Meditation - Awaken Your Soul Meditation
4.9 (6 ratings)
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Meditation - Awaken Your Soul Meditation

Powerful Meditation Techniques That Connect You Directly to Your Soul. Meditation To Develop Your Soul and Mind Skills.
4.9 (6 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
572 students enrolled
Created by Myriam Zuzs
Last updated 7/2015
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What Will I Learn?
  • Access the most powerful tools of solid spiritual development to strengthen your soul-self.
  • Realize all of your soul's skills and potential.
  • Recover your emotional balance in a matter of minutes and, sometimes, in seconds
  • Understand how you can entrain or tune your brain into your Soul's wisdom.
  • By practicing these meditation techniques on a daily basis only for 30 minutes a day:
  • Expand your perception and spot hidden opportunities in life.
  • Access states of mind that induce peak performance without the need of external aids.
  • Develop a strong and clear intuition.
  • Discover and access deeper states of peace and awareness.
  • Increase your creativity and get used to receiving outside the box ideas.
  • Enjoy the process and become a happy, positive and fulfilled individual!
  • Strengthen your Soul Muscles and see the difference in your mind skills.
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  • You need trust in Your Higher Self, God or The Universe and that everything happens for a reason, including your being drawn to this course =) Remember it's your satisfaction or your money back guarantee.
  • You should be ready to spare at least 15 to 30 minutes a day to practice these meditation techniques.

 Meditation Course Updated as of July, 2016

NOTE: This course was published in 2014. I created it using a very simple video technique thus the price. Rest assured the content is GOLD. 

Learn the most effective meditation techniques to develop your Soul-Self and get an edge in life.

Besides learning meditation techniques - that will also sharpen your mind skills -you will find in this meditation course:

  • A lesson on sounds -that you can use to create your own mantra you can use during your meditation- and the inner organs they stimulate. This wisdom comes from a book that isn't even yet available in English.
  • A movie with interviews to scientists that explain how our thoughts affect our "reality".

This is the Meditation Course you must have if you care to develop your Soul Self. Please note that these are not guided meditations. These are actual meditation techniques originally taught only by real Gurus from India.

Whether you want to achieve worldly success or reach high spiritual heights this meditation course is for you. You decide how you will use the skills you will develop when you practice the meditation techniques you will learn here.

Powerful audio visual brain entrainment technology -to enhance your mental skills and capacities- has been around for many decades and it's expensive. It has proven to have great results in individuals that use it on a daily basis for prolonged periods of time. Save yourself hundreds of dollars and learn to access your own audio visual Soul brain entrainment system by learning these meditation techniques. And it gets even better. Learn meditation techniques to connect to your soul so it becomes easier for it -your Soul- to communicate with your mind and intelect. It doesn't get better than that!

I will be here, along your journey, to answer any and all your questions. You don't have anything to lose and you have your own Soul-Power to regain through the Meditation Techniques you will learn in this course!

If you are sincerely interested in developing your Soul-Self further you deserve to have access to these meditation techniques. This is why I've made these otherwise secret meditation techniques available to everyone.

Learn from someone who has had more than 30,000 hours of meditation in the past 25 years and who devoted 9 years full time to the practice and study of this meditation method. I will also be available to answer your questions about other types of meditation and the meditation techniques you will learn in this course.

Now You can Sharpen your Life Skills with Your Own Inner Audio Visual Brain Entrainment equipment that you will learn to access with these Meditation Techniques.

In this meditation course you will learn:

  • To connect to the two main manifestations of your Soul within you
  • To ease and speed up the download of information your Soul has for you through meditation to enjoy a happy and successful life.

By practicing frequently these meditation techniques you will:

  • Sharpen your soul skills to succeed in your career, your family life, your relationships and in your lifestyle in general.
  • Learn to access your own brain entrainment system.
  • Develop soul "muscles" you didn't even know you have.

All you need is to be able to spare at least 30 minutes a day to meditate and have a sincere interest in developing your connection to your innermost source of wisdom: your Soul, that small part of God/The Universe in you.

Masters of these two ancient and secret meditation techniques have required people interested in learning them to live a strict life style, you don't have to. I designed this course so that everyone from any walk of life can benefit from them. These meditation techniques can be used in conjunction with other techniques, so they are a great addition to any spiritual practice.

