Quadruple your current reading speed!
4.4 (7 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
388 students enrolled
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Quadruple your current reading speed!

Speed reading will save you days, weeks and even months of your time. Can you imagine what you can do with that time?
4.4 (7 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
388 students enrolled
Created by Ruud Rensink
Last updated 11/2014
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What Will I Learn?
  • Read books much faster!
  • Read publications much faster!
  • Read mails mutch faster!
  • Read your digital screen much faster!
  • Interactive training with practical information!
  • Lots of effective exercices!
  • Improving your everage reading with 2-4 times!
  • process more information in less time!
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  • Concentration and Motivation, thats all you need!

This course will transform the way you read forever!

Speed reading is easy, an ability anyone can learn. Already trained thousands of people improving their reading speed with this method.


To give even more people the opportunity to follow this great technique, we have temporarely lowered the price, just until 31 December. Take advantage!

This course contains many hours of video's, lots of sections with text and about 50 trainingslides: all effective learn by doing exercices.

Do you recognize any of the following situations?

- You are reading a book and at the bottom of the page, you realize that you do not exactly know what you've read!

- While reading, you can not keep your attention, you will be regularly distracted.

- You 'jump' back regularly because you have either not understood the words or you have no idea of what you've read!

- While reading, you get the 'feeling' that you no longer have a complete overview of the stuff you've read.

In short, you feel that your reading skills can use improvement?

Now is the time to follow this training in speed reading and you will find that your reading speed has doubled during training, with at least constant or even increased level of understanding!

Reading is a great skill to acquire knowledge or just to relax. Wouldn't it be nice to read, while the information is better stored in your brain? Read a book in half the time, or faster?

Speed reading is the ideal way to:

  • be able to do more in less time!
  • be able to work faster!
  • be able to learn more in less time!
  • You also want to read much faster?
    Then follow this training right now and you will experience faster reading, even within the next couple of days!

    Who is the target audience?
    • Everyone that needs to read for their job
    • Everyone that is studying
    • Everyone that wants to read more information in less time
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    Curriculum For This Course
    52 Lectures
    You want to increase your reading speed?
    7 Lectures 06:07
    Why do we read so slow. In this video I will explain why we read so slow!
    Preview 02:22

    Thinking between the words is devastating. Because of that we read so very slow. I will explain how it works in this video.
    Preview 01:28

    I am from the Netherlands. I have learned English on school, and I talk English very often. With colleagues all around the world on Social media, mail and so on. I also do training in Englsih sometime. I don't read English books that often. But after I did the 'train the trainer' in SpeedReading in England, and having great results, I do it more often. At high speed! So, if you are not a native English speaking person, no problem, you can also benefit from this training and start reading in your own language at high speed!
    Preview 00:47

    This is the graph from my 'strain the trainer' in English.

    Sure it is, choices.....
    Spead reading is all about making choices

    Just doing the lessons and you will increase your speed, absolutely!
    This is a Down To Earth Training

    Just you watching, ok?
    For Individual use only
    1 page

    Quiz Section 1
    1 question
    Environment, assumptions, quiz and more.
    6 Lectures 01:24
    Please read the text and you will found out.
    What are we going to do in this section?

    10 questions


    In these slides I will explain about the amount of new information.
    How much new information?
    10 pages

    How is your reading environment. Ever thought about that?
    7 pages

    A downloadble Mind Map with my tips.
    1 page

    Keep on reading & using a pointer. Improve your reading speed 2-4 times!
    13 Lectures 04:05
    What are we hoing to do in this section? Well, keep on reading & using a pointer. These two simple techniques make you read much faster, I am very serious about that!
    Preview 00:49

    Download this pdf and you can measure your reading speed at this moment. You can say it is a 0-measurement.
    How fast can you read at this moment?
    2 pages

    Strange isn't it: 'Keep on reading'. Perhaps you thought you always do? No, most of us jump back to what they alreade thought they read. But the comprehension was very often just a few percent.
    Keep on Reading!
    10 pages

    Do you read with your eyes?
    2 pages

    In this video I will show you how I make beautifull circles with my eyes....
    Eyes making a nice circle?

    Was it a perfect circle?
    2 pages

    Again, I make beautifull circles with my eyes. But now for real!
    Eyes making a nice circle now?

