Scott Jansen's Personal Untaught Master Hypnotist Secret
4.8 (9 ratings)
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107 students enrolled
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Scott Jansen's Personal Untaught Master Hypnotist Secret

A secret guide on how to use subjects nerves, doubt and anxiety to hypnotize, even when they don't believe in hypnosis.
4.8 (9 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
107 students enrolled
Created by Scott Jansen
Last updated 12/2014
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What Will I Learn?
  • Induce a hypnotic trance
  • use only conversation for trance
  • Use nerves and anxiety to help clients go into trance
  • How to test your clients success
  • master suggestions that can shape a clients success
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  • Time to practice said methods
  • Time to master each technique for success
  • Ability to follow easy instructions
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Imagine using natural unconscious signals and signs in the body to induce a deep hynotic trance in your clients with only conversation.

Do you realize that a subjects nerves , feeling scared and worried about hypnosis can be used as a door way into a trance quicker than when not used. Imagine hearing this from a subject " I'm nervous about going into hypnosis" and knowing how to use this statement to put them into hypnosis before they could resist you. The ideas and method will show you an advanced way taught to beginners of how to induce trance in clients even if they resist you.

- In depth look into unconscious moments and sensation

- How to direct attention to allow trance to grow

- using unconscious signals to recognize trance

- Interacting with unconscious signals

- using powerful suggestions types to direct the therapy

- The echo and pause that only masters use and know

- How to deepen trance with no words

- How to create trance with no formal induction

- Utilizing nerves , fear and anxiety to help trance begin

- Testing your clients after hypnosis

- Attaching a positive therapy outcome to your trance work

- Proving to clients that hypnosis occurred

- Knowing exactly what to say when a client responds

- How to say less than formal hypnosis

If your a coach or therapist and get worried about when clients state they feel anxious or nervous this simple guide will show you what and how to deal with it .

never be stuck for what to do or say and by the end of this training you will hope that all your clients are nervous before they visit you

Who is the target audience?
  • Students interested in hypnotherapy
  • coaches interested in how to use nerves and anxiety better
  • students wanting to understand therpay
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Curriculum For This Course
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Using Conversational Hypnosis for hypnosis and trance
2 Lectures 08:32

An intro into using a clients nerves and fear to induce trance

Preview 05:23

Locating an unconscious moment. These could be :








Any will do , locate them and interact with them

Preview 03:09
Locating and interacting with unconscious moments
2 Lectures 13:18


Bypass Critical Thinking

Stimulate an unconscious moment

This 3 part formula is the KEY to conversational hypnosis

Preview 05:21

Echo effect : repeating back slowly your clients statement will grab their attention and increase the unconscious moment

Pausing : Grabs attention and allows the message to settle in

Step 1 - How are you feeling now ( wait for unconscious moment statement ). Echo statement back

Step 2 - Ask open or close statement or question

Open style question

- How did you do that

- Isnt that interesting

- Its amazing how that can happen

- I wonder what will happen next

Closed question

- Did you know you would feel like this

- Do you normally feel like this / that

- Does this normally occur

- Do you normally sit there and have x,y,z happen in this way

The Echo | Pausing | Open and Closed Questions for the deep trance method
The deep trance method and unconscious moments
3 Lectures 19:52

Me - How do you feel right now

Client - Nervous

me - Do you normally feel nervous

Client - No

Me - What part of you feels nervous

Client - My hands

Me - How did you do that to make your hands nervous

Client - I don't know

me - You really don't know do you , your sitting there and your hands are feeling nervous , i wonder what will happen next ?

Instructions on 3 stages of the deep trance method and how to master it

Piggy back suggestion types

- I wonder what this has to teach you about overcoming your issue

- I wonder what you will learn from this experience

- I'm curious and what you are being taught about your issue

- I wonder what you ' hands' are doing to help you overcome your challenge

Powerful hypnotic suggestions for a therapeutic outcome - Piggyback suggestions

Repeat piggyback suggestions inside the trance ( aim for 2-3 every minute )

Include the idea of safety for your clients to enjoy and learn from the trance

Setting a direction for therapy and hypnosis
Hypnotic Testing for success
1 Lecture 08:40

Testing Clients

- As you feel ( x) think about the issue and notice how good you feel

- Ask client why they feel so good ( echoing can be used here when they give you a positive response )

Testing your clients and attaching an outcome
About the Instructor
Scott Jansen
4.2 Average rating
57 Reviews
767 Students
13 Courses
Owner of The Conversational Hypnosis Academy


From international clients, former and current Olympic athletes, IFBB pro bodybuilders, Hollywood celebrities and some of Australia finest singers and entertainers your trainer Scott Jansen has been the pinnacle of hypnosis success.

If you put this with a world class reputation and certifications and training’s setting the standard in the industry it’s a success formula that can not fail.

