Startup Fundraising Masterclass: Venture Capital 101
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Startup Fundraising Masterclass: Venture Capital 101

How to find and get in touch with investors for your startup. Start attracting venture capital today.
5.0 (3 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
19 students enrolled
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What Will I Learn?
  • Raise money for your startup idea
  • Find and connect with the RIGHT investors
  • Preparing for fundraising like a pro
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  • You have a startup or an idea you want to raise money for
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Welcome to this Startup Fundraising Masterclass: Venture Capital 101. 

Are you looking to raise money for your startup? Do you want to know how to attract venture capital for your business? Then this is the RIGHT class for you. 

Fundraising Masterclass has the best and most actionable fundraising strategies, methods, hacks and tricks that help you find and get in contact with investors for YOUR startup. It is a best-of from all I learned in the past 10 years:

  • From my 3 startups that raised over €3.000.000 from VCs and Angels in Germany, Austria and the USA
  • From 100s of hours of trial-and-error, fundraising and supporting other founders to raise funds for their startups
  • From 100s of conversations with successful founders, VCs, and Angels for my startup podcast and Startup Report

Hi, I am Florian Kandler, 3-time founder, currently working on launching my 4th company. With Fundraising Masterclass I want to share my knowledge and help founders who REALLY want to take their fundraising abilities to the next level, and get the money that they and their startups deserve. My co-instructor is Ali Mirza who is also a serial entrepreneur and founder of social media agency. 

Class TopicsHere are the specific topics covered inside this class

  1. Understand who the RIGHT investors are for your startup.
  2. Where to find investors and venture capital for your business. 
  3. How to prepare in a SMART way for startup fundraising. 
  4. How to find more and better investors faster. 
  5. Reach out and get in tough with the right people.

This course comes with a 30day money back guarantee so there is nothing to lose. 

ENROLL right now and let's help you with the fundraising. 

Who is the target audience?
  • Startup founders
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Business owners
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Curriculum For This Course
46 Lectures
Phase 1: Finding Investors for your Startup
16 Lectures 02:49:02

Intro & Chapter Overview

An overview of the different stages of investment; which need to match the stage of your startup. You will understand the stages there are, which kind of investors typically focus on each. And most importantly: explain the stages so you can be clear about the stage you are in, and use the proper terminology when searching for suitable investors; and when talking to investors.

Preview 11:35

In this video we will talk about “Family, Friends, and Fools”-Investors. Including, why they can be a bad idea, and why you have a high level of responsibility making sure before the investment, that you don’t end up in chaos later on.

FFF: Family, Friends, and Fools

In this video, I’ll explain the little technical differences Grants can have, and what impact this might have on your cash flow. And I talk about a couple of potential big problems you can end up with, if you agree to take “free money”.

Government Grants

I will explain what makes a real good Accelerator/Incubator, and how you can check this before applying or joining.

Incubators & Accelerators

I’ll talk about who Angels are, what makes a great Angel, and why you have to do your homework before being able to pick the right Angel Investor for yourself and your startup. Also, what topics you need to clarify, discuss and find out about the Angel, before you take money from him.


I’ll talk about the different types of VCs, how VCs work, and why you need to understand the internal hierarchy of a VC firm, and that you need to differentiate between the VC company, and the VC individuals that work in that company.


I’ll share some important insights that will help you understand the two kinds of Corporate Investors. And why you need to find out, which kind it is – and what impact this may have on you and your startup down the road.

Corporate Investors

You will learn to understand the mathematical driving forces inside a VC firm. If you understand how THEIR “business model” works, and what kind of numbers THEY need to achieve and why, you will be able to pitch your startup in a much more powerful way. And you will be able to avoid a couple of classical pit-falls, that could lead you to pick the wrong investor.

Preview 14:06

Let's talk about YOUR responsibility to become clear about what YOU want from an investor – apart from his money, of course. I will mention different types of things an investor can provide above and beyond the money. And I will mention concrete examples, in order to tease your brain a bit so that you can come up with YOUR wish list.

What YOU need and want from investors

You will learn the importance being clear and laser-focused about who you want to contact; and how creating a Target List can help you, and the advantages such a list has for you and your fundraising strategy.

