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Spanish for Beginners

An easy to follow Spanish course that will have you speaking, writing, and understanding Spanish in no time!
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What Will I Learn?
Acquire communication skills required to interact in a wide range of personal and social contexts.
Learn the appropriate language used to express yourself in different situations.
Read and write different types of texts.
Master the formal and functional structures of Spanish.
Learn about cultural events, customs and ways of life of the Hispanic population.
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Whether you are a working professional looking for an edge, a student searching to expand your horizons, or even an individual wanting to learn a new language at the comfort of your own home, ProLinguaUSA offers you a series of in-depth courses that are structured to meet your learning style and provide you with the life-long learning strategies necessary to acquire a new language.

In this course you will learn the essential linguistic structures of the Spanish language, one of the three most-spoken languages in the world. With our interactive lectures, activities, and worksheets, Spanish for Beginners will allow you to quickly immerse yourself in the hispanic culture.

Who is the target audience?
  • Any individual looking to learn the Spanish language
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Curriculum For This Course
Expand All 29 Lectures Collapse All 29 Lectures 02:29:26
¡Hola y bienvenido!
1 Lecture 03:22

The very first lecture is dedicated to providing you with an overview of what your new course is all about. In this quick introduction we will explain our courses, our teaching strategy, our goals, and our expectations. We are so excited to have you with us! Buena suerte.
Preview 03:22
The Basics!
7 Lectures 39:16
In this lecture you will learn the different phonetic sounds of the Spanish language. We will also cover some special cases in which the sounds change depending on the letters that follow. Upon finishing this lecture you will be able to pronounce the sounds of the Spanish language. 

**NOTE: Please read the following article regarding a decision made by the Royal Spain Academy to drop two letters from the Spanish alphabet. 
The Spanish alphabet continues to be taught as one composed of 29 letters by most institutions. 

Rebelling Against Spain, This Time With Words By ELISABETH MALKIN 

Preview 07:43

Lecture 3 consists of the basics. After completing this lecture you will be able to: 

1. State your name and ask for someone else's name 
2. Introduce yourself and greet others
3. Initiate a basic conversation
Preview 06:50

Test your knowledge by taking this quiz on Greetings and Introductions! GOOD LUCK! 

10 questions

In this lecture you will learn how to describe people

-This includes learning subject pronouns (I, you, he/she, we, they), the verb SER (to be) and some basic adjectives. 

Describing Others

Check your understanding on subject pronouns and the verb SER (to be). 

Remember that subject pronouns are the basis for all conjugations, so its essential that you learn them!


El verbo SER
8 questions

Upon completing this lecture you will have learned: 
1. The numbers from 0-30 
2. How to tell your age
3. How to give some personal information (ex: phone number)
Numbers (0-30)

Take this quiz on the numbers from 0-30. 


Los números
5 questions

In this lecture you will learn the days of the week, the months of the year, and the seasons. Please remember to check the vocabulary document for other related words and phrases. 
The Days, Months, and Seasons

Test your knowledge on the days of the week, the months of the year, and the seasons!

Las fechas
10 questions

In this lecture we will discuss:

-Definite and indefinite articles

-The plural form of nouns

Articles and the Plural of Nouns

Artículos y Sustantivos
15 questions

This lecture will cover how to tell time. Remember to ALWAYS check the vocabulary list! 
Telling Time

La Hora
10 questions
Descriptions and Expressions!
5 Lectures 25:42
In this lecture you will learn how to say "there is/there are".

- You will also learn to describe the classroom.

The Classroom - Expressions with "hay"

For questions 1-10 choose the correct translation

¿Qué hay en el salón de clase?
15 questions

After completing this lecture you will be able to speak about your nationality and ask others for their country of origin.
Countries and Nationalities

Take this quiz on nationalities. GOOD LUCK! 

6 questions

In this lecture you will learn how to conjugate verbs that end in -AR. You must remember that this is all in the present tense (we will see the past and future tenses later).

Upon finishing this lecture you will be able to speak about daily activities and describe actions by the use of verbs that end in -AR.

Daily activities using verbs that end in -AR

Verbos que terminan en -AR
15 questions

In this lecture you will first review how to conjugate verbs that end in -AR 

You will also learn the verb ESTAR (to be) and study the differences between SER and ESTAR

*Note: Below, you can find the last slide of this presentation as a PDF file (under the name ESTAR vs SER)

Estar vs. Ser

Estar y Ser
15 questions

Upon completing this lecture you will know the colors in Spanish. 

Los Colores
10 questions
Daily Activities! Verbs, Verbs, Verbs!
7 Lectures 38:58
In this lecture we will discuss how to ask questions and how to answer them.
How to Ask Questions

Questions 1-10 : Complete the questions by choosing the correct answer!

Questions 11-15: Use true for correct and false for incorrect

Expresiones para preguntar
15 questions

In this lecture you will learn how to express ownership or possession. 

*Note: Most students find this topic to be a bit challenging. Please do NOT hesitate to ask us a question or ask for more material.  WE ARE HERE TO HELP!  

Expressing Ownership

For questions 1-5, choose the correct answer: 

Model: El gato de ella ----> su gato 

Adjetivos Posesivos
10 questions

This lecture covers the verb GUSTAR (to like) 

After completing lecture 16, you will be able to express preferences by saying using the verb GUSTAR

Expressing preferences using "gustar" ( to like)

10 questions

After completing this lecture you will be able to:

-Conjugate regular verbs ending in -er and -ir (in the present tense)

Verbs that end in -ER and -IR

Verbos que terminan en -ER e -IR
15 questions

This lecture will cover food items. 

La Comida
10 questions

After completing lecture 19 you will know the numbers from 0-100

This lecture will cover 31-100 (0-30 was the topic of lecture 5) 

Numbers (30-100)

Part 1: Chose the correct answer

Part 2: Choose the number that completes the pattern

Part 3: True or False

Los números
10 questions

In this lecture you will learn how to describe nouns and pronouns by the use of adjectives.

Note: This lecture has a lot of vocabulary words used to describe others. 

Describing others

10 questions
The Family!
3 Lectures 13:14
Great! you've reached lecture 21!  In this lecture you will hear Olga as she describes her family. Try to go along with the reading and remember not to worry if you don't understand, we have added a vocabulary list and an activity for you to do! 
The Family

La Familia
11 questions

In this lecture you will learn how to conjugate some verbs that change in STEM. 
Stem-Changing Verbs

In this lecture you will learn some anatomy!
The Human Body

El cuerpo
15 questions
The Final Steps!
6 Lectures 28:54
After completing lecture 24 you will have learned some irregular verbs that will be very useful when describing others and their actions.

These are IRREGULAR verbs, meaning they do not follow the -AR, -ER, or -IR patterns you have learned, so make sure to practice, practice, practice! 

Irregular Verbs

Verbos irregulares
15 questions

After completing this lecture you will be able to use expressions with the verb TENER!
Expressions with "TENER"

Expresiones con TENER
10 questions

After completing this lecture you will be able to talk about actions that are occurring in the present; that is, actions that have not yet been completed. 


The present progressive

El presente continuo
11 questions

In this lecture Olga will show you her house. (vocab) 
Around the home

In this lecture you will learn how to express actions that are done to oneself. In other words, you will learn how to use reflexive verbs in Spanish. 
Reflexive Verbs

Verbos Reflexivos
10 questions

In this lecture you will learn clothing items (la ropa) 
Clothing Items

La Ropa
10 questions
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