot of experience in the startup industry. In this video, I want to share a couple lessons with you that I learned as a young startup founder. 

7 Essential Lessons I Learned From Being A Young Startup Founder

Most people don't know how to build a startup but still try building it and lose. After this video you will not keep losing. 

5 Factors You Need To Consider When Building A Startup

Almost no young startup founder has enough money to build their own startup. Don't worry. Here is some advice how you can tighten your money but nevertheless get more from it. 

Tight Money & How You Can Work Around It

What does it mean to be a startup founder? In this video I will share a couple of things with you concerning the mentality of a startup founder...

Preview 06:42

It is important to me to teach you how to win from an early age on. This video will introduce you to a couple of new thoughts on why winning is important early in life. 

Making The Right Decision From An Early Stage

If you are still at college - listen up! This could be your chance. In this video, I will teach you how to use college resources properly and get in touch with tutors. 

Using College Resources & Tutors
Structuring Your Startup Idea Properly & Profitability Calculations
10 Lectures 49:35

Overview over the following chapter. 

Chapter Overview Structuring Your Startup Idea Properly & Profitability Calc.

You don't know how to find profitable ideas? After this video you will. 

Idea Generation Process - How To Kickstart It!

Most startup founders don't know what kind of business model is most suitable for their startup. I will show you in this video different approaches how you can find your idea's underlying business model. 

Finding An Idea's Correlating Business Model

This video is perhaps one of the most important videos in the entire course. I will show you how you can use consumer data to generate great ideas and thus build a great business! 

Generating One-to-one Personal Consumer Data

Consumer data is not consumer data. You need to know the difference between several approaches to ask questions in order to generate meaningful consumer data. After this video, you will never ask question like you did before. 

Strategies To Generate Meaningful Consumer Data

What do you want to show with your consumer data? Especially for venture capitalists, properly structured consumer data is essential. 

Structuring Consumer Data Properly

What can we see from the data? In this video, I will show you how to come to meaningful conclusions about the market you are operating in. 

Finding Conclusions From Generated Consumer Data

What does the market say about your product/your niche? 

Using Market Data To Evaluate Possible Number Of Sales

An essential lesson on how to calculate your product's profit margin. 

Profit Margin & How To Calculate It In A Small Startup Environment

How strong is your competition? How big is their market share? In this video I will show you methods to come to meaningful conclusions concerning market share and competition. 

Competiton Analysis & Market Share Calculations
Validation Of Startup Ideas & Testing The Market
7 Lectures 20:14

Is your startup idea profitable and good enough for the market? After this video you will know. 

Chapter Overview Structuring Your Startup Idea Properly & Profitability Calc.

In this video, I will introduce the term "mvp" to you and will show you how to develop it. 

Developing An Mvp (Minimum Viable Product)

This video is essential to your startup career. Test-runs will show whether your product is ready for the market. Here is some essential advice on how to conduct a proper test-run. 

Starting Test-Runs & How To Approach Third Parties

If the generated data says, your product has flaws, you need to reshape your product. Here is how...

Generating Data & Using It To Reshape Your Startup Idea

Here are 3 possible approaches to reshape your startup idea in order to make it fit for the market. 

Reshaping Your Startup Idea - 3 Possible Approaches

Most startup founders are not being honest to themselves, that's why they lose. Here is how to NOT lose. 

The Importance Of Honesty Or Why Most Startups Fail

Why will your company not make any money? Here are some ideas why. 

Other Factors That Could Hold Sales Back
Team Building, Profit Share & Development of Leadership Skills
11 Lectures 53:38

Overview over the following chapter. 

Chapter Overview Team Building, Profit Share & Development of Leadership Skills

Why should other people work for you? Here are also some free ways to look for co-workers for your startup. 

Attracting Co-Workers & Where You Can Find Them

A couple very important advice on how to find good co-workers during the hiring process. 

Preview 05:48

Most startup founders start off wrong and that's why they lose in the long term. Here is how to build a startup the proper way. 

A Model Of How A Startup Should Be Build Chronologically

Profit sharing is an amazing tool to scale your business quickly. In this video, I will explain the term and how I used it to build a 7-figure business. 

The Art Of Profit Share & How It Can Help Your Business Grow

Here are some advice on profit sharing and the contracting process. 

Profit Share Contracting & Finding Active Measures To Grow

There is not just profit sharing in order to get work done for free. Here is the concept of "paying back"! 

Paying Back & Ways To Use Future Capital Now

You are the boss now. Here is what employees should see in you and your position. 

A Guide On What Your Employees Should See You

Startup founders make a lot of mistakes. Here are 5 common mistakes and how you can work around them. 