Who to talk to

You will learn the hierarchy in a VC firm, and understand some of their internal processes that are important to understand, so you don’t end up stuck, talking to the wrong people in the organization.

Talk to VCs

Let's see how to use introduction-givers, and why they work so well. You will understand, how investors use introduction-givers as filters, and why the psychology of getting an intro is so strong. I’ll also mention if and when an intro-giver can actually be bad for you, and how you can avoid them.

Talk to Intro-Givers

You may think – why should I talk to investors that don’t invest in my stage? Well, let me tall you a few reasons why you should. And also share with you why later-stage investors actually want to meet you right now.

Talk to Later-Stage Investors

I’ll show you a few ways to find investors, including some of my favorite databases,  websites, and other sources I found helpful myself. But I will also explain why just finding a VC firm is not enough – but what kind of further research you need to do. As well as explain how you can “improve your luck” of accidentally bumping into a great investor at an event.

Where to find VCs

​Different types of investors
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​VC fund and investment focus
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Prepare for Fundraising Like a Pro
14 Lectures 01:42:33

I’ll share with you, why preparation is the BIG differentiator between successful and less-successful founders and their fundraising. And what it is, that experienced founders know and have, that first-time founders don’t have. But don’t worry – we will dive into how we can “growth hack” this together, in the next chapters!

Why preparation is so important

You will learn, what Visibility is – and why it is such a powerful tool for your fundraising strategy. It is something, that experienced founders use very smartly. And you will learn, how you can do it, too!

What is Visibility

Pimp Your LinkedIn Profile

You will learn if and how you should use other social media profiles of yours for your Visibility in your fundraising strategies. Make sure you don’t undermine your fundraising efforts unintentionally. Or even better, set it up in a way that it actually helps you. Here is how.

Pimp Your Other Social Media Profiles

I’ll share a few aspects of Visibility that might hurt you – and you wouldn’t even notice it. Fix these things, so that your credibility does not suffer unnecessarily, just because you haven’t thought about this.

Your domain email and business cards

I’ll give you a quick overview of how you can now add visibility strategically; on top of the Visibility Basics, that we talked about in the previous chapter.

Strategically increase your visibility

You will learn the power your social media channels can have for your Visibility in your fundraising strategy. I’ll share a few concepts of what kind of activities you can do, that will help you. And warn you about some stuff you should maybe not do.

Your social media strategy

You will learn why writing articles is such a powerful tool in your fundraising activities, and how you can write articles, even if you feel you are not a “writer”. I will show you how you can set this up in a way that creates maximum value at the minimum necessary time effort from your side.

Create content – write articles

I’ll share a few tips about how you can make a strong entry into a new community, make people aware of you and get people engage, in a positive, non-spammy manner.

How to enter and engage communities

I’ll share a few more tips of how you can become a valued member of a community, so that your reputation, trust and credibility vis-à-vis other community members grows. Which is ultimately the reason why you’re doing it in the first place.

Your community strategy

Let me give you a quick overview of all the strategies I will share in this chapter, which will help you take all your Visibility activities to the next level. Some methods, that will boost your visibility and expert status in your field to completely new levels. Stuff, that will help you a lot, when investors try to evaluate you to understand if YOU are the person who can turn their startup idea into reality.

Build trust and credibility – build on your visibility

You will learn how you can easily create your own community. How you can foster and grow it. And why this is such a powerful tool in your strategy to engage with investors and other people who are important for your future success.

Create your own community

You will learn how you can leverage your article-writing (see previous chapter) to whole new levels by getting them published and distributed elsewhere. A strategy, that will not only extend your reach of Visibility, but also a smart “relationship building hack” towards journalists and people who you offer to write the guest article for.

Write guest articles

You will learn, how co-authoring articles can become a relationship-building machine as well as a great tool to increase your Visibility, and boost your authority in your space.

Co-author articles

Your Visibility
1 question
Getting in Touch With Investors
16 Lectures 02:29:31

You’ll learn what your overarching strategy is – creating a “market“. And I’ll mention what the two szenarios are, that you definitely want to avoid getting stuck in. Many of the methods described in the following chapters are designed to help you execute and achieve “creating a market“.

