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How to Beat Information Overload and Learn from Any Medium 3-4x Faster - Without Any Speed Reading or Memory Drills!
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About This Course

Published 7/2016 English

Course Description

Discover how to get information from ANY format or medium into your head at least 2-4 times faster and manage your information for optimal retention and quicker, easier implementation.  

No purchases and no tedious drills or time spent learning or practicing new skills is required – you’ll find out how you can start doing this right now.

Save time, get more done with better, faster results and eliminate information overload forever with these Speed Learning hacks, techniques and processes that you can implement immediately.

Here’s some more of what’s waiting for you inside the course:

  • The simple 7 step solution to information overload and how to learn faster than you ever thought possible.  This process ensures you learn at the fastest possible rate in the shortest possible time and extract maximum benefit
  • Discover an ultra-powerful technique to get ANY text based information into your head quickly and effortlessly  - no speed reading required and no matter how busy you are!  (I’ve never seen this anywhere else and, if you put this to use, this one technique alone is worth the paltry cost of this course many times over!)
  • Make the one simple change in your mindset that will save you infinitely more time than any speed reading technique
  • 4 powerful rules that will filter the junk from your information load and give you laser-focus on only what you need to know what learn
  • How you can learn nearly anything fast even if you think you have no time to learn
  • Find out the best type of exercise to optimise your learning ability and, most importantly, when to do it and how much
  • Do this one ridiculously simple and easy thing every day to improve your learning ability and brain function - and it only takes a few seconds
  • The secret of how you may be able to double your effective intelligence - literally overnight - and give yourself a 100% edge of your competition
  • 13 common and readily available foods that can optimise your learning ability
  • The surprising truth about multitasking – when it is and isn’t effective and the only time you can use it to your advantage.
  • Discover the specific type of music to listen to while you learn that could deliver a performance boost of up to 25% (check this) just by listening to it
  • The optimal brain state for learning and how to induce it quickly easily and effortlessly

Powerful speed learning techniques for the digital age that will give you a formidable competitive advantage. 

Today we are all need to deal with more information than ever before and if you can’t keep up you quickly get left behind. 

The simple truth is:  There is so much information in, more forms and formats than ever before, available to us and being pushed to us on a daily basis in more ways than ever before that the old methods of dealing with information are no longer effective. They are simply too slow. If you try to learn everything you need or want to know today at a normal, traditional, “pre-digital age” learning pace you will fail.

And that’s where this unique course will help.

I’ve always been had a voracious appetite learning, information and ways to boost productivity but it wasn’t until I became a single parent with a toddler that I really felt both an urgent need for new information (ask any new parent!) – and, at the same time, hopelessly time-poor.  It was then, out of sheer desperation to learn more, faster, that I really got focused and hunted down and developed and refined the techniques revealed in this course.  

These techniques have saved (and gained) me massive amounts of time and allowed me to get through hundreds and hundreds of hours of material in various formats in a bare fraction of that time.

And now you can do the same.

Students, professionals and anyone else who finds they have more stuff to learn, read, watch etc than they have time for will find the solution to that problem and much, much more inside the course.

Anyone can do this course and reap immense benefits.  There is no pre-requisite knowledge required and all resources are either provided or available for free.

In the first part of the course you’ll discover how to eliminate information overload once and for all and get through information in any format up to 3-4 times faster.

You’ll discover a simple 7 step process and techniques and technology that will enable you to:

  • Eliminate information overload forever by controlling your information inflow and focusing only on the information that you actually need.
  • get through information in any format up to 3-4+ times faster
  • manage your information for better retention and quicker, easier implementation

And, you’ll be able to do all this right away without any tedious practice drills!

In the second part of the course you’ll find out a whole bunch of ways you can speed up and optimize your learning even further by applying simple speed learning “hacks” and making some powerful changes to things you probably already do. 

All of these you can implement and benefit from literally straight away.

As part of the course you’ll also get:

  • Video walkthroughs and demonstrations of software tools
  • Sample audio files so you can try techniques immediately
  • Downloadable audios so you can listen and learn on the go
  • Downloadable videos to view on your mobile device
  • A handy resource guide with links to all tools and resources mentioned all in one convenient place

What are the requirements?

  • There are no pre-requisites or requirements for this course other than a desire to learn and get through information faster.

