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About This Course

Published 2/2013 English

Course Description


Instead of promising that you can improve your reading speed and memory, Alex will let you watch the beginning of the course for FREE! You will start to read faster within 2 hours. Guaranteed.

Join 9,257+ students already enrolled. 89% of the reviews are rated 5 stars! (Read some of the 118 reviews to make sure you are making the right decision)

Once you understand what speed reading is about, you will be confident enough to spend your money and watch the entire course. You will improve your reading speed in a way that will surprise you!


Alex Garcez discovered that your brain loves speed, and he thinks that fast is fun - slow is boring! If you think you have short attention span to read books, documents and social media, then you probably read slowly and carefully. Instead of understanding the text you get bored and distracted, needing to skip back to re-read text countless times. The main reason is that your brain is too powerful to go at such a slow pace and will drift off into something more interesting to think about.

Alex Garcez gave up his Engineering degree in the third year because he was a very slow reader, however, his weakness became his strength, after taking a speed reading course, and deciding he was not going to become a laborer but an entrepreneur. Since then he took a Business Degree, Masters in Marketing and Advertising, and developed the Revolution Speed Reading Method. He personally coached more than 3,600 people and more than 98.4% of his clients improved their reading performance by at least 33%. In fact most of his clients improve their reading speed by more than 100%.

With more than 9,257 clients taking this two hour course in 53 countries, Alex expects to motivate people to read more books. His method is based on science, and he has achieved amazing results while coaching professionals from companies such as: Goldman Sachs, GE, J P Morgan, Google, Bloomberg, eBay, The Wall Street Journal, Sage, The Walt Disney Company, KPMG, Ernst & Young, Thomson Reuters, Adecco, Lloyds Bank, Citigroup, PwC, HSBC and O2.

You will assess your reading speed at the beginning and throughout the course. So, if you spend 3 hours reading at work and improve your reading speed, on average, by 33%, you will save a whole month of work (24 days) every single year.

Take this ultimate Speed Reading Course right now and improve your reading speed.

Attention: This course has similar content to the Basic Speed Reading for IT.

What are the requirements?

  • An open mind

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Improve your reading speed by at least 33% in the first 30 days or your money back
  • Develop more effective thinking skills
  • Learn how to speed read online
  • Learn how to speed read on paper
  • Use speed reading software
  • Achieve deadlines on time
  • Diminish Stress
  • Transform ordinary people into extraordinary performers
  • Increase productivity of your team
  • Promote innovation

Who is the target audience?

  • Team leaders
  • Directors
  • Managers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Ambitious professionals
  • University students
  • MBA and PhD Students

What you get with this course?

Not for you? No problem.
30 day money back guarantee.

Forever yours.
Lifetime access.

Learn on the go.
Desktop, iOS and Android.

Get rewarded.
Certificate of completion.


This is the trailer for the course. 
It highlights the objectives and the Guarantee.
Section 1: The easy way to speed read

Alex has been teaching speed reading for more than 8 years. He has trained thousands of professionals in Speed Reading and the majority double their reading speed.

As a young person he used to read slowly and was labeled dyslexic. His interest in learning only really developed once he learnt how to speed read at the age of 21.

He has a Bachelor Degree in Business with an MA in Marketing and Advertising. He is a Learning Difficulties Practitioner using the Raviv Method and he is also a practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

His clients include professionals from companies such as: 

Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Google, GE, Bloomberg, eBay, Wall Street Journal, The Walt Disney Company, KPMG, Ernst & Young, Home Office, Thomson Reuters, Adecco, Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Lloyds Bank, Citigroup, Sage, Bank of America, PwC, HSBC and O2.

You will understand that by using science to explain the process of reading faster you will be ready to experience it by yourself.

The conclusion is that your brain loves speed and that by reading faster you will understand more of what you read.
Humans love measuring things.
Before starting a course you want to know how long it will take to finish it, we count the number of pages in a book, the memory of your computer in gigabytes and incredible things like the speed of light!
But what is your reading speed?
Almost nobody knows the answer to this fundamental question
Take a simple test and understand if you are a slow, average or fast reader.
Once you know where you are it's much easier to start improving.
Section 2: Understanding your learning brain

Most people can hear their own voice inside their head while reading silently and they normally read at the same speed they talk.

