Start Selling Big by Building a Strong Brand - S4E 201
4.5 (3 ratings)
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1,023 students enrolled
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Start Selling Big by Building a Strong Brand - S4E 201

START SELLING BIG NOW!! Learn all the basics about the Magneter Model and how to apply it in your company from scratch.
4.5 (3 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
1,023 students enrolled
Created by Magneter Academy
Last updated 11/2015
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What Will I Learn?
  • Understand the phases of the full selling process
  • Develop your brand messages in such a way you'll save hours of selling
  • Understand when, where, why and how to develop your marketing campaigns
  • Learn how to easily classify and control all your touch points at a glance
  • Learn how to control the traffic of customers between your touch points, and even know who is where
  • Obtain more return out of your events and all your marketing and drive more people to buy
  • Become the "MUST" brand of your industry: Must see, must visit, must check, must follow & MUST BUY
  • Learn to differentiate how to communicate with your clients and the rest of your audience
  • When you know and put into practice in your brand all these you'll learn, SELLING will be a CONSEQUENCE, not a GOAL to reach
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  • The basics of this course were covered in the Sell more with Searching for Excellence Series- S4E 101 course which is and will always be FREE. So If you haven't gone through it, it is a good moment to do it and it will only take you an extra half an hour and you'll understand and take advantage of this course much better. Then come back and things will be much easier. Besides, you might find a BIG DISCOUNT COUPON.
  • If you don't know about branding, marketing or sales, DON'T WORRY, because with the Sell more with Searching for Excellence Series you'll learn most of what you need to know.

Launched 11/18/15!!


Over 1.400 students from over 100 countries have already started SELLING MORE with the Searching for Excellence Series!! WHY DON'T YOU?

Look at what they say about this course!

"Looking forward to the next course

This course is an introduction to a series on branding strategy. I had not heard of the magneter model before. Thus far, the manner in which the information has been presented seems innovative and not a rehash of the usual branding training. I look forward to the next in the series. Instructor is engaging and seems to be an expert on the topic."

Most companies, about 90% of them, die BEFORE 5 YEARS because they can’t handle it anymore and they’ve LOST CONTROL of their business. 80% of the SME’s die even before the SECOND YEAR ends.

That’s because most of them WERE NOT PREPARED to what was coming: the UNAVOIDABLE AND FRENETIC CHANGES OF LIFE that technology and civilization forced them to ADAPT to survive, OR dramatically DIE.

The vast majority start without an STRATEGIC PLAN or no plan at all. They just DON’T SET ANY GOALS, they LACK OF VISION to head anywhere and start running in THE MARATHON of their lives without previous training.

Suddenly they find themselves fighting against all odds, tired, with ZERO RESOURCES and with the same LACK OF VISION AND MOTIVATION to continue.

Don’t let that happen to YOUR BRAND and to YOUR LIFE. We’ve got LIMITED TIME IN LIFE and we must take good care about how we should spend it, because TIME is the ULTIMATE LUXURY, since in the absence of Time, nothing else matters.

So if you want to be able to adapt in order to SURVIVE, you MUST take FULL CONTROL of your brand TODAY. You must be able to see your FULL BUSINESS in a global perspective and get INTO THE DETAIL anytime you want to make the precise corrections so that THE MECHANISM keeps working at the right pace and keeps providing a POSITIVE RETURN that you reinvest in making it GROW BIGGER.


The complicated part is not THE WHAT you should do. The complicated part is THE HOW.

In the SEARCHING FOR EXCELLENCE SERIES I will tell you THE HOW you can get the BROADER PICTURE and the CONTROL of each one of your touch points, no matter how big is YOUR BRAND. As long as you have total control of all your touch points, your brand WILL BE STRONG.

In this course I’ll introduce you how to get the BROADER PICTURE. Without it, you won’t be able to know where TO FOCUS and where is your business FAILING or is CORRECT.

Who is the target audience?
  • This course is for entrepreneurs who already have a brand
  • This course is for entrepreneurs who are thinking on starting a new company
  • This course is for marketing and branding executives of companies of all sizes
  • This course is for marketing and branding consultants who want to increase their clients revenues
  • And if you're reading this, is because most probably is for you!
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Curriculum For This Course
2 Lectures 04:37

Welcome to the Searching for Excellence Series course number 201 called Start Selling Big by Building a Strong Brand. In this course you'll learn the basics of this huge methodology that will help you save a lot of unproductive time. By applying what you'll learn here, you will find out that SELLING will be a NATURAL CONSEQUENCE, not a GOAL to reach.

Preview 03:01

There are so many reasons of why you should join this course, that I will just reduce them all into one: If you don't sell enough in your company, you'll close sooner or later. Period! But unless you understand the full process of selling a product or service, you will fail.

Preview 01:36
Phases of the full selling process
4 Lectures 16:20

Learn the 3 simple phases of the full selling process. As soon as you learn them, you'll never forget. Whenever you control them, your business will never fall.

Preview 07:46

Everything that is in the market begins here. Whether it is intentional or not, branding is everything in the market and for a company. Branding covers it all. When you control your branding, you control your industry. Most companies fail when they forget the roots of their branding and what they stand for.

The Branding process

The Marketing is needed to send the messages and establish the relationships with your customers and your audience. No matter what technique you use, you need to learn this process in order to execute it well.

The Marketing process

The Selling Process is where everything that you've worked so hard for comes to a reality or not. You can manufacture amazing products, do a fabulous branding and incredible marketing campaigns, but if you don't sell, the rest loses its value. But if you don't do your previous work correctly, you won't be able to sell anything, no matter how good you say you are at selling.

The Selling process
The Touch Points
6 Lectures 35:18

No matter how big or small your company is, if you are able to control each and everyone of your touch points, you'll have plenty of control of your brand globally. Learn which are these touch points.

The Touch Points

The Mass Points are points used for mass monodirectional communication.

The Mass Points

The Interaction Points are those where the brand interacts with its customers.

The Interaction Points

The Selling Points, aka Points of Sale, are the most important and where the brand has to fine tune even more.

The Selling Points

After we've seen how to classify the different touch points, now it's time to see how that applies to our brand and how we can build and manage each and every touch point.

The Touch Points in Detail

The key to success or failure of every company in every industry is how they manage their touch points. More than 75% of the problems that make brands fail or succeed come from their touch points, because they are the connection with customers reactions!

Management of the Touch Points
About the Instructor
Magneter Academy
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Making your brand sell much more and grow stronger globally

Magnates World is the Luxury Business Platform for Hispano-America.

Brander and passionate about the excellence in luxury with a vision: Luxury being spoken in Spanish. But in order to achieve that, Spanish speaking companies must learn how to speak the language of luxury, because luxury is a language, not an industry as I wrote in an article.

I write weekly articles about luxury in LinkedIn Pulse and in The Luxonomist, the most important blog about luxury and lifestyle in Spanish.

I have designed a unique and very simple way of understanding how to manage a brand, no matter its size, so it can become a magnet for customers.

Tired of seing how marketers and everyone was talking about funnels, an image came to my mind of a lot of people at the top of the funnel: one feet over here, one arm over there, on head on the other side. I understood that this is not the way brands should treat people and neither is the way people behave.

People feel attracted to a brand and its products/services or not and that starts on how much love the brand shows to them, their desires and their needs.

Now your brand can have to opportunity to stand from the crowd and shine like no other, so people will become irresistibly attracted to it, with the Magneter Model.

Join me in my many different courses I'll design to show you what a magnificent tool this methodology is and how much it will benefit your company, your brand and your products/services.