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Eliminate information overload and overwhelm
  • Consume information in ANY medium or format at least 2-4 times faster (or even faster!)
  • Quickly double your reading speed and get through whole books even faster (in just a fraction of the time) - without tedious speed reading practice drills
  • Quickly identify exactly what information is useful and valuable to you and what isn’t
  • Easily manage your knowledge for the fastest reference and best retention

Who is the target audience?

  • This course is for anyone who feels the burden of too much information and would like to get through it all faster and learn faster.
  • It will be especially valuable to students (either online or offline) and anyone whose work involves consuming a high volume of information to learn or stay current

What you get with this course?

Not for you? No problem.
30 day money back guarantee.

Forever yours.
Lifetime access.

Learn on the go.
Desktop, iOS and Android.

Get rewarded.
Certificate of completion.


Section 1: Course Introduction

This lecture is a short welcome and introduction to the course.

Inside we look at the course objective and what you can expect from the course.


This lecture gives a quick overview of the two-part structure of the course and the contents.


In this lecture we answer the question of "Why Speed Learning?" and look at how and why the skills you'll gain from this course will benefit you so much.


In this lecture we take a look at the problems we all face in today's information-rich environment and the powerful solutions to these problems that you're about to discover in this course.

Section 2: Introducing The 7 Step Solution

In this lecture you get an overview of each step of the simple 7 step solution and look at how you can get the most from this course.

Section 3: Step 1 of the 7 Step Solution

In this lecture we cover step one of the 7 step solution which is Extreme Discrimination.

In this step you discover how to take control of your information inflow and drastically reduce the volume of information you have to manage.


In this lecture you'll learn four simple rules that, when applied as information filters, will reduce the amount of information you have to consume and manage to only the essential and high value.


In this lecture we’re going to take a look at what I refer to as the Major Info-Overload Culprits.

First, we’ll identify them and then we’ll look at ways to manage them better.

In this lecture you'll discover how you can use the Pareto principle to reduce the amount of information you have to deal with and focus only on that which delivers the most in terms of return on time invested.
In this lecture we briefly recap and review what we've covered in step one.
Section 4: Step 2 of the 7 Step Solution

In this lecture we introduce step 2 which is going to cover High Velocity Consumption tactics that’ll have you flying through any information faster than you thought possible.

Our objective in step 2 is to massively increase the rate at which you can consume and process information in any format.

Will take a look at the benefits of faster information consumption, the various formats information exists in and how it is possible to get through them faster.


In this lecture we will look specifically at how to consume video at high-speed, including the (free) software tools to use and tips for most effectively increasing playback speed.


In this lecture we will look at how to consume information in audio format at high-speed.  We'll also discuss why audio is the most convenient way to consume information and cover the free software tools to use to increase playback speed and how to do it most effectively.


In this lecture we will look at how to consume information in text format at high-speed. Text is the most widespread and accessible format for information delivery so there's a big advantage to be gained from being able to consume it fast.  

You'll discover how you can easily and quickly be double your typical reading speed just by using simple speed reading techniques (without the drills and tedious practice) as well as some handy tools that will literally force you to speed read without any conscious effort on your part.


In this lecture we briefly recap and review what we've covered in step two.

Section 5: Step 3 of the 7 Step Solution

In this lecture we begin to look at Step 3 which is what I call Format Shifting.

The objective in this step is to make your information available in formats that are the most convenient for consumption and the easiest for YOU to consume rather than be restricted to the original format which may not be the way you would prefer to consume the information.

We'll look at the the restrictions created by a fixed format and how to overcome them to give you more choice and will introduce the concepts of minor and major format shifting.


In this lecture we look at how to do minor format shifting including:

  • Changing video formats
  • Changing text based formats
  • Converting information on physical media to digital

In this lecture we look at how to do major format shifting includin converting video to audio and text to audio including an extremely powerful and effective way to implement this.


In this lecture we briefly recap and review what we've covered in step three.  There's also a warning aimed at preventing you from turning your new speed learning powers against yourself.

Section 6: Step 4 of the 7 Step Solution

In this lecture we cover step four which is Embracing Non-Completion.  

The aim in this step is to change your mindset and release any compulsion to consume a piece of information

in its entirety just because you started - to not just accept but to embrace the idea that it's ok  to start and not to finish something if your purpose has been served or will not be served by continuing.  We look at the how and the why of achieving this critical mindset change.