The only requirements are:

  • A sincere and genuine interest in developing your Soul self
  • Trust in the Divine -regardless of the name you give "It".

If you lack either one of these requirements this Meditation method may not be for you.

If you are into meditation and spirituality you will enjoy the information I provide here. Remember there is a 30 day, full refund guarantee with no questions asked.

So if you meet both requirements for this editation course enroll now and start developing your Soul Self together with other skills you didn't even know you have. Every moment you wait to enroll is costing light to your soul.

Your Soul is eagerly and cheerfully waiting for you, and I will be more than glad to answer all your meditation questions.

Who is the target audience?
  • This course is for everyone that wants to be positive and thrive in life!
  • This course is for you if you are serious and ready to strengthen and develop your soul skills and qualities that will turn you into a fulfilled and successful individual.
  • This course is also for you if you can spare 30 minutes a day to meditate on the two powerful manifestations of your soul within you that will provide important information so you cheerfully and confidently follow the Path you came to follow.
  • This is probably not for anyone expecting a quick fix. You need to give it at least a month of daily practice and you will experience changes in your way of thinking and behaving.
  • This is not for anyone looking for guided meditations.
  • Following the same practices as with brain entrainment technology this should not be tried by individuals with epilepsy
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Curriculum For This Course
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Meditation - Intro to this Meditation Course
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A brief intro to the course. Brain entrainment devices images courtesy of Mindalive. Make sure to check the links to the Wikipeida article on Brain Entrainment and to the Harvard Gazette on Eight weeks to a better brain. CC images from Allan Ajifo, Christine Szeto, Sebastian Wiertz, Hartwig HKD,and Garland Cannon.

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Lear to use this platform to make the most of this course.

How to Make the Most of this Meditation Course
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Learn how you can expand beyond your expectations... or beyond anyone else's for that matter.

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There are many ways to get an edge, but which one gives you the best advantage?

Why Developing Your Soul Trough Meditation Gives You an Edge

You will become aware of what brain entrainment does to your brain and what it is useful for. Besides the link I provided on Lecture 2 you will find a link to another article on Wikipedia. This one on audio visual brain entrainment. Brainwave chart is being used with permission from Project

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Get Set To Learn These Meditation Techniques!
3 Lectures 12:28

You will learn what the best set up for meditation is.

What the Best Setup for Meditation is. Simple but Important Points to Remember.

You will learn to differentiate between different skills of the mind.

EXERCISES to identify Your Inner Movie Screen to access the info from your Soul

Learn how to use what the mind likes to do most to your favor during meditation.

How to Get Your Mind to Work for You During Meditation
Go! Let the Soul Brain Entrainment Begin With These Meditation Techniques!
7 Lectures 34:32

You will learn to meditate on the Light of your Soul.

Welcome to the Light during Meditation!

Learn how to choose a mantra

What's the Best Mantra for You to Use During Meditation?

Learn more characteristics of Light Meditation.

Why The Inner Light is Transmitter of Knowledge and The Best Way to Access It

Learn about the basic sound of your Soul and how to connect to it.

How to Meditate on the Sound of Your Soul and Develop Strength and Certainty

Learn to think outside the box.

EXERCISES to help your Soul help You.

If this is what you are looking for these meditation techniques are not for you.

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Learn what drugs do to your system.

Learn why some other Types of Stimulation are Damaging Your Mind and Soul
From my Bag of Tricks - Besides Meditation
6 Lectures 28:59

Learn how the Four Systems that Affect your Mind also affect each other.

The Four Systems Affecting Your Mind

Learn how to make a decision using the Spiritual Approach.

First Tool: How to Use the Spiritual Approach to Find Answers and Regain Balance

Learn how to uplift your mood using the Emotional Approach.

Second Tool: How to Use an Emotional Approach to Recovering Balance

Learnof activities that engage your intellect to start feeling better.

Third tool: How to Use Your Intellect to Recover Your Balance

Tips on recovering your balance for those moments of lesser connection to your positive and happy soul.

Fourth Tool: How to Recover your Balance When You Are Truly Upset

Learn how to, literally, change your world.