Your primary goal – create a market

You will learn for your immediate first goal will be when you establish a new contact: getting a meeting! I’ll explain why this is so important if you want to get funding. And how you can achieve it.

Your goal – get a meeting

You will learn the basic strategy you need to follow when trying to get cold contacts. How you need to have the right dose of information. And what material is best suited to deliver that information. In the next chapters, I will go into detail of that material.

Material required

You will get to know one of the most powerful weapons in your fundraising activities. The Teaser. I will explain how you build a strong teaser, how you will use it, and what effect it will have.

The Teaser

You will learn why and how you need to “slim down” your Pitch Deck for maximum effect when reaching out to investors.

The Slim Deck

I will share an overview of the different ways you can get in contact with people on your Target List. I will talk about each of them briefly, and share with you which ones I believe you should focus on.

Ways to contact

You will learn the most important things you need to do, so that you can get good introductions. It is in YOUR hands to make sure to pick the right Intro-Giver, and enable your Intro-Giver the right way. Here is how.

How to get an introduction

You will learn how to master the cold-contacting of investors. It is one of the toughest ways to get in contact with people on your Target List, but sometimes you want/need to do it. So, you better do it right. A few methods can make the difference between getting no attention, or getting several meetings.

How to cold contact investors

You will get an introduction to a whole set of smart, powerful strategies that will enable you to get in contact with investors without actually pitching for money. You will learn, why this is such a powerful method, and how you can apply it.

How to cold contact investors WITHOUT pitching

You will learn how to play a game that is known in startup world as: “Ask for advice, get money. (Ask for money, get advice.)”

Ask for advice

You’ll learn how you can engage with a Target based on having a conversation “from expert to expert”. If you’ve set up your Visibility right, this is a super powerful approach!

Expert Conversation

We will talk about using mutual passion topics to engage with a Target. This is a method that you might have used naturally or accidentally in the past. But you can take it to the next level, and use it strategically, if you find mutual topics with Targets on your Target List.

Mutual passion topic

You will learn a smart way to start talking to investors in a way that validates you as an experienced founder; and has them to validate back to you, which often triggers raised interest. At the same time, you keep control of the time-line, because you are not asking for money (yet).

About fundraising – later

You will learn the smart, sneaky ways you can use your Visibility activities to engage with Targets on a high trust and credibility level. THIS is where you can cash in all your work you did for your Visibility.

Using your visibility activities

You will learn how NOT to screw up your initial meeting with an investor. You put in so much work to get that meeting – adopt the right strategy for that meeting, so you can turn this initial meeting into the beginning of a dialogue that leads towards a funding.

Your first meeting with an investor

You will learn what the most important activities are AFTER your first meeting. No matter if that meeting went super-duper, or so-so. Implement a few strategies that will help you achieve your funding goal.

After your first contact
About the Instructor
Florian Kandler
5.0 Average rating
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19 Students
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3-time Founder, Entrepreneur & Startup Enthusiast

I am Florian Kandler, entrepreneur and startup enthusiast. I’m a passionate sales and biz-dev guy with a tech background. I am currently working on launching my fourth startup. And I dedicate some of my time to supporting European startup founders. 

Two of my past startups raised over €3.000.000 from Angels and VCs in Germany, Austria and USA in three separate funding rounds. I like to share my startup knowledge and "pay it forward" to younger founders, because amazing people helped me when I was a young entrepreneur and needed guidance. But sharing also gives me personal joy when I see that I can help and have an impact on the success journey of other smart, driven founders. 

Ali Mirza
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Growth Marketer & Digital Entrepreneur

My name is Ali Mirza and I am the CEO & Founder of iSocialYou. I have been in social marketing industry for 10+ years and started iSocialYou about 2 years ago. At iSocialYou I have worked with several mega brands and startups. I help our clients in creating an engaging social brand and then generate leads from their social media presence.

I am also an entrepreneur at heart and have launched some products along the way (FiveOH is the most recent mobile app that I launched in 2015).

While working with key mega brands (Chevy, Lexmark, Papa Murphy) and 100s of SMB, I learned a lot and now I want to help YOU get results from your marketing efforts. My mission is to help 1,000,000 students get results from social media marketing efforts.