Speed and Mental Math Tricks and Techniques
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Speed and Mental Math Tricks and Techniques

Wish you knew the secrets of quick mental math?This Quickfire Vedic math course can help you achieve this goal and more
4.6 (11 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
1,049 students enrolled
Created by Sanjay Noronha
Last updated 7/2015
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What Will I Learn?
  • Move from number phobia to having fun with numbers. You could also become a numberphile.
  • Perform mental multiplication confidently, correctly and exponentially faster
  • Remember long numbers long after you come across them
  • Be able to verify multiplication results mentally
  • Become an argumentative learner
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  • Knowledge of the Times Tables up to 5 will be an asset
  • An open mind will be an asset
  • Sincerity and discipline - You should be ready to practice the techniques in order to benefit
  • A pen/ pencil and paper (When was the last time you used one of those)

Learn tricks and techniques to drastically improve your number sense, remember long number sequences and mentally multiply numbers at lightening speed.

Rid yourself of Math phobia and learn to love and manipulate numbers with this tutorial suitable for all age groups.

  • Develop better number sense - How to stop worrying and start loving numbers
  • Learn a fast mental way to multiply large numbers,
  • A cool way to check your results, mentally
  • An amazing method for remembering numbers and much more.
  • Learn High Speed Vedic Mathematics
  • Techniques to crack exams like SAT, GMAT, GRE, CAT, Bank PO and many more

Discover Lesser Known but More Powerful Alternatives

Multiplication is one of the pillars of Arithmetic.

We multiply numbers when at work, in the classroom or even when thinking of life in general. Interestingly most of us rely on the same technique when multiplying. A technique drilled into our minds as young learners.

This course will provide you with alternative methods to multiply numbers and improve number sense. Methods that are much faster even when used to solve problems mentally.

So stop being envious of number crunching Sally and be the change.

Content and Overview

I have designed this course to be suitable for all age groups.

An introductory video will outline the road-map and enumerate reasons to embark on this fascinating journey.

The next section of the course will introduce you to a few Special Cases that will pique your curiosity and display the power of Vedic Math Techniques.

We will then raise the bar and see several techniques of rapid multiplication including a fascinating technique for doing mental math and a technique for verifying our results.

Each lesson is sprinkled by thoughtful quizzes to reinforce concepts as well as the script for each video, just in case.

So if you are a learner trying to overcome your math phobia or crack an aptitude test or keep those brain cells ticking, then this course is for you.

If you are a math teacher looking to add a spark to your teaching and more importantly enhance your knowledge base, this course is certainly for you.

To get the most from this course, the mantra is practice, and yes, lots of it.

Who is the target audience?
  • Students from grade 4 onwards
  • Competitive Entrance Test Aspirants
  • Individuals wishing to broaden their Math knowledge
  • Individuals wishing to keep those grey cells stimulated
  • Teachers wishing to add to their repertoire of knowledge
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Curriculum For This Course
11 Lectures
Course Introduction
1 Lecture 01:32

Wish you knew the secrets of how to do mental math faster? This course can help you learn how to quickly do math in your head. Learn a fast way to multiply two and three digit numbers, an easy way to square numbers, an amazing method for multiplication by nines and elevens, a cool way to check your answers and much more.

Also, discover a useful trick to easily remember long number sequences—even passwords and phone numbers !

Preview 01:32
A Few Special Cases
4 Lectures 35:53

Get ready to learn about the pillar of arithmetic in a totally new way! Follow along and discover tips and tricks for multiplication. Do you know why multiplication is called repeated addition? Do you know the difference between a multiplicand and multiplier? In this essential math lesson discover the answers to these questions and more! By the end of this lesson you will know why number sense matters and have a stronger grasp of multiplication.

Preview 09:52

Find the Term
1 question

Change the multiplier
1 question

1 question

In this rapid math lesson on the nine times tables, learn a technique to help you tackle a basic problem like 9 x 8, or a monster like 9,999,999 x 8,888,888!

Speed Math : Tricks and Techniques for multiplying by Nines

Write It Out
1 question

Big Number Practice
1 question

Try It Again!
1 question

Continue learning about special multiplication cases in this rapid math lesson! Learn to multiply anything by 11 by writing down the problem differently.

Speed Math : How to Multiply Quickly with 11

Warm up
1 question

Large Numbers
1 question

Can you square triple digit numbers in your head? After learning the simple methods introduced in this approachable mental math lesson, you will know how!

Speed Math : How to square numbers rapidly and mentally

Multiply It!
1 question

Ending with Six
1 question
Let's Raise the Bar
6 Lectures 58:29

A math problem such as 9 x 8 may appear mundane, but there is elegance to solving the problem using the Nikhilam Sutra, or the Base 10 method!

Speed Math : Base 10 Technique for Rapid Multiplication

Difference Numbers
1 question

When to use
1 question

Finding the value of 9 x 12 may be easy, but try 99,986 x 100,006. Not so simple. In this math lesson apply the Nikhilam Sutra to big number multiplication!

Speed Math : Base 100 Method for Fast Multiplication

Base 100
1 question

Difference Numbers
1 question

Now that you are familiar with methods to quickly multiply numbers close to powers of 10, learn to use other bases and verify results without a calculator!

Speed Math : Check your results using Casting Out Nines

1 question

Use the Method
1 question

Are you ready to solve math problems faster and more accurately? In this rapid math lesson discover the secrets of the Urdhva Tiryak Sutra method!

Speed Math : Rapid Math with Urdhva Tiryak Sutra

Preferred Method
1 question

Urdhva Tiryak
1 question

In this math lesson, first learn how to acquire a number sense critical for developing math skills, and then try out the Number Rhyming System for mental math!

Rhyming System for Mental Math

Number Sense
1 question

Numbers & Images
1 question

1 question

In this final lesson on Vedic Math, take a look at the math behind the base 100 technique and the the vertical and crosswise method for solving math problems!

Speed Math : The Math behind the Techniques

Nikhilam Method
1 question

Spot the Right Expression
1 question
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