Your trainer Scott Jansen and owner of the Academy has his sights set on your success and we achieve this with a knack for mastering hypnosis. Join us


The Conversational Hypnosis Academy is Australia’s # 1 Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy training organization. The Conversational Hypnosis Academy is the home of the largest professional hypnosis community and is training the top hypnotists, hypnotherapists, executive coaches and professional therapists for the last 3 year.

Becoming the largest training organization has meant the Academy have done something different and are training their students in the multi-award winning certifications that are recognized internationally and have met the training standard of 2 of the biggest hypnosis boards in the country.

Our students have loved their training so much, they have gone onto becoming so successful and requested in the hypnosis industry, that they are living their dreams to run full-time businesses, helping high profile clients and changing the world with their wonder gifts.

Come and join the Academy and discover the true meaning of a NO SCRIPT approach and become a professional hypnotherapist with Australia’s favorite training organization. Let us show you the way !

Conversational hypnosis is the fastest growing style of hypnotherapy and is being taught to not just hypnotists, but Coaches, NLP practitioners, Dentists, Doctors, Psychotherapists and Psychologists due to it’s robust and natural use in the real world. This is quickly becoming the cornerstone of our student’s success. Having the ability to provide a skill that no others can. Now THAT is exciting !

This is quickly becoming the cornerstone of our student’s success.

Having the ability to provide a skill that no others can. Now THAT is exciting !

Choosing to become a professional hypnotist, influencer, executive coach or leadership professional means that you quickly become the authority in a career that can really make a difference. Gone are the days of hypnosis being taught to only suit an office. Here you will finally gain the understanding of how to use a communication style that has been the brains behind the biggest movements in the industry such as NLP and coaching. Without conversational 

Gone are the days of hypnosis being taught to only suit an office. Here you will finally gain the understanding of how to use a communication style that has been the brains behind the biggest movements in the industry such as NLP and coaching. Without conversational hypnosis. these philosophies would not exist.

So whether this is to become a full-time career for you or a way to communicate and understand the power of interacting with friends family or clients. let us WOW you !

Your Professional Success With A Unique Approach To Hypnosis, Business And Industry Insights

It’s easy to understand why TCHA is the fastest and most respected hypnosis training school in Australia. Growing requests and demands to become a part of our hypnosis movement, means we have branched out to create stunning programs that suit the novice hypnotists to even the most advanced. This ever growing interested in a NO SCRIPT approach to therapy means our certifications are being studied by international students from the USA and the UK who have now become a part of our family. This has gained an international recognition for our training methodologies and training concepts.

Only School To Offer A No Script Approach To Hypnosis With International Recognition

The Academy is at the forefront of hypnosis training, so much so, that it has transformed the very mechanics of hypnosis that has peaked the interest of the medical profession. The Academy understands that not all clients just want therapy. They want a professional that understands the very dynamics of the mind who can assist in creating such change in a client’s life that their whole reality shifts to an amazing life. This concept alone is why even life coaches have ditched the usual coaching and training methods to adopt a robust skill that is sweeping the nation. With our NO Script approach, you gain a skill that lasts a lifetime and holds its very power in the real world.

A Professional Training And Support Team With Mentorship Programs

What do you get when you gain assistance from ACTUAL hypnotherapists ? And are taught by a hypnosis trainer with over 16 years in the industry ( Over 6000 LIVE clients ) ? A skill that will stand the test of time ! The Academy team and Scott Jansen ( Owner ) have dedicated their skills to teach, train and inspire in such a way that most other schools and organizations can not. Experience is what sets TCHA apart from the norm. By being trained and certified in a skill that is combined with expert experience and an international authority and reputation means you get the best of the best. Think of how this impacts your success, and this can create not a just a good hypnotist, but a truly great one.

Your Training Delivered By THE Best Hypnotherapists in Australasia. 

We believe there is no point just learning a skill and that’s it. Our philosophy is to train and teach a skill to all of our students and turn them into a high-class individual. This doesn’t just mean learning what and how to treat clients. Its means that our students can grow their OWN capabilities and become and exceptional human being.  By learning an amazing skill such as conversational hypnosis, you finally begin to master the very dynamics of your own mind, your own thinking, and your own life desires. This becomes the very blueprint of our student’s success.

A World Class Environment To Learn With A Systematic Hypnosis Success BLUEPRINT For Any level 

The bottom line is our training just works. Having an international recognition from the (ASCH and IICT) and a reputation for producing world class hypnotherapists and coaches speaks for its self. But all of this only means that our way of teaching equals fun and creates the very motivation you will need to succeed. By creating a lively and interactive environment we can ensure a strategic learning platform that not a lot of other training organizations can. Its no wonder why that TCHA is attracting students of all ages and interests, who are ready to join in the fun and be inspired to help create life-long change with everyone they speak to. This is the essence of real hypnosis and hypnotherapy.