Spirit & Art of the Sword Combat Course 1 for Couples.
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Spirit & Art of the Sword Combat Course 1 for Couples.

Change your life - FREE the Warrior in You ... FEEL the Power of NOW through the Way of the Sword
0.0 (0 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
12 students enrolled
Last updated 7/2017
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What Will I Learn?
  • Students will be able to use the practiced attacking and defending techniques in "real combat" situations like stunts and partner exercises. With practicing the stunts you will improve your skills in controlled striking, fast reacting, perfect timing, proper distance and balanced coordination. The need of concentration at all times will train your mind to focus. After acting the action scenes in the stunts with your partner, you will feel yourself relaxed and in harmony with your inner peace. When you transfer this experience of the "Power of NOW" into your daily life you will live much more concious and successful.
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  • You should have practiced all lectures of "Spirit & Art of the Sword Beginner Course for Individuals".
  • You should have a training partner.
  • You should have a Katana or Bokken (wodden sword)

In the first section of this course you will learn how to prepare yourself for the sword training with your partner. In section 2 you will practice in several lectures attacking and defending techniques with your partner, focusing mainly on proper distance, harmony, precision and power control. Section 2 will teach you some partner exercises where you will gain fitness, balance, coordination, timing and improve power control. The 16 practice lectures in section three will teach you step by step the sequences of stunts as an attacker and defender and will bring you closer to real combat.

By repeatedly doing the movement of keeping the body weight in the low position and twisting parts of the body around, the core muscle of your body gets trained, creating a balanced body that gets hard to gain fat.  The need of concentration at all times will train your mind to focus. After acting the action scenes in the stunts with one or more partners, you will feel yourself relaxed and in harmony with your inner peace and you will gain the skill to react to sudden movements and read the next move,which will allow you to increase your coordination.

What is needed when rough realistic actions are involved in the scenes, is the heart of trust and perfect harmony between you and your teammate.

Who is the target audience?
  • Any couple, friends or groups who wanna go deeper into the world of a warripr with the sword.
Curriculum For This Course
32 Lectures
5 Lectures 28:29

Change your life - Free the warrior in You ... Spirit and Art of the Sword ... The path of the sword - It is not only Fitness for Body & Soul - it is a LIfeStyle !

Preview 04:57

Of all the challenges we face as humans, none is more difficult than death. Whether it’s the death of a loved one, the death of thousands in some natural disaster, or the fear of our own eventual demise, death is the terrible problem that won’t go away. Nothing causes more suffering.

As a warrior you have to be prepared to die before you fight with deadly weapons or you will surely loose.

When you start your days in "normal life" with preparing to die on this day you will live much more conscious being aware to do your best on this day.

Preview 10:35

Basic Warm Up

You should practice this extended warm up with all the basic strikes in all your training sessions to adapt the sword as a part of your body and to teach your muscles to prepare the blade for the different cuts. choose a slow rhythm at the beginning and focus on precise strikes with full spirit to cut a man.

Preview 06:57

Most important in Partner Exercises and Stunts is the safety for you and your partner. Start every exercise slowly, like slow motion, to harmonize timing, distance, power and frequence with your partner and then raise power and frequence step by step.

Safety and Power Control
Partner Exercises
11 Lectures 11:55

In Suburi Partner Exercises you will learn and practice the proper distance to your partner and the perfect harmony and timing which is essential for the stunt work.

Suburi 1, 2, 3 with a partner

To execute Suburi 4 forward and backward with a partner is a very good exercise to teach your muscles the coordinated moves faster. When you reached a good harmony with your partner the "attacker" can increase the pressure in his attack with bigger steps and faster timing to get closer to real combat.

Suburi 4 with partner

Suburi 5 diagonal is a often used attack ... you cannot practice it to much ! ... also one of the best attacks to practice the Center Defense blocks.

Preview 01:16

Suburi 6 versus Center Defense is a very good exercise to control the attacking line as a defender and maintain a save distance to opponent.

Suburi 6 with partner

Suburi 7 versus Center Defense is a perfect exercise to practice the proper timing and distance with the partner.

Suburi 7 with partner

Partner Exercise 1 is perfect also for a fitness work out beside improvement of coordination, rhythm, harmony and power control.

Preview 01:36

The exercise "push & cut" versus Shomen (center strike to head) is more a deflect & cut into opening technique. This techniques are essential in real combat because in real combat about life & death your defense have to be in the same time your counter cutting.