To speed read you'll learn to silence this imaginary voice and will not be limited by the speed that you talk. You'll improve your reading speed without loss of comprehension.

You will understand that the Reticular Activating System (RAS) is part of our physical brain and is responsible for filtering reality. It also helps us to answer any questions we might have. By focusing on a problem we naturally start seeing more things that relate to that subject mater.

The RAS is also responsible for developing your focus while reading.

Decide in advance what you want to learn from a book or text and you'll be more likely to find the meaningful points to you.
By understanding the RAS you'll develop more confidence and will develop your reading speed easily.
If you consciously avoid skipping back to re-read you will start altering your brain waves and your comprehension will improve automatically.
Section 3: Speed Read on screen in a surprisingly easy way
Understand how speed reading started as a concept to be able to have an experience of reading faster on screen without any training.

In this short video you'll see images being flashed very quickly and after that I'll flash words at 350 and 500 words per minute and you'll understand the text.

This video will blow your mind!

You will be surprised to see that reading at 500 words per minute is easier than reading at 350 words per minute.

Section 4: This is what happens inside your mind while reading
Watch the eye tracker software in action and understand what happens with your eyes while reading.

Then find out that the first strategy to speed up your reading is to stop less times on each line of text.

The second strategy to speed up your reading is to make your eyes stop for less time every time they stop.

The left side of the brain is responsible for reading but if you understand the power of the right side of your brain you can start using it to speed up your reading in a very smooth way.
Section 5: Speed Read with a book and a rhythm
The practice starts now.

The metronome helps you play music at the right pace.

You will use the metronome to create a good rhythm to read.

Once you're comfortable with the metronome the comprehension will start to develop.

If you speed up your reading your comprehension will suffer at the beginning but keep the same pace and the comprehension will be enhanced automatically.

Resist the temptation of slowing down and your comprehension will improve.

As you practice your brain will quickly find the best strategies to improve your overall performance and will keep doing what works best.

You don't need to consciously know what's going on inside your mind. Just trust and the results will show themselves.

You'll start at 300 words per minute.

Don't worry if your initial reading speed was faster than 300 wpm because you are just warming up.

You'll be reading at 400 and 500 words per minute too.

Section 6: Time to practice. Pick up your book and lets start!
Pick up your book and start reading with your pointer as a guide.
You don't need to watch the video, just listen to the sound of the metronome and read.
This is just the awakening stage. There is more to come.
Understand that 100 % comprehension is not realistic and learn how to remember more of what you read by stopping and thinking about the message in the text.

Comparing your brain with a Ferrari and learn how to shift gears and become more flexible while reading.

Your perception will change and you'll get comfortable with rhythms that were challenging just moments before.

Pick up your book and start reading with your pointer as a guide.

You don't need to watch the video, just listen to the sound of the metronome and read.

To develop your Speed Reading practice you can use other rhythms of the metronome:

Use the FREE metronome onlinehttp://a.bestmetronome.com/ 
To listen to it just push PLAY, click on the rhythm you want and adjust the speed with the arrows.

If you have an iPhone or Android Phone there are many metronome Apps to choose from.

If you want to download the main rhythms to your computer or phone follow the link below:


Section 7: Testing your new reading performance
As you keep exercising and doing your "Eyerobics" the comprehension improves and your eyes get fitter.
Now it's time to relax your  your eyes and do some "Eye Stretching".
Take another reading test and measure your improvement.
Keep track of your progress on your control sheet.
By doing that you'll become more stimulated to keep improving.
Section 8: Develop a reading routine for outstanding results


You've reached the end of The 2 Hour Shift Programme. I believe you are more aware about the way you read, and you will be able to read faster when you can, and slow down when you need.

To expand even further it is important to understand about your strengths.

In this lecture you will develop even further and will understand that by taking the Genius Test, you can find books that will help you develop your career.

Follow this link to take your test for FREE.