5 Common Mistakes Made By Startup Founders While Developing Leadership Skills

Building a startup is not easy. In this video, I just want to remind you of a couple of things. 

The Startup Mentality & Your Own Personal Goal Setting
Low Capital Startups & How To Strategically Use Your Capital
7 Lectures 39:46

Overview over the following chapter. 

Chapter Overview Low Capital Startups & How To Strategically Use Your Capital


Preview 08:20

In this video, I will explain how to structure your capital properly. 

Structuring Your Capital & Making The Best Out Of It

When I built my 7-figure business, I allocated a lot of assets without paying for them. Here's how you can do it too. 

Allocating Assets Without Paying For Them

We already figured out your business model. Now here is how to connect it to your founding capital. 

Connecting The Underlying Business Model With Your Capital

There are many ways to generate capital. Here are the right ones. 

Capital Flow & Generation Of Future Capital

After this lecture, you will know how to rent an office without paying too much for it. In this video, I will cover cheap office opportunities. 

Preview 03:42
Writing Your Startup Business Plan & How To Crush It
6 Lectures 13:04

Overview over the following chapter. 

Chapter Overview Writing Your Startup Business Plan & How To Crush It

Why should you write a business plan? Here is where a business plan helps you/doesn't help you. 

The Importance Of A Business Plan

You will compete for venture capital. Here is how you can crush your competition. 

Work With Your Business Plan & Crush Your Competition

After this video, you will be able to write a business plan all by yourself. I will give you the necessary template FOR FREE! 

Writing A Business Plan (Step-by-Step)

This spreadsheet that I am giving you FOR FREE will change the game for you. Now you will be able to do all the financials for your business with just a couple of clicks. And, your chances to receive venture capital will be much higher if you are presenting calculations you made with this template. 

How To Work With **FREE** Calculation Spreadsheet (1)

This spreadsheet will be a game changer for you and your business. 

How To Work With **FREE** Calculation Spreadsheet (2)
Approaching Investors, Crowdfunding & Other Ways To Raise Capital
8 Lectures 32:54

Overview over the following chapter of the course! 

Chapter Overview Approaching Investors, Crowdfunding & Other Ways To Raise Capit

Most startup founders don't know how the institution works they are asking for money. That must stop. This video will explain you how college startup investment firms work. + A MASSIVE LIST OF VENTURE CAPITALISTS FROM AROUND THE WORLD. 

College Startup Investment Firms & How The Work

After this lecture, you will know how to approach investment and what they want from you. 

Approaching Investment Capital Firms Globally

Most people don't know how to pitch. After this video you will know. 

5 Proven Stategies To Pitch Your Idea Properly

I see people making mistakes while they pitch all the time. Let's eradicate those mistakes together! 

5 Common Mistakes While Pitching Your Idea

An easy 10-step formula to deliver a perfect pitch! 

Startup Pitch Guide - How To Structure Your Presentation

Prototypes are important to get better deals from venture capitalists. Here is a guide on how to present them properly. 

Using Prototypes To Raise 5x More Capital

When can you hope for good investment deals? Here is when...

Investment Deals That Correlate To The Stage Of Your Project
Product Development & Essentials Of Sales Management
10 Lectures 51:08

You already developed your mvp. Here is what you can learn from it. 

Learning From Your Mvp

Your final product must incorporate a lot. Here's how to develop it properly. 

Developing Your Final Product

How much should your product cost? After this video you will be able to set a reasonable price for your product.

Price Management & Market Similarities

I will show you in this video how you can get in contact with producers from China, India etc. 

Getting In Contact With Possible Producers

If you want to outsource a product or want to know what outsourcing is, this is the right video for you. 

Outsourcing & Ghost-Writing

Building a market you can rely on is essential. Here's how to do it! 

Building A Reliable Customer Base & Its Importance

If you want to move into a new market, you have to think about money, time, and advertising approaches. Here is a step by step formula... 

Approaches To Expand Into New Markets

A video on how to structure your company in order to understand and generate sales. 

Internal Organization Process In Order To Understand Sales

How much did your sector make this year? How much did your company make? Here are some important things you have to care about when comparing your company to the sector. 

Sales Analysis Of Sectors
Top-Down & Bottom-Up Marketing Approaches For Startups
9 Lectures 31:53

No money? No problem. Here is how to market your product anyway! 

No Capital Marketing Approaches

Social media marketing becomes more and more important. Here's how to crush your competition! 

Social Media & Transition Of The Market Toward New Media

Investment/return ratio calculations on several advertising approaches and why we should abandon some. 

