Social Media Marketing Classroom
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Social Media Marketing Classroom

Social Media Marketing Unleashed
3.3 (5 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
352 students enrolled
Last updated 2/2015
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  • Learn how to harness the power of social media to generate Leads and Traffic
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Social Media Marketing Classroom

Drive Traffic and Leads Using the Power of LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube

The growth of social media as a powerful marketing platform has helped companies and entrepreneurs, that know how to use it, achieve great success online. If your business is not generating new leads on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, you’re missing out on a huge market of people who are waiting to buy your products and hire your services.

With Social Media Marketing Classroom, you won’t need years of professional training to become an expert in social media marketing. You just need a willingness to learn and adapt quickly to the changes of the industry. Literally, anyone can use the information we provide to generate targeted leads for their business (absolutely for free!), and all it takes is a few hours of your time every week.

Promoting through social media sites increases your online presence and improves the public image of your brand, helping you connect more readily with new and existing buyers or subscribers who generate revenue for your business. Instead of building a wall between yourself and your customers, you can address their concerns and questions directly on Facebook or Twitter!

Social Media Marketing Classroom includes all of these lessons, and more, in over five hours of high quality video presentations. The training program is divided into 40+ separate lessons that contain detailed explanations and step by step instructions to help you make the first move and drive fresh traffic and leads to your product pages.

Worried about competition? Instead of trying to compete with multi-million dollar companies at their own game and failing, this course will teach you how you can use your advantages as a smaller business to personalize your branding efforts and let your existing clients become the promoters themselves!

The full course includes four different modules for each of the most popular social media sites:

Facebook Classroom

Facebook is, without a doubt, the most popular and effective social media site on the Internet, but many entrepreneurs and companies waste their time because they don’t know how to use it. These video lessons will help you utilize the unique features of Facebook and drive targeted traffic to your website.

Pinterest Classroom

You may not realize how much your business stands to benefit from the visual format of this website, which is why this module describes every possible scenario where this powerful image-sharing platform can generate revenue.

Linked in Classroom

Linked helps connect with industry leaders in your niche, creating a business network of potential clients and partners.

Twitter Classroom

Twitter utilizes the unique power of a microblogging platform to not only promote your brand to thousands of targeted followers, but also keep an eye on new products, customer complaints, and latest developments in real time.

What are you still waiting for?

Don’t let your competition get all the free traffic and customers! Join us at the Social Media Marketing Classroom, and take your business to the next level!

Who is the target audience?
  • Small Business
  • Online Entrepreneur
  • Internet Marketers
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Curriculum For This Course
139 Lectures
1 Lecture 00:00
In this Quick Start Guide You Will Learn :
  • Is Your Business Not on Social Media? Here’s Why You’re Missing Out
  • How to Decide Which Social Media Channels to Use
  • How to Set Up Your Facebook Page
  • How to Set Up Your Google+ Page
  • How to Set Up Your LinkedIn Company Page 
  • How to Start a LinkedIn Group
  • How to Set Up Your Twitter Profile
  • How to Set Up Your YouTube Channel
  • How to Set Up Your Pinterest Account
  • Starting Your Company Blog
Quick Start Guide
51 pages
Linkedin Marketing
8 Lectures 59:12
In this specific video, you will learn what you need to do to get started on this journey towards branding yourself as an expert on LinkedIn.  You’ll also be given an overview of the video series as a whole, how this system works, and what tools you will need to get started.  Fortunately, aside from this video series, we will be using completely free resources.
Preview 07:13

Did you know that LinkedIn will suspend your account for certain things that you may find acceptable on other social media sites?  LinkedIn is a little more professional in the way they do things, so they have rules and regulations that you will want to follow, including etiquette you may want to follow as well.  In this video, you learn what to avoid doing first before we move onto the rest of this video series, so that you start positively.
Things to Avoid Doing in LinkedIn and other Roadblocks

Unfortunately, people will judge a book by its cover and in this case that is you.  Who you are trying to reach in terms of audience will determine the way you setup your profile.  You see, it’s easy to just jump in and start putting in all of your credentials like how you write your resume, however you need to do it properly.  That is what you will learn in this video.  While it is not a hard thing to do, you will want to ensure that it is done right.
Create a Profile that stands out

the way people perceive you in society is important.  Thus, branding yourself by showing that you are an expert in a certain field must be done correctly, not only through your profile, but through other ways too.  In this video, you will learn specific strategies you can start using today, on how to properly brand yourself as an expert in your field so that you can gain trust.  Once you have gained people’s trust, you will be well on your way to having credibility in your industry.
Branding Yourself and Gaining Expert Status

Communicating with people you don’t know is what this is all about.  Starting a conversation that starts on the “right foot” can often be a roadblock if you don’t know where to start.  In this video, you will learn a cool strategy you can start using right away to start conversations on the right foot so that people see you as an expert in your field, right from the start.
Smashing Strategy to Start Conversations

Once you have started a conversation, you will need to end it with people liking you, and you gaining their trust.  But how do you go about doing that?  How do you gain trust?  How do you go one step further to get people to be further interested in what you have to offer?  In this specific video you will learn how to do just that, with easy to implement strategies that you can start doing today. 
Smashing Strategy to Gain Trust and Likes Fast