In this lecture we briefly recap and review what we've covered in step four including the two key idea from this step that can save you massive amounts of time.

Section 7: Step 5 of the 7 Step Solution

In this lecture we cover step five which is the optimal use of what I call “Found Time”.

The objective is to get through information faster by making use of time you didn’t expect to have or didn’t realize you had available and to be prepared for the opportunity when it arise.

We look at how this idea solves the problem of not scratch that the problem of having too much to do and not enough time and how and where to find the time you need (even when you think you have none).

We'll also look at the concept of a consumption queue and the optimal use of portable technology.


In this video we'll go over how to use the consumption queue spreadsheet template.


In this lecture we briefly recap and review what we've covered in step five.

Section 8: Step 6 of the 7 Step Solution

In this lecture we introduce step six which is effective knowledge extraction and management.

The objective in this step is to be able to quickly and effectively extract valuable knowledge from information and manage it in a way that makes it easy to both implement and retain for ongoing future reference.

We look at how this step helps you identify the key ideas in information and derive a logical, actionable plan to implement.  We also look at ways to store information for easy and effective reference and implementation.


In this lecture you discover a simple and fast six step consumption process to get the most return and/or results from any information.


In this lecture we cover what to look for in any information to allow you to get the most from it and how to most effectively identify and extract key knowledge from your information.


In this lecture we look at the benefits of creating collateral material as you consume information for easy and effective reference and implementation.  We cover the various ways shapes and forms that are most effective for doing this and the tools you can use to make it quick, simple and easy to implement this idea.


In this lecture we briefly recap and review what we've covered in step six.

Section 9: Step 7 of the 7 Step Solution

In this lecture with step seven Step 7 which is Immediate Action.  

It’s the final step in our process and has only one objective: Results

We look at why this step is so critical and how to ensure you get results from the information you choose to consume.


In this lecture we briefly recap and review what we've covered in step seven.

Section 10: Step 2 of the 7 Step Solution: The Tools

In this video I just take you through the installation of some of the software tools we looked at. Most installations are straightforward and simple however, if you not paying attention, you may inadvertently install additional software that you don't want. In this lecture I'll show you what you need to watch out for so you can install only the software that you want and nothing else.

In this lecture we take a quick look at the conversion features of Calibre as well is how to transfer the converted files to your device.

In this lecture we take a quick look at the Natural Reader software.

In this lecture we take a quick look at the chrome video download extension. You'll see how to download and install it and how to use it.

In this lecture we take a quick look at how to use AnyVideoConverter and adjust the basic settings.

Section 11: The 7 Step Solution Recap

Congratulations on making it this far!  In this lecture we recap what we've covered so far in the first half of the course. 

We review each step of the 7 step solution and the and how you will benefit by implementing the process.

Be sure to download the "Speed Learning 7 Step Process Mindmap" for easy reference and review.

Section 12: Advanced Speed Learning Hacks: Introduction

This lecture introduces the second part of the course: Advanced Speed Learning Hacks.

In this section you’ll discover principles, techniques and hacks you can quickly and easily use to increase your learning power and speed even more.

In this lecture you'll get a quick rundown of what's coming up.


In this lecture you'll discover how to easily create a strong foundation for fast and effective learning.


In this lecture we look at how we can make learning easier and more effective by incorporating physical movement and nonlinear methods so we are learning in a way closer to the way we have evolved to learn.


In this section we look at the three main learning ‘styles’ in terms of information consumption: Auditory, Visual and Intellectual.

You'll find out how to best to cater to your own personal learning preference so you can maximize your learning and retention.


In this lecture we define and discuss the importance of a "creation" mindset versus a "consumption" mindset and why thinking in terms of creation rather than consumption will yield you much greater results.

Section 13: Advanced Speed Learning Hacks: The Sleep Factor

In this lecture we begin to look at the role of sleep and how it affects our ability to learn, the ideal amount of sleep for maximum performance and why it's a mistake to think you can be more productive by cutting back on your sleeping time - even in the short term.


In this lecture you'll discover just how much cutting back on sleep affects performance and how you may be able to literally double your effectiveness by sleeping just one extra hour per night.


In this quick lecture we look how we can use sleep to achieve a surprising advantage over nearly 50% of the workforce.


In this lecture we dig deeper and taken even closer look at the surprising and shocking effects consistently not getting enough sleep have on our performance as well as, conversely, the profound benefits and advantage we can gain by getting even just a little more sleep if we're currently not getting enough.  