Marketing Measures You Should Pay No Attention To

A step-by-step formula how I would move into new markets. 

WeChat, Snapchat & The Importance Of Moving In New Markets Using Social Media

A global list of social media platforms. 

Allocated List Of Social Media Platforms With Easily Reachable User Base

In this video, I will explain to you how to gain fellowship on social media platforms. 

Gaining Momentum On New Social Media Platforms

Physical advertising is not 100% dead, here are a couple of ways you can still use it in order to generate sales. 

Physical Advertisements & One-to-one Marketing Approaches

This spreadsheet will change your mind about social media advertising. An easy to use tool to gain massive fellowship. 

How To Use The BASIC Marketing Speadsheet

One last request...

The Next Step On Your Way To Become A Successful Startup Founders
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About the Instructor
Leon Chaudhari
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7-Figure Entrepreneur, CEO & BESTSELLING Udemy Instructor

I scaled my FIRST business to 7 figures at AGE 18, since then build two 6-figure businesses and now scaled a SECOND business Teaching Hero, which currently is the world's leading online teaching agency, to 7 figures at AGE 20. 

At age 17, I got my PhD offered (declined it) for my work on human hair and skin cancer (basalioma and spinalioma in particular). In 2014, I also received the Special Scientific Award from the Max Planck Society, awards from the Helmholtz Association and Martin Luther Foundation, and appeared on national television in the United States, Poland, China, and Germany since then.

In addition, I received the German National Environmental Award for my environmental work and awards by the Royal British Embassy for my work in journalism!


 TIMO ALTBAUER - Berlin, Germany - Student of: "Business Development Masterclass: Learn to Build Businesses"
"Hi, I am Timo. I joined Leon's Business Development Masterclass in March 2017. Before I started the course, I did not know Leon but saw that his course is a Udemy bestseller. I thought the course looked fantastic and joined it. Leon right away welcomed me to the course, offered me his personal help and advised me to watch the course in order to afterwards have a personal talk with him via Skype. I watched the 13,5 hours course content, studied the course book, did the worksheets and homework included in the course and got personal feedback on my progress by Leon. The course itself was incredible. Leon put as he said in the promo video "his brain on paper". The course's outline is very clear and follows a step by step procedure which I really liked because I always felt like one piece in my thinking was missing. Later, I had to understand that many pieces were missing in my mindset. The course goes straight from business mindset to idea generation to financial modeling, business plan creation, the actual founding process of the company, to pitching, product development, sales management, marketing and so much more. 

Four months ago, I started my own company and am now already generating strong 5 figures every month! Leon and I have since then met in person and he took an entire evening to eye out the next steps on my journey. Leon's business development masterclass is the best business development course out there. I bought it for 15 USD and it literally made me 10.000s of dollars (and probably 100.000s of dollars in the long-term). Massive THANK YOU!"

☆ IVY YORK - MA, USA - Student of: "Confidence Masterclass: Become More Confident Fast"

"In school I was often bullied and since then struggled a lot with my confidence. Leon's course helped me with my confidence-related anxiety. For several years, I was afraid to talk to new people I met or to even go work. Leon's approach was the following: He first took me my fears, taught me how to trust people again and then helped me to become more open-minded and out-going. He was a true saint in my case and I am sure he will help you as well, whether you struggle like me with anxiety, are an entrepreneur who wants to give public speeches or just simply feel like you are not confident enough. If you have any further questions, give Leon your e-mail address and I will get in personal contact with you. I can only truly recommend this course!"

☆ WANG YURUN - Beijing, China - Student of: "SMART Learning: Accelerate Your Learning"

"Hi, my name is 雨润! For you Yurun! I started Leon's SMART Learning course in June 2017 and have to agree with all the great reviews the course has! 

Here in China, competition is tough and I have to study very hard in order to pass my university classes. Over the last 3 semesters I had been truly struggling with keeping up. That was the reason why I decided for Leon's course. His course was a true mind-changer; He taught me dozens of very helpful strategies and I am now saving hours every day that I can now use to relax a little bit. 

Additionally, I passed all of my university classes! THANK YOU! 谢谢!Your course was worth every penny!"

I am an extremely passionate instructor and want to give you the best experience possible in my course. All the courses I teach here on Udemy come with free books, access to private mentoring groups, worksheets, spreadsheets and pdf guides

I will be your private mentor for life! If you have any questions, you can reach out to me or my team at any give time! We will take care of you and will solve your problems with passion. I additionally will be available for private Skype talks and am reachable via Udemy, e-mail and Facebook for you at any given time!

I am looking forward to see you in one of my courses! 

Best regards, 

Leon Chaudhari

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