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Instructor Biography

The Speed Reading Coach Alex Garcez, I help busy professionals to read at least 50% faster

As a young boy he used to read slowly. Because he felt he was dyslexic, he would avoid reading altogether. His interest in learning only really developed once he learnt how to speed read at the age of 21. He's been teaching Speed Reading for more than 11 years and he's developed a new methodology that really works. He has a Bachelor Degree in Business with an MA in Marketing and Advertising. He is a Learning Difficulties Practitioner using the Raviv Method and he is also a practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming.

He has trained thousands of people in Speed Reading and he guarantees 50% improvement for all that take his course. Most of his clients double their reading speed after 4 hours of training.

His clients include professionals from companies such as: Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Google, GE, Bloomberg, eBay, Wall Street Journal, The Walt Disney Company, KPMG, Ernst & Young, Home Office, Thomson Reuters, Adecco, Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Lloyds Bank, Citigroup, Sage, Bank of America, PwC, HSBC and O2.

His speed reading training is straightforward and clear. You'll assess your reading speed at the beginning and throughout the training so you will be able to measure the return on investment (ROI) from the course. His approach to reading is holistic, by applying the tips, tools, techniques, software and shortcuts he helps each individual to perform at their personal best.

Alex believes that the success of a company is directly proportionate to the ability of a team to process information at speed so they can solve problems, promote innovation and increase profitability.

Below you can read what his clients say about the 4 hour live training course.

Improved 147%%. IInformation was very well presented and was effective when put into practice. I feel more confident that I can read faster. I also feel inspired to read more. I used to love reading but fell out of the habit.”

Louise Simpkins – Operational Risk Manager – Bank of America


Improved 84%%. I saw I could read faster while actually improving my understanding. Ideas did stick.”

Sandrine Andre – Business Analyst – JP Morgan


Improved 100%%. Very interesting. Target improvement was 30%% and actual improvement was 100%%! Good techniques to practice. Thanks!”

Jennifer Bodie – Analyst – Goldman Sachs


Improved 165%%. I think the techniques taught are very valuable and I’ll be able to keep using them and improve.”

Emma Gibson – Editor – Sage


Improved 317%%. I have found it extremely useful. I have struggled with reading since I was a child and I feel that these tools are good to really kick start a new passion for reading.”

Nikki Jones – Marketing and Sponsorship Executive – O2


Improved 125%%. I did like the course. In true sense, the potential was not realised. Achieved quite a lot of understanding of different techniques and would try to improve it.”

Abhijeet Kulkami – Engineer – General Electric


Improved 100%%. Gave me an insight into new ideas and techniques. It has definitely helped me already. Good amount of knowledge packed into a session.”

MShilpa Peters – AML Analyst – PricewaterhouseCoopers


Improved 145%%. Variety of information presented in a very common sense way. The instructor is highly entertaining.”

Marina Potok – Manager – UBS


Improved 93%%. You gave the why, not just the what.”

Jim Albert – Managing Director - Adecco


Improved 125%%. It was a fascinating insight into speed reading and I feel inspired to read more. I just need to make sure I do it now! I just wish I’d done this years ago. It was excellent!”

Martin Dannhouser – Senior Policy Advisor – Home Office


Improved 112%%. Good examples, enthusiastic and love to hear more about memory skills.”

Jide Odunsi – Trader – Goldman Sachs


Improved 80%%. I can see the tangible results of the short 4 hour training which is a 80%% increase in my reading speed. Plus practice going forward, I am confident that my reading speed will be a lot faster! Thanks Alex.”

Chrissy Cao – Auditor – KPMG


Improved 204%%. Impressive use of experience, skills and human behaviour to rapidly improve speed reading skills.”

Richard Ridout – Deputy Head of Foreign Office Detainee Team – Foreign & Commonwealth Office


Improved 86%%. Alex was a great teacher who really brought the session to life and had some great tips.”

Ben Jones – Project Manager – Argos Head Office


Improved 102%%. I now believe I can read faster and the tools were clearly useful and practical. Very fun and lively instructor.”

James Lapwood – Communications Officer – Firebrand Training


Improved 213%%. Don’t know where to start. I learned much more than how to read faster. Amazing tools for life and I am inspired to be better.”

Kellie Golboume – Sales Executive for Film Distribution - The Walt Disney Company

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