Alright, so you’ve gotten to a point where you can create conversations with people you don’t know, gain their trust, and be seen as an expert.  Now you need to keep those relationships and grow them further into business relationships.  In this specific video, you will learn an easy but cool strategy to growing those relationships to a more personal level, which can have a huge impact on not only your business but much more.
Smashing Strategy to Build Strong Relationships

Linkedin Manual
31 pages
Twitter Classroom
22 Lectures 01:53:05
Learn how to create a Twitter account with a proper profile
Account Setup

Learn how to Create a customized your profile
Profile Setup

Learn how to Create a customized Twitter background for a more personal touch
Custom Background

Evaluating and choosing Twitter clients that meet your needs. You are going to learn about 3 of the most common “clients” for accessing Twitter. These are by no means the only options but they give you an idea of the different ways you can interact with and use Twitter. Once you have completed this step, you may want to spend some time looking at other clients and tools that might fit your needs.
Twitter Clients

Following others Followers

Find a blog in the result set that looks interesting and check it out. If the content looks
interesting, check if the blog owner has a Twitter link. If they do, click on it. If not, go
back and try another blog until you find one with a linked Twitter account.
Following via Blogs

Find how to use twitter to reveal people inyour niche or industry
Following via Keywords

Explore the different choices and determine if any of those options help you find
relevant people to follow based on your market or your personal interests as a Twitter user
Following using TwitterGrader

Think about a list of people you would like to organize. A common example might be “My Active Twitter Friends” and this would be a list you set up to collect all of your closes Twitter friends into a single group.
Following Lists

Getting Followers Video Presentation

When using Twitter, you will inevitably end up following people who are spammers, bots or just people that you donʼt care to follow in general. This section will show you some strategies you can use to un-follow those Twitter users that fall into this category for you.

Some people follow 1000s of Twitter users and your Tweet is just
one in a huge sea of information. Sending one Tweet like this will only get seen by a small number of people at any given time. People searching for words you have used will find your Tweet and may respond in that scenario.
Tweeting Basics

So what do you say ? How creative can you be ? Here are some ideas how to start tweeting and keeping active.

What to Tweet ?

Get accustomed to searching by looking for some random things. You might want to search for things that deal with some of your hobbies and/or interests
Twitter Search Basics

Have a look at what is trending and click on a few of the trends to see how trends work and what people are saying (Note - talking about a trending topic is a good way to get followers because there are MANY sets of eyes looking at those trending Tweets. If
your Tweets are in the mix, you might get some people who are interested in you.)
Finding Trending Topics

Select the first result which is Googleʼs free keyword analyzer tool. This tool will let you take a keyword that you might search in Google (for example, “fish recipes”) and it will show you the volume of searches taking place for term every month as well as a number of related searches (for example, “cajun fish recipes”, “fried fish recipes”, etc...)
What to Search for

Specify some additional information to ensure that you get a set of results that will be of great value to you as a marketer.
Using Search Feeds

Learn how to use  Power Twitter to embed videos directly in your Twitter feed. You can watch the videos without actually leaving your Twitter window
Power Twitter

If you are very busy and donʼt have time to Tweet all day, but at the same
time want to appear active, you can schedule Tweets for the whole day. You may want to schedule 10 or 20 Tweets with links to interesting articles and have these  Tweets go out twice an hour as an example.
Scheduling Tweets

Experiment with Tweetdeck to checkout on your latest followers
New Followers View

Use TwitterFeed to Post RSS feeds from your blog onto your twitter account
Rss Feeds to Twitter

Twitter Manual
30 pages
Facebook Classroom
11 Lectures 01:00:34

In this video you will be introduced to Facebook timeline, the formula in this video course, and what you'll need in order to get started.  You'll also be given a quick overview of the video series so you’ll know what to expect, and with that you'll be able to put the pieces of the timeline puzzle together in no time.

Preview 08:21

Want to understand how the Facebook Timeline works and how successful companies are using it?  In this video, you’ll learn the pieces of the Timeline that make it powerful.  Understanding this is very important so that you can effectively create your own timeline for your business.
Timeline Anatomy

The cover image takes up a large portion of the header of the page and is vital because it is often the first image people see.  In this video, you will learn what makes a good cover image so that you can make an impact and stay in the minds of your fans.  You’ll also be shown how to outsource the cover image, and even how to create one yourself.
Create Your Cover Image

Create Your Profile Pic

The messaging feature has been added as a new feature to the timeline.  Use it wisely and you can deepen the relationship between your friends and your company.
Using the Messaging Feature

In this specific video, you’ll learn how to utilize this small area to your advantage.  The About section is located right below the Profile pic and allows you to enter a small amount of words.  You can also include links to your website, to your opt in page, and much more.  Use this area wisely and it can impact your timeline positively.
The About Section

The Apps section is located below the cover image, centered and to the right.  In this video, you’ll learn how to really take the branding of your business to a whole new level just with a few simple, yet powerful ninja punches.
Apps Section

Pinning your posts allows you to move a post to the top for seven days.  However, while it is easy to just pin any post, you’ll want to choose your posts wisely and ensure they include several key items to avoid lowering your edge/rank and losing fan interest.
Pinning Your Posts


Milestones are events that happen during your life or the history of your business that mark something of significance.  While it is easy to talk about yourself and your business, you must avoid doing it in a manner that will lose your fan’s or prospective fan’s interest.  While the timeline allows you to show people events that are important in your business, you must lay them out correctly.