As an attacker in this exercise, while you always come back after deflection to your center line for the next Shomen strike you improve your skills with absorbing and redirecting the impact of opponents swords into your own cutting sword. In real combat about life & death you wouldn't use a deflected attack a second time in a row!

Partner Exercise 2

Partner Exercise 3

Partner Exercise 4

Partner Exercise 5

Multi Task Defense
16 Lectures 19:51

The Stunts are one of the practice in the SAS Training System to combine sword techniques in a sequence. Stunt 1 is the only stunt where your sword is in contact with your opponents sword at the beginning. Stunt 1 start with a Shomen attack where the Watershed Defense with a diagonal counter strike is the response.Second attack is a Suburi 5 diagonal to shoulder which is blocked by a Center Defense. The last Suburi 5 attack is countered by a Spiral Shime Cut with thrust to throat as a finisher.

Every Stunt have its own special techniques and the SAS Training System curriculum include 25 basic stunts with several variations each to cover to all the different possibilities of attack and the possible reactions.

In more advanced training you combine several stunts to longer sequences. Watch the example of a Stunt Combi in the "external resource".

Preview 01:03

Practice first the attacker movements against a fictive opponent until you can do the sequences "blind" and then practice the stunt sequences with your partner.

Stunt 1 Attacker sequences break down

Practice also the defender sequences against a fictive opponent before you practice with your partner. The advanced technique with the finishing spiral shime cut will need a lot of practice to coincide the coordinated body / sword movements with the perfect timing ... essential is here to think mainly about the target - thrusting the throat - to execute one circling move ...

Preview 03:03

The Watershed Defense Block from the attacker against the counter strike at the beginning add another Suburi 5 attack to the stunt and give you a different feeling of controlling counter strikes.

Stunt 1 Variation 1

In attackers second attack he surprise the defender with showing at first another diagonal attack but then switch fast to a horizontal strike with the full body to create an opening to thrust. 

This is one of the strategies against a strong opponent where you have to trick him to create an opening to cut.

Stunt 1 Variation 2

Here you escape Shomen attack and distract attacker with a heavy face punch, deflect his sword and cut to the opening. At the external resource you can practice the foot and body work to escape attacking line fast while maintaining balance.

Stunt 1 Variation 3

Here you wait till the last moment to escape attacking line to the right and let the attacking sword accelerate your counter strike.

Stunt 1 Variation 4

Another fint to escape attacking line and go directly to a thrust into the eye of opponent. The thrust to eye is very often used in sword fighting.

Stunt 1 Variation 5

In Stunt 2 the defender "plays" with the attacker, escaping right and left, and then counter cut in the right moment.

Stunt 2

The attacker always want to cut Shomen (head cut) wherever the opponents position change to.

Stunt 2 Attacker sequences break down

The first counter attack to the hands of the opponent is here only implied. In real combat you use this technique, escaping and cutting hands, very often because the hands of your opponent are mostly the closest target to your blade.

Also the last move, where you enter your blade into the opening at the moment when opponent raise his sword, is an essential technique in sword fighting, where you cut hands and arms from down and block opponents sword at the same time.

Stunt 2 Defender sequences break down

Stunt 3

After attackers initiating Shomen the defender split attacking line and thrust to chest of attacker. While deflecting the thrust the attackers sword have to stay in contact with opponents sword to control it. For the next Suburi 5 attack he have to push first opponents sword back to have enough space for the big step which is necessary to reach opponents shoulder.Another two Suburi 5 attacks finish the stunt.

Stunt 3 Attacker sequences break down

Stunt 3 Defender sequences break down

In Variation 1 you see one of the techniques where you use the grip of the sword to deflect the overhead block to create an opening to cut. Your opponents overhead block open his lower body for cutting and in Variation 2 you cut under the block in a different manner.

Stunt 3 Variation 1+2

Stunt Combination 1 + 2 + 3
About the Instructor
Klaus Altersberger
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Founder of SAS - Spirit & Art of the Sword

Klaus J.R. Altersberger, born 1961 in Munich,  is living since 1998 in Dahab / South Sinai / Egypt and worked for more than 10 years in diving business as an instructor trainer and diving center manager. Martial Arts have always been his hobby and after finishing his diving carrier he could dedicate his time to the Samurai sword training. 2010 he opened as an Aikiken Sensei his first sword school in Dahab / South Sinai, and created his own training system , SAS - Spirit & Art of the Sword, to teach especially the Samurai sword with Bokken and Katana. 2016 he opened his second SAS Dojo in Alexandria / Egypt to teach students. which are targeting to reach the SAS Master level. which open them the door to the SAS Teacher's Path.