In this lecture we sum up what we've covered so far with regard to sleep and mental performance and learning ability and you'll also find out the absolute minimum amount you should sleep for the best trade-off between productive waking hours and performance.

In this lecture we discover the importance of "post learning" sleep and how good quality sleep after learning new information helps to consolidate new knowledge into your long-term memory.

In this lecture we look at exactly how to get a good night sleep each night.

We'll cover 11 tips to to ensure get good quality sleep as well as some simple tools you can use to minimise the suppression of melatonin production from blue light if you are unable to avoid using technology with a screen in the few hours immediately prior to sleeping.

Section 14: Advance Speed Learning Hacks: Exercise For Learning
In this lecture we begin to look at how exercise (of a specific type) can significantly boost your learning ability.

In this lecture look at connection between movement and the brain and the three ways the right kind of exercise can help the learning process.


In this lecture whether that the best kind of exercise for optimising learning ability, how long a session should be, how often to exercise and when the best time to exercise is.


This lecture is a quick caution and advice on about what to do prior to beginning an exercise program. You'll also discover the best time to consume difficult or complex material.

Section 15: Advance Speed Learning Hacks: Hydration for Learning
This lecture introduces the relationship between hydration and learning ability and you learn about the effects of even slight dehydration when your cognitive abilities.
In this lecture you'll discover my first is not a reliable indicator of your level of dehydration and the difference just one glass of water a day can make.
In this lecture we take a closer look at the adverse effects of mild dehydration (if you feel thirsty you're already there) and how you can easily avoid them.

In this lecture with exactly how much water you should be drinking each day, factors affecting that amount and what to do regarding water intake in order to optimize your learning ability.

Section 16: Advance Speed Learning Hacks: Eating for Learning

In this lecture introduce the role of diet and nutrition is a factor that affects your mental acuity and therefore your learning ability.

In this lecture you'll find three simple guidelines to help you retain optimal learning ability as far as diet and nutrition are concerned.

In this lecture you'll discover 13 "brain foods" that can optimise your learning and thinking ability and your brainpower.  

All of them are easy to obtain and incorporate into your diet – they are not exotic, hard to find so-called "super foods" but things you can get at your local grocers/supermarket etc.

In this lecture we covered two important points about the red wine recommendation in the previous lecture and offer alternatives for those who still want the benefit without consuming alcohol.
Section 17: Advance Speed Learning Hacks: Multitasking

In this lecture we begin to look at multitasking: what it actually is, the consequences of multitasking, and how the concept relates to the use of "found time" from the seven step solution.


In this lecture you'll discover how multitasking adversely affects the way you learn and see the difference in the parts of the brain used for multitasking versus single tasking.

In this lecture we look at the other negative effects of multitasking including an effective drop in IQ while multitasking and the shocking findings from a study on media multitasking.
Section 18: Advance Speed Learning Hacks: Music for Accelerated Learning
In this lecture we look at how simply listening to a specific type of music while you study/learn can potentially increase your learning rate and retention by surprising margin.
Section 19: Advance Speed Learning Hacks: Brainwave Entrainment

In this short lecture we introduced the concept of brainwave entrainment: manipulating our brain states scratch that using an external stimulus to manipulate our brain state for optimum learning.


In this lecture you learn about for brain states, their frequencies, how they differ, how they affect us and which brain state is the ideal state for optimised learning and retention.


In this lecture you'll discover a simple and effective method of brainwave entrainment using binaural beats.

Section 20: Advance Speed Learning Hacks: Recap

In this lecture we briefly recap the various hacks, principles and techniques that we've covered in the second half course to increase your learning power and speed beyond even the gains delivered by utilizing the 7 step solution.

Section 21: Next Steps

In this lecture we finish up with some thoughts about the potential and opportunities that are now open to you because of your newly found speed learning powers.


A brief message to wrap things up.

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Instructor Biography

Matthew Key, Do less and do the rest faster...

Matthew Key is an avid learner with many diverse interests but has always been particularly interested in time management and productivity (probably due to having so many interests and so little time to indulge them all!).  He has a varied background that includes, among other things, acting, writing, adult education, sales, photography, internet marketing and fine arts.  He is also a certified Master NLP Practitioner, a trained Life Coach and former Personal (fitness) Trainer.

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