Facebook Manual
30 pages
Pinterest Classroom
13 Lectures 01:36:27
In this video, you’ll be given a quick overview of the system so you know what to expect ahead of time. By understanding not only how things work, but how we will use them effectively, it gives you the ability to speed the process up faster. You’ll learn Pinterest’s general system and how it differs from other social media sites.
Introduction to Pinterest

As you may know, Pinterest operates on an invite system.  In other words, you have to be invited by someone who already has a Pinterest account. While you can try to request an invite on the front page, this can take some time. In this video, you will learn several ways to get a Pinterest invite quickly without having to wade through all the fake invite offers out there.
How to get invites fast

How to Get Invites Fast Version 2

Before you start any system, you need to be aware of certain rules that Pinterest has and how to start off with the right foot forward. You’ll learn these things in this video, as well as the common mistakes people make. This video will help you set yourself up for success, and avoid certain things that will set you up for failure.
Things to avoid and be aware of

What is your goal? Who is your audience? What similar interests do they have? Before you start creating Pinterest boards, following other users and using the strategies within this system, please wait. Similar to the previous video, you’ll want to start off with the right foot forward. In this case, you will want to understand who your target market is so that you can target them. This video will teach you just that - and much more.
Knowing and understanding your market first

Just like any other system, knowing what keywords your audience is typing into Pinterest are vital to your success. In this video, we will discuss how to effectively use keywords and hash tags in your Pinterest pins so that you attract the right type of person. You’ll also learn how to properly include your links in your profile.
Keyword, Hash Tags, and Links

Now that you know what to avoid and how to start off right, it’s time to start setting up, and moving your company or website on Pinterest forward. While you will learn the basics, you will also learn how to get people to follow you, comment on your pins, and interact with you. If you can get someone to simply interact with you, these mini-transactions can eventually lead to a specific action you desire.
Setup, Following, and Interacting

In this video, as the title states, you will learn how to create a Pinterest board. Pinterest boards are great if you create them around a specific theme or topic. We will be going over several creative methods that you can use to create interaction and a following.
Creating a board

In this video, you will learn how to correctly use the Pin-it button on your website. You’ll see step by step how to it properly, so you don’t need to worry if you are not a technical whiz.
Pinterest Marketing #1 – Pin-it Button

In this video, you will learn how get the help of your customers and fans who love your products to promote your brand, website, or product. Contests on Pinterest work exceptionally well and you will learn how to properly set one up.
Pinterest Marketing #2 – Contests

In this video, you will be shown some 3rd party tool sites and tools that you can use. Combined with the power of the Pinterest platform, this will give you a one-step-ahead advantage.
Other Powerful 3rd Party Tools

Pinterest Manual 1
22 pages

Pinterest Manual 2
22 pages
2 Lectures 25:37
Youtube Basics

Ranking on Youtube
1 Lecture 00:00
Google Plus Manual
28 pages
Offline Marketing
2 Lectures 00:00
Social Media for Offline Business
12 pages

Local Social Media for Locals – LearnThe Importance of Being Social and Learn:
How to Set Up Your Business on Yelp
How to Get Set Up with Google Places
How to Get Set Up with Bing Maps
How to Set Up Your Business on Foursquare
How to Use Meetups to Promote Your Business
How to Get Good Reviews Online
How to Start Doing Local Advertising Online – Daily Deal Sites
Thinking Outside the Box – Alternative Social Media Channels Your Business Shouldn’t Ignore
 10 Ways to Get People to Visit Your Social Media Pages
Social Media Marketing for Locals
58 pages
1 Lecture 04:59
Social Media Marketing in a Nutshell
--Social Media 2014/2015--Tumblr Marketing
10 Lectures 42:56

Learn how to easily and effectively position your offline or online business using tumblr

Tumblr Marketing

Learn about the Tumblr blog and how to use it.

Tumblr Blog

Learn about the 7 vital steps to starting your Tumblr Marketing.

Step 1 - Research your Market

Here you'll learn the steps to creating your Tumblr blog.

Step 2 - Create your Tumblr Blog

Here you will learn how to create your customized Tumblr blog without messing around with codes!

Step 3 - Customize your Tumblr Blog

This is an extremely important step in gaining credibility.

Step 4 - Create your Tumblr About page

Learn how to use different post formats to make you stand out from the crowd!

Step 5 - Posting

Learn the 5 powerful marketing methods Tumblr has to offer.

Step 6 - Tumblr Marketing Tools

How to get people to sign up to your list!

Step 7 - Getting Followers

50 Finding Tumblr Followers Tricks
6 More Sections
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