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Bonus Lessons
2 Lectures 02:05

Get your popcorn and get ready to stretch your mind!

Bonus Lesson added on February 8, 2015

Sound. Vibrations. Mantras. A rare gem not to be found in English.
About the Instructor
Myriam Zuzs
4.2 Average rating
158 Reviews
2,628 Students
6 Courses
Spiritual Instructor

Biografia en espanol mas abajo.

From a very early age Myriam knew she was a high achiever.

While she was in University studying International Relations she decided to actually experience international relations by joining her Guru in an ashram in India at age 22. During her time in India it became obvious to those surrounding her, including her Guru, that she had a special skill for advanced spiritual matters. Her Guru would comment from time to time how nicely she was developing spiritually.

 After volunteering full time for 8 years in India and Mexico she returned to the "worldly life". Since then she has had the opportunity to work at the Mexican Consulate in Toronto, be the Guest Relations Manager of a 5 Diamonds Resort in the Mayan Riviera, worked on cruise ships around the world and be a reporter at a local TV show in Toronto among other interesting jobs.  She also continued to lean more about the mind and spirit connection earning certificates as Yoga Teacher, Quantum Healing Hypnosis Practitioner and  NLP Practitioner.

She has had the opportunity to learn from different cultures in the world besides her beloved Mexico like France, Sweden, India, the US and her current love: Canada. She is fluent in English and Spanish besides having studied French, German, Japanese and self-taught to read Punjabi in only one and a half hours when she was living in India, which she attributes to a possible past life in this Country.

She has a special admiration for a distant uncle of hers who was a film maker: Alexander Salkind who reached every corner of the world with his hit Superman back in the 70's and 80's.  She has dared herself to try to achieve a similar goal and she's on her way because, as she likes to say "there's only one way to find out if you can succeed at something and that's by trying".

She has now put together her experience doing TV and training to share some of what she has learned with the world.

Today Myriam strives to achieve a life that is balanced between her full time job, the projects and causes she feels passionately about and spending time with her energetic dogs Ben and Samantha.


Desde muy chica Myriam se dio cuenta de que su punto fuerte era el descifrar lo invisible...

Nacida en 1970 esta exitosa meditadora y trotamundos Mexicano-Canadiense vive en Toronto con sus dos queridos perros disfrutando el fruto de sus tantos años de meditacion intensiva a la vez que trata de mantener el balance en su vida diaria.  

Desde muy chica Myriam se dio cuenta de que su punto fuerte era el descifrar lo invisible... Decidió dejar la Universidad donde estaba estudiando Relaciones Internacionales para vivir las relaciones internacionales yéndose a vivir al ashram de su Maestro, en la India, cuando acababa de cumplir 22 años.  Aprendió mucho sobre la vida en Asrhams, incluyendo los pro's y los contras.  Despues de haber hecho labor de voluntaria durante 8 años y haber tenido suficiente de la vida en ashrams regresó al Occidente.  Desde entonces ha tenido la oportunidad de trabajar en varios lugares entre los que se encuentra el Consulado de Mexico en Toronto, el Madarin Oriental resort de 5 diamantes en la Riviera Maya como Gerente de Guest Relations, así como en cruceros donde conoció más del mundo, entro otros trabajos interesantes.  También continuó aprendiendo sobre la conexión mente - espíritu y obtuvo certificados como maestra de Yoga, Especialista de Hipnosis para Sanación Quantum (regresión a vidas pasadas), Practicante de Programación Neuro Linguística, y Coach Personal.

 Ha decidido combinar su experiencia en Televisión y como maestra de idiomas para compartir la sabiduría espiritual que ha aprendido en todos estos años para ayudar a otros que están en su busqueda espiritual. 

Tiene ya miles de estudiantes en sus cursos y ha decidido usar todas las ganancias para establecer un ashram en el Occidente "... porque necesitamos más ashrams en el Occidente."  

Hoy en día Myriam se esfuerza por lograr una vida balanceada entre su trabajo de tiempo completo, sus proyectos y las causas que la apasionan y su alegres perros Ben y Samanta, hasta que logre dedicarse por completo a su Ashram.