    Nice exercise to do in pairs.
    Practice yourself
    3 pages

    Using a pointer will make you concentrate better while reading the text. And defanitally increases your reading speed.
    Using a pointer
    12 pages

    Very important tips. Take them serious. Tip for the tips ;-): make a Mind Map!
    Last tips
    1 page

    In this video I will summerize what we have done in this section.
    Preview 02:07

    Homework? Yes, I will give you homework to do. Not difficult though, just practising what you have learned.
    Homework Section 3
    2 pages

    Quiz Section 3
    1 question
    Skimming & Scanning; NewsPapers & Magazines
    11 Lectures 04:19
    This was a great experience!
    Preview 1 page

    In this video I will show you what we we are going to do in this section. Reading NewsPapers and Magazines in a very short time.
    Preview 00:37

    There's quite a bit of information coming at us!
    Information Overload
    2 pages

    Interesting stuff, scamming & skimming. Make you decide to cut the crap.
    Scanning & Skimming
    4 pages

    In this video I show you how I read a newspaper.
    Preview 01:34

    Evaluating how I read a newspaper and my tips for you how & why you can do that too.
    Reading Newspapers
    12 pages

    Show me what's left of the newspaper!
    What's left of that newspaper?

    In this video I show you my way of reading a magazine on high speed!
    How do I read a Magazine?

    Reading newspapers on high speed, and then?
    Reading Magazines
    3 pages

    In these slides I summarize this section.
    Summarizing Section 4
    6 pages

    What do you have to do the next weeks?
    Homework Section 4
    1 page

    Quiz Section 4
    1 question
    High Speed Reading: Metronome!
    6 Lectures 09:28
    Metronome reading

    Introductionvideo on using a Metronome for reading on a very high speed.
    Metronome - introduction

    In this video I am going to let you experience how it is to read using a metronome.

    In this video I explain what we did in the previous exercice.
    Metronome-what did I do?

    How fast did we read, using the metronome? In this video I will show it to you.

    You can download this pdf so you can measure it for your own reading.
    Metronome Speed Download
    1 page
    Digital Speed Reading
    5 Lectures 04:47
    DigiTal Speed Reading

    In this video we will make a start on reading fast on screens.
    Digital Speed Reading - starting

    Changing the settings will make you experiment with it. What's convinient for you?
    Digital Speed Reading - settings

    Taking text from other places an make it ready for digital speed reading. That's what I will show you in this video.
    Digital Speed Reading - copy & paste

    DigiTal Speed Reading is great!
    Digital Speed reading - end

    Digital Speed reading
    1 question
    4 Lectures 02:35
    Summarize this training

    Do you know?
    4 questions

    This the end of this Speed Reading training. Is it? I will tell you in this video it is not. But, it's the last video of this course :-(.
    The End of the SpeedReading Course


    The End
    About the Instructor
    Ruud Rensink
    3.6 Average rating
    14 Reviews
    621 Students
    3 Courses
    Expert in Mind Mapping, SpeedReading, Memory, Sales & more!

    My Mission:

    To provide the benefits of BrainSkills to the largest number of people possible.


    My knowledge and ability in BrainSkills & my enthousiastic way of teaching.

    Who am I:

    I am a passionate & professional trainer that wants to share the benefit of SpeedReading & Mind Mapping with you. My experience is that SpeedReading & Mind Mapping can help you live a better life. I am very serious about that!

    Mind Mapping helps you organize better, learn easier, better and quicker and makes your memory much better. It saves you money and you can experience more fun in your Life.

    SpeedReading make it much easier to to gain information in less time.

    I am really happy that I already helped thousands of people experience the same benefits of these amazing techniques!

    My experience in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) & BrainTraining helped me make great e-learning programs. Already followed by many people in The Netherlands and now also available on Udemy. It is exiting that people from all over the world also can benefit SpeedReading & Mind Mapping by learning it in an easy and effective way through this course.

    I began giving training in 1990. First computer software (MS-Dos, WordPerfect, Windows, Internet, Office and so on). Since 2006 I am active in BrainTraining: how to help people to explore their brain-capacity and use it easier and better. For Private, Education and Business-use.

    I write software-manuals and e-learning courses and I am happy that I still give lectures and training with individuals and groups.

    I am the founder and owner of a successful training company in BrainTraining.

    I have a Wife and 3 Kids and I like to play badminton with my kids, ride the bike with my Wife and Friends, join Mensa-meetings and like to read, learn and work.